HyperX QuadCast | The Best Streaming Mic? Tested VS Yeti & Modmic

  • Published on Mar 29, 2019
  • Store: epicpants.com, Music: bit.ly/Trk2ik
    We put the new HyperX QuadCast streaming microphone up against the standards: The Blue Yeti and the Wireless Modmic from Antlion. You get to hear the QuadCast with and without compression; we know how much people love compression for streaming. Check out the video for mic samples.
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Comments • 75

  • LaMarque Drew
    LaMarque Drew Month ago +1

    2:05 genuinely made me laugh

  • Wendy Drinkslove
    Wendy Drinkslove 2 months ago

    Thank you!

  • SoloMarlonElias
    SoloMarlonElias 2 months ago

    how you do to connect the mic to the camera?

    • Khishchnik
      Khishchnik 2 months ago

      completely seperate files put together and synced

  • Mushroomstamp
    Mushroomstamp 3 months ago

    Have it love it stay classy

  • RaptorHunter Gaming
    RaptorHunter Gaming 3 months ago +6

    I personally like the color which is what drew me towards it, but after listening to the others I think I like the way the HyperX sounds over the others. Might pick this up.
    Edit: I bought the Hyper X. I was using the headset mic before so this was a huge improvement.

    • George Aziz
      George Aziz Month ago +1

      @RaptorHunter Gaming Sweet thanks man
      I'll probably get it without a boom arm then cuz I too dont have space for one :)

    • RaptorHunter Gaming
      RaptorHunter Gaming Month ago

      @George Aziz I do use the stand it came with because I don't have room for a boom arm. You can hear the typing on the keyboard if it's mechanical but if it's right next to the keyboard you'd probably hear a silent one too. I like it. I tested the bass from taping on the desk and you really only hear the tapping, not the bass from the vibration transfer.

    • George Aziz
      George Aziz Month ago

      Hey man, was wondering if you were using the mic with the included stand or not?
      Just wondering as I will have it next to my keyboard

  • Beya209
    Beya209 3 months ago +2

    How does this compare to audio Technica at2020? If anyone knows, would love to know your opinions 👍🏽

    • Beya209
      Beya209 2 months ago

      @DirtyIceCream Thank you for that!

    • DirtyIceCream
      DirtyIceCream 2 months ago +1

      Beya209 the quadcast gives a more brighter sound, while the at2020 is more recessed. At2020 is more studio quality vs the quadcast.

    YONZO 3 months ago

    idk how he sounds so close and clear. Mine sounds like im far away from it in a big room anyone have tips for clear crisp sound? (i know the bottom knob and windows settings didnt help)

    • Kyle Perkins
      Kyle Perkins 3 months ago

      @YONZO No problem! Glad you got your mic to work well!

    • Kyle Perkins
      Kyle Perkins 3 months ago

      @YONZO No problem! Glad you got your mic to work well!

    • YONZO
      YONZO 3 months ago +1

      @Kyle Perkins imma try out audacity my mic is better now i was finally able to move it closer to my face without a boom arm thanks for the comment man

    • Kyle Perkins
      Kyle Perkins 3 months ago

      How far away are you from the mic when you record? As long as you have it in cardioid mode you should be fine. After you're done recording you should use software to touch it up a bit. Slap on some EQ, compress, and then normalize. That should do the trick. Audacity is free, and pretty good if you don't want to spend money.

    YONZO 3 months ago

    idk how he sounds so close and clear. Mine sounds like im far away from it in a big room anyone have tips for clear crisp sound? (i know the bottom knob and windows settings didnt help)

  • JayzBeerz
    JayzBeerz 3 months ago

    great review logan thank you

  • aLilBabyOtter
    aLilBabyOtter 5 months ago +1

    I ended up going for the Blue Yeticaster bundle. In terms of sound quality, I think it really depends on personal preference. They're close enough that it really doesn't matter. Some people like as natural as possible, some people like mics that sound a little more muffled or deep. I couldn't pass up on the bundle though. You get the Yeti ($130), Radius shock mount ($50), and Compass arm ($100), all for $200. The cable management built into the Compass just keeps everything so clean, and I love that there aren't a bunch of springs and bars like with a lot of mic arms, it's just like one big tube with a couple joints. Plus I'm not a fan of the bright red aesthetic. All my stuff is black and blue.

    • Jake E
      Jake E 3 months ago

      I would have got the at 2020

  • YUZi Gaming
    YUZi Gaming 5 months ago +2

    bruh use cardioid not stereo

  • JoranDTgamer
    JoranDTgamer 5 months ago +6

    dude you had the HyperX QuadCast on ASMR mode when you were talking why?

    • Yousef
      Yousef 4 months ago +1

      a mistake

  • Don't mind me not having a profile picture

    *HyperX Quadcast VS Modmic*
    HyperX Quadcast: "お前はもう死んでいる"
    Modmic: "WHAT"
    *Modmic dies*

  • KrheaKap
    KrheaKap 5 months ago

    Very informative, thank you.

  • Kim Neeper Rasmussen
    Kim Neeper Rasmussen 6 months ago

    The Yeti has a constant low freq humm mmmmmmmmmm

  • Crackedeago
    Crackedeago 6 months ago

    I bought the quadcast

  • Ben Fox
    Ben Fox 6 months ago +2

    What mic stand are you using with the hyperx quadcast? I'm trying to find a good mic stand to use that shoots out straight from under my primary monitor like that, but mounts to my desk with a clamp.

    • Vio Samakeo
      Vio Samakeo 5 months ago

      Ben Fox I know I am late, but get the rode psa1

    • Ben Fox
      Ben Fox 6 months ago

      @Erick Trimmer yeah the little table stand does. But I'm asking about the boom he is using that comes from under the camera when he is sitting at the desk.

    • Erick Trimmer
      Erick Trimmer 6 months ago

      Benjamin Fox it comes with the mic

  • Magnus Anglert
    Magnus Anglert 6 months ago +2

    The stereo is very separated. The voice keeps shifting left/right. :-(

    • ItsPsychedelic
      ItsPsychedelic 3 months ago

      @Mushroomstamp dude don't be an asshole he was on asmr mode so that's why it sounded weird.

    • Mushroomstamp
      Mushroomstamp 3 months ago

      Magnus Anglert stop your whining

  • Taha Kacar
    Taha Kacar 6 months ago +7

    this is seventh video that I watched about that mic and finally someone test the pop filter. Thats a great review, Thanks.

  • Johnny1175
    Johnny1175 6 months ago +1

    I was so excited when hyperx announced their new microphone. But I was scared that since it was a USB mic it wouldn't sound as great as your usual xlr... but it sounds amazing with so many different sound options, with your review im certain that this is going to be a good mic for me

  • Eddie Viney
    Eddie Viney 6 months ago

    Usb cable is 710g... Americans struggle with metric

  • Ser Noisy
    Ser Noisy 6 months ago +2

    nice... even on my phone (without headphones) the hyper x sounds best
    still holds true with proper headphones on PC

    • Toxy
      Toxy 5 months ago

      KrheaKap Nope :)

    • KrheaKap
      KrheaKap 5 months ago

      Blue Yeti is Kinda better tho... but picks up a little more Noise...

  • basshead
    basshead 6 months ago +1

    You should make a PC themed porn called ''Hot Motherboards Play With Hard Disks'' or ''Motherboards Get RAMmed''.

  • yannic riesebos
    yannic riesebos 6 months ago +1

    Now im not a streamer, but thats a good review

  • 4G12
    4G12 6 months ago +1

    This looks like a potentially very good product. Now, I just need to get some quality frequency response data so I can apply an appropriate compensation curve to use it for audio calibration.

    • Andy Kashu
      Andy Kashu 6 months ago

      the expert has spoken... gosh

  • Mattias Göransson
    Mattias Göransson 6 months ago +5

    The QuadCast was not in cardiod mode like the others. It made the HyperX sound way less natural.

    • P1ayer 76
      P1ayer 76 6 months ago

      yeah i've noticed that as well

  • The PC Security Channel [TPSC]

    Sounds to me like Blue Yeti is clearly better. Anybody feel differently?

    • MeoithTheSecond
      MeoithTheSecond 6 months ago +1

      He doesn't have it in Cardioid mode when he moves around it sounds like its in stereo mode.

  • FreelancerRNC
    FreelancerRNC 6 months ago +10

    I'm currently using a bargain bin Interface & XLR mic setup. It would actually be great if you reviewed a range of XLR mics with a cheap interface (Behringer?) For everyone

    • Ahmad Aburahma
      Ahmad Aburahma 6 months ago

      Tek Syndicate probably something like the um2 would be on the same budget as the yeti

    • Tek Syndicate
      Tek Syndicate  6 months ago +2

      I think a vocal mic might actually be awesome for streaming.. they just don't come in USB, so you'll need to have an interface or something.

    • FreelancerRNC
      FreelancerRNC 6 months ago +1

      @Ahmad Aburahma I use a Behringer U-phoria UM2 Interface, Neweer NW-700. Bundle comes with a Stand, shock mount, pop-filter and foam-cover. Although you'll also need to buy a XLR-XLR cable as it only comes with an XLR-3.5mm cable. I had some JVC Xtreme Xplosives (DJ usage) laying around and a 1/4-Inch adaptor. Overall, for around £100, its a set up that has a much better long term replacement solutions.
      I used to use a pair of Sennheiser Game-Zero's that cost me £200, I honestly think i won't turn back now to all-in-one headsets.

    • Ahmad Aburahma
      Ahmad Aburahma 6 months ago

      FreelancerRNC how good is your setup
      I was actually considering something like yours

  • StringStorm ‌
    StringStorm ‌ 6 months ago

    Zoom U22 and a t.bone EM 9600. Better quality, less price.

    • Andy Kashu
      Andy Kashu 6 months ago

      Defending the own decisions, though there's no reasonable argument as far as the eye can reach, is also known as confirmation bias, dude. This can lead to a severe sickness which eventually turns you into a fanboy. It's obviously too late for you, you already sound like one, like mimimimi, but you can at least still spread the word.

  • ‹ TryHard ›
    ‹ TryHard › 6 months ago


    It's perfect

  • GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)
    GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee) 6 months ago +32

    In a world filled with RGB hyperx said no.

    • RAY.S 3523
      RAY.S 3523 6 months ago +2

      until there is a big enough demand for it and then they say "yea sure why not"

      But I do like the non-rgb approach, lower cost
      And then when people want the rgb, make it cost more, then there is more perceived value

  • Mac Dee
    Mac Dee 6 months ago

    Holy moly, I thought you died of dick cancer, I just assumed because I thought you were on chemotherapy because you're losing hair. But glad you're alive and well.

  • Remnant_Sage
    Remnant_Sage 6 months ago

    It looks awesome. My takeaway is the modmic is sick for the size though.

  • Steven huynh
    Steven huynh 6 months ago

    Great video but did you put the mic on a gpu at 1:32?

  • Spicey French Toast
    Spicey French Toast 6 months ago

    Can you guys check out (maybe do a guide?) self host platforms like sandstorm.io, yunohost, and cloudron. I would buy a Nas, but already have so many old computers I could do stuff with. Also maybe throw in the alternative ones like freeNAS, OMV, Amahi hone server Ect.?

  • GreenSoap
    GreenSoap 6 months ago +1

    I use a Guitar Hero mic with a pop filter and it's great

  • fidget Mc Fidgertson
    fidget Mc Fidgertson 6 months ago +3

    Yeti still kicks ass.
    Plosives are super noticeable with the HyperX.
    Yeah it looks flashy. But it just doesn't sound that good. mids get totally scooped, and there's a spike somewhere close to 12k.

    • MeoithTheSecond
      MeoithTheSecond 6 months ago

      @Mattias Göransson yeah when he moves around abit you can hear its in stereo mode.

    • Mattias Göransson
      Mattias Göransson 6 months ago +5

      The HyperX wasn't in Cardioid mode like the others, I believe it was in stereo mode. Cardioid is the most natural sounding pickup pattern for these kinds of microphones. Hardware Canucks did a great comparison on this mic too, in that video I found the HyperX to sound better than the Yeti on my setup. In this video though, the Yeti was clearly the best if you exclude the buzzing.
      Edit: Grammar

    • mercklemore
      mercklemore 6 months ago +3

      fidget Mc Fidgertson in the side-by-side comparison, to my *admittedly relatively untrained* ear the hyper x sounded significantly better than the yeti. The yeti gave Logan a noticeable lisp. From the start of the vid I could hardly tell the hyper x from their usual recording setup, pretty impressive to me

  • Deon Spates
    Deon Spates 6 months ago

    Looks awesome & simple!

  • Pedro 86
    Pedro 86 6 months ago +1

    Be careful girls might confuse it with a dildp