• Published on Aug 22, 2019
  • FIFA 19 Ultimate Team
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Comments • 181

  • Lil Pablomelon
    Lil Pablomelon 6 days ago

    My n***a you cannot do that

  • JBennett9571
    JBennett9571 14 days ago

    Scummy way to play the game.

  • Lawrence Baker
    Lawrence Baker 15 days ago

    This is why I'm not getting fifa 20 😂

  • Sergio Agüero
    Sergio Agüero 20 days ago +1

    17:25 how are you enjoying the game?

  • Arsha MichaelS TV
    Arsha MichaelS TV 25 days ago

    Nep > Skillz

  • Sbeas Giraldo
    Sbeas Giraldo 26 days ago

    you can win games without doing fucking tornadoes just play the game in a fun way i do it all the time but i always come up against people doing this stuff😭grow a pair and play the game god damn

  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams 29 days ago

    14:19 if you know you know

  • Hala Madrid
    Hala Madrid 29 days ago

    I played the fifa 20 beta and it’s worse than this unfortunately...

  • Israel Angelo
    Israel Angelo 29 days ago

    The way you play is dirty and disgusting, sad

  • Marcos Reyes
    Marcos Reyes 29 days ago

    You need a striker... when you have 98 Ronaldo.... Ok

  • Convoy 99
    Convoy 99 29 days ago +3

    Nepenthez has been abusing the game mechanics since fifa 02 lads he ain’t changing

  • Marko Molnar
    Marko Molnar Month ago

    I love this series! Keep up!❤

  • Are Grande
    Are Grande Month ago

    Where was the unreal part?

  • Celebrity Instagram lives

    Love the toxic gameplay 😂 so many triggerd plebs

  • Edi Van Kenobi
    Edi Van Kenobi Month ago +1

    I don’t understand rage quitters! Why the hell would you start game and as soon as you start you quit?!? That’s bolloks

  • rpepe
    rpepe Month ago +1

    Jesus christ if you dont like the gameplay just dont watch it, stop crying just cus you prefer to abuse tiki taka and fucking first-timed shots rather than crosses. Fifa 19 is a game where the biggest game mechanic abuser wins, simple as that. EVERYBODY abuses mechanics, because who would disadvantage themselves just to play better ‘looking’ football. Honestly, if you have complaints that are this unjustified just cus its what you think, fuck off.

  • Ronan Mack
    Ronan Mack Month ago

    "game mechanics", just play FIFA the way it's meant to be played.

  • Connor R
    Connor R Month ago +24

    People were rage quitting because its almost September and they're coming up against someone who's doing tornado crosses and playing sweaty af. They probably just wanted a chill game🤷‍♂️

  • Dylan | xDyl V
    Dylan | xDyl V Month ago +1

    Always enjoy watching your vids Nep, but you should really try to mess around and just score the coolest goals you could, since it's the end of fifa, no one really cares too much about the winning and the rewards and everyone is sick of drafts. I think it would be great to see some gameplay like that or like pro clubs with some other youtubers like Castro, AA9, Bateson, etc.

  • MrBulletBulletBullet

    Should combine this with the draft challenges, would like to see some gameplay/shitty rewards to go along with them

  • Ramon Tribulietx
    Ramon Tribulietx Month ago

    Its mid-August, draft rewards are shit and not worth playing for, yet you still abuse bullshit and play on drop back and all that shit. Why...

  • raunak gupta
    raunak gupta Month ago +2

    Buddy y r u so proud of ur gameplay

  • Miguel Escobar
    Miguel Escobar Month ago +6

    This sums up FIFA 19: absue of mechanics, broken dribbling aka la croqueta, disgusting defense, rage quit from people who might have just wanted to play actual football for fun. Very low of you, Nep. Especially when celebrating those goals like wtf...

  • lilcarcrash__
    lilcarcrash__ Month ago +12

    This is sad still doing tornadoes in August🤦🏽‍♂️

  • dre k
    dre k Month ago

    My nigga you cannot do that. Like that’s not ok

  • 123 four
    123 four Month ago

    Epic team, I would have swapped moore with fabinho in game tho...

  • Arsenal 1207
    Arsenal 1207 Month ago +9

    Constantly doing Tornado crosses. Pathetic, should be playing better. Dislike from me.

  • Malcolm Olsson
    Malcolm Olsson Month ago

    its the end of fifa and you still choose to try hard and abuse those tornado crosses. The game is shit because idiots like you ruin it

  • Esteban Ruiz
    Esteban Ruiz Month ago

    I don’t think many are excited for fifa 20

  • Rebuyings
    Rebuyings Month ago +3

    Dang this dude’s trash, he just abuses broken mechanics lol...

    • Keith Coen
      Keith Coen 29 days ago +2

      nwb I don’t know how to do el tornado and I still win drafts easy enough by going through the middle with through balls and one two’s. This gameplay is cancer

    • nwb
      nwb Month ago

      Rebuyings and? That’s the only way too win in this bad gameplay

  • Default 1
    Default 1 Month ago +2

    Imagine less than 30 days to FIFA 20 and you’re still spamming el tornado you pathetic short little man

    • nwb
      nwb Month ago

      Default 1 cringe

    • Default 1
      Default 1 Month ago

      nwb Imagine replying to someone replying to someone winning a game of fifa

    • nwb
      nwb Month ago +1

      Default 1 imagine commenting on someone winning a game of fifa

  • Ayodeji Awokoya
    Ayodeji Awokoya Month ago +2

    I'm probably better than you at FIFA

  • Outman Wawa Dahab
    Outman Wawa Dahab Month ago +25

    do you genuinely have fun scoring bs goals like that

  • Eshan Chundrigar
    Eshan Chundrigar Month ago +1

    You cannot do that my nigga

    • nwb
      nwb Month ago

      Eshan Chundrigar racist

  • Tswarelo Mpheti
    Tswarelo Mpheti Month ago

    Love your content brother.

  • Noni Nuggs
    Noni Nuggs Month ago +1

    What are your thoughts on a pro tournament where teams are decided based on drafts and change the further they progress.

  • Ben Cleners
    Ben Cleners Month ago +9

    You literally played 35 mins of in game time in the first 3 games together... like what the heck???

  • Alex The god110
    Alex The god110 Month ago +4

    i hate the way you play

  • Ug Loran
    Ug Loran Month ago +1

    Your gameplay is just terrible. Not only to watch but also because you're spreading this shit style of play. Gonna be honest if you're still going to abuse the mechanics and not providing something enjoyable to watch for fifa 20 this was the last year I was watching your videos

    • nwb
      nwb Month ago

      Ug Loran ok good no one wants you here

  • Fletch ____
    Fletch ____ Month ago

    U draft like a NEEK‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • Gijs
    Gijs Month ago +1

    Draft challenge idea: Cut the fucking tornado crosses, its just as boring and dead as this game

    • nwb
      nwb Month ago

      Like you’re comments

  • Jordan Brindley
    Jordan Brindley Month ago

    Maybe Fifa 20 you'll be forced to play football, you don't see any of these crosses in real life? No tornado bullshit. Boring

    • nwb
      nwb Month ago

      Jordan Brindley like you then

  • Josh Maillard
    Josh Maillard Month ago

    When u talk about what squad you will play with and who you will sub on when you've still got like 12 picks left. STOP. Please and thankyou.

  • E_M_E_T
    E_M_E_T Month ago

    imagine doing el tornado crosses at the end of august in the first round of the fucking draft

  • Bao Nguyen
    Bao Nguyen Month ago +1

    That's some bs wins 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Omer Rasheed
    Omer Rasheed Month ago

    Bro your vids are amazing

  • Tricker- M
    Tricker- M Month ago +70

    Just completely abuse the game mechanics...

    • Mb19988
      Mb19988 Month ago

      Tricker- M like everyone did

  • Liam Mills
    Liam Mills Month ago +1

    People moaning about nepenthez and the way he plays are contradictory.
    We, as gamers, will always try to find that little advantage over our opponent and it will always be there. People seem to think ea can control the meta when they can't, whilst forgetting that's competitive gameplay. If you don't like it don't play it.
    It's the same with fortnite. People say get rid of the drum gun because of it being an advantage to players who use it properly. Then after a few weeks they ask for it back as they no longer can use the advantage it gives themselves.

  • Warren Tamarree
    Warren Tamarree Month ago

    This horse is long dead

  • Mary Huffs
    Mary Huffs Month ago +18

    Toxic gameplay and people wonder why the game dies quick 😂 shite gameplay

  • Navid Masumi
    Navid Masumi Month ago

    dude how come you are in koln but your videos still in your place? LOL

    • Scott Armstrong
      Scott Armstrong Month ago +1

      He keeps going home everyday to record and upload, then goes back afterwards

    • Alex b456
      Alex b456 Month ago

      Nep has prerecorded videos to upload whilst he is in Germany

  • M Ceters
    M Ceters Month ago +3

    You must get bored of so many rage quits Nep lol, top content as usual bro

  • Daniel Zachary
    Daniel Zachary Month ago +1

    What camera angle do u play on and also love ur vids man!!

  • rami ijel
    rami ijel Month ago +3

    I like how people are telling him how he should play the game, its his game you can't tell him what to do he can play in whatever way he wants doesn't have to be fun for you but its fun for him

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones Month ago


  • Aiden Christenson
    Aiden Christenson Month ago

    To everyone complaining about his play style: who cares. It’s August 22 and most importantly it’s a video game. If you’re so worried about how he’s gonna play on FIFA 20 maybe you should start collecting tips and game clips for him so he can play exactly how you like

  • Ryan Swan
    Ryan Swan Month ago

    Loving the live gameplay Nep :)

  • Andrej Marinkovic
    Andrej Marinkovic Month ago +16

    do a draft that u only picks the first card that pops

  • Laurenz Du
    Laurenz Du Month ago +9

    so much in packs for weeks, Nep goes and drafts without playing.
    Nothing in packs, Nep goes and plays Draft to Glory lol

  • BFMert
    BFMert Month ago

    That is actually a dream attack. Havertz is my favourite player