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  • The Sexy Skywalker
    The Sexy Skywalker 8 days ago +1

    For some reason, Sabine looks so beautiful in this type of animation! lol Sometimes it's not bad.

  • Nick DeGugs
    Nick DeGugs 2 months ago


  • pirate NMB
    pirate NMB 4 months ago

    "I liked you better when you were off in space " RUDE but still funny

  • Jack Theflash
    Jack Theflash 4 months ago

    Sabine is losing it she talks to statues!! Oh and Tristan too kinda

  • zander bro
    zander bro 5 months ago

    Did you just apologise to a statue?
    Yes she did and it was perfect

  • Conor Brodie
    Conor Brodie 6 months ago

    Good episodes but this show always makes the guys look the the bad buys and wanting to give up

  • gibbs615
    gibbs615 6 months ago

    This must've been sometime after Sabine decided to stay with her real family & before Ezra came to them for help against Thrawn's blockade. Also I always thought Tristen was Sabine's OLDER BRO but guess I was wrong about that!

  • Sub Scorpion#9
    Sub Scorpion#9 7 months ago

    Tarre vizsla, the only vizsla with true honor and a legendary jedi with a unique lightsaber

  • GrantKP
    GrantKP 8 months ago +1

    Jedi's were not allowed to be rulers of a world right? They're supposed to pledge themselves to the republic and not ruling positions of power?

  • Botye Bence
    Botye Bence 8 months ago +1

    This was actually an awesome episode. Feel natural. I almost feel the Old Republic vibes. Do remember guys when we hate the Mandoes?

  • DarthKorrin
    DarthKorrin 8 months ago

    hu so that's tarre vizla !, nice to finally have a face to put to the legend but, are these shorts canon or are they like the lego stuff they've been doing for fun ?

  • MetehanTV
    MetehanTV 8 months ago

    2:00 yeah those stormtrooper's are just sleeping

  • Cynthia Lagomorph
    Cynthia Lagomorph 8 months ago

    Good plot in this one.

  • snakes3425
    snakes3425 8 months ago +1

    Tar Vizsla aka Mandalore the Founder

  • Jacob Dominguez
    Jacob Dominguez 8 months ago +1

    Sabine is THE BEST👍

  • Noah Weisbrod
    Noah Weisbrod 9 months ago +3

    Is nobody going to comment how this episode gives us a look at an ancient design of Mandalorian helmet?

    • Darth Bombad
      Darth Bombad 6 months ago

      Hell yeah! now i really wanna see his full armor.

  • Angry327RG44 3
    Angry327RG44 3 9 months ago +1

    Wait, Tarre Vizsla wasn't the ruler of Mandalore, he was just a Mandalorian Jedi, right?

    • Darth Bombad
      Darth Bombad 6 months ago

      Pretty Sure they said that he united all the clans of Mandalore.

  • Grammar Nazi
    Grammar Nazi 9 months ago

    Stop it

  • magey poo
    magey poo 9 months ago

    Shame they didn’t use mandalore the ultimates look for the statue :/

  • Sunil Mawji
    Sunil Mawji 9 months ago

    I enjoyed this one. :P

  • Green Man
    Green Man 9 months ago

    So, at least on Mandalore it is good to have reverence for statues of historical significance. Hint, Hint, USA!

  • stillwatersrundeep
    stillwatersrundeep 9 months ago

    Disney really changed the tone and image of the Mandalorian culture, compared to that in Legends stories.

  • Mc'Cal X
    Mc'Cal X 9 months ago

    I’m sure this happened between season 3 and 4? Either way it’s amazing

  • Shadowjedi 623777
    Shadowjedi 623777 9 months ago +1

    “Did you just apologize to a statue?”
    Lol😂 😂😄😆😄😆

  • Floriae Eyans
    Floriae Eyans 9 months ago

    WHAT Sabine is older than Tristan?

  • Trin Singratanakul
    Trin Singratanakul 9 months ago +1

    Finally get to see Tor Vizsla’s helmet!

  • Dan
    Dan 9 months ago +2

    Surprise twist: Magneto is the ancient Mandalorian leader!

  • Conner Hoyt
    Conner Hoyt 9 months ago

    Am i the only one that thinks it would be awesome if thay did something with Boba Fett where he rekt some of the new mandos while doing a job for the empire as a way to kinda have the first mando created school the newer ones also because more Boba Fett .....and literaly all other mandalorian charachters including his father Jango are riding his original trilogy coattails and get most if not all of they're hype from Boba

    • Conner Hoyt
      Conner Hoyt 9 months ago

      GrantKP yeah lol

    • GrantKP
      GrantKP 9 months ago

      yoda: "on theories such as these, speculation is all we have" (revenge of the sith)

    • Conner Hoyt
      Conner Hoyt 9 months ago

      GrantKP and there is the whole house thing so it could be that he is a mandalorian but because he dosemt have a house and is ultimately loyal to himslef only some other mandos might not consider him part of the culture but it would still be cool to see him go up against the new mando charachters because he did spark the entire story of mandalore in the first place

    • GrantKP
      GrantKP 9 months ago

      Conner Hoyt
      Technically yes, but not confirmed in new canon yet. They may change him to first mandalorian impersonators on screen ever, lol

    • Conner Hoyt
      Conner Hoyt 9 months ago

      GrantKP in the EU they were both Mandalores at one point and really mamdalorians wouldnt be nearly as popular if boba fett hadnt exsisted even if the new comtinuity dosent consider him a member of the culture he definately is the reason mandalorians are even in star wars so he was the first technically

  • Jessica Tracy
    Jessica Tracy 9 months ago

    Was Tristan supposed to be the older sibling?

  • Stephen The White
    Stephen The White 9 months ago

    When FoD has better voice acting than rebels.

  • jx592
    jx592 9 months ago

    Locations are very important to SW, especially culture. When you have an alien race thats been around for allegedly 1000s of years with no religions or tradition its hard to imagine it as a real race of people. Trandoshians come from a long line of hunters, Wookies are obviously some kind of wood worker, or honorable warriors are displayed. As many as there are i want more artifacts or "art" history in Star Wars

  • Quincy L. Edwards
    Quincy L. Edwards 9 months ago

    Daniel Logan as a live-action Tristan Wren!!!!!

  • Luis E Morales Falcon
    Luis E Morales Falcon 9 months ago

    Cool statue.

  • Legend_oflouis
    Legend_oflouis 9 months ago +3

    I actually really love these little shorts now! They jump around the whole series, from Prequel, clone wars to Rebels and OT plus a bit of sequels. Small stories that don’t matter much but add some more niche stuff back to canon!

  • Moth Monma Poppa Bobba Fett Mane III

    what do you know, another female being a boss. could they shove it down ur throat any harder?

  • DouglassRobert
    DouglassRobert 9 months ago

    "You were to young to come, but dar'buir brought me every year to see this statue." Why couldn't they use more mando'a in this episode? And what does "little brother" mean in mando'a?

  • Grand Admiral Thrawn
    Grand Admiral Thrawn 9 months ago +1

    Isn't he the first Mandalorian Jedi Fenn Rau was talking about?

  • Theo Heiland
    Theo Heiland 9 months ago +3

    Holy karabast! It’s Revan!!!!

  • Rain Dancing
    Rain Dancing 9 months ago


  • Organon
    Organon 9 months ago +4

    They just murdered those people for a statue.

    • pirate NMB
      pirate NMB 4 months ago

      eh, stormtroopers aren't that expensive

    • Seba González
      Seba González 9 months ago +1

      Well, they're mandalorians after all

    • GrantKP
      GrantKP 9 months ago +1


    • Aspiring Marauder
      Aspiring Marauder 9 months ago +1

      *Tyrannical oppressors
      *Cultural significant iconography of a Mand'alor

  • Wolfgod 64
    Wolfgod 64 9 months ago +1

    Interesting that Tarre is honored by the mandalorians despite being a jedi. I hope this means he bridged peace between Mandalore and the Jedi or something.


    ...Calling it, Tarre is Revan, or at least a new version of Revan.

  • Sabine Wren
    Sabine Wren 9 months ago

    Lek. I'm older. I'm short.

  • Nazrin Humphrey
    Nazrin Humphrey 9 months ago

    Solo a Star Wars story

  • Kevin Norwood
    Kevin Norwood 9 months ago +1

    I think they made the Dark Saber's blade longer than it's supposed to be in this episode.

  • LordCommander 3575
    LordCommander 3575 9 months ago +1

    Glad we're seeing a bit more of Tarre Vizsla. Oi, I can't stand that we still don't know that much about him. It would be really interesting to hear his story. The Jedi and the Mandalorians have had their differences and their conflicts throughout history, but they do have a considerable amount in common. Their desire for self improvement, their feelings of tradition and brotherhood, and their codes of honor. I bet that in the old republic era, Tarre Vizsla served as a bridge between the two cultures.

    • GrantKP
      GrantKP 9 months ago

      Mandalorian: warlord government
      Jedi: Republic / Democracy

  • michelle Gonzalez
    michelle Gonzalez 9 months ago

    Kristian 1:17 esto me gano por tener una hermana rebelde,pero la sigues queriendo en las buenas y en las malas

  • Elodie Cunningham
    Elodie Cunningham 9 months ago

    These are really finding their groove, hope they keep coming

  • Itsjoeyourbro
    Itsjoeyourbro 9 months ago +1

    Give us more episodes like this please!

  • Tristan Wilder
    Tristan Wilder 9 months ago

    So, Tristan is now a Mandalorian name? sweet

  • Asap Animation
    Asap Animation 9 months ago +3

    Tristan’s helmet design tho 👌

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi 9 months ago +165

    I don't like Vizslas. They are course and rough and irritating and they get everywhere.

  • Revan498
    Revan498 9 months ago +1

    Wouldn't it have been awesome if it turnout the statue was of Revan?

  • TheIchKing
    TheIchKing 9 months ago

    Turning a statue into a watchtower... But why

  • Aunt Vesuvi
    Aunt Vesuvi 9 months ago


  • Audial Architect
    Audial Architect 9 months ago +1

    We finally get a better look at Tarre Vizsla, that's awesome!

  • RetroRoboDog
    RetroRoboDog 9 months ago


  • Tim Osokin
    Tim Osokin 9 months ago

    0.48 she said it like they were facing the sith or somebody very powerful

  • James Ellison
    James Ellison 9 months ago +9

    "Did you just apologize to a statue?" XD

  • Bat Spam101
    Bat Spam101 9 months ago +1

    When does this take place?

  • mason man production coffey 2222

    Sabine is awsome

  • Sub Scorpion#9
    Sub Scorpion#9 9 months ago

    even statues have a history especially those that been around for so long or even took years to finish like the statue of liberty

  • Christian Yttrie
    Christian Yttrie 9 months ago +2

    Darth maul is a better mandalorin leader then sabean.

    • pirate NMB
      pirate NMB 4 months ago

      She never ruled it she just had the Darksaber , that's all. I mean sure her mother is a Dutchess, but of Clan Wren not Mandolor

    • Christian Yttrie
      Christian Yttrie 9 months ago +1

      The reason why I side I perferd Darth Maul leading the mandalorins is because I perfer the mandalorins on the villen side then the light side.

    • Aspiring Marauder
      Aspiring Marauder 9 months ago

      Good thing Sabine is with the Rebellion, and former terrorist/pirate Bo-Katan Kryze is Mand'alor at current.

  • Yuri Gagarin
    Yuri Gagarin 9 months ago +2

    I love how the bombs didn't destroy the statue as well.

  • Isaac Uribe
    Isaac Uribe 9 months ago

    Is the black sword that Sabine used a lightsaber? Because I don't watch star wars rebels

    • Aspiring Marauder
      Aspiring Marauder 8 months ago

      Well, it was maintained the whole time by House Vizsla. It's a clan artefact, a museum piece, until it was used in 'battle' by Pre Vizsla. Parts were likely replaced as they were needed to keep it mint, and upgrades were made when it was actually going to be used, just as they do with inherited beskar plate.

    • GrantKP
      GrantKP 8 months ago

      Aspiring Marauder
      No I mean the other components, for example we don't use a reactor that's 100+ years old lololol

    • Aspiring Marauder
      Aspiring Marauder 8 months ago

      Hive-mind kyber crystals. They last for millenia.

    • GrantKP
      GrantKP 9 months ago

      How does a centuries old plasma weapon still work with no problems? Just curious.

    • Aspiring Marauder
      Aspiring Marauder 9 months ago

      It was introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
      The 'Darksaber' is an ancestral kyber-crystal weapon (so yes, a lightsaber) of the mandalorian house Vizsla, built by the first force-sensitive mandalorian to join the Jedi Order, Tarre Vizsla.
      Shortly before/after the conflict that shattered traditional Mando'an culture, Clan Vizsla warriors raided the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and stole the archived saber, as per the Resol'nare. It remained with House Vizsla, even as the clans descended into base piracy and were exiled, eventually falling into the hands of Death Watch commander Pre Vizsla and his lover/second-in-command Bo-Katan.
      There's a long history, but to make it short, a returned Darth Maul took possession of it, and leadership of Death Watch by killing Pre in a duel. When they were routed by the Republic and Confederacy, Maul took it with him into hiding, where it was found by Sabine Wren, who returned it too Mandalore, and eventually crowned a matured and mellowed Bo-Katan Kryze as Mand'alor to lead the people against the Empire and restore true mando'an culture.

  • Piers Spicer
    Piers Spicer 9 months ago

    What a lovely slideshow

  • Yayo' Ariowibowo
    Yayo' Ariowibowo 9 months ago +1

    1:36 did i hear a nod to vode an?

    • Aspiring Marauder
      Aspiring Marauder 9 months ago

      Just a teeny little bit of a bridge, but I heard it too!

  • Joe Nesvick
    Joe Nesvick 9 months ago +3

    Sabine, yay

  • Niamh Mclarnon
    Niamh Mclarnon 9 months ago

    Is this all the star wars we are gonna get now?

    • Niamh Mclarnon
      Niamh Mclarnon 9 months ago

      John Humphlett and what I mean by all thee star wars Im just trying to find out whether or not this is the only ghost crew stuff we are gonna get this year? Or is there a new season of star wars rebels?
      There's no problem just curious, but I could've explained it better and said star wars rebels

    • Niamh Mclarnon
      Niamh Mclarnon 9 months ago

      John Humphlett nothing, I never did there was a problem

    • J H
      J H 9 months ago +1

      Niamh Mclarnon define "All the Star Wars"?
      We just had TLJ. SOLO is out this month. RESISTANCE the new animated series hits Disney X D this Autumn. Episode IX probable next year or 2020...
      So what's the problem?

  • Drew Harding
    Drew Harding 9 months ago +2

    Good sibling relationship in every way.

  • Luke Starkiller
    Luke Starkiller 9 months ago +2

    I love seeing anything new about the dark saber and Tarre Visla. Now we kind of know a little bit more of what he looked like.

  • Kate Wallace
    Kate Wallace 9 months ago +1

    For Mandalore

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight 9 months ago +3

    Ezrasabine most happen. 😣

  • Сергей Смирнов

    Perhaps it is deleted scene of first episodes of the Season 4 Star Wars Rebels

  • Verebazs
    Verebazs 9 months ago +41

    This is actually rather smart. That military outpost isn't just defacing a monument. It symbolicly sends the message: "Your warrior culture serves Us, or Our military might will crush it!"

    • Jack Theflash
      Jack Theflash 4 months ago

      Verebazs and it failed for them :D

    • Seba González
      Seba González 6 months ago

      Verebazs of course, it's very important for the mandalorian peopoe. Sabine got the message, and she responded

    • Verebazs
      Verebazs 9 months ago +2

      Obviously it serves as a look-out, but like I said, it also sends a symbolic message, which is far more important.

    • Silverknight171
      Silverknight171 9 months ago

      What purpose does it really serve. It seems like a waste of money.

  • LEPrecon
    LEPrecon 9 months ago +43

    How fitting to use Tarre Vizsla's own weapon to cleanse his memorial.

    • Jack Theflash
      Jack Theflash 4 months ago

      Spudtron98 it truly is

    • DarthSylar12
      DarthSylar12 9 months ago +2

      Spudtron98 how ironic. He could that he was a part of an order of peace, but war defaces his memory... #r/prequelmemes

  • Rohan Thomas
    Rohan Thomas 9 months ago

    I got a better idea of there sibling relalshonship in this short than in rebals

  • Yacorp
    Yacorp 9 months ago +3

    The Argonath

  • Cameron Pearce
    Cameron Pearce 9 months ago +2

    Animations getting better, I wonder if Forces of Destiny was the testing ground for Star Wars: Resistance?

    • J
      J 9 months ago

      GhostBot? Huh, well that just means they have more than few styles of animation.

    • Cameron Pearce
      Cameron Pearce 9 months ago +1

      Same people who did the Mortis paintings apparently

    • J
      J 9 months ago

      Maybe, maybe not. Depends on who will animate it.

  • Jyn Erso
    Jyn Erso 9 months ago +10

    I only meet Sabine Wren once and gave her the package she lost. She convinced me to help the Rebels and do the right thing.

    • pirate NMB
      pirate NMB 4 months ago

      Yeah, I saw the episode.... wait! Didn't you die in the end of Rouge One?

    • Sabine Wren
      Sabine Wren 9 months ago +2

      Yeah, it helped a lot. Thanks again.

  • George Suarez
    George Suarez 9 months ago +6

    For Mandalore!!! It's great seeing Sabine Wren again, her and her brother make a good team. George

    • George Suarez
      George Suarez 9 months ago +1

      Silverknight171 they are Mandalorians, both Sabine and Tristan were born on Mandalore. What are you talking about?

    • Silverknight171
      Silverknight171 9 months ago

      George Suarez they are not mandalorins

  • Angela Sealana
    Angela Sealana 9 months ago +1

    Family Matters ♥️

  • Figrin Dan
    Figrin Dan 9 months ago +3

    Another awesome episode. This series is getting so much better. How old is her brother if she can remember this place but he was just a baby?

    • pirate NMB
      pirate NMB 4 months ago

      Well, if I'm doing the math correctly she'd be around 4 and he would have to be around 1....... I think

    • Commander Shepard
      Commander Shepard 9 months ago


  • wolfguy23
    wolfguy23 9 months ago +57

    "I liked you better when you were off in space."
    LOL XD

  • Revanknight *jedi17
    Revanknight *jedi17 9 months ago


  • Ethan Saucier
    Ethan Saucier 9 months ago +1

    I don't really get why Tristan wouldn't understand the importance of the statue.

    • pirate NMB
      pirate NMB 4 months ago

      'Cause he can be a bit ......... I dunno..... I forgot what I was going to say

    • Commander Shepard
      Commander Shepard 9 months ago

      statues shouldn't be worshiped. burn them all down.

    • J
      J 9 months ago

      Because to him Tar Vizla is history of the past long gone. And it's a statue, like, pfft, yeah a statue is ultimate sign of respect but it's not worth dying for.

  • Michael Vasquez
    Michael Vasquez 9 months ago +1

    Pink Hair Sabine >>>> Blue Hair Sabine

    • pirate NMB
      pirate NMB 4 months ago

      +Garret Tously my sister keeps calling it pink, but yes, it's light purple

    • Garret Tously
      Garret Tously 9 months ago

      its actually light purple

  • Rich 88
    Rich 88 9 months ago +1

    2:27 For Mandalore..... For Mandalore.

  • Tahj Vader
    Tahj Vader 9 months ago +28

    This short takes place between Legacy of Mandalore and Zero Hour

    • Tahj Vader
      Tahj Vader 9 months ago +1

      TheComposerNamedStephen in that way, yes. Sorry.

    • TheComposerNamedStephen
      TheComposerNamedStephen 9 months ago +2

      Tahj Vader
      And those episode take place between The Lawless and Episode 4, factually I'm not wrong here; in the Star Wars Timeline, The Lawless takes place long before this short and Episode 4 takes place long after this short, therefore I'm correct in saying this short happens between The Lawless and Episode 4 😂😂

    • Tahj Vader
      Tahj Vader 9 months ago

      Yayo' Ariowibowo I looked it up on the Star Wars Wiki

    • Tahj Vader
      Tahj Vader 9 months ago

      TheComposerNamedStephen I'm sorry, but you're wrong. On the Star Wars Wiki, this takes place between Legacy of Mandalore and Zero Hour.

    • TheComposerNamedStephen
      TheComposerNamedStephen 9 months ago +3

      This short takes place between The Lawless and Episode 4

  • Sunrise Alex
    Sunrise Alex 9 months ago +1

    Nice statue :)

    • Tahj Vader
      Tahj Vader 9 months ago

      Alex M the statue has same the green color as the Statue of Liberty

  • Erica Stones
    Erica Stones 9 months ago +111

    I thought Sabine's brother was older than her. Guess I was wrong or missed in the Star Wars Rebels episode. Learn something new everyday. I like how Sabine holds up her people's honor? With keeping the Mandalorain history alive and protecting a symbol of peace.

    • Niamh Mclarnon
      Niamh Mclarnon Month ago

      +Darth Bombad Ikr?!!

    • gibbs615
      gibbs615 Month ago

      That's what I always thought too the first time about her brother that HE was older than her.

    • pirate NMB
      pirate NMB 4 months ago

      Yeah, I always thought that he was older than her to

    • Jack Theflash
      Jack Theflash 4 months ago

      Darth Bombad yeah I never heard about it either till I read her biography a few weeks ago

    • Darth Bombad
      Darth Bombad 4 months ago

      Really?, huh! i never heard about that.

  • Sonn sobek
    Sonn sobek 9 months ago


  • Daniel Hales
    Daniel Hales 9 months ago +1

    Wow didn't know Sabine was older than Tristan, but still glad to see a good look and actual spelling of Tarre Vizsla

  • Mz. Fandom
    Mz. Fandom 9 months ago

    Like this comment if always thought Tristan was the older sibling

  • InGen_Nate_Kenny
    InGen_Nate_Kenny 9 months ago +4

    More Mandalore please. This was good.

  • Sapphirewingthefurrycritic

    Tristan is the younger sibling? Wait, does this mean that Tristan and Ezra are roughly the same age. Jeez, why kind of milk do they drink on Mandalore

  • MinionFan1024
    MinionFan1024 9 months ago


  • Avery Lopez-Baines
    Avery Lopez-Baines 9 months ago +6

    I really like Sabine!

  • KalKenobi83
    KalKenobi83 9 months ago +2

    Love Sabine #ForMandalore

  • Jedi Talez
    Jedi Talez 9 months ago +7


  • Annabeth Lovegd
    Annabeth Lovegd 9 months ago +5

    I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! It's so great to see more of Tristan, I love the Wren kids so much 😭 This is such a good short!!