J.Y. Park X Mnet "슈퍼인턴" Teaser 6

  • Published on Mar 6, 2019
  • J.Y. Park X Mnet "슈퍼인턴" Teaser 6
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  • mertens kim
    mertens kim 2 months ago

    다현아 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 우리둡 ㅎㅎㅎ

  • 코링{원스&슼}
    코링{원스&슼} 2 months ago

    꺄~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 언니!!!! 방송에 나온거 추카해요~~~~♥~♥~♥~♥~~~♥~♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • nadyaaarahma dayanti
    nadyaaarahma dayanti 2 months ago


  • nadyaaarahma dayanti
    nadyaaarahma dayanti 2 months ago


  • Kuradin Simamora
    Kuradin Simamora 3 months ago

    How many like chaeyoung??

  • YoshTG
    YoshTG 4 months ago

    ok so all comments i see here are english but its an korean video without english subs. did i miss something? how does that even work?

  • 뚜룹이
    뚜룹이 4 months ago

    입흐댜 ㅇ 내쉐끼 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ채영ㅇ아 ㅠㅠ❤🧡💛💚💙

  • 웨슬리 Wesley Wisdom

    I'm a simple man; I see 다현 and I hit like.

  • ติ่งโง่ๆ คนนึง

    I love yoy. Dahyu i love you.~~~~😍😍

  • sexy 13cm fairy_ jinani ikon's tallest member


  • Xiao Hui Looi
    Xiao Hui Looi 4 months ago


  • Adnan Official
    Adnan Official 4 months ago


  • Liz Yeol
    Liz Yeol 4 months ago

    Dahyun te amo 💖💗

  • Valerie Perin
    Valerie Perin 5 months ago

    I saw DAHYUN on thumbnail.

  • Nerchy
    Nerchy 5 months ago

    pls add english subtitle :"(

  • mind mint
    mind mint 5 months ago +1


  • Kim Tae
    Kim Tae 5 months ago

    Dahyun.... 😍😍😍💕💕❤

  • 윤도연
    윤도연 5 months ago

    그렇게 그는 채영과 밥을 먹을 수 있었다고 한다... 부럽 ㅠㅠ

  • twice_bangtan_ exid
    twice_bangtan_ exid 5 months ago

    Sub español!!.

  • Ana Rodríguez López
    Ana Rodríguez López 5 months ago


  • Yndira flores army
    Yndira flores army 5 months ago

    Te quiero dahyun

  • Biin ONCE
    Biin ONCE 5 months ago

    Dahyunieeeeeee ❤️ Chaeyoungieeeeeee ❤️

  • N Blt
    N Blt 5 months ago

    The thumbnail choice is great ❤️🔥

  • Danny Study
    Danny Study 5 months ago

    Suddenly press the like, when I see Chaeyoung..

    CLUMSY SANA 5 months ago

    Twice where have you been ;-;

  • Diego Rollón Salamanca
    Diego Rollón Salamanca 5 months ago +1

    Twice comeback pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Nadzrul Wahap
    Nadzrul Wahap 5 months ago

    Literally watching the whole video without even understanding anything they said🤣🤣

  • alben xiao
    alben xiao 5 months ago


  • X .U
    X .U 5 months ago

    Try hard to understand guys....

  • ThePoet2009Romeo
    ThePoet2009Romeo 5 months ago

    JYP can we please get English subtitles please.

  • Moana Ryan
    Moana Ryan 5 months ago

    I see Dahyun I click

  • - ahgase 747
    - ahgase 747 5 months ago


  • brONCEvie트 와 이 스

    I saw MY DAHYUN so I suddenly clicked it 😘😍❤

  • Keith Lund
    Keith Lund 5 months ago

    Dahyun and Chaeyoung 😍

  • i cant sleep
    i cant sleep 5 months ago

    I wish there were english subs

  • _CHANザルバ
    _CHANザルバ 5 months ago


  • Brenda de vega
    Brenda de vega 5 months ago

    Son tan lind@s todos pero no tengo ni la mas pálida idea de lo que dijeron 😶💖

  • JTCCG zo
    JTCCG zo 5 months ago


  • Park Dahyun
    Park Dahyun 5 months ago

    Dahyuniee kyeopta

  • Bitch, Jimin is mine
    Bitch, Jimin is mine 5 months ago


  • Soyeon Unnie
    Soyeon Unnie 5 months ago


  • 소럥의 소소한일상[ONCE]

    채영이도 이쁘다ㅜㅜ

  • 소럥의 소소한일상[ONCE]

    다현 넘 이쁘당ㅜ

  • Ratia FW
    Ratia FW 5 months ago

    Dahyunie 😍

  • Jiří Valenta
    Jiří Valenta 5 months ago

    Dahyunie BamBam and Chaeng!

  • shiro chan
    shiro chan 5 months ago


  • Shy shy shy Sana
    Shy shy shy Sana 5 months ago

    Why have I watched this like 5 times but I have no idea what anyone is saying??

  • 김다흰
    김다흰 5 months ago

    Da hyun💝Da hyun

  • 김환진
    김환진 5 months ago

    이거 6화 맞나요?

    IGOT7 AND ONCE 5 months ago


  • 조성만
    조성만 5 months ago

    트와이스 다현 콘텐츠 인턴: 최지은
    갓세븐 뱀뱀 콘텐츠 인턴: 임아현
    트와이스 채영 콘텐츠 인턴: 정종원
    ※최종우승자: 정종원※

  • About TWICE
    About TWICE 5 months ago

    I'm once and i love twice somuch 😍❤❣❣

  • Just Music
    Just Music 5 months ago

    English subtitles please

  • got_it MG
    got_it MG 5 months ago +1

    Can someone translate what bambam said

  • Kirito&Starfilling
    Kirito&Starfilling 5 months ago

    Sub ENG?

  • 샤샤샤Shy Shy Shy
    샤샤샤Shy Shy Shy 5 months ago

    Chaeyoung's Fighting gives me life

  • กัส ซอท จิ

    Dahayoen is tha best

  • Go Ken
    Go Ken 5 months ago


  • Ruth Sanz
    Ruth Sanz 5 months ago

    BAMBAM 😭💙💘

  • La Alddo
    La Alddo 5 months ago

    dahyun 🤗🤗🤗😍😍

  • Hwang Hyunjin
    Hwang Hyunjin 5 months ago

    what are they talking about?

    MAMIDADAJB 5 months ago

    Dahyun & Bambam💖

  • M AfifFudin
    M AfifFudin 5 months ago


  • Asdf Ghjk
    Asdf Ghjk 5 months ago

    I see dahyun I click 😉

    CHAIYA K. 5 months ago +1

    Dub Chaeng 😍❤️

  • Dina ahmed KPOP 89
    Dina ahmed KPOP 89 5 months ago

    I love you Got7 ❤️ I love you TWICE ❤️

  • Isabel María Santiago Díaz


  • بسمت اكسو
    بسمت اكسو 5 months ago

    واوووو داهيون بام بام تشايونغ طالعين يجننو يخبلون

  • Vergians Syah
    Vergians Syah 5 months ago

    Subtitle english ON 🙏 please

  • PP Thảo
    PP Thảo 5 months ago +1

    My love Dahyun. She so petty and cute💚

  • _김다현rps
    _김다현rps 5 months ago

    Dahyun ❤ you are so beautiful

  • alex alvarado
    alex alvarado 5 months ago

    Chaeyoung ♡

  • Sem Nome
    Sem Nome 5 months ago

    Dubchaeng and Bambam❤❤❤❤❤

  • Sephinelix
    Sephinelix 5 months ago

    Dahyun : Being this not a familiar content for me to make, ... it was a whole new idea to do as a content. it was quite challengeable. At first I thought it would be fun, but when it began, not at all easy. I personally think it wound up successfully.
    (I am not a fan of the guy, so I pass him by. someone else might to that)
    Chaeyoung. : The suggestion itself was so detailed and well-planned, and when it actually began it became a lot more interesting when it was read. The contestant was very well-organizing and smart, and led me to his direction very well. I hope he(or she) can pass this and become a regular employee to have JYPmeal together. Cheer up!