Drillin | Episode 1 | Original Series: SBTV

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • A Drama Series that follows a young drill artist about to blow but his current lifestyle is keeping him in deadly drama. Staring Taze, Khali Best, A1.2funny, Dantetheicon and more.
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  • SBTV: Music
    SBTV: Music  4 months ago +672

    We've all got decisions to make for some it means life or death.. written, directed & produced by Romano Ceaser Smith, Drillin is the drama series you don't want to miss.

    If you are affected by any of the issues raised in the drama check out some of our work around knife crime -

    • Carlos Da Silva
      Carlos Da Silva Day ago

      What's the first track called? Hard man

    • Jimsy
      Jimsy Month ago

      You need a new sound guy. Your levels are all over the place, and you're clipping badly on parts with loud speech.

    • XxLaVa-ManxX
      XxLaVa-ManxX 2 months ago


    • Narcos11 S
      Narcos11 S 3 months ago

      Let go with the second one !

    • XxLaVa-ManxX
      XxLaVa-ManxX 3 months ago

      EPISODE 2 3 4 5 PLEASE OMG

  • T 3 hunna vids
    T 3 hunna vids Day ago

    be careful not to run into any of these drillaz . they might hold you down and make u squirt

  • Carlos Da Silva
    Carlos Da Silva Day ago

    Is there a video for that track in the first 4 minutes?

  • sas_makaveli
    sas_makaveli Day ago

    Of course they are fictional. The cunts wear masks and throw knives around and not fists.

  • zerco illicit
    zerco illicit 2 days ago +1

    What are these tapped people in this bando why they splashing Der man😂🤦‍♂️

  • Alex Muvua
    Alex Muvua 2 days ago


  • nimmy yousaf
    nimmy yousaf 2 days ago

    8:21 😂😂😂

  • Skrew Nephrite
    Skrew Nephrite 4 days ago

    16:07 - i thought shes his mom

  • Jordan Michael
    Jordan Michael 4 days ago

    The guy at 7:32 is in Okera is film choices and he is in four a walk with film

  • 010 Noord gestoord
    010 Noord gestoord 6 days ago

    1:30 yeah she deffinetly calling

  • Blackfibba Fibba
    Blackfibba Fibba 8 days ago

    Black culture ruining Britain since the 70s

    • doucey1992
      doucey1992 5 days ago

      Britain ruining black culture since slavery

  • kamara gaming
    kamara gaming 8 days ago

    1:15 playback speed 0.25

  • boeler boeler
    boeler boeler 9 days ago +1


  • Pablo Rodriquez
    Pablo Rodriquez 10 days ago

    English pussies

  • Gareth Rodney
    Gareth Rodney 11 days ago

    This deserves more views 👌

  • Dom
    Dom 11 days ago

    As if they'd storm an apartment without gloves.

  • jetulik
    jetulik 13 days ago

    deport all these fucks back to Africa

  • dw_rullod rullo
    dw_rullod rullo 13 days ago

    1:59 ay wagwan 😂😂

  • Powerz Channel
    Powerz Channel 16 days ago

    I like the positive side of this .

  • clarks jerald
    clarks jerald 18 days ago

    Alie this yute IS COLD

  • Howsun Semega-Janneh

    “They’re like white people in a building and dat” 😂😂

  • lewis B
    lewis B 23 days ago


  • Nayib Seluja
    Nayib Seluja Month ago

    @15:48 Could've put some red liquid of some sort on the knife to make it look more realistic

  • Six Sense
    Six Sense Month ago +1

    Why is man rackin up lines of brown sugar? Then drops what he weighed out 😂😂😂

  • Dj Soundz
    Dj Soundz Month ago

    This is sick, abit over exaggerated tho but sick

  • Ablea.14
    Ablea.14 Month ago

    3:27 🔥

  • Peeter Gucci
    Peeter Gucci Month ago

    What’s the song at 11:30 ?

  • Dkimbaev_
    Dkimbaev_ Month ago

    anyone have the name of the song at 11:32 ?

  • Reeece 2569
    Reeece 2569 Month ago +1

    😂😂😂😂somone tell me wat 5:40 meant

  • Dave
    Dave Month ago

    Bastards knifeing people .years ago u just give them a kick inn no need 4 knifes

  • Clunk Nugget
    Clunk Nugget Month ago

    They could resolve their beef on Minecraft

  • Jaxon
    Jaxon Month ago

    From Australia, so I barely know the UK drill scene, but do you just dip anyone that you don't like or do you have proper district on district beef.

    JON SNOW Month ago

    “White people in a building and that”, ha. Story of the world

  • Iam Tips
    Iam Tips Month ago

    Man said RPS LOOOLZ ITS PRS!!

  • Wyatt Utia
    Wyatt Utia Month ago

    21:00 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  • Daniel John
    Daniel John Month ago +1

    On da real note how she gon hear a knock on the door and open it without checking

  • Duke Togo
    Duke Togo Month ago

    “You can’t smack up RPS they’re like white people in a building”

  • Ellie Guthrie
    Ellie Guthrie Month ago

    It’s there own fault they wanna be big men and act all hard and then wonder why they get stabbed daily and die from guns and knives ? Why can’t you just be fucking normal. It’s your choice to be like that

  • skrr skrr
    skrr skrr Month ago

    12:08 song

  • Luke Scott
    Luke Scott Month ago

    Whats the song name at 2:18 someone please tell me!!!

  • A Bronco
    A Bronco Month ago

    So much talent WASTED.... How can killing your black broda EVER be cool or calm..... WASTED generation of young black men....

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User Month ago

    Actually so satisfying watching these idiots wipe each other out. When the problem solves itself.

  • districtaus
    districtaus Month ago

    1:28 phone ain’t even on a call. she on her home screen

  • Tom pennington
    Tom pennington Month ago

    These tunes bang should be dropped for real

  • NeonMillz
    NeonMillz Month ago +3

    The way how they make it seem so real it’s unbelievable

    LANGLEY Month ago

    Tf they do to his girl?

  • Renee Harris
    Renee Harris Month ago

    Can't watch it. I don't understand one word

  • Lak_ Shoo.
    Lak_ Shoo. Month ago

    yo whats the songs name in 6:37

  • Green GOBLIN
    Green GOBLIN Month ago

    18:29 that’s the rudest violation laugh

  • SM 09
    SM 09 Month ago

    What’s the song at 6:50

  • Louie Rennocks
    Louie Rennocks Month ago

    Can’t take taze srs😂😂

  • Asim Ilyas
    Asim Ilyas Month ago

    Sbtv wot you man doing? So bars on drill beats talk about this stuff but really your influencing the ones who just spray bars for fun or cos their talented to just act on their bars and promoting more violent yutes. Think about the message your putting out there

  • littleTNUM2
    littleTNUM2 Month ago

    0:50 we can see the home screen lol

  • A and K
    A and K Month ago +1

    Tunes bang styl

  • Skiinwalker
    Skiinwalker Month ago

    2:10 I need this to be a made track

  • Megawolf01
    Megawolf01 Month ago

    Bruh! Go to school.!!

  • T.S fortnite beast
    T.S fortnite beast Month ago +1

    19:13 Ay man pattern them up lol

  • Instincts
    Instincts Month ago


  • Mario King
    Mario King Month ago

    I get what @SBTV are tryna do for the UK culture but is it doing more bad than good? 🧐

  • S.Y BikeLife
    S.Y BikeLife Month ago

    What happend to settling things with fists, you know these man now days are nothing without tools , straight up take it off you and stab you with it then I'd ask you how's it feel to be kweffed by your own knife #diedtrying
    🤣🤣 peak #droptheknife