President Jimmy Carter Is Still Praying For Donald Trump

  • Published on Mar 31, 2018
  • The 39th President of the United States and 'Faith' author Jimmy Carter tells Stephen he prays for Donald Trump. Whether those prayers are being answered is another question.
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Comments • 3 054

  • Jack Martin
    Jack Martin Hour ago

    Why don’t Americans think too much about jimmy carter? I think he was a great president and a good person too.

  • Donovan Menard
    Donovan Menard Hour ago

    What a kind wholesome man

  • MM
    MM 3 hours ago

    Terrible president, absolutely lovely man.

  • frakkedinmi
    frakkedinmi 3 hours ago

    My favorite person on earth.

  • Redstripe921
    Redstripe921 4 hours ago

    wow.. just wow fantastic mac


    Better president then jfk

  • Proud Iranian
    Proud Iranian 6 hours ago

    When Jimmy Carter dies, the Iranians will celebrate for 10 days
    Hell is waiting for Jimmy Go To Hell and Enjoy Curses of the Iranians

  • Proud Iranian
    Proud Iranian 6 hours ago +1

    Hell is waiting for Jimmy Carter

  • David Doran
    David Doran 7 hours ago

    Jimmy Carter still selling books, never enough money.

  • Allan Hegyes
    Allan Hegyes 8 hours ago

    The guy has done more as a former president than any recent "ex" Democrat or Republican period. What a shame.

  • Jacky Powell
    Jacky Powell 9 hours ago

    My favorite President!!!

  • nyhammer1
    nyhammer1 10 hours ago

    And who the F**K are you to lecture us like that ... :)

  • Kristine's Toddler Life

    Wow...loved this interview

  • Kristine's Toddler Life

    the whole 'Love' your neighbor bit.... I hope people soak it in, as I will. ....for today hehehe

  • Anthony
    Anthony 13 hours ago

    You can only smile the entire way through this interview 😇 bless this man!!!

  • Sire Lagsalot
    Sire Lagsalot 14 hours ago

    He’s a great guy, but not a great president.

  • XxxexxX X
    XxxexxX X 15 hours ago

    What a great man

  • crystal dragon
    crystal dragon 19 hours ago

    I love Pres Jimmy. What a great guy.

  • Samuel Nelson
    Samuel Nelson 23 hours ago

    I wish I could get a Carter 2020 T-shirt.

  • samuel bloch
    samuel bloch Day ago

    Libtards love their Carter.

  • Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan

    President Carter called the peace into the peace loving people in the middle east. He tried his best.

  • Ariana Kim
    Ariana Kim Day ago

    ❤❤ jimmy carter is an extraordinary man.

  • Vrfvfd Cdvgtre
    Vrfvfd Cdvgtre Day ago

    Carter should start by praying to have sincere faith himself. "He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination." (Proverbs 28:9)

    • PM C
      PM C 10 hours ago

      Vrfvfd Cdvgtre He confesses Christ as Lord! Just as You do what do you know his heart? I don't just as i do not know your"s. Who am i to judje another man"s servant?

    • Vrfvfd Cdvgtre
      Vrfvfd Cdvgtre 15 hours ago

      Exactly. That is what Christians daily do. "The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life."(Joh.6:63)

    • PM C
      PM C 17 hours ago

      Vrfvfd Cdvgtre You would have to ask Jesus about that!

    • Vrfvfd Cdvgtre
      Vrfvfd Cdvgtre 20 hours ago

      It is sad that Mr. Carter does not have faith in the Gospel - on the contrary. "Jimmy Carter: 'I believe Jesus would approve gay marriage' "

    • PM C
      PM C Day ago

      He speaks peace what are you speaking?

  • SuperJcoleFan
    SuperJcoleFan Day ago

    Carter has to be my favorite president ever

  • Laura DLC
    Laura DLC Day ago

    This interview brought tears to my eyes. What an incredible man! I guess we will never know what it is to have a president who is "too nice" ever again. Certainly, thanks to Trump, we now know what it is to have a president who is a disgusting, inane, insincere, insipid and a self-promoting racist and misogynist.

  • ZenFuseBox
    ZenFuseBox Day ago

    Perhaps some will enjoy the biting satirical video that is the alt-rock gods' ZEN FUSE BOX tune SHE'S A LIAR that simply uses as lyrics the names of women our president has maligned? Enjoy, like, and subscribe to their channel if you choose:

  • MrDoublehappy
    MrDoublehappy Day ago +1

    Pray for Donalds friends too, both of them Cohen and Hannity.

  • Tiffany Amaya
    Tiffany Amaya Day ago

    I was lucky enough to meet him on a flight from Paris to Atlanta when I was 15... he was so kind.

  • Paulette J.
    Paulette J. 2 days ago

    What a guy! .....93 looked and packed like60🤗🤗

  • antonio volpe
    antonio volpe 2 days ago +1

    Faith & Patience. My 102 year old mom loves him

  • choudhury shadmani
    choudhury shadmani 2 days ago

    What a beautiful interview!

  • Azuki
    Azuki 2 days ago

    His comment on how sanctions hurt the ordinary people and exalt the dictators is something we should think about

  • badrasta5
    badrasta5 2 days ago

    Every time a respectable person comes on, Stephen Colbert's true colours come through and he shows himthelf to be a prothessional atholl. Letterman would have done waay better. Stephen is a second rate host, not many people will say it straight but it's true, and it's not because Letterman was better. Stephen isn't even as good as Fallon. Get him off the network, he's a fool leading fools.

  • bbodinefan11
    bbodinefan11 2 days ago

    Glad hes alive and well. However no one cheered him when he was in office.

  • MrG0TH1ER
    MrG0TH1ER 2 days ago

    Let’s all remember that the Trump fans call Carter an old senile moronic communist but Trump is a very stable genius...
    Sure guys.

  • peace on earth
    peace on earth 2 days ago

    super sweet. nice!

  • Tony
    Tony 2 days ago

    Jimmy Carter is way rad 🤙

  • Jeffrey Clement 1954 Clement

    Great manGreat interview

  • Stephanie Brennan
    Stephanie Brennan 2 days ago

    My Favorite President- Jimmy Carter!!

  • Dave Hoffman
    Dave Hoffman 2 days ago
    Click the link if you want to see Jimmy Carter 'dunking' on two corporatist warmongers jibing each other over college basketball.

  • theunholysoul
    theunholysoul 2 days ago

    It is lovely to see old Jimmy going strong as the day goes by.

  • Kathleen Gustafson
    Kathleen Gustafson 2 days ago

    Carter was and is a moral leader, is who he is, practices what he deeply believes. The 70’s were merciless to him, the politic and media hype forced him to sell his beloved family peanut farm, looked down their noses at him, made constant news about his wacky brother, he calmly got us through a nuclear disaster, he was a nuclear engineer in the Navy I believe, wanted to take us to solar, at the time we were waiting in line on alternate days to buy gas and there were fist fights breaking out all over the nation over a tank of gas. He was gentle, fair, wanted peace, wanted us to lead through noble actions. America would have none of it. As a teenager back then, fresh off of Watergate and war and raw racial divide, Carter gave many of us hope. We did not do the right thing. We jeered him out of office. We only want a better us after it is gone.

  • Dick Aalj
    Dick Aalj 2 days ago

    Fuck Colbert

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 2 days ago

    Dont agree with his politics but he seems like an incredibly nice, gentle man

  • Khurram Aziz
    Khurram Aziz 3 days ago

    "The secret to happiness is freedom, the secret to freedom is courage."

  • Khurram Aziz
    Khurram Aziz 3 days ago

    He forgot God's 4th answer (for financial prayers) "Wait a second"..😭
    Supplicant: God how long is 10,000,000 years to you?
    God: 1 second.
    S: How much is $10,000,000 to you?
    S: God can you please spare me $1?
    G: Wait a second.😆

  • Khurram Aziz
    Khurram Aziz 3 days ago

    America had 4 jerks in a row after Jimmy Carter - my personal favourite President - Raygun, Clinton, Bush, and Obama. .
    obviously 😇Liberty likes Bad Boys.😈

  • strawberriesandcandy

    is no one going to mention how Carter's mom was a SAVAGE?

  • MarcBV
    MarcBV 4 days ago

    This man was a good president, and he seems to be a nice person too.

  • john.harry.powell powell

    Such a great man.....was way ahead of his time when he was POTUS....

  • Maziar Beiramee
    Maziar Beiramee 5 days ago

    Mr. President, thank you for saving those people in the hostage crisis. People do not judge me as harshly because I am Iranian because of you.

  • Lisa Dixon
    Lisa Dixon 5 days ago

    Carter deserves all that applause. He is a good man.

  • Cool Cat
    Cool Cat 5 days ago

    Abraham Lincoln was asked once after one of his speeches during the civil war in which he referred to the confederates as lost Americans/friends in need of help. A woman commended him for this and appreciated that he didn’t look at them as enemies who needed to be destroyed. To which he replied “do I not destroy my enemy by making him my friend.”

  • C
    C 5 days ago

    Carter 2020 sounds like a good idea 😂

  • Aisha Quadery
    Aisha Quadery 5 days ago

    Wow, what an amazing man. I deeply respect him.

  • 83Jude
    83Jude 5 days ago

    "This is for you young man" LOL
    I loved this interview.

  • Megha Gurjar
    Megha Gurjar 6 days ago

    I needed to hear this...

  • Satanic Zionism & Israel's Terrorism

    There is no regime more psychopathic than Israeli regime. This government of demented lost souls will stop at nothing until they get their war with Iran, though being the cowards that they are, they will use American lives as their battering rams. Why is there no global outcry against this? And why haven't sanctions been imposed on this illegitimate apartheid state, which seems hell-bent on seeing half of our planet destroyed in a nuclear war? The time to pussy-foot around this issue is long over. Israhell is a grave danger to all of us, so much so that if it isn't reigned in soon, we are looking at the likelihood of a nuclear winter. ''The chief weapon for defeating Zionism is publicity. Everyone must be told the truth. Everyone must know, understand, and achieve a proper feeling for, the whole truth about Zionism and Zionists: its aims, history, strategy, tactics, current condition and current struggle. They must understand the danger, the mortal danger. They must understand that Zionism is the enemy of all people, is the enemy of each individual person, and is in fact your enemy too. It is even the enemy of the Jews and the Zionists, and that is no paradox. Everyone must go into battle against it, and conduct a merciless, unyielding fight to the finish, until complete victory over Zionism has been achieved, until mankind has been rid of the threat of Zionism's victory, of the danger of Zionism, of Zionism altogether!
    Specifically, everyone who comes upon the present work which he is now reading must make the maximum effort to reproduce it, publish it (preferably in a massive print run), to distribute it in his locality as well as across Russia, and also outside Russia. The author is not worried that he may be regarded as vainglorious. But it is perfectly clear to him that the Zionists will make the maximum effort to liquidate this work and, if that does not succeed, to cast aspersions on it. The more people learn the truth, the more difficult it will be for Zionists to attain their objectives. Every person on earth must know the contents of the present work and, in consequence, know considerably more about Zionism than he did previously. The same applies to the distribution of other anti-Zionist literature and information. It must be done both orally and in writing, by action and financial support, both personally and by organizing others. Spread the truth about Zionism and fight against it with all the means possible! Become united and organized! But do not stop being vigilant, and lose no time! And victory will be ours!
    Despite all the defeats and failures which it suffers from time to time, Zionism nevertheless makes progress, gradually gathering the whole world into its hands and completing its gigantic task of entirely taking over the world. What gives it such strength? What are the organizational and tactical principles enabling it always to feel victorious''
    The nature of Zionism
    By Vladimir Stepin
    Published - in Russian - in Moscow, 1993
    Translated into English by Clive Lindhurst.

  • James Brown
    James Brown 6 days ago +1


  • Peter
    Peter 6 days ago

    What a great human being with a good heart. God bless you president carter

  • Aes Sedai
    Aes Sedai 7 days ago +2

    My favorite president. The only one to ever brought about peace in the middle east.

  • Anonymously Anonymous

    Regardless if he was one of the worst presidents, as a person he has too much passion, integrity, and love for the world and society, Great Guy. Probably best Humanitarian in history. Way better Person than President

  • Michelle Onuorah
    Michelle Onuorah 7 days ago +1

    His administration had serious flaws and issues but I wish Colbert mentioned how President Carter worked up until the very last minute he was in office to get those hostages released. To me, that speaks volumes about his character.

  • Mr. OL' Skool6191 Parts Unknown.


  • Michelle Onuorah
    Michelle Onuorah 7 days ago +1

    What a lovely man. My mom and baby brother met him when my brother was still an infant. He complimented my mom on what a handsome little boy she had. I wish I was there at the time!

  • Mathias Robin
    Mathias Robin 7 days ago

    senior etc somewhat weather shoe fun afraid soft release official.

  • Nicole
    Nicole 7 days ago

    Salaam Mr. Carter 🙏🏼
    Your amazing!!!

  • ludwig bruckner
    ludwig bruckner 7 days ago

    Fuck "Praying", is a better rational Thinking for Syria!!!

  • Township Rebellion
    Township Rebellion 7 days ago

    i want life extension technology i want wut god promised us

  • Dražen Keković
    Dražen Keković 7 days ago +1

    Jimmy Carter's middle finger is more Christian than Trump's entire family.

  • Vet Tech
    Vet Tech 7 days ago +1

    I always loved Jimmy Carter !! A nice caring respectable President with a heart !!

  • Michael Diaz
    Michael Diaz 7 days ago

    Donald Trump should take Jimmy Carter's advice, but Trump's ego is way too big and that will be his downfall.

  • Shanni S
    Shanni S 7 days ago

    Such a charming man.

  • Saeed Ismail
    Saeed Ismail 7 days ago

    A great man.

  • mark haas
    mark haas 7 days ago

    No. I suspect he was talking about Hillary. Not Trump. Stealing most of the money she raised for Haitian earthquake victims. And that's just the tip of the ice-berg, people.

  • Me Me
    Me Me 7 days ago

    Dear God,
    Can President Carter be my grandpa, please?
    Amen 🙏

  • ZadZadrack
    ZadZadrack 8 days ago

    Jimmy Carter is a decent man.

  • ConArtist167
    ConArtist167 8 days ago

    Die already

  • low down
    low down 8 days ago

    Jimmy thank you for all you have done and rosalynn thank you im a vietnam vet and cancer survivor god bless and peace

  • Maria Pia
    Maria Pia 8 days ago

    Omg one bomb after the other. He's hilarious hahah

  • TheJohnnydarter
    TheJohnnydarter 8 days ago

    Love Jimmy Carter.

  • Farhan Ahmed
    Farhan Ahmed 8 days ago

    He's trash! Bush Sr. is better!

  • Vampire Robot
    Vampire Robot 8 days ago

    What a joke! What a show! The former President of the United States is the 2nd guest here.

  • DoubleDS9
    DoubleDS9 8 days ago

    Somehow I dont think, when he finished being president, he quite expected that he would be sitting here being interviewed by a late night show comedian 38 years into the future about faith and presidential politics, in the midst of one of the worst presidencies ever!

  • Viking
    Viking 8 days ago

    Jimmy Carter is a Great American. God Bless!
    Trump 2020

  • Jeroen Tel
    Jeroen Tel 8 days ago

    So much respect for this man and generation. What a kind, loving, considerate and loving man. I can see how far a good sense of humor can reach. Laughter must be the best medicine after all. :-)

  • bad66chevelles
    bad66chevelles 8 days ago

    reelect jimmy carter 2020 :)

  • Fernanda Zamorano
    Fernanda Zamorano 9 days ago

    This guy! Fantastic

  • Jamie Trammell
    Jamie Trammell 9 days ago


  • lisette c b
    lisette c b 9 days ago

    I love him 😍

  • Colton Gatrell
    Colton Gatrell 9 days ago

    Jimmy carter is so cool

  • Joshua Piercy
    Joshua Piercy 9 days ago

    His comments on courage in loving others were beautiful.

  • chickadee
    chickadee 9 days ago

    Carter was in touch with the CO2 situation and was the ONLY President that isn't kissing the ass of Big Big Oil!!!
    He put solar panels on the White House roof in 1979. If we continued down this path, our beautiful planet would be in good shape and we wouldn't be engaged in 7 wars, (going on 8), to steal oil.

  • Dick Bong
    Dick Bong 9 days ago +1

    ...I'd be down for Carter 2020

  • LDA Eldin Ramic
    LDA Eldin Ramic 9 days ago

    5 million Iraqi children according to British died under sanctions

  • milesgallaghers
    milesgallaghers 9 days ago

    My family, who are from Gwangju, South Korea, are eternally grateful for what he did to give people of SK a shot for our democracy. Thanks!

  • Frank the Ant
    Frank the Ant 10 days ago

    I wish he was president, he would've solved so many issues worldwide..

  • High Priest
    High Priest 10 days ago

    1:25 You forgetting William Howard Taft who became Chief Justice of The Supreme Court? 😑😑 (Sorry i'm a Taft admirer)

  • Bernard Torres
    Bernard Torres 10 days ago +2

    President Carter is living saint! This man models for us how to live the Christian faith...may God bless him and his lovely wife!