President Jimmy Carter Is Still Praying For Donald Trump

  • Published on Mar 31, 2018
  • The 39th President of the United States and 'Faith' author Jimmy Carter tells Stephen he prays for Donald Trump. Whether those prayers are being answered is another question.
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Comments • 3 665

  • ayokay123
    ayokay123 3 hours ago

    Can't believe that at his age, he's still sharp as a tack. Maybe God has indeed blessed him for all the good work he's done over the years. God, I wish he was in office now.

  • BelieveOnlyJesus
    BelieveOnlyJesus 5 hours ago

    Jimmy Carter's should pray for both himself and Stephen Colbert. Actually more for himself. He is a pathetic fool who fools himself, and is ignorant of Christ. He did NOT tell the truth. He would come to the White House early with his sweater early in the morning saying that he was doing the work of the people, but a Secret Service agent revealed he would promptly go to sleep on the couch. He was a LIAR. There is no such thing as "white lies". And Carter is a horrible liar!

  • The Gooch
    The Gooch 7 hours ago


  • CJ Ever
    CJ Ever 18 hours ago

    How horrible a president you become, is different from philantrophy post-office. I think.

  • phil maiyo
    phil maiyo 20 hours ago

    great man. and steve is always a class act

  • stamped5150
    stamped5150 23 hours ago

    He's going to heaven

  • Karen Baxter
    Karen Baxter 23 hours ago

    I might live on the other side of the world but when Carter or McCain die I inevitably will cry........Lovely human beings.

  • IWillTakeAGuranteeOfBetterOverAPromiseOfPerfect

    Lord have mercy on these people. This was going just fine. Why?

  • Thomas Thompson
    Thomas Thompson 2 days ago

    Anyone know who the congressman is?

    RENEHIKO 2 days ago

    I guess America really WAS great once, when this man was president.

  • Ms Temptation
    Ms Temptation 2 days ago

    I pray for tRump as well. I keep praying that he will stop being an asshole.
    Unfortunately my payers aren't being answered.

  • John MacTroll
    John MacTroll 2 days ago

    I like when his policy intellect gets a chance to kick in, after all the silly fluff questions, at 5:49. He's still freakin' sharp at 93. Awesome. And I saw his black limo drive by as a boy in the late '70s.

  • king pin 146
    king pin 146 2 days ago

    Jimmy carter is Immortal

  • Ted dibiasi
    Ted dibiasi 2 days ago

    the only president not to fall for the $$$ trap after his presidency!....unlike greedy obama and clinton, this guy spent his time building homes with his bare hands for people!

  • Tucker Gary
    Tucker Gary 2 days ago

    even jimmy 's prayrs can't keep trump burning in hell. i'm sure the devil will make space for him and his hypocritical minions.

  • Ellie MM
    Ellie MM 3 days ago

    President Carter. Another good man. Btw, this is the second time I'm thumbing up Colbert in a long time. Truly, this is nice for a change. Very educational.

  • Wendy Harvath
    Wendy Harvath 3 days ago

    Savored these words. Thank you Mr. Carter! I can't tell you how much you've inspired me!!!!!

  • Bill Al
    Bill Al 3 days ago

    He is adorable. What a great guy.

  • zarah doan
    zarah doan 3 days ago

    I love Jimmy Carter!

  • nasugbubatangas
    nasugbubatangas 3 days ago

    Faith, Hope, and Love are the THEOLOGICAL VIRTUES, not the Cardinal virtues.
    And anyone who knows these three will always that the greatest of these is love.

  • Chinmai Raman
    Chinmai Raman 3 days ago

    God bless President Carter

  • Yehudi Cohen
    Yehudi Cohen 3 days ago

    How dry must the well be for Colbert to drag this mummy out of the mothballs?

  • Ben Jamin
    Ben Jamin 3 days ago

    Oh hey look everyone an actual Good Christian

  • Karen Gossett
    Karen Gossett 3 days ago

    I would vote for him again 😆 💕

  • G Howard
    G Howard 3 days ago

    Jimmy was always an honest guy with a good heart. Not the sharpest knife in the kitchen.

  • cov fefe
    cov fefe 4 days ago

    Americas' greatest president

  • stan hootzz
    stan hootzz 4 days ago

    GOD bless jimmy n his family. GOD bless Stephen Colbert n company the Highest good in all their Endeavors. Amen

  • GT FORD 427
    GT FORD 427 4 days ago

    Its to late Jimmy baby the fat Blimp just did him in

  • G String
    G String 4 days ago

    Top Jimmy Rocks.

  • G String
    G String 4 days ago

    You should pray for us in the United States instead of his dumb ASS

  • ThE DuCk
    ThE DuCk 4 days ago

    Jimmy Carter is a great Statesman. When the world needed a cool head to moderate peace talks anywhere in the world, they called Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter is a true honest to God humanitarian.

  • charles stevens
    charles stevens 4 days ago +1

    A real Christian

  • Greg Duff
    Greg Duff 4 days ago +1

    A national treasure. and a remarkable human being.

  • Juantarde
    Juantarde 5 days ago +1

    Carter is the first POTUS that I remember as a kid. Peanut guy! He has transcended politics and set a very high bar for what it means to be a great person. Thanks, Jimmy.

  • Danny Knapp
    Danny Knapp 5 days ago

    Well, he's right, when we sanction the hell out of some place like Venezuela, it's never clear whether their problems are due to their government, ours, or both. It's like the opposite of helping those less fortunate. It's like, "Oh, you're less fortunate? Here, let us screw up your economy a little more!"

  • odeplugged
    odeplugged 5 days ago

    wow! he is very sharp and with a nice sense of humor, and he is 94!?

  • Cory Taft
    Cory Taft 5 days ago

    A truley great President! Dump the chump sleezing up the white house now.

  • Dave V
    Dave V 5 days ago

    Carter - what a great guy. Stephen should have let him speak more, however.

  • D Me
    D Me 5 days ago

    Fuck that, Jimmy. Pray for him to die, painfully, and soon. Take him out yourself. No one will lock you up. You'll be more popular than when you were prez. Do the country a solid.

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B 5 days ago

    To bad some one like Carter or Reagan wasn't running for office .....this Trump is a real moron .....i think ross Perot would have been good to....goddam we still have people supporting this lunatic Trump...insane

  • atohms
    atohms 5 days ago

    Dictatorship vs sanctions... bang on!

  • Charles Warren
    Charles Warren 5 days ago

    If Carter made it to 100, he'd never live down the disgrace of his presidency.

  • John M
    John M 5 days ago

    I LOVE Jimmy Carter..... I wish I could have somehow been connected to him at an early age.... if he had been my mentor, I would have grown up so much better and so much faster than the 40 some odd years it took me to open my eyes and SEE...... and begin to live a life I can be proud of......I also agree with him about being against harsh sanctions that only serve to hurt the people of nations where dictators are already making their lives so difficult.

  • Grumpy Oldfart
    Grumpy Oldfart 5 days ago

    More proof there is no god. Lots of people are praying for that and......well? Here's the problem. Lots of people prayed for Trump to be president, and lots prayed for him to not be president, lots more are praying he doesn't screw up (to late on that one). So does that mean god has answered the prayers of the supporters? They sure think it does. So why would anyone that is on the other side continue to pray. Might you change gods mind if you pray harder? The least anyone can do for something is pray for it. Save your prayers and get off your ass and really do something.

  • Donna Campbell
    Donna Campbell 5 days ago +1


  • Johnny Punish
    Johnny Punish 6 days ago


  • richard wilmot Ph.D
    richard wilmot Ph.D 6 days ago

    Hey Born again ah soul how did the Shah of Iran's cock taste in your mouth hole?

  • Henry Yuan
    Henry Yuan 6 days ago

    4 MORE YEARS!!!!!!!4 MORE YEARS!!!!!!!!

    LEO LEO 6 days ago

    Gotta love Jimmy Carter. :) He was a better ex president than he was president. I really admire the contributions he has made with the Carter Center.

  • Smiley Face
    Smiley Face 6 days ago

    What a class-act gentleman! I love his sense of humor, especially about praying for Trump and the ways God answers prayers! I, too, pray for Donald Trump, and for the leadership of our country! I believe that God always answers prayers, either by "yes," "no," or "later," when more light has been shown me regarding my prayer request, so that the reason for His answer will make more sense to me! I also believe that God put Trump in as president, in order to help fulfill prophecy and hasten Jesus' second coming! The Bible says that there will be wars and rumors of wars, and that the last days will be as they were in Sodom and Gomorrah's (Lot's) time as well as in the days of Noah! With the kind of leadership we currently have in Trump, he really needs our prayers! I shudder for him when he stands in the judgment day and the books are opened for all the world to see!

  • Opinunate ted
    Opinunate ted 6 days ago

    He is right about sanctions. If sanctions worked, Cuba would have collapsed a long time ago.

  • Pausen Think
    Pausen Think 6 days ago

    President Carter reminds me of Mr. Rogers. The joy suffusing his face is the joy of a lifetime of service.

  • Pausen Think
    Pausen Think 6 days ago

    I never realized he had such huge hands.

  • Pausen Think
    Pausen Think 6 days ago

    "I pray that he'll be a good president and he'll advance human rights..." So he's praying for a miracle.

  • Marisa Mary
    Marisa Mary 6 days ago

    Much respect for Jimmy Carter! I don’t care what happened while he was president (I wasn’t born) but he’s accomplished so much after his presidency, not even cancer could stop him.

  • Courtesyflush52
    Courtesyflush52 6 days ago

    Jimmy Carter always seemed like a guy who was in politics to help people. I don't agree with his political stance on many things but he's a good guy. I've seen very few politicians who don't have some ulterior motive

  • Charles Warren
    Charles Warren 6 days ago

    Clinton was the best president of Americans. Maybe Carter though but Hillary was cheated out of her seat for presidents. By the FBi, and by George Bush.

  • TheMaryam1891
    TheMaryam1891 6 days ago

    Since he only served 1 term, could he run again?

  • U.N. Owen
    U.N. Owen 6 days ago

    How's that prayer stuff working out Jimmy?....maybe a little less prayer and bit more opposition to Trump and his policies is called for.

  • Kyle Noe
    Kyle Noe 6 days ago

    He's one of those adorable ancient he waves when asked if he would run and the crowd cheered which made him feel embarrassed so he waved at them. lol

  • silversurfergw
    silversurfergw 7 days ago

    talk about holding on to faith .....

  • Hans Roger
    Hans Roger 7 days ago

    You cant pray for det devil incarnate, i appegize toThe devil for The low blow to The devil for hurtig your feelings compering you to Trump.

  • Mike Boyd
    Mike Boyd 7 days ago

    He must be an Angel? There is no man like him!

  • pedrosura
    pedrosura 7 days ago

    Why pray for Trump? I heard Jesus helped put him in office. Let's have Jesus kick him out. Go kick his ass Jesus.


    He's still Alive?

  • Reality Check
    Reality Check 7 days ago

    Greatest failure of a president. Colbert is another pathetic fool.

  • Francis Muiruri
    Francis Muiruri 7 days ago

    Jimmy Carter was too honest for politics.

  • Susan Raby-Dunne
    Susan Raby-Dunne 7 days ago

    He's adorable. Quite a contrast between Jimmy and the lack of spirituality and meanness of the POTUS.

  • Kris Michaels
    Kris Michaels 7 days ago

    Oh look Steven...he gave an answer with civility and humility...and you tried to steer him back to negative and divisiveness. Fascinating

  • Greg Geiger
    Greg Geiger 7 days ago

    It's nice President Jimmy Carter is still here.

  • Thomas Paine
    Thomas Paine 7 days ago +2

    God bless President Carter !!! One of the most moral men of recent years !!! Jimmy should have served 4 terms like FDR !
    I am proud to say I voted for this fine man every time possible !!!
    Reagan, as a private citizen, subverted the vote in 1980, by dealing with Iran to not release the hostages until after the election, note. This has recently come out. Treason. Well in times of peace, perhaps not treason, but a crime nonetheless.
    Reagan wrecked our unions and economy and the lot of the working man. If Carter had served a second term, the USA would be in much, much better shape today. And the 2008 banker fiasco might not have happened.
    Reagan stopped enforcing monopoly law, and labor law. A child actor and hippie + union basher, Ronald Reagan.

  • Victor Akandu
    Victor Akandu 7 days ago

    He is a good human being! A peace lover who gives and engenders peace! I love him!

  • MrJohnycomelately21
    MrJohnycomelately21 7 days ago

    93 and he still sounds better and more cogent than trump.

  • derek poole
    derek poole 8 days ago

    A true Christian unlike Huckabee Cruz Santorum etc who are opposite on every level.

  • David Lafleche
    David Lafleche 8 days ago

    If Jimmy Carter died right now, he would go to Hell. "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves" (Matthew 7:15, KJV). Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

  • ZodyZody
    ZodyZody 8 days ago

    I pity the number of folks that voted thumbs down on this interview; says more about their lack of humanity than anything else.

  • baler johnson
    baler johnson 8 days ago

    Love President Carter ..a national treasure .

  • 33X 33X
    33X 33X 8 days ago

    If you love ur enemies, they will kill you

  • feuriger Stern
    feuriger Stern 8 days ago

    Carter is such a good human being.

  • unknown unknown
    unknown unknown 8 days ago

    Look everyone its the worst U.S president in history
    Ohh wait that title now goes to Barack Obama

  • Edith Carter
    Edith Carter 8 days ago

    He is a down to earth good person, intelligent and I adore him. He's the best there is.

  • Ggf Gcjgvjg
    Ggf Gcjgvjg 9 days ago

    I hope he'll preserve human rights - Jimmy Carter

    Donald Trump: Let's pull out of the UN Human Rights and let's separate kids from their families that'll show Carter

  • GnomaPhobic
    GnomaPhobic 9 days ago

    God I love that man.

  • Patricia Hammet
    Patricia Hammet 9 days ago

    all true Americans Christians should always pray for the President and US.

  • BPStorm
    BPStorm 9 days ago

    Jimmy Carter and Zibignew Brzezinski were the people who did the most to wreck Afghanistan. Under them they launched the coup against the gov't of Afghanistan(1978) in order to draw the Soviets into Afghanistan, which led to the Death and Injury of over 6.5 million Afghans. No, Carter is a criminal no matter how much he hides behind his Bible. He had better pray too, because if there is a God Almighty and Judgement Day, Jimmy Carter will be feeling the heat.

  • Archie Redman
    Archie Redman 9 days ago

    President Carter is a great man.

  • pratik dutta
    pratik dutta 9 days ago

    Pretty sure god said " you gotta be kidding !" When he prayed for trump

  • Jimmy Wood
    Jimmy Wood 10 days ago

    All presidents are the same bloodline. There all working for the one world order.

  • David D
    David D 10 days ago

    beautiful man, we need him.

  • PaddleFlambeau
    PaddleFlambeau 10 days ago

    TRUMP 2020 MAGA!!!! BAM!!!

    SHAWN MICHAEL Duncan 11 days ago

    If there was no Watergate ,Carter would never been elected.

  • Anna Imhof
    Anna Imhof 11 days ago

    he is the cutest!

  • Infinite
    Infinite 11 days ago

    Wish America had a president like carter today.
    There would have been far far less wars and economic sanctions.
    Looks like America lost its value system of family and society.

  • Steven Lormuß
    Steven Lormuß 12 days ago +1

    Carter is still alive? xD

  • CJCryer Buzz
    CJCryer Buzz 12 days ago

    Jimmy Carter is an actual Christian. One of the few on earth today. He is a man of substance, humanity and class. His exact polar opposite, the worst kind of man, in the Oval Office today. Makes me weep for America.

  • Raquel Jenson
    Raquel Jenson 12 days ago

    He is such a great men 😀❤️

  • richard wilmot Ph.D
    richard wilmot Ph.D 12 days ago

    FAITH BASED MEANS: Give all the money for social problems to religion. But they can't fight Satan... but keep the money.

  • raginald7 Mars
    raginald7 Mars 12 days ago

    As a German my view is, Carter is the BEST person in Politics ever! He should be the Norm, Standard, Minimum requirement!

  • Kira Knudsen
    Kira Knudsen 13 days ago

    Impossible to imagine Trump coming anywhere near the eloquence of the wonderful President Jimmy Carter.

  • Harry Hightower
    Harry Hightower 13 days ago

    President Jimmy Carter Is Still Praying For Donald Trump < why not everyone no matter how bad they are needs some form of forgiveness from others and compassion . it may do no good but we gotta try .