FIRST LOOK: Episode 7 | Kerblam! | Doctor Who: Series 11

  • Published on Nov 16, 2018
  • Courtesy of Children In Need, it's a first look at the next episode of Doctor Who! Special Delivery for the Doctor. Something she may have ordered a long time ago... Support Children In Need and donate:

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Comments • 1 662

  • Dániel Deák
    Dániel Deák 2 months ago

    The doctors childish excitement when she saw the kerblam bot was just so satisfying.

  • Genaro Quintana
    Genaro Quintana 2 months ago +1

    She makes the fez look good unlike the 11th 😒

  • GamerZ Log
    GamerZ Log 2 months ago +1

    Is it me or that the Kerblam Man looks like he about to kill you.

  • Rudyolf Dolfer
    Rudyolf Dolfer 4 months ago

    Instantly I think Kaplam man is evil

  • the rainbow sanic
    the rainbow sanic 4 months ago

    9 doctor fantastic
    10 doctor allonzy
    11 doctor Geronimo
    12 doctor dont look at my browser history
    13 doctor BRILLIANT!!

  • Frannie V.
    Frannie V. 4 months ago

    3:38 Fully automated people?

  • Matt Brown
    Matt Brown 5 months ago

    This was the most Who episode. Strong writing and references back to previous Incarnations.
    I hope this continues with the next series.

  • RJ McAllister
    RJ McAllister 5 months ago

    Hey, Matt! Your fez finally showed up! And it went "Kerblam!"

  • Braedon Belair
    Braedon Belair 5 months ago

    you’re just making sounds now!

  • xXGumballXx
    xXGumballXx 6 months ago

    It's a fez. Fezzes are cool.

  • Fabio Canala
    Fabio Canala 6 months ago

    R.I.P. Doctor Who

  • Hiccup Hufflepuff
    Hiccup Hufflepuff 8 months ago +1

    13: What do you think? Still me?
    11: (from episode _nightmare in silver_ ) No... You're too short and your nose is all funny.
    13: (scronch)

  • Skyler Spence
    Skyler Spence 8 months ago

    Look at tardis windows look like there fully white now

  • King Brilliant
    King Brilliant 8 months ago

    diversity is our strength...diversity is our strength...diversity is our strength...

  • Rowan Crump
    Rowan Crump 8 months ago

    0:29 - I love that moment from Jodie

  • Reptillia 15
    Reptillia 15 8 months ago +1

    Who here got excited when they saw the fez?

  • katfmb
    katfmb 8 months ago

    well that makes up for Amy throwing it and River shooting it

  • Sandric Bendiksen
    Sandric Bendiksen 8 months ago

    Wait... The new TARDIS has WINDOWS!!!!????

  • DeadShot Remix
    DeadShot Remix 8 months ago

    The meme are back the fezzes are back

  • RunPJs
    RunPJs 9 months ago

    "help me" - what a boring line! And the acting with the Fez was dreadful :-( Everything about series 11 sucks

  • tyro244
    tyro244 9 months ago

    Up next... Bow Ties!

  • Limerence
    Limerence 9 months ago


    The sentient AI was the one calling for help this episode but it killed Kira just to prove that janitor boy was the culprit, when it could've given her safe bubble rap. In fact the AI could have just told the doctor the problem. The AI wasn't the victim this episode, it was just as evil as what janitor boy feared

  • Adam Barnett
    Adam Barnett 9 months ago +1

    Came here just to say how super disappointed i am with Season 11. This is not Dr Who. This is some political bullcrap of the day being shoved down my throat. Get rid of this director.

  • Mattie Brown
    Mattie Brown 9 months ago +3

    random question but has anybody else notice the top of the crystal pillars around the console move up and down with the central crystal, never noticed it until now

  • Emma Swanston
    Emma Swanston 9 months ago

    Anyone seen episode 8 yet I know I have

  • Emma Swanston
    Emma Swanston 9 months ago +1

    She's better than the other doctors

  • billnyethescientologyguy

    it's 2018 and we're making up things to be offended about in 2028

  • Josephine Flesch
    Josephine Flesch 9 months ago

    FINALLY, another fez!!

    brings back so many memories

  • gordon farr
    gordon farr 9 months ago

    THE FEZ !!!!!!

  • Abraham NOTFEAR
    Abraham NOTFEAR 9 months ago

    Turkey or Ottoman emp.??

  • SMBComix
    SMBComix 9 months ago

    I wish the BBC would stop acting like they're not trying to completely erase the fact the Doctor was a straight white male for 50+ years and there was nothing wrong with it. Everyone clamoring for a multi-Doctor episode... it's not going to happen. And if it does it'll be trash just like this poorly-written, poorly-acted, PC-agenda-driven season.

  • tanz448
    tanz448 9 months ago

    Oh the fezz from the end of season 5 so i my have not seen season 1

  • Prancer
    Prancer 9 months ago +3

    *Favourite **-J. Whittaker-** **-Series 11-** Thirteenth Doctor Episodes*
    _Just for fun!_
    • Demons of the Punjab
    • Kerblam!
    • Arachnids In The UK
    • The Woman Who Fell To Earth
    #DoctorWho #ThirteenthDoctor

    • Prancer
      Prancer 7 months ago +2

      Very good choices!

    • 93Chowo-Entertainment
      93Chowo-Entertainment 7 months ago +2

      My three most favorite episodes were 1) It takes you away 2) The woman who fell to earth and 3) The Witchfinders

  • Петр Долгорукий

    finally first good (not so bad) episode for the entire season. It is a pity that they killed Kira, i like her

  • ColdTen 2003
    ColdTen 2003 9 months ago +1

    Continuity Error: Ryan popped the bubble wrap at 1:12 and no explosions but towards the end of the episode they are afraid to pop the bubble

  • Pel Gram
    Pel Gram 9 months ago

    This is turning into Sarah jane adventures

  • the womble
    the womble 9 months ago

    Then Lee Mack arrived and I thought oh bloody hell, noooo!

  • Magi
    Magi 9 months ago

    This was definitely my favorite episode of this season. This was the second time this season where it felt like I was watching Doctor Who again and not an okay generic sci-fi show (the first being Demons of Punjab). Before this episode, I hadn't particularly been fond of Jodie Whitaker's performance, but this episode I finally saw it. Jodie is the Doctor, no doubt about it. While I kind of liked the first 3 episodes, episodes 4 and 5 were not great in my opinion, but in Demons of Punjab the show definitely found its footing but up until this point I had been more interested in the companions and minor characters introduced in each episode. After Kerblam!, I can't wait to see where the Doctor's story is going.

  • Tec
    Tec 9 months ago

    Take that fez off! You are not fit to wear 11's hat.
    Seriously though the whole tone of this show is like something that should be on cbbc. The Doctor never left Darillium, he stayed there with River Song. That was the ending for the Doctor, end of.

  • Joshua Waring
    Joshua Waring 10 months ago


  • Marilor Bastille
    Marilor Bastille 10 months ago

    brrring brrring Hello are you there? I'm calling from the Kenya Call Box....

  • Marilor Bastille
    Marilor Bastille 10 months ago

    shall we play a game? Anagrams... maw.
    quote PAN: the world is not enough, needs stars... BETTER MUCH BETTER, Lets go.

    • Marilor Bastille
      Marilor Bastille 10 months ago

      at both beginning and end defined kind of shall we play a game kind of way far out heaviest of type.

  • Marilor Bastille
    Marilor Bastille 10 months ago

    The Witchfinders:

    • Marilor Bastille
      Marilor Bastille 10 months ago

      Thames ID: Roll Over Beethoven, Archangel has Landed. KEEP SUmmER SAFE: COMPLETE

    PROD.HADES 10 months ago


  • Isabella Hughes
    Isabella Hughes 10 months ago

    “Your just making sounds now” me to my math teacher 😂

  • WhiteMale
    WhiteMale 10 months ago

    not funny

  • Michael Billings Cole
    Michael Billings Cole 10 months ago

    get woke go broke... copy old thing no new thing just like the others just a swap

  • Osman Süha ÖZTEN
    Osman Süha ÖZTEN 10 months ago

    Doctor Who come to Yalova

  • Sergey Kogin
    Sergey Kogin 10 months ago

    This episode reminded me of Starship UK

  • Amber dolphin1210
    Amber dolphin1210 10 months ago

    She... She fangirled about a Kerblam man? The Doctor fangirling? Now I'VE seen it all.

  • awareone
    awareone 10 months ago

    Obviously, someone that is dressed for Romper Room needs a Fez!

  • Singing Magpie
    Singing Magpie 10 months ago


  • james84 -
    james84 - 10 months ago

    the acting seems really clunky. like school play bad

  • Mike Wright
    Mike Wright 10 months ago

    Great episode!... You guys are always reinventing on the different genres. I loved it...! Thanks!!!

  • CaptainTalon448
    CaptainTalon448 10 months ago

    Poor Ryan decides to travel all the way across time and space with The Doctor only to end up going back to day job on an alien planet

  • Steven Wylie
    Steven Wylie 10 months ago

    "if you want it kerblam it!"

  • Aidrix
    Aidrix 10 months ago

    Kerblam was such a good episode

  • Squidey101
    Squidey101 10 months ago +1

    When she says "some of my best friends are robots does she mean K-9?

  • Anonymous Gaming
    Anonymous Gaming 10 months ago +2

    i love that because it references to Matt Smith and he ordered it but it had got mixed up and Jodie forgot about ordering it

  • Zagica
    Zagica 10 months ago

    It's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezes are cool.