Nats score 10 in the 5th to power past Reds | Reds-Nationals Game Highlights 8/14/19

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • Condensed Game: Adam Eaton, Kurt Suzuki and Anthony Rendon homered in a 10-run rally in the 5th as the Nationals defeated the Reds, 17-7
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Comments • 55

  • HereIsTheSmackDown
    HereIsTheSmackDown Month ago

    On fire

  • Nyla Hyman
    Nyla Hyman Month ago +1

    Let’s make the playoffs go nats

  • Joey Jamison
    Joey Jamison Month ago +1

    These Reds bums haven't been able to play .500 ball the whole season. They stink. This is their 6th straight losing year. I predict that one day, there will be professional baseball in Cincinnati. Because there isn't now!

  • Sid Chavan
    Sid Chavan Month ago +10

    I’m sorry but Kurt Suzuki is way better than Yan Gomes

  • E K
    E K Month ago +1

    Poor Bauer

  • Nard & Kick
    Nard & Kick Month ago +2

    Oh yeahhhh nats

  • Ed TheSun
    Ed TheSun Month ago +5

    NATS are on Fiyyaaa

  • B skrillz
    B skrillz Month ago

    damn Trevor Bauer looks like he hit rock bottom now

  • Robert Heintze
    Robert Heintze Month ago +1

    Sounds like the Redskins beat the Bengals, 17-7? Too bad the Nats still don't have Harper to nail down a wild card slot....AND the pitching rotation they had, several years ago.

    • Interesting Interesting
      Interesting Interesting 23 days ago

      Robert Heintze lol harper? what a joke. our entire starting lineup has been hitting better than harper in the last few weeks

    • Robert Heintze
      Robert Heintze Month ago

      @john leber Don't you wish WE were talented enough, to turn down 300 million?...Yep, he's got an ego problem!

    • VGMasterFreak
      VGMasterFreak Month ago

      Harper LOL the guy who cares about one walk off winner over actually being relevant.

    • lilskiesrightnut
      lilskiesrightnut Month ago

      Robert Heintze Still first I’m the Wildcard spot tho.

    • john leber
      john leber Month ago +5

      Dont miss Harper.Ill take Sorto and Robles any day.Glad he turned down the 300 million Nats offered him.I wish they can resign
      Rendon long term.Better player than Harper. We get Mad Max back soon, we got a good chance.

  • doworkson123123
    doworkson123123 Month ago +26

    Nats radio announcers are straight fire

  • Martin Ewell
    Martin Ewell Month ago +15

    playoffs nats come

  • Martin Ewell
    Martin Ewell Month ago +8

    lets go nats

  • Ack
    Ack Month ago +2

    Nats get that dub.

  • Laser Shadow
    Laser Shadow Month ago +1

    gg reds

    • EpicChris
      EpicChris Month ago

      That feels good whenever you get tons of runs in a game you know you won.

    • Arav Bhatt
      Arav Bhatt Month ago


  • Darren Gwin
    Darren Gwin Month ago +3

    so much for being hopeful. guess its next year again reds

  • Angel
    Angel Month ago +25

    7 Bengals - 17 Redskins

  • Jacob Flowers
    Jacob Flowers Month ago +11

    My family was debating on going to this game or yesterday's, and boy I'm glad we chose this one! Our seats were about 10 rows up behind the Nats dugout. It was a great view of all those hits they had!

  • Arav Bhatt
    Arav Bhatt Month ago +10

    gg nationals

  • Larriors blew a 3-1 lead #CriedToKD

    as a reds fan, gg nationals and if we don't make playoffs this year i won't be mad but after chemistry they'll be better next year

  • Arav Bhatt
    Arav Bhatt Month ago +2

    As a reds fan, this hurts.......oh well on to st. louis

    • Joey Jamison
      Joey Jamison Month ago +1

      EVERYTHING the Reds have done this year hurts. Except for winning their first game, they haven't been above .500 all year and will have their 6th straight losing season. The Big Dead Machine. GO INDIANS! They're the only hope for Ohio.

    • Arav Bhatt
      Arav Bhatt Month ago

      @Kamyrien Gillies yes i got it

    • Kamyrien Gillies
      Kamyrien Gillies Month ago +1

      @Arav Bhatt dude you and my dad Redskins in Washington two touchdowns and one field goal and you one touchdown and extra point on the road

    • Arav Bhatt
      Arav Bhatt Month ago +1

      @Otto Wilkinson same bro you a brewers fan?

    • Otto Wilkinson
      Otto Wilkinson Month ago

      You guys didn't deserve this. If this was the Cardinals or Cubs I'd be celebrating.

  • SB5 713
    SB5 713 Month ago


    OHIO ARROWHEADS Month ago +2

    How many runs did Trevor “The Reds Savior” Bauer give up this time?

  • 304 subscribers with no videos

    10 in the 5th wow

  • Jared Williams
    Jared Williams Month ago

    Where are the Orioles and Yankees highlights? 🤔

    • ibarra 28
      ibarra 28 Month ago

      @Jared Williams Playoffs will be scary.....

    • I am a Doctor
      I am a Doctor Month ago +1

      @Arav Bhatt that's right Dodgers Vs Astros in WS. The Yankees don't have starting pitching

    • Jared Williams
      Jared Williams Month ago

      ibarra 28 We’ll see about that

    • ibarra 28
      ibarra 28 Month ago

      Who cares, both of them
      are gonna be massacred by the astros.....

    • Arav Bhatt
      Arav Bhatt Month ago +1

      yankees are the 2nd best team behind LA

  • Tristan Morgan
    Tristan Morgan Month ago


  • Tristan Morgan
    Tristan Morgan Month ago

    Wait I’m actually first

  • Tristan Morgan
    Tristan Morgan Month ago