President Jimmy Carter Is Still Praying For Donald Trump

  • Published on Mar 31, 2018
  • The 39th President of the United States and 'Faith' author Jimmy Carter tells Stephen he prays for Donald Trump. Whether those prayers are being answered is another question.
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Comments • 6 734

  • Eli Dames
    Eli Dames 10 hours ago

    What an American

  • Hani G.
    Hani G. Day ago

    What a legend

  • ogtay kgi
    ogtay kgi Day ago

    he destroyed iran

  • Costa Rica Uncensored
    Costa Rica Uncensored 2 days ago +1

    That was all about making Donald Trump look bad when the reality is he’s going to win the next election.

  • j R
    j R 3 days ago +1

    I love Mr. Carter, and especially the savagery of those burns he laid down in this interview

  • Paul Kenny
    Paul Kenny 3 days ago

    Good man, trump just a dumb thug.

  • Kho Dam
    Kho Dam 4 days ago

    یواش یواش استخوان لگن مادرشون هم از تو خاک در میارن که به کیر ما بمالند فکر میکنند بشر باید برای خدا جذاب باشه

  • Joshua Bicknell
    Joshua Bicknell 4 days ago

    Why do American Presidents keep the title when they leave office?

  • Fer Cis
    Fer Cis 5 days ago

    Very fine human being with a humility that Trump would never understand.

  • Ryan N
    Ryan N 6 days ago

    What a good man.

  • MegaBakerdude
    MegaBakerdude 6 days ago

    Remember when we had presidents with good senses of humor, and who were intelligent? It was only 2 years ago, and it seems like 20.

  • edelen1991
    edelen1991 6 days ago

    When Stephen picked up that shirt a chill shot down Trump's spine

  • Damion Allen
    Damion Allen 8 days ago

    Carter's chief of bohemian freak devils & praying for his devil gay boyfriend/lovers Egypt too ...

  • Niko Christian Wallenberg

    Close to a 100, yet still well for his age and sharp of mind.

  • Nadezhda Chebotareva
    Nadezhda Chebotareva 12 days ago

    It's not nice from former President to criticize current President. He need to remember his days... Have faith in President who in the office, today.

  • Jason B
    Jason B 13 days ago


  • THEAutisticBrony
    THEAutisticBrony 14 days ago

    Say what you want about Jimmy Carter's actual presidency, but I think in all of US history there has never been a better man in the White House and especially after he was in the White House. The world is blessed to still have Jimmy Carter (as of when I made this comment anyway) and I hope we continue to have Jimmy Carter for as long as possible.

  • Java Mola
    Java Mola 14 days ago

    Watching him and listening to him is like enjoying a beautiful symphony or opera .

  • Java Mola
    Java Mola 14 days ago

    A million karat gold .

  • ame7272
    ame7272 15 days ago

    The last decent American president.

  • U Öp
    U Öp 15 days ago

    برینم به روحت، تو آشغال آیت الله خمینی جنایتکار را حمایت کردی تا بالا سر مردم ایران بیایید تو چهل سال پیش انقلاب اسلامی ایران را بوجود آوردی تو حامی تروریستی

  • Caites Preteau
    Caites Preteau 16 days ago

    Oh man. I love him. He was before my time. He’s so cute.

  • Joe Beeber
    Joe Beeber 16 days ago


  • Anthony J
    Anthony J 18 days ago

    Jimmy Carter was asked in 1977 if the United States had a moral obligation to help rebuild Vietnam, Carter responded that “the destruction was mutual. You know, we went to Vietnam without any desire to capture territory or to impose American will on other people. We went there to defend the freedom of the South Vietnamese. And I don’t feel that we ought to apologize or to castigate ourselves or to assume the status of culpability.”

    Interesting comment. From 1962-75, the war resulted in 2.5 million Vietnamese dead (military and civilian), more dying to this day as a result of exposure to chemicals such as agent orange. He believes no apology is required, no culpability on part of USA. And to say the destruction was mutual, in effect saying the Vietnamese didn't give a shit about their own country?

    I'm glad Jimmy Carter is building houses for the poor.

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson 18 days ago

    I think one term was a blessing in disguise. Another four years really takes a toll on a President. If he had won again, he might not be with us today.

  • Arthur Trauer
    Arthur Trauer 19 days ago

    I voted for Carter in 1976 when I was eighteen years old. I have no regrets. I thought he was a great president.

  • Oscar Kavanagh
    Oscar Kavanagh 19 days ago

    I was curious what Carter would think about the Venezuela crisis... now we know

  • billy payne
    billy payne 20 days ago

    Sanctions hurt the people of those countries punished by the USA and their allies ???.....good, then why didn´t you eliminate the embargo against Cuba during you administration in the 70s ????....just like the old tale of the priest...." Do as I say, not as I do "

  • For Real
    For Real 20 days ago

    One of the best presidents we have ever had. He is in his 90s and still builds homes for the poor through Habitat for Humanity.

  • Peggy Churchill
    Peggy Churchill 21 day ago +1

    Anyone married 72 years has my respect, so kudos to you Rosalynn. I admire JC. He deserves more credit for his accomplishments as POTUS. He is still sharp today.

    HELEN ZHOU 21 day ago

    Nixon PlayED A Huge Role In THe HOSTRT

    HELEN ZHOU 21 day ago +1

    Jimmy Is Jackie Kennedy 's Brother

    HELEN ZHOU 21 day ago

    Nixion Willis SON AND

      HELEN ZHOU 21 day ago

      Prince Andrew Is Nixon Son

      HELEN ZHOU 21 day ago

      Jean Chretien Is Queen Elis Church 1934

    HELEN ZHOU 21 day ago

    Jim Carter is Nixion brother, and Bill Clinton Dad

  • Dach .....
    Dach ..... 21 day ago

    It must be great at least to have had great leaders in the past....something i will never know being from India....well maybe apart from Vajpayee

  • Paul Warren
    Paul Warren 21 day ago


  • Zach
    Zach 22 days ago

    Jimmy Carter is a great man. But his politics embarrasses the state of Georgia.

    • Gerald Ellison
      Gerald Ellison 19 days ago

      Georgia has been an embarrassment for over 200 years!!

  • SlitherGravity
    SlitherGravity 22 days ago

    Jimmy Carter! Woo

  • Beequoofius
    Beequoofius 22 days ago

    He is very much there at 93. God bless him

  • Unknown Soldier
    Unknown Soldier 22 days ago

    I can't believe that he's still alive..

  • darrel james
    darrel james 23 days ago

    The first real progressive president!!

  • George Dunn
    George Dunn 23 days ago

    Many a truth is spoken in jest. Definitely SOME Americans DO want a sonuvabitch in the Oval Office, much as Some women want a Bad Boy. Both groups confuse viciousness with protection.

  • Naŋ Ĭļĕÿ
    Naŋ Ĭļĕÿ 24 days ago

    Why is Carter so hated? He actually employed more people in his term than Reagan in each term.

    HELEN ZHOU 24 days ago

    Nixon Son Willis 1924

  • SinZ
    SinZ 24 days ago

    Reagan replaced this guy and installed Reaganomics in this country. The whole "trickle down economics" thing that is the reason we have a 20 trillion dollar debt. Had Carter won re election, gore beaten Bush, America would he so well off right now.

  • Reversal Dotwave 2678
    Reversal Dotwave 2678 24 days ago

    That's nice. Doing stuff. I hear rumors, in my head, telling me he's a deeply guilty man - that all American presidents shrug off the fact that any of them needs at least one deal, one ah-hah moment, not racism (thank goodness) but probably something like cereal mascots or replacing the military with mind-waves for liberals. That's what's good about Trump. His deal is himself, maybe that's a deal in and of itself. In some serious way, you grow up and learn all the real issues relate much the same as some secret deal, and you just need to be a democrat. No matter how many ways you weigh that in your head, don't think you ever could, sometimes even on the left at least now after George W. Bush - Obama and Trump only came after that... trucker - and on right certainly there are goonsquads who sympathize with lofty monetary causes. Communism remains as great as it was; glorious morning light until it fails in competition with environmentalists more so than what's going on in this country with "feminists" today. I myself reversed Niagara Falls: don't go any further.

  • Babs Kaz
    Babs Kaz 25 days ago

    Carter 2020 !!

  • john holmes
    john holmes 25 days ago

    Facebook causes depression

  • Vicasso Fourie
    Vicasso Fourie 26 days ago

    Carter was one of the worst presidents in US history. He should rather just stay quiet.

  • tk
    tk 27 days ago

    Pres Carter has a cute irish smile

  • Narry Maan
    Narry Maan 27 days ago

    this man is responsible for Iran's revolution and ayatollah's terrors in 40 years in iran. he worked with the devil ayatollah khomeini to change the rejime.. SHAME ON YOU

  • Saraf Mahnaz
    Saraf Mahnaz 28 days ago +1

    I am just amazed to see how wonderful of a person he is!

  • Calvinmirko
    Calvinmirko 29 days ago

    Both of hem are such great people. We need more of them

  • Zip's Tips
    Zip's Tips Month ago

    1 is yes 2 is new

  • Orion E
    Orion E Month ago

    Just to remind you: While 45 gets to keep his business empire in the hands of his children, Carter chose out of principle to let go of his peanut farm to a blind trust. A peanut farm.

  • Erik Kjelland
    Erik Kjelland Month ago +3

    Oldest us president of all time today...
    Not bad

  • Syed Raza
    Syed Raza Month ago

    how can i give more than 1 like

  • Syed Raza
    Syed Raza Month ago

    so good see you sir. God bless you
    lov from pakistan

  • Val A.
    Val A. Month ago


  • Carbon
    Carbon Month ago

    I wish he had brought his wife Rosealynn with him.

  • William G
    William G Month ago +18

    Carter is now older than Bush sr, making him the longest lived president in American history.

  • Coonhunter #1
    Coonhunter #1 Month ago +1

    Trump is the best president ever and he's not completed one term yet.

    • William G
      William G Month ago

      Trump is not 1/1000000th the man that Carter is.

  • Coonhunter #1
    Coonhunter #1 Month ago

    Jimmy Carter shouldn't of been on this show. Just not right. Colbert is the worse. Ppl hate him. Fire him already. It's trump every night with him.

  • Uncle Packy
    Uncle Packy Month ago

    Nice guy, weak president, remember billy beer.

  • D Mack
    D Mack Month ago

    No airs or graces... just a decent human being..still doing good.

  • Daniel L
    Daniel L Month ago +1

    OMG I'm Catholic and I love this man. Trump's good on the pro-life front but Carter understands love, the real essence of Christianity.

  • Jimmy Johnston
    Jimmy Johnston Month ago


  • Jimmy Johnston
    Jimmy Johnston Month ago


  • Des Hood
    Des Hood Month ago

    A do nothing President.

  • UnderStructureRepair

    Best president in my lifetime. Only he and Reagan were good men. All the rest, pure shit

  • JohnnySkeletman
    JohnnySkeletman Month ago

    The world would be so much better if everyone was a little bit more like this man.

  • MR.E R
    MR.E R Month ago

    I like that shirt

  • monmixer
    monmixer Month ago

    He who lives a longer healthy life wins. Simple as that.

  • Brandon Cazares
    Brandon Cazares Month ago

    Jimmy Carter is awesome

  • Granny Xanadeoux
    Granny Xanadeoux Month ago

    It just walked my 💓 heart to watch this. Love you Jimmy

  • abelincoln5000
    abelincoln5000 Month ago

    Everybody loves Jimmy Carter.

  • RobinPM86
    RobinPM86 Month ago

    More of, including myself, should follow his example and not criticize Mr. Trump but instead pray for him. Thank you, Mr President Carter.

  • coolmails Only
    coolmails Only Month ago

    What a great sense of humor at 93!!!

  • Jeff Anderson
    Jeff Anderson Month ago

    Faced with the current idiot in office I just had to revisit this! A great man.

  • Miguel Leonardo
    Miguel Leonardo Month ago +1

    Jimmy is a cool dude, reminds me of my best friend, who recently died at age 84, RIP.

  • FROK
    FROK Month ago

    Jimmy Carter, a useful fool who played into the hands of North Korea in the 90's. He is responsible for the current nuclear threat looming in North East Asia. So, Mr. Carter with all due respect stay put and keep your mouth shut this time. Or you are going to bring down the lives of so many people. What a useful fool. A decent human being? No doubt. But a terrible politician and not a world leader material.

  • Bob Flickinger
    Bob Flickinger Month ago

    Love that guy! What a inspiration.

  • Steve Bollmeyer
    Steve Bollmeyer Month ago

  • Sarah Chang
    Sarah Chang Month ago

    The minimum age is 35 year old. Why was the youngest President much older than this?

  • Maisa Roozie
    Maisa Roozie Month ago


  • Maisa Roozie
    Maisa Roozie Month ago

    Pillows talk

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago +1

    This is SURREAL!

  • Ricochetrabitt
    Ricochetrabitt Month ago

    Fuck Jimmy Carter. Never trust a white.

  • Feanor Silva
    Feanor Silva Month ago

    Jimmy Carter is decent, honorable man. That's exactly what makes him such a loser.

  • dborg56
    dborg56 Month ago

    Where did America make a wrong turn?

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    Carter is a true man of God. He was done in by the Iranian hostage crisis. It made him look helpless, especially when his rescue attempt failed so miserably. The thing he valued most about his presidency was the peace talks he held between Israel and Egypt.

  • Feyn
    Feyn Month ago

    what a sweet man

  • annamotiepipay
    annamotiepipay Month ago

    Rare man to admit to his own slip ups! Trump should take notes... using big fat red markers! 👏🏼

  • annamotiepipay
    annamotiepipay Month ago

    Rare man to admit to his own slip ups! Trump should take notes... using big fat red markers! 👏🏼

  • fran mccourt
    fran mccourt Month ago

    Carter believed that he could simultaneously renew America's trust in government and reassert America's leading role within global affairs. He failed in both regards.

  • fran mccourt
    fran mccourt Month ago

    HEs NuTS...

  • mohammed oppal
    mohammed oppal Month ago +4

    The most decent of presidents - not cunning or dishonest.

  • Antivlog
    Antivlog Month ago +48

    Sharp as a knife at 94. I wonder how Donald will speak at 94...

    • Ramin bt
      Ramin bt 19 days ago +1

      Antivlog you’re right 114 months is how much he will live

    • Jeremy Xu
      Jeremy Xu 19 days ago +1

      Antivlog highly unlikely, the keys to long life are staying active and eating heathy. Last I remember President Trump’s favorite meals involve cheeseburgers and other fast food and I haven’t seen him out for a jog ever

    • Antivlog
      Antivlog 20 days ago

      +Jeremy Xu Oh he'll probably live to 114, just wait.

    • Jeremy Xu
      Jeremy Xu 20 days ago +4

      Bold of you to assume Trump will make it to 94, with his lifestyle and diet? Not a chance

    • Ramin bt
      Ramin bt 23 days ago +6

      Probably from total organ failure and stroke in solitary confinement

  • Andrea Montoya
    Andrea Montoya Month ago +1

    Love Jimmy, good man!

  • Lori K
    Lori K Month ago +1

    “But it is true, and I did. “