U2 "Ordinary Love" - Allie Sherlock cover

  • Published on Mar 11, 2018
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Comments • 139

  • Stan_07_ h
    Stan_07_ h 3 days ago

    smashed U2 out the park mrs..♥️👍

  • Allali Hind
    Allali Hind Month ago

    your voice gave me chills , you're a super star girl

  • Lukasz Gruszka
    Lukasz Gruszka 2 months ago

    Simply BRILLIANT! more U2 pls Allie! Absolutely amazing voice

  • ana usa_
    ana usa_ 9 months ago


  • Mario Carrasco Silva
    Mario Carrasco Silva 9 months ago

    Regards from Chile!

  • 백승도
    백승도 10 months ago

    Amazing voice, but poor guitar, no matter, i think u will be an amazing singer,like rihana, or more than anyother professional singers, hope you will be another legend

  • Μαρία Κ.
    Μαρία Κ. 10 months ago

    Wtf I just heard?Girl bravisimo😍😍😍

  • Taufik Hidayat
    Taufik Hidayat Year ago

    Love your voice @Allie Sherlock,,, from now one, I 'll be the biggest fans,,, from Indonesia

  • Andrew Goodill
    Andrew Goodill Year ago

    Ide like it twice if i could, never heard such a beautiful voice ..Your Amazing keep it up.

  • aan culez
    aan culez Year ago


  • Hamim Hamim
    Hamim Hamim Year ago

    Soo nice song... Love this song

  • jacob same
    jacob same Year ago

    I guess this is in Amsterdam, this song is very difficult

  • Lloyd Christmas
    Lloyd Christmas Year ago

    Thanks for doing great to a great song of freedom, from the greatest band, your very own U2. Perhaps you should consider doing more Irish covers. You've got an amazing sound and bet you can cover just about anything.

  • Ichigo- いちご


  • Rupert Baindl
    Rupert Baindl Year ago

    Wow! What an unbelievable amazing version of this song!

  • Brooke Burns
    Brooke Burns Year ago

    your intros are too long, just one chord progression should be enough because people want to hear your singing

  • Jacob Bortolotto
    Jacob Bortolotto Year ago

    This ones the best cover

  • Daiana Martin
    Daiana Martin Year ago

    Eres increible, tenes una voz hermosa. 🤗

  • Süeda Einhorn power


  • subaraj sunuwar
    subaraj sunuwar Year ago

    Nice god bless you

  • Darren Murray
    Darren Murray Year ago

    Honestly you deserve a music label

  • Sara Gobana
    Sara Gobana Year ago

    ❤️❤️❤️ you keep getting better every time I hear you sing, never stop because you are amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Anurag das
    Anurag das Year ago

    In love with your voice 😍❤

  • Sébastien Gautier

    Allie continued the chanson

  • Sébastien Gautier

    The plus the abonnées

  • Sébastien Gautier

    The video voices chanson splendide

  • Sébastien Gautier

    The video games

  • suman Williams
    suman Williams Year ago

    You really sings good . ☺☺

  • yugessen ramsamy
    yugessen ramsamy Year ago

    You are awesome....
    Can you make a cover of 'Friends' by Anne-Marie ft Marshmello?

  • Dna Bucket
    Dna Bucket Year ago +1

    Hey Allie good job out there my name is Austin by the way and I think that your voice is absolutely amazing. Also your voice is the only voice that caught me and I was just gonna say (you even got the good looks) but anyway your really brave for standing outside and singing in front of people you do not know. And like 2 last things is that you ever get bullied walk away is my strategy bc I get bullied sometimes and one last thing is that I'm glad that you are here today and do what you do know. Also for your dad I think he loves a daughter like you, and he probably says in his head I'm so proud of who I am and who my daughter is no matter what will happen.
    ~Mr.Olds AKA Austin
    I'm actually only 13 and not old and plz read this dad or Allie. :)

  • Ashlee and Addy
    Ashlee and Addy Year ago

    Wow it takes such courage to go out there and sing and that's why your so amazing to watch

  • Loes. M
    Loes. M Year ago

    Amazing voice😱

  • AndreaMusik2.0
    AndreaMusik2.0 Year ago

    schöne Stimme

  • Paw Prints Jersey
    Paw Prints Jersey Year ago +3

    Try singing Adele HELLLO you would nail it 😇😇😇🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪♥️😀💕💕

  • Karsu Demir
    Karsu Demir Year ago

    street on zombie please

  • Denisa Life
    Denisa Life Year ago


  • Ebraheem Khatib
    Ebraheem Khatib Year ago

    Hi Allie, know that the people love your voice, because those kind hearts, want to hear your voice, because you have a kind heart and dadyger, and remember train hard and listen to the Quran when you have something hard, and do the best for the people's heart, you are the best singer, that the people can trust.

  • ItsMrBanana
    ItsMrBanana Year ago +1

    Well, There is 4 people without ears

  • Esther Loh
    Esther Loh Year ago

    Can you sing Hold On by Chord Overstreet 😍😍❤❤❤

  • venuscia Kamba
    venuscia Kamba Year ago +1

    C'est super elle a vraiment du talent faut qu'elle profite 😉😘💞

  • Devin Perkins
    Devin Perkins Year ago

    You have a very beautiful voice. I could see you singing “Hey there Delilah” by Plain White Ts

  • Sparrow Flying
    Sparrow Flying Year ago


  • Stewart Johnson
    Stewart Johnson Year ago +5

    I really wish I could see you busking like this, before you’re playing sold-out 20,000 seat arenas. The people walking by and not stopping have no idea what they are missing.

  • Lista A. Kadie
    Lista A. Kadie Year ago

    Allie I love to hear you sing too good at goodbyes by Sam Smith, can you sing that for me?

  • crazylovatic
    crazylovatic Year ago

    Great job!! Allie,can you please cover the song "Daydream" by Avril Lavigne,but the way Demi Lovato has covered it?? Plz,I think that if you sing it the was Demi has covered it,you will sound perfect!!

  • rhart123
    rhart123 Year ago

    Very well done! Loved it!

  • D Godfrey
    D Godfrey Year ago +1

    Great singing allie

  • ...
    ... Year ago +3

    Please do Small Bump by Ed Sheeran your voice is perfect for this

  • Tina Koskima
    Tina Koskima Year ago +18

    That's an immediate gold-medal from Bono (and me of course) - I wish, that he and the rest of U2 people could see and hear you now; doing this beautiful yet strong and raspy, especially your own Allie-styled and stamped lovely dedication to their hit-song.
    I could listen to you from dusk till dawn and more, but that's what we fans do ... again there looks having been pretty cold that time, so you couldn't had kept your fingers moving' all that time thou ... hugs, xx 💖💖💖

    • Lloyd Christmas
      Lloyd Christmas Year ago

      I'd love Bono to pull her on stage.

    • The Worm
      The Worm Year ago

      I love her but no bono song can be beat it u2

  • Chris Drake
    Chris Drake Year ago

    Beautiful Allie, the crowds are going to keep getting bigger as the years go by!

    BWWKH Year ago

    01:50 Monster in the background?

    BWWKH Year ago

    I think some of the young girls are just standing there to be seen in the video on youtube.

    BWWKH Year ago

    Allie, great as allways. 💕

  • Diana Moran
    Diana Moran Year ago

    YES! U2!!!

  • Bishesh Sherchan
    Bishesh Sherchan Year ago


  • Sammar
    Sammar Year ago +6

    You are the rising star..!!!
    Keep it up Allie..!!!!!💖💖💖

  • mallelungberg
    mallelungberg Year ago

    Fan of U2 since 1985, fan of Allie since 2017 ;) Wonderful version of yours👏🌸🇸🇪

  • PokéLife
    PokéLife Year ago +7

    I wouldnt be suprised if someone threw a $100 bill in her guitar case! Amazing!

  • divit dean
    divit dean Year ago

    Waat not available my sceen says

  • Gabriela Gomez
    Gabriela Gomez Year ago

    You're Great ❤️
    You have an amazing voice. ❤️✨