What NO-ONE Tells You About Japan

  • Published on May 16, 2020
  • What do I dislike about Japan the most? Why do strangers here always randomly ask your age? Who's in my basement? And how did a Giant Hornet once lead me to almost crash my car? The answers to all these questions and more, lie within.
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  • Abroad in Japan
    Abroad in Japan  2 years ago +4768

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD: It's 5am and I've been editing for 18 hours. I can't feel my face. I've forgotten my name. (I think it's Dave). There's a ton of stories and experiences stuffed into this video - I hope you enjoy them! (Just don't ask me about the guy in the basement). I'd like to another Q&A again and indeed, if it does well, I may do another in June. I hope you guys are safe wherever you may be out there right now - things seem to be improving and I look forward to getting out once and again exploring the country. The question is, WHERE should we explore? Let me know in the comments and it'll probably definitely happen.

    • Collin White
      Collin White 7 months ago


    • WhatNow858
      WhatNow858 9 months ago

      Dave in Japan--I still crack up.

    • Johann
      Johann 10 months ago

      Well with that being addressed,
      I would like to think Japan really needs your expertise good sir.
      "Pizza Sand"... 🤔
      The level of stupid is quite ridiculous I am not pleased to say.
      Great video. 🙏

    • Vincent Ducut
      Vincent Ducut 11 months ago

      @Alex Wright M mom v no

    • Jacob Cordell
      Jacob Cordell 11 months ago

      How dare you make funny jokes and great videos.. you should be ashamed of how talented you are!! BURN 🤪

  • ぴょんぴょん
    ぴょんぴょん Year ago +2871

    In general, the reason why Japanese people ask you your ages is just because they don’t know how to start conversations with foreigners. As you know, Japanese generally is not good at speaking English although we learn English for about six years at school. But at school we memorized some basic English sentence like “ where are you from?” , “ how old are you?”
    So when Japanese meets foreigner, they ask you your country, your ages automatically.
    They are just interested in who you are and try to know you doing there best in English. We never try to push our culture on you
    Sorry for my poor English but I just let you know the fact.

    • O Filósofo (Ou um fumante)
      O Filósofo (Ou um fumante) Month ago

      @Nicheman I'm Brazilian and my English is really bad but I can communicate with people at least

    • John alverson
      John alverson Month ago

      Well said, your English is better than you think.

    • Amv bros
      Amv bros Year ago

      Message must be conveyed only

    • Amv bros
      Amv bros Year ago

      No worries man

    • Keita
      Keita Year ago

      So it's like treat others as you want to be treated

  • Enjina
    Enjina Year ago +1132

    as a Mongolian, it was so ridiculously funny to know how Japanese people react to us. maybe one day i will open a sushi restaurant in Mongolia and name it as oda nobunaga, be my guests.

    • Turkey Sandwich
      Turkey Sandwich Month ago

      I don't think anyone got your joke lol

    • Big Pimpin
      Big Pimpin Month ago +1


    • Kenneth Schultz
      Kenneth Schultz Month ago

      Yo hit me with that address ill be on the next flight

    • Aonghus MacCready
      Aonghus MacCready 4 months ago

      This would not work in the States you call a place Tojo's or Hitler's and you will get firebombed, or at least some horrible customers at Hitler's

    • 抹茶
      抹茶 6 months ago +1

      I don't know if its just Hokkaido but in elementary schools, but you dance to a song called Genghis Khan and I literally thought it was a song about the mutton dish lol

  • Cyn Renteria
    Cyn Renteria Year ago +127

    I was wondering is it odd to offer help to an elder in Japan? For example: If you see a old lady carrying a heavy bag of food home, is it okay to offer help?

    • Leonardo
      Leonardo 2 months ago +1

      @ACB well who doesnt

    • AniMAEtics1
      AniMAEtics1 Year ago +3

      @Caroline Ang 💓

    • Caroline Ang
      Caroline Ang Year ago +52

      once i helped an old lady find the right platform on her way home, she got lost in Shinjuku station, when we arrive at the ticket gate before getting in she passed me 1000 yen (of course i refused) and said, there is no many young people care about us.
      ask her if she needs help. she will appreciate it.

  • Jezeriah
    Jezeriah Year ago +162

    I like how Chris drives around listening to his own intro music.

  • OniiChanSugoi
    OniiChanSugoi Year ago +372

    That was legit the best American impression I’ve ever seen a British person do.

    • Chibi Girl
      Chibi Girl 3 months ago

      ...That you know of.

    • HouseMDaddict
      HouseMDaddict 5 months ago +2

      Yeah it was actually a good "generic" American voice. Most non-americans go for either a southern, a California, or a NYC-ish accent.

    • OniiChanSugoi
      OniiChanSugoi 11 months ago +1

      @Colin Newman You're right, that's a great example actually

    • Crash Bash
      Crash Bash 11 months ago +10

      Tom Holland is now typing...

    • Colin Newman
      Colin Newman 11 months ago +8

      @Shae Have you ever seen 'House'?

  • fredrik Liljeblad
    fredrik Liljeblad 11 months ago +7

    I never encountered a giant Hornet during my 15 years in Japan. Are they a new phenomenon? Rather frightening looking. My biggest surprise was the Japanese weather--always too- something. the Summers were the worst. I used to go with friends to the Sumida-gawa fireworks, and always had to walk back home and take a nice cool bath. The humidity was excruciating. Most winters were nice, rather little snow, but one winter was blizzard after blizzard. Air-conditioning was invented for Japan! Except that the Japanese never dare use it. The food was great, though.

  • Daniel Whyatt
    Daniel Whyatt 6 months ago +10

    If I was to get a Japanese inner-city apartment, my biggest concern would definitely be noises from all of my neighbours. I can totally understand brick not being a common construction material at all for small residential housing, the better insulation should be an obvious thing by now. I’d imagine it would have to be a lot of the newer properties for you to be able to get one like that.
    Thanks for this video mate. Definitely answered a few more questions I had. It is a shame they don’t really have much sitting out front options at restaurants and drinking establishments. I’m betting it’s only really common in the most spaced out areas of the city where congestion is less of a problem or you are in the countryside.

  • Derek Grieve
    Derek Grieve Year ago +5

    Hey Dave. I have found your videos quite informative (and entertaining). I last visited Japan in the 1960s, and through your videos I can see it has changed a little bit. May I ask a question which I have often wondered. Is it true that a person who has no family has no social status in Japan? That a person with no social status will find it difficult to marry in Japan? (Just thought I would ask). Keep up the good work on the videos.

  • Shirah Malka Cohen
    Shirah Malka Cohen Year ago +12

    We live in a single house (一戸建て) with a space between houses that for Japan is extremely generous, and we can still hear our neighbours. That's Japan for you. Also, about the hanko, if you are really stubborn, you can get by with using a signature instead (especially if you are a foreigner, one rare benefit of being a foreigner in Japan...). It is my one act of resistence against the Japanese system...

  • sunset cgt
    sunset cgt 2 years ago +5211

    plot twist: the guy in the basement is the real Dave whose TheXvid channel was called Dave in Japan until Chris abducted him and took over his channel

  • Dilandau3000
    Dilandau3000 Year ago +40

    When I lived in Japan, I generally didn't hear my neighbor, except when he decided to have a 4AM shouting match with his girlfriend. Those were always fun, and quite frequent. Fortunately, I sleep with earplugs anyway.
    EDIT: I lived there for 6 years and never needed a hanko stamp. Not for the bank, or renting an apartment, or anything. Everyone just always let me sign instead.

  • Stokes817
    Stokes817 Year ago +4

    From a fellow bilingual person, I have a question for you, Chris! While I learned French, there was a distinct moment where I began to want to lobotomize myself. The languages just fought a lot inside of my head and gave me the feeling that I was losing my sanity -- did you have a moment where you felt like learning Japanese was a mistake? Or any other struggles with the "idea" of language, not necessarily with Japanese itself? Also, do you ever just talk to yourself in Japanese now that you know it, or is your internal voice still English?

  • x* Potential
    x* Potential 10 months ago +4

    Chris, I love these videos where you share stuff with us, you have an amazing sense of humour. I laugh a lot at your vid and I am a person who finds it difficult to laugh at comedians. Keep it up.

    • x* Potential
      x* Potential 10 months ago

      @Katherine H Exactly and I love it

    • Katherine H
      Katherine H 10 months ago +1

      I am the same way. I think it's because most comedy is performative and highly practiced and refined but not natural humor about real experiences. The humor on this channel is very natural and genuine

  • Lmnop Xyz
    Lmnop Xyz 7 months ago +6

    Writing from Oklahoma, USA. Your episodes are so wonderful to watch. You are hilarious. By the way, I have been to Japan 4 times and traveled around the country extensively. I love Japan and plan to move there once Covid is behind us

  • Cecily Erker
    Cecily Erker 2 years ago +6534

    I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating. And it gets everywhere.

    • Arm Wrestling Theory
      Arm Wrestling Theory 11 months ago

      Don't try it Anakin I have the high ground... You underestimate my power.. you were like a brother to me.
      I hate youuuuu! Ahhhhhh

    • trax72
      trax72 Year ago

      Yeah that pizzasand gets between your teeth.

    • Joshua Skidmore
      Joshua Skidmore Year ago

      The force is strong with this one

    • darth sidious the emperor
      darth sidious the emperor Year ago

      I once new a lord who hated sand

    • Nixx0912
      Nixx0912 Year ago


  • Ross
    Ross Year ago +6

    I actually have no intention of visiting Japan, or even a particular interest in Japan, but your videos are just so bloody funny. Very creative editing given you are filming it all in a very tiny apartment.

  • Luke Tulavu-Mont
    Luke Tulavu-Mont 10 months ago +3

    LOVE your channel, telling about TRUE experiences.
    And i definitely recognize myself with my 20 years living in this country. More than familiar stories. I would be more than pleased to share my many experiences as well.

  • Yohan J
    Yohan J 2 months ago +4

    Oh my! Well, that didn't speak for all South Koreans. I am a South Korean and your channel is absolutely interesting with all your reviews of Japan that are equally positive and negative. I've seen your videos and you are pretty straight forward in saying your opinions. I learnt so many intersting things about Japan from you. I also find your sarcastic way of speaking downright funny. I am glad to hear you have visited South Korea before. Do come to South Korea again and I hope you have lots of good experiences here as well.

  • Daniel Kaz
    Daniel Kaz Year ago +1

    Let me know how returning that hat goes. I’m pretty sure returning things in Japan is next to impossible. (That’s another thing nobody realizes until you’ve been there for a while.)
    Anyway, I just wanna say that you are by far the best “foreigner in Japan” TheXvidr there is. I mean that. Your observations about Japan are SPOT ON! You’re genuinely funny and not weird or creepy. Most foreigners I’ve met in Japan are weird or turn weird. Being squeezed into the mold, just doesn’t suit us, and we should stay ourselves as you have (What’s your secret?), while staying balanced, of course, I mean, it is Japan. Anyway, Thanks for your work.
    Oh you need to learn how to pronounce Ryotaro correctly (Sorry, its true)

  • Pat Haley Guitar
    Pat Haley Guitar 2 years ago +2530

    Absurd to think someone thought your name was "Dave in Japan." Everyone knows youre Chad in Seattle.

    • Don Reed
      Don Reed Year ago

      His name is nowhere prominently displayed on the videos and yet he expects people to remember his name (8:30 "Chris Broad." Thank you. FInally. Next time, take TEN detours before you arrive). I myself have seen him on the I Love Lucy re-runs, and Lucille Ball always calls him "Chimp."
      In other news, MIT students have been busy trying to remember where they parked their cars last night. Maybe in Japan, hey guys, didja look there? Why not? What the hell is WRONG with you?!

    • Raymond Biskner
      Raymond Biskner Year ago +3

      Better question:
      Why does he changing his name when he "visits" a new country?

    • Corsair Carl
      Corsair Carl Year ago +3

      Bill in Germany

    • justreallybored
      justreallybored Year ago +4

      Nah, Chad is in Ireland...he dates some blonde chick that never understands tipping in the US.

    • Mr. M
      Mr. M Year ago +6

      His name is Abroad and he is in a pan

  • Keiko P
    Keiko P 8 months ago +8

    Hey Dave, I love your sense of humor as I laughed out loud to your responses to the comments! Especially since the #realchrisbroad can lift the latch from inside his confinement.

  • Michael Fisher
    Michael Fisher 7 months ago +2

    Very entertaining. We found a place to eat outside in Tokyo - down a back alley with 2 outdoor tables. It was going swimmingly until the waiter delivered a delicious dish that I did not recall ordering. Said waiter came back and was obviously upset about something. Using Google translate and lots of smiling we eventually worked out the problem and he was relieved when I said I would pay for it....of course.

  • lordsleepyhead
    lordsleepyhead Year ago +1

    I read that there are local train lines in Japan that keep running cause like one granny still takes it once a week. It'd be cool if you could find one of these and do a video on it.
    Also, being from the Netherlands I'm fascinated with the Dutch theme park called Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki. You can view it on Google Streetview, so uncanny to see pretty real-looking Dutch buildings but with mountains in the background.

  • amazingamer_playz
    amazingamer_playz Year ago +340

    Waiter: “what are you having today”
    Me: “Ill have hitler and a glass of water please”

    • Teri Hargrave
      Teri Hargrave 5 months ago +1

      @nosuchthingasshould aha! :)

    • nosuchthingasshould
      nosuchthingasshould 5 months ago +2

      @Teri Hargrave Oliver Cromwell?

    • Teri Hargrave
      Teri Hargrave 7 months ago +1

      Being thoroughly British, make mine a Winston Churchill... Not exact a dictator, but the best we have 😎

    • joe broadbeef
      joe broadbeef 8 months ago

      @Thread Bomb haha, that's true!

    • Thread Bomb
      Thread Bomb 10 months ago +1

      Hey, we already have Caesar salad.

  • HeyLebo
    HeyLebo 2 years ago +270

    "And at that point, the entire bank broke." This (and the rest of the story) made me laugh so hard. As someone who lived in Japan for 3 years I can picture this so perfectly. =D

    • 1MHCS
      1MHCS 2 years ago +1

      I was there for a month once many years ago and YUP, this part had me in fits.

    • Alfredo Ruiz
      Alfredo Ruiz 2 years ago +1

      me too!! I was even crying :D:D:D

    • Hamza
      Hamza 2 years ago +1

      @Abroad in Japan did you ever get rejected to open an bank account they rejected me twice

    • princessthyemis
      princessthyemis 2 years ago +1

      @Abroad in Japan that sounds terrifying.

    • Yuliia Chekhovska
      Yuliia Chekhovska 2 years ago +15

      Same here, I went to a bank one week after my arrival in Japan and since I couldn't speak much of Japanese the bank workers just started panicking madly. Unforgettable scene 🥰

  • Corbin Lauvray
    Corbin Lauvray Year ago +1

    Just found this channel after looking up stuff about how difficult it might be to visit Japan. Gotta say that I really enjoy your videoing style. Keep it up👍

  • SashaHRH
    SashaHRH Year ago +1

    So funny when you commented you react to foreginers as well. My family and I are blessed to be able to visit Japan about every other month for the last 8 years (well, until Covid). It is so funny that though we are forenginers, we are quick to point out other foreginers to each other. You do get used to the homogenoious look very quickly. What also stands out to our family is when we are in Japan we are quite comfortable being quieter, more aware of how we affect others around us, the orderliness that we encounter in almost every place we visit, etc... Then we come back home to the US, and are in culture shock for a few days.

  • ShroudedWolf51
    ShroudedWolf51 Year ago +4

    Don't know how things are now, but I lived in Japan in the early noughties and yeah. I can relate. Wall the walls are basically non-existent and you can hear pretty much everything that is happening around your flat at all times.

  • Tako Kure
    Tako Kure Year ago +6

    My first apartment here in Japan had the same problem, and I swear my neighbor was rearranging his furniture every night....it was weird

    • ofn
      ofn Year ago

      I live in germany and i can definitely relate lol

  • 麻衣
    麻衣 Year ago +453

    When living in an apartment in Japan you should choose apartments that use “Tekin concrete” as their material for the inside of the wall. “Tekotsu” or “mokuzo” walls are thin so it makes it’s easier to hear people’s noises.

    • Dead Children Playing
      Dead Children Playing Year ago +3

      @DANI CALI GIRL that applies to the entire world uwu

    • sakana tengoku
      sakana tengoku Year ago +30

      D. C It's written specifically in the advertisement or website or wherever you see real estate's information. This is a common knowledge in Japan when you rent an apartment or buy a house. Mokuzo means the skeleton of the building is wood, so it's better to chose Tekkin concrete.

    • D. C
      D. C Year ago +48

      This is very useful to know but how would you be able to tell if an apartment had tekin concrete? Is it regularly written on the contract/sales advertisement what kind of concrete is used?

    • 麻衣
      麻衣 Year ago +71

      Lan Naga
      The material used for the inside of a wall is a very important matter when choosing houses in Japan.

    • Lan Naga
      Lan Naga Year ago +3

      Wtf bruh🤣

  • Nicholas Karasievich
    Nicholas Karasievich 11 months ago +1

    I find this fascinatingly entertaining. Thank you for making these videos.😁

  • christian brady
    christian brady Year ago +2

    I love how the hornet reaction is definitely on point for 99% of us.

  • Michael M.
    Michael M. Year ago

    I think another journey across japan type of series would definitely be awesome. You could call it “Fit Across Japan” this time since you’re living a healthier lifestyle and, more importantly, in a honda fit.

  • Thomas Bjor
    Thomas Bjor Year ago

    You should do a food tour of japan, I LOVE your food videos😊 I love all your other videos too, but the stuff about food are always my favorite💕

  • zeromatter34
    zeromatter34 2 years ago +600

    I love the idea that Chris listens to his YT stock music on his free time, and in his car.

    • campkira
      campkira 2 years ago +11

      he know what he doing....

  • chi m
    chi m Year ago

    This is your second video I've watched this morning. I really enjoyed it. after staying indoors for 5 months and my wife losing our business, I'm retired. I thought we would move to Japan for a year or two. And I'm getting an idea of what it's like for someone like me there. But I think I saw you speak fluent Japanese. Which kind of annoyed me. It blew my mind, a Japanese speaker with an English accent? Mind blown!

  • noah harris
    noah harris Year ago +54

    The “plastic bag candy” is botan rice candy 😂 it’s not gelatin it’s rice

    • noah harris
      noah harris Year ago +8

      Sefina Silorio not sure... wizards sounds logical

    • Sefina Silorio
      Sefina Silorio Year ago +4

      And its not made by wizards right😅😂

  • Katie B
    Katie B Year ago

    I've already subsribed to some channels about Japan and yours is THE BEST, honestly. The British, self- ironic sense of humour is brilliant. I laugh my head off when I watch your entries. Thank you, keep on making short films, please: they're both very informative and funny to watch. Cheers !

  • Andrew Bieler
    Andrew Bieler Year ago +1

    More Hokkaido videos plz. Would be cool to see more of the outdoor lifestyle activities in hookaido and their nature parks and hot springs

  • Unenbayar Javkhlan
    Unenbayar Javkhlan 2 years ago +37

    Hey guys, I'm from Mongolia and I'm certainly surprised to learn that a Mongolian dish has reached the hands of the Japanese people. It's intriguing because Mongolian meat is considerably one of the best and most delicious meat you could put in your mouth, so I'm quite pleased that this dish got mentioned on the video. Chris did an amazing job in explaining the dish but not very much so about Ghengis Khan. See, we Mongolians call him " Chingiss Haan(khan)", as is the proper pronuunciation. He wasn't a dictator, he was more of a fearsome ruler and uniter of the Mongolian Nomad tribes in the 1200s. He conquered half of the world on horseback and if there any stereotypes you have heard about him you might as well throw them out the window and do some research on your own. As always, great video Chris. :)) 🇲🇳🇲🇳🇲🇳

    • Grapheme Lucid
      Grapheme Lucid Year ago +2

      @Littleflower Nah, it's like Mao to the Chinese and Stalin to the Russian and of course Isoroku Yamamoto to the Japanese.
      They all tend to glorify these persons, killing tens of thousands of ppl makes you a hero during times of war.
      So as long as you are not Mongolian yourself, you don't even need to care about whether Ghengis Khan is good or bad.
      He stays as the big rapist of history to non-Mongolian.
      This whole thing, it's just a nationalism trickery, the way I see it.

    • Littleflower
      Littleflower 2 years ago +1

      Interesting.I thought Gengis Kahn was called Temujin and was a big rapist with a legendary sexual appetite.A genetic study showed a big percentage of men-about 16 million men- in conquered areas are related to voracious Gengis.Must be due to a diet of that great meat.Thanks for letting me know he wasn't a violent S.O.B.

    • biggiepakaveli
      biggiepakaveli 2 years ago

      @AkachiTeam gimme that shmeat

    • Moto Trooper
      Moto Trooper 2 years ago +1

      Mongols and Japanese
      A topic for a movie!

  • Kamil Zabiegala
    Kamil Zabiegala 2 months ago

    Absolutely love your channel sir! I cannot wait to visit Japan in the future. Cheers from Chicago!

  • bear guy
    bear guy Year ago +1

    OK Chris, If you decide on a road trip, Osaka/Kobe area would be great. I spent time in Yokohama and Kobe, never got to see Osaka. I saw a show here in the states about it and it broke my hear I didn't now let alone take the time to see it. Plus I'm a huge Baseball fan and I have been following the Hanshin Tigers. So needless to say, I would love to see the Tigers play.

  • beatlesandcoffee
    beatlesandcoffee Year ago +1

    The one thing I'd want to try the most is real authentic Japanese ramen from a ramen shop...cause anime makes it look so damn good ( enough to make me drool while typing this out) and there are hundreds of different flavours and ingredients. Secondly, you can't go wrong with sushi and sake, those would be a big plus.

  • marq
    marq Year ago +2

    The beauty of watching your channel is learning about Japanese culture with British humour

  • JakeKeur
    JakeKeur Year ago +1693

    It’s genuinely terrifying how good that American accent is

    • Ruby Y.
      Ruby Y. Year ago

      @Евгений Правдивый How to distinguish Kansai from Tokyo dialect?
      In all seriousness, the main way is that British people say their “a”s as “ah”s, while Americans say it like “ayy”.

    • Lynoska
      Lynoska Year ago

      @Amanda i say shovel and im in uk and family is from carribbean

    • Avery Mullen
      Avery Mullen Year ago

      I came to the comments JUST to see this lmao, it was seriously extremely good !

    • ᴄʏɢɴᴇ
      ᴄʏɢɴᴇ Year ago +1

      @Евгений Правдивый watch Peppa pig and compare it to happy tree friends

    • Jojak 05
      Jojak 05 Year ago +1

      It actually is pretty good. Most Europeans I’ve heard trying to speak in an American accent talk like valley girls lol

  • Sandrz X
    Sandrz X Year ago

    At first I started watching you because I wanted to Japan. But know I just binge watch your videos because you make me happy and laugh.

  • Dean Carpenter
    Dean Carpenter Year ago

    Thanks for the video. I lived there for several years and miss the culture.

  • TheZeltian
    TheZeltian Year ago

    i feel you on the age thing.. when they understand that you're still in your twenties or that you're actually a "heisei", it blows their minds hahaha .
    I would recommend you to visit more of kyushu, but i maybe biased i live there!! (also the hanko thing is annoying as hell)

  • Jackson Rad
    Jackson Rad 11 months ago

    I love this channel. Very charming and interesting. Places for you to visit: More and everything involving Okinawa! I really want to visit Okinawa someday myself

  • James Reiner
    James Reiner 2 years ago +135

    05:08 omg can u imagine an entire spoof episode as Dave in Japan? Chris your american accent is great haha. I'm from the usa and your accent sounded flawless.

    • Sean Miller
      Sean Miller 2 years ago

      he actually did an entire episode of journey across Japan like that once

    • Jim Nixon
      Jim Nixon 2 years ago

      This. God yes this.

    • Random Place
      Random Place 2 years ago

      I didn't even notice it until I read your comment.

    • RealityIsBiased
      RealityIsBiased 2 years ago +3

      Please do this, it's too accurate, I'm starting to question his British accents authenticity

    • waltzingaranel
      waltzingaranel 2 years ago +2

      Yes, please. It’s true.

  • Miles Edmundson
    Miles Edmundson Year ago +37

    "What!? A foreigner!?"
    - every kid in China despite living in major cities and having foreign English teachers.
    If they didn't sound shocked it wouldn't be so bad, but it's such a stupid thing to say. Plus it translates as "outside person." So I copy them, looked shocked and say "Eh!? Zhongguo Ren!"

    • Dead Children Playing
      Dead Children Playing Year ago +4

      That's fucking genius and I'm definitely partaking in that course of action.
      哇!? 中國人!

  • BC Parker
    BC Parker Year ago +1

    #ASKABROAD To what extent have you experienced the bad work/life balance in japan?

  • sun sun
    sun sun 6 months ago +1

    I once bought these pads from daiso (because bleeding) and it was actually cold because it was for those post pregnancy to alleviate pain. My exchange mum bought me a bunch of pads after she realised I bought these, it was still fun to try those cold ones though ahahah.

  • boris delic
    boris delic Year ago

    Great videos, i lived in Tokyo 12 years ago, so this is absolutely true and funny.. But trust me life in Japan is pure magic comparing with south China...trust me :)

  • BlueRexPlaysGames
    BlueRexPlaysGames 2 years ago +209

    When I was in Nara on a back street, a man walked by carrying an adorable toddler. I heard her squeak out "Gaikokujin! Igirisu!" and I lit up with a huge smile. I waved and bowed with a little "ohayogozaimasu". I really want to believe my wife and I were the first foreigners she had ever seen.
    On the flip side, I heard some teens in Osaka call my wife and I "baka" in with gaijin and a few things I couldn't pick up, so there's that too. At least teens being insufferable is a shared cultural aspect evident across the globe.

    • Scotty Whitis
      Scotty Whitis Year ago

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      Wungpei Khamrang Year ago

      Would've straight up told the teenagers urusai teme

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      Steel String Year ago

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    • Paolo Pappalardo
      Paolo Pappalardo Year ago +8

      Jang-geum Seo this kind of people go to thailand or philipines. The majority is aware that japan,korea and china don‘t throw women on the feet of western men.

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    Hope 2021 will allow you to travel a bit more.

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    Best video in such a long time.
    As much I love your well produced vlogs and videos,
    These in cynical apartment videos are very entertaining.

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    Sharla (AKA Sharmeleon) was actually stung by a murder hornet, or something similar, I think she talks about it in a Q&A video about moving to Japan. She said she had been stung by all kinds of creatures back in Canada but the sting she experienced in Japan was on another level.

  • Vend Erre
    Vend Erre Year ago

    I really love the idea of the Hanko Stamp. And I bet Hanko Hillu does as well. Much like the business card being an extension of oneself, to have this little, beautiful emblem, this material piece instead of a signed signature, appeals to me.
    I wish I had a hanko stamp. I wish I lived in Japan. I wish ~I~ was happy.

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  • Sgt SealCluber
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    Man do I miss the food from South Korea. The kimchi dumplings from the shop right off base. Also the fried chicken and bulgogi from the "chicken and beer" place down the street.

  • deirdre fox
    deirdre fox 2 years ago +50

    Hey there Chris, did you ever read "Dogs and Demons" by Alex Kerr ? I found it a deeply informative book about Japan and a love letter to it, even while criticizing it. What do you think of it ? Also, I think the Iya Valley in Shikoku's Tokushima prefecture could be a nice place to visit! Keep up with your amazing videos!!!

    • deirdre fox
      deirdre fox 2 years ago +4

      @Abroad in Japan I'm glad you did, and as someone pointed out, yes, it's a little dated now, since there's quite the time gap since it came out. I wonder if you would ever consider touching any of the topics the book touched and give a little 'update' on some of those, maybe bringing in some friends perspectives ... Sorry, just random thoughts. Thank you so much for answering! I didn't expect that at all, it made my day!

    • Primal Convoy
      Primal Convoy 2 years ago +3

      Abroad in Japan
      He does kind of repeat himself a bit, and the info is a bit dated though. I recommended it to a Japanese friend (in Japanese) and she said it "opened her eyes" to potential issues regarding her country.

    • Abroad in Japan
      Abroad in Japan  2 years ago +34

      One of the best books about Japan I've read to date. He discusses things most authors here wouldn't touch on and I commend him for it.

  • laferrari
    laferrari Year ago

    Travel to Kagoshima! I'm an aspiring volcanologist and I'm absolutely mesmerized by Mount Sakura-jima. It'd be awesome to have a semi-guide to reference for the day I can visit that area!

  • Ladebalken
    Ladebalken Month ago

    For me I worked 2 years in Japan for a German company. I was contracted in Germany, which was confusing for paying taxes. But that came with benefits for example the company had to pay for my living place and I got paid extra for working outside Germany. And I got to live in a "mansion". Which was quite nice. Walls were thick and I couldn't hear a neighbor. So I hope they didn't hear me.
    Due to the fact I was drowning in work I didn't really have the time to travel around. And I would have my vacation all packed together and spend that time with my family and friends back home. Eating outside was horrible for me as many things contain seafood or fish in Japanese cooking.
    I found a good bar the owner was amazing always found a way to feed me. The people of that bar were super welcoming. Even though I later found out they were yakuza. For me it was basically the only place I could eat outside safely. I had some business dinners after which I would sit on the white throne for the next 2 days. So I also didn't want to travel much because it was a gamble if there is really no Worcester, oyster or fishsauce somewhere. Normal dashi was okay but many places still put Bonito flakes in it and stuff like that.

  • RuneShiStorm
    RuneShiStorm 10 months ago

    love this video.. the stamp fiasco (+ all other paperwork related stuff) drew me batshit crazy to the point where I left the country... A month ago... But damn it do I miss japan allready.. Im back as soon as they upgrade all the paper-work-stamp-cramp-schianigans. Its really annoying.

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      Also, I hope I won't miss the next Q&A like the last 2(?).

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    • Túrin Mormegil77
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  • Laura Coutinho
    Laura Coutinho 2 months ago

    I once brought my deaf cousin to a big independence day concert and firework show in Boston. It's notoriously loud, so she could feel the vibrations of the music, enjoy fried food, and watch the show and fireworks. She adored it. But SO many people out loud pointed and said "Hey look, it's a deaf person!" every time she and I talked to one another with our hands. I didn't tell her for years, because I was embarrassed for her.
    But like you, she just brushes it off. As she pointed out, it's something people don't see every day. If you will stop and point at a bunny on the side of the road, why wouldn't you do the same with someone different than yourself? White British guys would stick out like a sore thumb in Asia, like a deaf chick at a concert. Glad you have a good attitude about it!

  • Klaus Kleber
    Klaus Kleber 5 months ago +1

    One question: In Japan also exists the argue about the "age" in terms of different counting systems as it does in Korea? Like: International age is different than how they counts in their nation?

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    • PermaJeff
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      You should check out his episode of Journey Across Japan where he speaks with an American accent for the day, very unnerving

    • Static Buzter
      Static Buzter 11 months ago +22

      The brief second of no accent threw me way off and I was like, Wait, what if his accent is a ploy, maybe he's "Abroad in England but Abroad in Japan"

  • Braxia Kiessling
    Braxia Kiessling Year ago

    I have a question I hope you can answer. When I was in Japan with the Navy 4 years ago, There was an Oil noodle shop that I frequented in Akihabara. they served some kind of what I assumed was tea with the meal, but the thing is, the pitcher the tea or water came from had what I can only describe as a piece of wood in it. not leaves. do you know what that is called? is there a specific name for water with a piece of wood soaking in it?

  • Peter Vine
    Peter Vine 2 months ago

    I had the same "omg the new stamp is different to the old stamp" problem at a bank in Kyoto when I was trying to cash in travellers cheques. Basically the signature I kept putting down differed *ever so slightly* from the signature in my passport so I got the same treatment of 10 Bank employees having a meltdown behind the counter before one of them ventured forth to politely ask me to "pleasu signu again kudasai.."
    Twenty - TWENTY - attempts later and I finally got it right. They even gave me five minutes to practice!

  • Arx T
    Arx T Year ago

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  • Brent Bay
    Brent Bay 10 months ago +1

    moved to japan, first time I brought my girlfriend over I got a noise complaint sent to my actual boss and was told about it the next morning and to seriously consider my life choices.
    So no, it's not just you. And I live in Hokkaido, where things are much more spaced apart.
    Guess that's why they have love hotels, but i don't want to have to pay for a hotel every time i want to spend quality time with a girlfriend, and the ones around here aren't all that clean.

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    • Happy Girl
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      Pokéfreak Yes! He did sound like an American! He probably has other talents... that he doesn’t want to share yet, but he would be great playing an American in a spy movie, in Japan! 😉😁😅

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    • Abroad in Japan
      Abroad in Japan  2 years ago +31

      Pokéfreak It’s an essential part of being a Japanese Spy Man

  • breygon1
    breygon1 Year ago +1

    I was stationed at a small US Air Force outside of Fukuoka (1979-1980) and I remember the shocked looks of locals when they saw one of us. (We worked up at the JASDF site on Mt. Sefuri outside the city but lived on the local economy.) There was a lot of elbow nudging and bad stage whispers behind hands of "Gaijin, gaijin." My buddy and I would respond, especially if they were cute girls, by doing the same thing but with Nihonjin in place of Gaijin. It was a fun way of meeting Japanese girls.

  • Elena Longoria
    Elena Longoria 4 months ago

    Just discovered and fell in love your videos. I've never been to Japan, and I love learning all this stuff! Also, fuck the haters. Stupid, boring people just love to be mean on the internet.

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    Here in South Korea, they sell a fruit punch called Coolpis.
    Korea has Japan way outgunned in the way of misguided branding.

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    Mako Mankanshoku Year ago +1076

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    • Hrishab Kumar Sharma
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    • Colin Newman
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      Like super dry clothing in the UK. A lot of people have Sanskrit and Hebrew tattoos as well.

    • Its an EmmaMergency !
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    • JustAMotobug
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    Chris: “You bet they do! It happens every single day... in my imagination.”
    I dunno why but I laughed so hard at this. Also, he has a really famous TheXvid channel and is attractive. I bet the only reason people don’t is because he films videos in English. If he went to an English speaking country, more people would recognize him!

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