Trump Signals Interest In 2020 Election Interference

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • If there's something strange in your presidential campaign. Who ya gonna call? "Trump voice" NOT the FBI. #LSSC #Colbert #Monologue
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Comments • 5 386

  • Dallas DautermanDallas
    Dallas DautermanDallas 40 minutes ago

    Absolutely every problem Trump has, bar none, is caused by him slipping in his own shit every other step.

  • Lonny Brickey
    Lonny Brickey 5 hours ago

    You democrats must be the dumbest people on earth

  • Awesome Will
    Awesome Will Day ago

    “I threatened him with plankton tariffs”
    - Trump 2019

  • rainakochanvideo


  • ExplosionChimp
    ExplosionChimp 3 days ago

    "So you're supposed to turn over and not use dirt provided by a foreign government??"
    YES! That's exactly what Al Gore did in 2000 when he was given dirt on his opponent. Why is it so hard for them to understand that breaking the law is bad?

  • ExplosionChimp
    ExplosionChimp 3 days ago

    During the 2000 elections, Al Gore was given dirt on his opponent from a foreign government and didn't use it, he immediately contacted the FBI and turned it over. That's what you do when you care about the law, Trump doesnt care about anything but Trump.

  • Andreas Venizelou
    Andreas Venizelou 4 days ago +1

    Aww!!! this is really sad that this baffoon Trumpy Dumpy) believes the things he says

  • Natalee  Steele
    Natalee Steele 4 days ago

    Clearly Stephen secret talent is whale noises 😂😂

  • Still Alive Studio
    Still Alive Studio 5 days ago

    tiny cockpit LMFAOOOO DFKM noiceeeee

  • The Land of noiZ
    The Land of noiZ 5 days ago

    Trump "blows" like no one else. He's got Bad Bill Barr, Capitan Acosta, KellyAnne KillingMe, Justin Jerkner, Tucker Narlsome, and Sean Handynasty Happy and Singing Lines right out of their new musical, "Just Grab Em By The Kittens", (rated G for the whole family) "No actual Kittens were grabbed!" Bad Bill. But with an animated crew like this, what makes you think The Prince of Whales wouldn't introduce him to Aquaman?

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson 5 days ago +1

    i wonder which rich republican CEO will buy the white house next?!

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson 5 days ago

    prince of whales? trump dont tell them about how you meet with yourself. its weird.

  • Tim D
    Tim D 5 days ago

    Filler words? Like that's all that comes out of trumps 👄.

  • Lesley Watson
    Lesley Watson 6 days ago

    America, you are very lucky to have the brilliant Stephen Colbert!!!

  • Harry Eastwood
    Harry Eastwood 6 days ago

    Colbert the clown....Those Laughs are even B.S. and Canned... just listen.. He's SO Such and Elitist and upset His Girl didin't win.

  • just me
    just me 7 days ago

    Oh dear Ainsley Earhardt
    9:50 you can see the penny drop when her argument is destroyed

  • Richard Servello
    Richard Servello 7 days ago

    Trump does whatever he sees on TV...maybe Killmead was actually trying to save the country. Feeling a little guilty?

  • Matt R
    Matt R 7 days ago

    Norway or not, who knows who is really behind the push of potentially harmful political info or misinformation? It intel ops 101 to mask operations via otherwise benign countries. Complete lack of thoughtfulness!!! This is exactly the kind of ignorance that adversaries exploit and why the FBI should be informed regardless, however seemingly trivial it could be critical to discovering a potentially very sophisticated deep and dangerous threat long time in the making.

  • Don Williams
    Don Williams 7 days ago

    We must repeat facts about Trump continuously to penetrate his supporters' resistance. He attempts to erode his opponents base of support. Do the same to him. FOX News will never inform their viewers of the truth of this man. Fact: Trump's mother and his paternal grandfather were immigrants. His wife is an immigrant. He married and divorced another immigrant. His father was involved with the Ku Klux Klan. He was found guilty of housing discrimination. He, daily, commits un-American acts as president of the United States of America, etc. Un-American actions undermine the Constitution and weaken our democracy, but more importantly, our resolve to resist the new NAZI-ism that is his ultimate aim. As Goebbels defined it, Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred. Trump did this with Hilary, Obama and now the Congresswomen, among others. Do the same to him!

  • Martin Pêcheur
    Martin Pêcheur 7 days ago

    The illiterate president whale...

  • Lloyd Dehaney
    Lloyd Dehaney 8 days ago


  • Jeff somersby
    Jeff somersby 8 days ago

    When my wife goes to bed Green Peace come running in and start rolling her toward the Ocean...
    Our car was harpooned by some Japanese Fisherman on the way to the Supermarket...
    She's so fat, her dress size is Brazil...

  • JRG2733
    JRG2733 9 days ago

    Simply astonishing ignorance. Simply not knowing anything about what he's saying. And yet saying it.

  • Michele Godlevski
    Michele Godlevski 10 days ago

    OMG that is a kick-ass whale impression! LMAO

  • Sengamo Sibanda
    Sengamo Sibanda 10 days ago

    this show is stupid. too anti trump

  • Peggy Trawick
    Peggy Trawick 10 days ago

    Russia has lots of trees

  • Linda Thalman
    Linda Thalman 10 days ago

    This is Colbert GOLD. Love it.

  • International Harvester

    Whatever you do, DO NOT Google Image search Santorum😳😲😯😕

  • Kerri Lynn
    Kerri Lynn 11 days ago


  • Cyber Media Intel
    Cyber Media Intel 11 days ago

    TheeDomain,com is 4 sale

  • Martin C
    Martin C 12 days ago

    That's cray how he mentioned "Tron"... I'ma-bout to watch it with my lil bro here... I was like, what in the wold?

  • Andy Mo
    Andy Mo 12 days ago +1

    How else are Conservatives supposed to steal power when 3MILLION more Americans vote for the other person?

  • Adamant Forge
    Adamant Forge 12 days ago

    Ad before the clip whining about 'them triggered liberal soy bois'. That ad is as hilariously misplaced as PragerU ads before atheist videos.

  • Angela Burdsall
    Angela Burdsall 12 days ago

    I bet the Mueller report says something like DT colluded but is too stupid to know it

  • somaric1
    somaric1 13 days ago

    They laughed at the nazi party at first. Then they saw them killing people while the police watched and did nothing .

  • Maaike R
    Maaike R 13 days ago

    So I guess trump has used all the excuses by now.
    "The FBI doesn't investigate"..crap its the I in FBI. Then the FBI was too busy. Then it wasn't a crime. Not only is treason a crime its THE crime the FBI investigates. He is simply guilty of treason and obstruction of justice.

  • Douglas Gilmore
    Douglas Gilmore 13 days ago

    Love cobert but dose anyone else think the black musician laughing constantly is helping.....not racist.... but with a live mic laughing like that and making token black guy comments....come on this is 2019 aren't we past that.....I litterly switched to trevor Noah because his token guy is white old and ornery Lewis black.....but I still love this show just wish it was less....ummmm..... tokenie????

  • Adam Riga
    Adam Riga 14 days ago


  • Scott rimer
    Scott rimer 14 days ago

    Can you imagine walking through life so stupid? Wait, no need to imagine. Just turn your TV on.

  • Jens Raab
    Jens Raab 15 days ago

    Watch Earhardt's smile freeze and crumble when her co-host exposes the BS of her defense of the Dear Leader (at the 9:52 minute mark).

  • David Edwards
    David Edwards 15 days ago

    Typical American comedian. He got a laugh with the whale song bit, so he kept doing it.

  • Arugal1993
    Arugal1993 16 days ago

    one word........DUMPSTERFIRE!!!!!!!!

  • Gina Kay
    Gina Kay 17 days ago


  • Gina Kay
    Gina Kay 17 days ago

    Baby Balloon Coward "Lock Me Up " 🤣😂😁😀😥

  • Phil S
    Phil S 17 days ago

    Let's look at these clips in 10 years they will be hilarious. So good

  • Silvia Perez Cruz
    Silvia Perez Cruz 18 days ago

    Someone plese!! I got a little question what kind of info China would have?? I couldnt understand THE FAKE FOX NEWs presentator (he last words) Im trying to take little notes for my youtube channel coming soon....

  • Estadr Adaber
    Estadr Adaber 19 days ago

    Bruh stephen dumb

  • dlee t
    dlee t 20 days ago

    A reporter should ask why he felt he could not get the "H" out of Whales. The Prince's dead wife Di was a big women's rights supporter. She may keep him from getting the H out of Wales.

  • Najur Zee
    Najur Zee 21 day ago

    This clown "Stephen Colbert" is always right. 2016 he proved he was a joke. No cow poo poo, TRUMP WILL WIN IN 2020.

  • andrew marks
    andrew marks 21 day ago

    Blind luck still workin

  • verbst
    verbst 21 day ago

    John once again proving his genius by playing Free Willy's Will You be There by Michael Jackson.
    Brightened my day so much I had to comment here...

  • Jeep Girl
    Jeep Girl 21 day ago +1

    You gotta love Stephen’s commentary on Little Donny’s “little Donny”!! 😂😂😂😂😂😁

  • Javier Harth
    Javier Harth 23 days ago

    And I thought TrumpF was the Prince of Whales...

  • Meredith Anne
    Meredith Anne 23 days ago

    I had no idea that Stephen spoke whale! So creative. 😁

  • UltraDigable
    UltraDigable 25 days ago

    He wants an excuse to lean on and cry about when he inevitably loses. So transparent. So pathetic.

  • John Joseph
    John Joseph 26 days ago

    Yeah it might start a 2 year investigation that costs taxpayers millions to produce no results and helped rip this country apart. Unfortunately the incompetent fascist elites refuse to acknowledge the good things Trump has done. They just dont want a red America to succeed hahaha cant wait for 2020
    *wait if committing crimes with foreign countries is the problem well let's get on Bidens case about China or Hillary with the UK agent that sold her the dossier. And they got that book from the PC culture, feminist and the Democratic changing the definition of boy and girl, legal and illegal immigrants and refusing science in debates

  • Micah Miranda
    Micah Miranda 26 days ago

    There's nothing wrong with having a tiny cockpit.

  • Bas W
    Bas W 26 days ago +1

    6:11 Batiste is playing "Will You Be There" from Free Willy!! I LOVE THIS GUY!! XD

  • Jon Christian Andersen

    you are terrible colbert. if there isnt news make some and forget hillary fault in 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jon Christian Andersen

    what about hillary. she paid and listen to it!!!! kag.. and will keep free speech!!! no sensorship

  • Andy L
    Andy L 27 days ago

    I needed at least one Free Willy reference for the whole Prince of Whales thing LOL

  • doggonemess
    doggonemess 28 days ago

    An American was in a pub in the UK when two women came up to the bar and ordered some drinks. He noticed when they ordered they both had strong accents so he said "Hi, are you two girls from Scotland?"
    One of them spoke up, with quite an attitude and said "WALES you idiot!"

    The American replied "Sorry, are you two whales from Scotland?"

  • Makizee 6.0
    Makizee 6.0 28 days ago

    Playing the Devil's advocate here, I believe Trump just doesn't see it as collusion, to him.. It's just information.

  • Anna Simpson
    Anna Simpson 28 days ago

    Eliminate the electoral college!

  • Todd S.
    Todd S. 29 days ago

    Jesus Christ, I can’t believe this is the president of the US I think we must have had some interference

  • Antivanquishable Omnitriumphant

    when i play the newest colbert video clip here on youtube, it autoplays exactly in reverse to older colbert videos, ---- i think its stupid --- i want my autoplay to go forward ---- you dont read a book from the end to the beginning do you ??? humans are so stupid.

  • OrionoftheStar
    OrionoftheStar 29 days ago +1

    The Prince of Whales, Lord of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Noso Tros
    Noso Tros 29 days ago

    In a nutshell:
    Keith Renier of NXIVM guilty of child-sex trafficking, Jeffrey Epstein case to be reopened --> Linked to Crooked Hitlery --> Sex Crime Pedo Weiner laptop --> Alifante, Podesta --> unhinged "zany" pedophile Stephen Colbert.
    Will "they" save you, Colbert? Or will you cop a plea and spill the beans? Tsk tsk, Hitlery wouldn't like that, Colbert.

  • trefrog
    trefrog 29 days ago

    9:07 I don't usually do this, but that girl is QtAF. Just sayin.

  • TheSpeedy Hernandez
    TheSpeedy Hernandez Month ago +1

    pope chair?

  • Matrxmonky
    Matrxmonky Month ago

    Steven making a Tron reference on national tv. My favorite film is now an analogy for the presidents stupidity. I can die now. I've seen it all.

  • Lawrence Sneed
    Lawrence Sneed Month ago

    Those whale jokes were on point

  • Sara Danhoff
    Sara Danhoff Month ago

    America hasnt had a real election since Carter.

  • Rob Dim
    Rob Dim Month ago

    Trump Russia conspiracy is a fact.
    Trump admitted it.
    Trump payed Russia back by removing sanctions on Russia crime bosses.

  • Dan Woolf
    Dan Woolf Month ago


  • Maureen Wagg
    Maureen Wagg Month ago

    ROFLMAO Prince of Whales lolololol omg dyin' here. The blond Fox News bimbo is something else. What a joke of a "news" station.

  • Becca Hollingsworth

    Funny thing about collusion they lock down your phone blacklist it follow you around prevent you from work and legal help.

  • Purple Rain
    Purple Rain Month ago

    Dump has putin again putin will make it better for dump and mitch turtle bitch he's right beside in his corruption.

  • Christina Peterman
    Christina Peterman Month ago

    Between campaigning, tweeting and designing the new Air Force One, how does he find the time to be the head of state? His priorities are obvious.

  • Mary W
    Mary W Month ago

    There is NOTHING wrong with listening, and it is not illegal.

  • Marea teakle
    Marea teakle Month ago

    Am praying the BLUE WAVE will rise into a tidal wave when the 2020 election comes around 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Thomas Panto
    Thomas Panto Month ago

    norway is NOT MOSCOW

  • Thomas Panto
    Thomas Panto Month ago

    Trump was kept in the dark about what his relatives and Russia were doing. Russia can do things for Trump but Trump is too stupid to help Russia do anything and IF TOLD then Trump would likely SCREW UP and REVEAL what Russia was doing to America.

    • Thomas Panto
      Thomas Panto Month ago

      Collusion with Trump is dangerous and may land NON-Russians in prison

  • Justin Moore
    Justin Moore Month ago

    Think it's funny how we pick and choose the wrong issues regarding globalism and being a sovereign nation.

  • *Wonka*
    *Wonka* Month ago +1

    Its not breaking the law to receive offered information from a foreign is however abuse of the law to hire a pi that has a public position to spy on and undermine any acting president from a foriegn country.. You seem to have no problem NOT pointing out that Hillary Clinton paid off the DNC to ignore the run off votes from the people of the united states..but what sucks the worst is the fact "political parties are taring this country apart" the fact of inflation..of how clowning off as a comedian pays more money than any job that has to do with labor..that no one wants but the opportunity is NOT there for alot of people. Even if you make the grade youll still be at best "runner up" in school due to someone has so much on outside of school..those same people will be the ones standing in your way with the degrees and still not have a God damned clue of wtf they are doing..and standing in your way of progress of people who work for example..anyone who works can count the money but when you go to the bank its always some dittsy bitch that cant count and has no degrees but if you are a man youll have to have at least an accountants degree a popular family and be some sort of chosen one. Ok in housekeeping at baytown wharf san destin florida..if you are a cannot be a housekeeper thats only a womens job..she is given 4 rooms to clean a day is required 3 and can get away without a write up for only doing 2 and not even doing it correctly..alot cant even make a bed a man you can only be a houseman you have to move all the linen trash and stock closets strip rooms make beds stock the housekeepers carts..when i was there as a man I literally made less money that $1 per floor per day at 55 floors were my responcibility under manager glen simmon..I got yelled at constantly over housekeepers who make more than me hourly..because they would make up rediculous stories to a point where i was forced to take pictures of everything I did..and still called a liar so illegal immigrants can put salt in my eyes nd physically cause a torn legament in my right knee. I still never slacked.Im not a low concept kind of guy the opportunity is just not there. All in all I see the law skips me on ethics. But as an American Im sick of seeing people like Otto Warmbier not avenged..any president should have made a retiation strike to insure at least our well being after the fact on that note..but getting a damn road fixed to drivable is impossible ( even though all county offices have been contacted) 8 months after hurricane yet you go up on my property taxes with almost every tree I have ethics is your karma..its your turn to do the right thing.. I'm done being your good intentions slave.. Get off your ass and do it yourself..its your turn to make america great again.. Ive got more merit its time for you to catch up in parralel..I see nothing but yitta yatta chit chat.. If you get paid for it is your responcibility to do it as your job not just make people forfiet mail carriers and trash pickup for 8 months..p.s. Who gives a rats ass about that toy drone! Its not worth a flying fukkk. We the people of the United States of America dont deserve nor want your pathetic punsy scam. We shouldnt have to pay you something you duplicated for you to horde our machines and do nothing with them and still try to illegally contract a side job soliciting more money on the side and propping your personal stocks. Simply put clean your own fuckkking hotel room. (Or treasure good intentions while you "had" a chance) Your bullshiit gets in the way of progress. Just being honest try doing it a long time you may develope clairvoyancy ..but Ill believe it when I see it not untill them not voting for another clown act. Get the point or dont.

  • alexsch73
    alexsch73 Month ago

    nein ich sehe gerade Intel Werbung

  • SeaReverie
    SeaReverie Month ago

    The TheXvid Ad that was playing right before I watched this is a real Ad. For a T-shirt that says “I stand for the Flag, I kneel for the cross” but the interesting part is the guy selling the shirt is a total DB. It looks like the late show spoofs.

  • Schobe Wankenobi
    Schobe Wankenobi Month ago

    Funny I see over a thousand thumbs down, but none of the Trump supporters say anything in the comments. Faggots!!! Follow and DO Nothing!

  • RockRiver 6
    RockRiver 6 Month ago +1

    Colbert still hasn't gotten over the 2016 election just like the rest off the whiny little bitches who have commented below their childish contempt of one of Americas best Presidents - Donald Trump.

  • Alphidius
    Alphidius Month ago

    lmao! the whale impression was right on spot!

  • Sheila Martin
    Sheila Martin Month ago

    The Prince of Whales? Try Wales, you cretin.

  • Michael Brice
    Michael Brice Month ago

    Man this dude is made of cringe lol

  • morganfleur
    morganfleur Month ago

    That one is close to the brilliance of the Geography 101 monologue, which I still watch for a pick me up. Mr. Colbert is a timely gift to the species.

  • Randy Harris
    Randy Harris Month ago

    Lizard everybody says Johnny Carson was an asshole what the hell does he know

  • Einar Bolstad
    Einar Bolstad Month ago

    Hottest international dialing code in American politics: 47.

  • David DeLaney
    David DeLaney Month ago

    ... so what I'm hearing is that the FBI needs to ... hire George Stephanopoulos?
    --Dave, no ma'am, this is just a first interview, no need for makeup yet

  • Lizard King
    Lizard King Month ago +1

    Please take Johnny Carson's advice and dont do politics on a late night talk show. It could sway someones vote . Its just unethical.

  • Stephen Fap
    Stephen Fap Month ago

    I can't believe he spelt Wales wrong lol

  • Michal Niedzielski
    Michal Niedzielski Month ago

    oh man who knew Colbert's whale sounds would be so on point

  • Roman Darius
    Roman Darius Month ago

    Leading Psychiatrist had warned the voting public that if President Trump wins in 2020,
    Stephen Colbert may try to end it all! The building he works at has locked all windows above he 5th floor so that they can't be open.