Girl Chat: Eavesdropping and Breakup Blues

  • Published on Nov 28, 2018
  • Adrienne Houghton, Jeannie Mai, Loni Love, and Tamera Mowry-Housley share their best stories of overhearing strangers’ conversations. They also discuss how they’ve gotten over bad breakups. Have you ever eavesdropped on a juicy conversation? Spill the tea!

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  • J Nic
    J Nic 2 days ago

    Loni strikes me as someone that’s very nosey

  • Karabo Raditsela
    Karabo Raditsela 4 days ago

    Jeannie is extra though ... "Whats the color of the pen?" Jeannie "purple"

    MS BOSS LADY 4 days ago

    If you're on Instagram then you're not really that hurt!!! All you want is attention!!!! Amen!!!!

  • Ray Williams
    Ray Williams 12 days ago +1


  • Marie Carmen
    Marie Carmen 13 days ago

    I’m just like Adrienne. When I’m hurt I want to have my space and I won’t talk about it until I’m healed from it. I’ve always been like that.

  • miss sunshine
    miss sunshine 15 days ago

    Adrienne would rather talk about her personal stuff publicly on the real..

  • miss sunshine
    miss sunshine 15 days ago

    Adrienne says she is a people pleaser but she can’t even listen to her friend in need.. she talks about herself all the time

  • Rose J
    Rose J 17 days ago

    Adrienne speaking like a true New Yorker. Mind your business!

  • tox1c
    tox1c 19 days ago

    when i womman cheats : ooolalaalalal

    whan a man cheats : wow thats rude mean

  • Necriel Rigby
    Necriel Rigby 19 days ago


  • Lacey Stitt
    Lacey Stitt 21 day ago

    Love Tamara’s hair!

  • Mahalia James
    Mahalia James 21 day ago

    You guys stop talking at once

  • Atara Israel
    Atara Israel 23 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who thought it was called “ease dropping” 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Urvashi Sharma
    Urvashi Sharma 24 days ago

    Everyone grieves differently. One may not understand it . That's okay. Don't coddle. But don't judge.

  • Nouran
    Nouran 24 days ago

    I’m the same as Adrienne. I’m not the friend to call when I’m not ok. I’m the friend ppl call when they’re notk

  • giselle joseph
    giselle joseph 27 days ago

    I listen an then come home an talk about it. I am like jeanie

  • hortonhearscrying
    hortonhearscrying 29 days ago

    I don’t wear condoms so I don’t have that problem.

  • G J
    G J 29 days ago

    I don't believe you Tamara. it's hard to believe you interrupted in somebody's conversation.

  • G J
    G J 29 days ago

    Loni is such an liar

  • Nai-lah Krista Simone
    Nai-lah Krista Simone 29 days ago

    That's me. I am like the upside to this is I don't have to cook or wash for you anymore. Nor wonder about whether or not you doing me wrong. My spirit is at peace

  • LightShadow ___
    LightShadow ___ Month ago

    Purple 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Chely Garcia
    Chely Garcia Month ago

    No that so wrong

  • Christina Mathis
    Christina Mathis Month ago

    I am the same as adrian, if im sad or depressed or hurt im not talkin to NO ONE.

  • Y .C
    Y .C Month ago

    Now Loni girl that hairstyle boo ain’t it nobody got to long ass hair pieces hanging out that ain’t even bangs LOL

  • nicole avery
    nicole avery Month ago

    Adrienne is right if you’re really going through something the last thing you would care about is social media it doesn’t mean she doesn’t let her feelings she just does it on her OWN god this attention seeking society is so brainwashed

  • Hannah Scancom
    Hannah Scancom 2 months ago +1

    You guys always make my day

  • tox1c
    tox1c 2 months ago

    soo when i womman cheats its okey but when a man does is wrong

  • ghufran al
    ghufran al 2 months ago

    Anyone else feel like Jeannie’s story about the condom ... was like ... complete bs ?

  • The Glamtastic Life Of Beauty

    I’m an introvert. I truly understand Adrienne.

  • India Williams
    India Williams 2 months ago

    I’m like A! I think it’s a scorpio thing. I like to be alone when i’m going through stuff

  • Exo Exo
    Exo Exo 2 months ago

    Adrienne's make up always looks flawless

  • Elisha B
    Elisha B 2 months ago

    Adrienne lacks empathy. That works for HER. Thats not how everyone grieves.

  • allison tamouzian
    allison tamouzian 2 months ago +1

    Mama Mai is an intelligent woman. Her personality is so funny I think a lot of people don’t see how smart she really is.

  • Olivia Hallie
    Olivia Hallie 2 months ago

    Did adrienne just say that its better to look good than to feel good

  • SashaPraySlay
    SashaPraySlay 2 months ago

    Everybody handles their problems differently but I totally agree with Adrienne .

  • Stephanie Mayes
    Stephanie Mayes 2 months ago

    Idk Jeannie pointed and imitated her mom like “he’s fat ...” with her fat friend right next to her 🤦🏻‍♀️ AWKWARD

  • Sarah Cherop
    Sarah Cherop 2 months ago

    Jeannie Mai story of the lady cheating sounds like something she just came up with

  • MsDKing
    MsDKing 3 months ago

    I've never been able to eavesdrop on peoples conversations because i get distracted easily. I would try concentrating on a conversation then something happens no matter how small like the sun reflecting off a silver knife or as big as a car chase outside my street. My attention is gone and i envy those who can sit there and be able to hear everything 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Secia Sagastume
    Secia Sagastume 3 months ago

    I love how open they are with there faith.

  • Nikki Longmire
    Nikki Longmire 3 months ago

    I'm Jeannie's mother lol but if it comes to a friendship breakup im more like Adrienne

  • Ashely Díaz
    Ashely Díaz 3 months ago +3

    Jeanne's innocent little stories give me life 😂

  • Obayd ubayd
    Obayd ubayd 3 months ago

    Clearly they haven't watched "What Would you Do" 👀😂😂

  • Barbara Hawkins
    Barbara Hawkins 3 months ago

    I just love you all. I can only watch on my day off. I love to see what T is wearing and how she have her hair fix. she is so beautiful and carry her self like a lady should. love you all on the show. Mississippi on the house. God Bless

  • Teri Williams
    Teri Williams 3 months ago

    Don't come to Tennessee bc we do give our two cent.

  • Roots
    Roots 3 months ago

    Damn Adrieene, calm down! How about different people handle life challenges differently than you do.

  • pinkygirlXOX92
    pinkygirlXOX92 3 months ago

    Loni stop lying.

  • Renato Sanchez
    Renato Sanchez 3 months ago

    This are worthless four stupid cows

  • Emma Lindsey
    Emma Lindsey 3 months ago +1

    the second half of this video changed my life, thank you.

  • shee thuo
    shee thuo 3 months ago

    tamera looks sooooooooo tia here.....

  • Lea M.
    Lea M. 3 months ago

    lol i can't relate to any of this since ive never been in a relationship before😟

  • Olivia S
    Olivia S 3 months ago

    It’s Something Like That Called Retail Therapy...You Go Shopping Until You Feel Better

  • Jeffery Grays
    Jeffery Grays 3 months ago +20

    When Adrienne said " you not that heartbroken if you on Instagram" had me weak😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sahar Nabi
    Sahar Nabi 3 months ago

    I just lost my grandma and posting on my IG stories about her helps me heal.. everyone grieves differently. Sometimes I just wanted to let the world know about my grandma..

  • Business XX
    Business XX 3 months ago +2

    I like to be coddled. The more I'm coddled, the faster I bounce back. In fact, studies show that if you pick up babies when they cry, the quicker they realize that their crying means something to you, and they feel loved and validated, and they stop crying.

  • Vanessa Tovar
    Vanessa Tovar 3 months ago

    Oh come on! Let people grieve about break ups! That’s messed up. I don’t like people telling me “Work on yourself” that’s a cop out because you don’t wanna be there for them. There are so many people like
    that. Very selfish. That’s the last thing people wanna hear!

  • Alexzandria Martin
    Alexzandria Martin 3 months ago

    I’m sorry but tamera why would you automatically take a womens side when sometimes it can be them who started coming for a girl

  • Emily S
    Emily S 3 months ago

    how about just letting your girlfriend grieve as much as they want too? just be there for them. do not ever tell them to just get over out. if my friends ever did that to me id be praying for the day that they get heartbroken then id does the exact same thing and worse them to show them how it feels! it's rude yes, but so is telling someone to get over something that they are really upset about. Karma is a bitch!

  • Shai Tupua
    Shai Tupua 3 months ago +5

    2019 and watching this I love y’all talks I promise it helps out so much with my life situations

  • Breanna Sosa-Lopez
    Breanna Sosa-Lopez 3 months ago

    You are a Princess of the Most High!!!! Yeeeeeessssssss!!!!!!!! 🙏🙌

  • Latka
    Latka 3 months ago

    Adrienne keeps saying when “you are” but here’s the thing...not everyone processes things the same way! That may be what works for you, but not for everyone! In my opinion, people should have the opportunity to grieve in a way that’s right and healthy for them.