The Try Guys Get Earwax Extractions

  • Published on Jun 8, 2019
  • The guys and special guest Jack Douglass get their earwax removed - ew!! Who will be the waxiest boy?
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Comments • 7 436

  • Chantal Prins
    Chantal Prins 16 hours ago

    I used to get them cleaned a lot, because I have ripped eardrums. The little vacuum is so weird and annoying!!

  • Hagen Ladwein
    Hagen Ladwein 17 hours ago

    I almost vomited!!!

  • digvijay yadav
    digvijay yadav 22 hours ago

    Why is this satisfying and gross at the same moment

  • Dima Kabbout
    Dima Kabbout Day ago

    i thought the title said “the try guys eat earwax”...

  • Gracias Ruth Siagian

    The reactions they gave 😂😂😂 it’s just like the reactions to a baby being born

  • Bitch Pudding
    Bitch Pudding Day ago

    "don't cum in my ear."
    Oh my

  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith Day ago

    you should do this video again but with more people and maybe see if the same peoples ears have gotten worse or not

  • World's Okay-est Person

    I've had the suction done to my ears after a big build up to the point where I was deaf in one ear and it hurt so bad!

  • Maya Chakarova
    Maya Chakarova 2 days ago

    don't *cum* in my ear

  • DragonBallSuper Fan
    DragonBallSuper Fan 2 days ago +1

    Me the entire time watching this video🤢🤮

  • Ava Ellis
    Ava Ellis 2 days ago

    That lady in the back looks very grossed out

  • Thomas John
    Thomas John 2 days ago +2

    This is very satisfying and I don't know why

  • cool kid playing mincraft

    Im alergec to pizza

  • Chia
    Chia 3 days ago

    Should’ve invited me I have to get my earwax removed every 3 months sometimes sooner.

  • instagram: polarbearpom

    I wish they brought in more asians so we could see a close up of drier wax

  • Dani
    Dani 4 days ago


  • Selina W
    Selina W 4 days ago

    the doc is hott y'all

  • The Aussie Suger Glider

    Why was this oddly satisfying?

  • JKSEel Alwaz
    JKSEel Alwaz 4 days ago

    Oh gosh.. I could put Eugene's Laughter on repeat mode all day! 9:27 Makes my day!

  • Asha Bhad
    Asha Bhad 4 days ago

    Is it bad that I kinda wanna wait 5 years without cleaning my ears then get this done and see what happens? 😂😂😂I know I’m gross

  • Kylie Dunn
    Kylie Dunn 4 days ago +3

    This is the 3rd time I’m watching this and it’s surprising every time

  • The mighty Howling wolf Gamer

    Y Zack his the best of the three

  • Alexshaynisa Scar
    Alexshaynisa Scar 4 days ago

    i tried to eat during this video

    big mistake

  • Ava Ellis
    Ava Ellis 4 days ago

    Can he hear better now?

  • Ava Ellis
    Ava Ellis 4 days ago

    This is so gross yet satisfying

  • Mohammad Mesbah
    Mohammad Mesbah 4 days ago

    Eugene an zach are my fav

  • Tanja McKenzie
    Tanja McKenzie 5 days ago

    Hi guys :) I’m a massive fan of you. I’m also a fan of Dr Pimple Popper! Why not try a session with her? That would be amazing!

  • MW xxx
    MW xxx 5 days ago +1

    Eugene hitting on the hot doctor would be me

  • imcute:3 :3
    imcute:3 :3 5 days ago

    2:18 thats what she said

  • ReallyAsain YouTube
    ReallyAsain YouTube 5 days ago

    4:42 - 4:43 is that jacks films?

  • Honey Bunches Of Oats

    My ears started hurting half ways

  • kdmq
    kdmq 5 days ago +10

    Ironic that the guy who edits the sound has the worst ears lol.

  • Jalice May
    Jalice May 5 days ago +1

    Yes, but what was the mysterious foreign matter in Keith's ear!?!

  • Sarah Foster
    Sarah Foster 5 days ago

    When Hallelujah played I lost it! 😂 does he not use cotton buds?

  • Steff Jan
    Steff Jan 5 days ago

    9:26 nice 👍

  • Edelynn Edera
    Edelynn Edera 5 days ago

    I had an ant crawl into mine. Yes they're a lot smaller than cockroaches but still hurts like hell because you can hear their legs and it's so loud. Cried to my mom and we had baby oil put into my ear. (Not sure if that's safe, so please don't try if u ever got into that situation) so if I get one of these procedures, maybe they'll find a dead ant in there 😂

  • Marigold Edits
    Marigold Edits 6 days ago

    RIP Editor

  • PhantumLuna Night
    PhantumLuna Night 6 days ago +1

    Dont come in my ear.....😂😆🤣

  • Loki Lacaille
    Loki Lacaille 7 days ago

    I misread the title and shocked myself half to death.
    Thought it said Try Guys EAT earwax extractions

    • Clemens Ruis
      Clemens Ruis 5 days ago +1

      Heh. I also read "The Try Guys Eat Earwax Extractions". And I didn't realize my mistake until I saw your comment.

  • NoName
    NoName 7 days ago

    Ok I need to get my ears cleaned

  • Evania Endellion
    Evania Endellion 7 days ago

    I love you guys but I'm here for Jack!

  • Nic Clone
    Nic Clone 7 days ago

    Who's Doc's hot assistant? :O

  • Emily Erxleben
    Emily Erxleben 7 days ago +28

    Why does everyone give Zach so much hate? HE'S ADORABLE!!!

  • Emily Erxleben
    Emily Erxleben 7 days ago +6

    Why does everyone give Zach so much hate? HE'S ADORABLE!!!

  • Kamala 7
    Kamala 7 7 days ago +2

    Perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to rewatch this while eating

  • Ash Paterson
    Ash Paterson 8 days ago

    It’s like pimple popping vids or bone cracks

  • Ines M
    Ines M 8 days ago +8

    😂 coming back to this episode after all their growth, the opening credit was so... old

  • Kira Merri
    Kira Merri 8 days ago

    Lmao the Jacksfilms intro

  • Agata Kamińska
    Agata Kamińska 8 days ago

    Miles is definitely my fav from tryguys 🙈

  • Agata Kamińska
    Agata Kamińska 8 days ago

    Omg now I'm afraid that I have insects inside 😥

  • Agata Kamińska
    Agata Kamińska 8 days ago

    No. You're wrong. I click cuz i want to know how it its look inside. I'm always curious of human body 👌

  • J.R. Meserve
    J.R. Meserve 8 days ago

    i just threw up on my computer keyboard

  • Golden Quill
    Golden Quill 9 days ago +1

    What is that intro?????

  • a
    a 9 days ago

    Ig of the blonde girl at the back. For research purposes

  • Rebeca Jimenez
    Rebeca Jimenez 9 days ago

    Not gonna lie, I didn't look at most of this video, just listened cuz I was practically gagging at this 😩😩😩 but I want to support the channel!

  • Blake OwO
    Blake OwO 9 days ago

    I mad a jack now

  • Jenna Brickey
    Jenna Brickey 9 days ago +19

    Me: *tilting my phone so I can see around the ear hairs

  • Bargain Hunter TV
    Bargain Hunter TV 9 days ago

    Colonoscopies anyone?

  • Jasmine Heynatz
    Jasmine Heynatz 10 days ago

    This was kinda satisfying

  • Rose Mary
    Rose Mary 10 days ago +2

    *ive never heard of a person thats proud getting the most earwax in public*