50 Cent Speaks on Eminem, 6ix9ine, Drake, XXXtentacion and More with DJ Whoo Kid

  • Published on Jul 5, 2018
  • 50 Cent has DJ Whoo Kid stop by his G-Unit offices in NYC to celebrate the launch of Season 5 of "Power". 50 speaks on everything and anything and definitely doesn't hold back during this interview. He touches on what his relationship with Dr. Dre is currently like, Jay Z methodically messing up Nas' album release quietly, and even gave his two cents on the Pusha T/Drake beef, he says if Pusha went at a regular rapper it wouldn't have had the same effect. What made the line about the child so impactful was because people are interested in Drake.
    He also speaks on why artists like 6ix9ine and Chief Keef look up to him, and also says when the only time he'll get a face tattoo would be. When speaking on XXXtentacion, 50 believes that if the same public support was there when he was alive as it was when he had passed XXX would've been a superstar. And Spotify profiting off of his death, when pulling his music off of the playlists when he was alive is crazy to him.
    The interview closes out with 50 talking about Eminem, and whether or not we could expect a joint project between the two. Just don't expect it to be just only 7 songs.
    Tune into DJ Whoo Kid's "The Whoolywood Shuffle" each and every Saturday from 12p-6p EST and Sunday's from 10a-4p EST exclusively on Eminem's Shade 45 (Sirius XM). POW!
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  • Tracey Crain
    Tracey Crain 8 minutes ago

    50 Cent knows what's up. Always has, always will. He and Em will always be tight.

  • Oriana Niuhulu-Green
    Oriana Niuhulu-Green 3 hours ago

    I want to hear relapse part 2 please Em

  • Oriana Niuhulu-Green
    Oriana Niuhulu-Green 3 hours ago

    I love their friendship. Em and 50. I want that friend that is loyal to me always

  • John Ponte
    John Ponte 13 hours ago

    Too funny too real

  • Matthew butler
    Matthew butler 21 hour ago

    Billy goat swag

  • DPC
    DPC Day ago +3

    16:00 "You got to shoot the person who sent the shooter" Now we know why Em took shots at Diddy. MGK, Joe budden and charlamagne are on Diddy's payroll.

  • Craggle Leighton

    50 is cool as fuk.

  • marco pelayo
    marco pelayo Day ago

    that new MGK album is trash...listened to it, or at least tried to. I would love to hear 50's thoughts on the album, 9 songs, average of 2min a song. Rap devil is actually my fav on the album, I thought it wasn't half bad

  • David Mitchell
    David Mitchell Day ago

    Dj who kid is a weird ass muh fucka

  • Juan Masday
    Juan Masday 2 days ago

    50 and Eminem forever!!!!!

  • Spliffword Medicalz
    Spliffword Medicalz 2 days ago

    This interview looks fabricated as shit.

  • Frank
    Frank 2 days ago

    fucking 50... So real! Always stay real Curtis! You are a tha last OG!

  • Over Dweet Tv
    Over Dweet Tv 3 days ago

    Very educative interview

  • paved w good intentions progress not perfection

    Okay off subject and I know that might be you know after this but like I said 41 year old white dude okay but I'm trying to look up on TheXvid that song that was like was about like Halloween or maybe like a nightmare on my street but there was like one of the rappers or members of the band was a midget or a small person whatever can somebody hit me up with a link to that song thank you

  • Agustin Vazquez
    Agustin Vazquez 3 days ago

    50 walkin around with that whack ass alert tone tho

  • haval 7
    haval 7 3 days ago

    Respect for 50

  • Antonio Aviles
    Antonio Aviles 3 days ago

    50 Cent's Persona will outweigh his music...

  • casca middlxmiss
    casca middlxmiss 3 days ago

    My law lecturer said all she listened to to study and prep for her bar exam was 50. Idk why but I live that story.

  • Joshua Spahr
    Joshua Spahr 4 days ago

    Thats why Em just went after puffy daddys gay ass. Cut off the head of the queen not the pawns.

  • JDottDees Tv
    JDottDees Tv 4 days ago

    *Full interview please* I'll sub for that shit

  • JDottDees Tv
    JDottDees Tv 4 days ago

    WHOOOO KIIIIID, God damn gotta show the love for 50!

  • Mandii Loo
    Mandii Loo 4 days ago

    Theres a whole relapse 2 ill nvr see๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • Kris Jackson
    Kris Jackson 4 days ago

    50 cent is a master mind! That nigga study the laws of 48th power and wrote his own the 50th laws... He's knows how to manipulate people and his his surroundings. the boi smart!๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  • TripTrap
    TripTrap 4 days ago

    50 always comes off as being able to go from speaking softly to breaking you in half before you realize what's happening.

  • Josh Clink
    Josh Clink 4 days ago

    50 cent is a dude I wish was my friend. He just seems like one of those dudes who you would WANT to hang with, because he funny, dope and down to earth. Just don't fuck with him. He real you know? Eff the money and the fame he just seems dope. Mad respect.

  • Bri an
    Bri an 4 days ago

    Dope ass interview ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • Fetherston Leelee
    Fetherston Leelee 5 days ago

    But i can't figure out which spice girl i wanna impregnate !!!

  • Mohamad Nizamhadi
    Mohamad Nizamhadi 5 days ago

    8:12 is the best moment :)

  • chip sy
    chip sy 5 days ago

    Das sind Figuren fรผr Dr.Dre

  • rudy issa
    rudy issa 6 days ago

    I like 50 cause he thinks so differently then other rappers. Super smart and always fucking honest. I feel like when Em dies, he gonna have music coming out for a decade after just like Pac.

  • Victor Chavez
    Victor Chavez 6 days ago

    Ya whoever shot this video and edited it needs to die!!

  • Sirio Adler
    Sirio Adler 7 days ago

    Did 50 just say that Em has an unreleased Relapse 2 album....wtf...

  • Dogan Kaplan
    Dogan Kaplan 7 days ago

    I hope his next Album will be so succesful like get Rich or die tryn oder the massacre. I just hope it

  • Tharindu Nirmal
    Tharindu Nirmal 7 days ago +1

    I love Eminem and 50's friendship.

  • andrewchen425
    andrewchen425 7 days ago

    Yoooo had me cracking up at the nas comments at 5:00 lolllllll. Heโ€™s being real

  • Big Red
    Big Red 7 days ago

    Someone tell 50 to get Eminem to release the unreleased collaborations that are sitting on his computer

  • The Last Burrito
    The Last Burrito 8 days ago

    Den of thieves is such a good movie .

  • its me
    its me 8 days ago

    50 u a legend bro

  • Aylah Moon
    Aylah Moon 8 days ago

    This camera guy tho ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ

    • Aylah Moon
      Aylah Moon 4 days ago

      +Yanick Paiva fair enough

    • Yanick Paiva
      Yanick Paiva 5 days ago +1

      Aylah Moon it looks better like that

  • chris smith
    chris smith 8 days ago

    So to shoot the sender. Eminem got to get buthead.

  • Warren Beres
    Warren Beres 9 days ago

    What about the beef between 25 cent & Quarter ? There can only be one!

  • Aaron Dise
    Aaron Dise 9 days ago

    50 is awesome, exceptional artist, exceptional actor, very much a fan of all his work. Poetic Justice would be Floyd getting knocked the hell out in the ring but that won't ever happen, I give him props for being one of the best fighters ever but outside of that I couldn't stand to hang with him for 5 minutes.

  • Bill Holmberg
    Bill Holmberg 9 days ago

    Fucking interviewer having to hold the white man down when heโ€™s the best in business today.....ridiculous comments, and 50 even realizes it, and he changes the subject. 50 is the interviewee of this lifetime...๐Ÿ˜‚ he knows how to keep shit on topic.

  • Kim Hoglund
    Kim Hoglund 9 days ago

    whoo kid really needs to leave coke alone tho

  • Dusan Dragicevic
    Dusan Dragicevic 10 days ago

    bruv do you really have someone holding the cam in 2018 :"D

  • smiles_ tell _lies
    smiles_ tell _lies 10 days ago

    real loyalty.

  • King Jay
    King Jay 10 days ago

    Whoo kid looks like that one gay uncle in every family ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Nico Shawty
    Nico Shawty 11 days ago

    uh uh my shyt coming out ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • intlj
    intlj 11 days ago

    Lollllll they edited out J Prince's reference.... That's respect and or fear.
    And then someone texted fifty and said yoooo, stop talking about J Prince son!!

  • Okeefe Vorabouthvongsa

    Lol the illuminati control who going be a hit or who going last why ceartian artis last cause this his life y'all playing with all good so any One cry about talking shit lmao stop being a bitch for real act like they got it bad get over it.

  • Okeefe Vorabouthvongsa

    Lol ever One change to what the mvp doing what sell business come on can't stay the same forever got to grow evolve adapt lol ride the wrong wave get you killed quick try again next year lmao

  • Mr. M Knight
    Mr. M Knight 12 days ago

    50 is waaaaaay smarter than people give him credit for...and Jay was FUCKED up doin Nas like that ๐Ÿ˜ thatโ€™s why you donโ€™t shake hands with the devil...Black Republican is STILL my shit tho ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ

  • David Brazell
    David Brazell 12 days ago


  • Tou Vwj
    Tou Vwj 12 days ago

    I love how much LOYALTY he has for Eminem. Eminem made 50 and 50 always always show love to Em! That's what you call a real homie

  • Willie Deval Parker
    Willie Deval Parker 12 days ago

    50cent is so funny ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Matthew Shorting
    Matthew Shorting 12 days ago

    this interview editing cut out when 50 cent talk about 6ix 9ine

  • David Smith
    David Smith 12 days ago

    50 wild af he truly studies the game

  • Sky Love
    Sky Love 13 days ago +1

    50 ain't lying about the hype. 2007-2005 nothing was poppin on radio. Only underground if you had the ears then. 50 changes the airwaves with his imprint everytime. Amusement park on repeat is trip. Stay blessed 50 I had homie that look up too in 2008-1989 before 2008 them mixtapes. Vs 2009-201?
    R.I.p. Mac easy

  • cDayz
    cDayz 13 days ago

    What's 50 on about can only get 19 songs on an album, he's forgotten the 22 track album The Chronic 2001 by
    Dr. Dre. To me it's you can't call an album an album unless there's a minimum of 10 tracks with each song lasting 4mins or more.
    I bought 50s first album but couldn't get into the rest of it, so I didn't buy anymore of his albums. I think the beefing helps competition wise, but we all know how dangerous it is to do. 50 still sounds like
    Michael Jackson. Haha
    There's no denying 50s funny.

  • Aaron Shoemaker
    Aaron Shoemaker 13 days ago

    Eminem and 50 cent album would be fucking fantastic

  • Lakita Washington
    Lakita Washington 14 days ago

    I like what he said sometimes you create music that you got to listen to not party to two different situations well said

  • claude jones
    claude jones 15 days ago

    50 know his shit. he a good buisniess dude

  • Sassenfrath
    Sassenfrath 15 days ago

    We do love you now!! :)

  • Cesar Arroyo
    Cesar Arroyo 15 days ago

    6:03 50 had that drippppp from nose to throat ๐Ÿ˜ณ shooootttt a lineeee!๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ‘ƒ๐Ÿป

  • Alan Lloyd
    Alan Lloyd 15 days ago

    WERE BACK to a singles market. people do still buy albums, but the artists who actually sell lots of albums ... not that many

  • Alan Lloyd
    Alan Lloyd 15 days ago

    50 cent just now learning that the album is dead?? WOW

  • Mame Classic Quarters
    Mame Classic Quarters 15 days ago

    50 and Em two OG you never come at! Let the kings be and live your life cause if you come at the king you better know your history cause the outcome will not be good for you or your career!

  • Sean Flores
    Sean Flores 15 days ago

    50's a thinker. He thinking about 10 different things and it takes him awhile to spit it out.

  • Quest4Truth
    Quest4Truth 16 days ago

    Love these interviews

  • laie mitiakigi
    laie mitiakigi 16 days ago

    50 is cool and funny. Love power

  • Jordan Brett
    Jordan Brett 16 days ago

    50's got a point. Rap beef is needed to snap people back into reality. It's easy to believe in anyone that raps at you. You need some opposing forces to make your own decision.

  • Chasen Duke
    Chasen Duke 17 days ago +63

    Who ready for 50 to jump on the MGK diss!

    • Chasen Duke
      Chasen Duke 11 hours ago +1

      +rudy issa Joe Budden won't answer this man, Em got him shook. Yea Rap Devil was alright and just off saying that it makes sense that MGK didn't write it.

    • Chris G
      Chris G 11 hours ago +1

      Lol diddy will never respond musically, he would be destroyed.

    • Dario .M
      Dario .M 4 days ago +1

      50 should diss Diddy if Diddy responds to eminem

    • rudy issa
      rudy issa 6 days ago +2

      Man that shit over. Let MGK go away. Lets see if Budden gonna back his shit up. Lets get Royce and Joyner in this shit. Some real rappers. fuck I even hear that MGK used a ghost writer for some of his diss. Man thats horrible if true. And I like Rapdevil, shit was dope and needed.

  • Power Gear
    Power Gear 17 days ago

    50 needs to bring EM on POWER as Tommy's lil gangster brother!

  • Patrick Mendez
    Patrick Mendez 17 days ago

    thats one cool dude

  • DeathsPit00
    DeathsPit00 17 days ago

    Yall this is a fuckin interview. The shit don't need to be edited. Especially when you cuttin out the damn questions so we don't know wtf they talkin about.

    I now wanna hear Relapse Pt2.

  • cclevel45
    cclevel45 18 days ago

    50 cent is one of my favorite OG'S. ALWAYS THE REALEST.

  • Karras Spaven
    Karras Spaven 18 days ago

    Sort your ringtone 50 ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘

  • nick campfield
    nick campfield 18 days ago

    The reason they putting 7 songs albums out is because you only need 7 songs or 25 minutes on a album to win a grammy

  • Jeff Something
    Jeff Something 18 days ago +8

    7:30 people just dont appreciate music now cause every idiot in the neighborhood is a rapper.

  • Dylan Sandoval
    Dylan Sandoval 19 days ago

    50 cent loves to use the word CREATIVELY ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Mohammad Farahany
    Mohammad Farahany 19 days ago

    "He's like your white brother", what kinda shit is that? Why cant he just be a brother? Dear black brothers and sisters, please dont make the same mistake white people made by segregating based on color. Be better.

  • Carlos Ledesma
    Carlos Ledesma 19 days ago

    I dont know Dick about editing but that was terrible. Interviewer low key in love with 50.

  • Kerry Humphreys
    Kerry Humphreys 19 days ago

    Weres the full interview. Thats some funny shit.

  • Evan Cullen
    Evan Cullen 19 days ago

    worst video editing ever ruins the video

  • Raghav Saptarsh
    Raghav Saptarsh 19 days ago

    I love watching 50s interviews

  • Trae Johnson
    Trae Johnson 19 days ago

    This camera man is eating some Swiss rolls in my ear right now

  • William Luke
    William Luke 19 days ago

    I Genuinely like 50 Cent. Dude seems Funny-chill as fuck.

  • Kakashisan
    Kakashisan 20 days ago

    4:58 to 5:55 Someone explain to me what is going onn about who is he talking ? helpp

  • Kakashisan
    Kakashisan 20 days ago +1

    50 is funny asf love him

  • RaiderOutlaws
    RaiderOutlaws 20 days ago +1

    Much respect to 50.

  • Uriel
    Uriel 20 days ago

    Fuck now i wanna hear relapse 2

  • Amier A
    Amier A 20 days ago +2

    50 is the last of the OGโ€™s

  • TheKid95376
    TheKid95376 20 days ago

    Damn... Lmao 5:00

  • Joseph Cudini
    Joseph Cudini 20 days ago

    Is it me or is 50 getting bigger?

  • Tavoy Brown
    Tavoy Brown 20 days ago

    From x died i had no energy to listen to drake music...... drake knew x was gonna outshine him

  • Shane Ogden
    Shane Ogden 20 days ago

    50 6ix9ine is wack you know this!

  • Tracy Stephens
    Tracy Stephens 20 days ago

    EM is just sittin on relapse2!? He needs to SOAD that shit!

  • bmkproductions
    bmkproductions 21 day ago

    Idk why 50 is fucking with 69, heโ€™s garbage lol

  • Sclass Entertainment

    20minutes of who kid, ball biting 50