• Published on Aug 18, 2019
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  • gamezze1 !!!
    gamezze1 !!! Day ago

    What about treasure maps

  • Aedin Gaming
    Aedin Gaming 2 days ago

    Did he do traps

  • Pyro Luigi
    Pyro Luigi 2 days ago

    The best throwable weapon sneaky snowman

  • Dice Gaming
    Dice Gaming 2 days ago

    5:50 he says port-a-fort and not fortress

  • Xtreme_vlogs _Gaming!

    The boombox really, really, Really, REALLY, ReAlLy, rrreeeaaallllyyyy.

  • malakai hewitt
    malakai hewitt 4 days ago

    You don't get it! It's not just about whether the items take up an inventory slot, Chiller Grenades are much easier to use than Chiller Traps!

  • malakai hewitt
    malakai hewitt 4 days ago

    I'm so disappointed with this video. I wanted this to be a voted list, so I voted bush for trolls, but instead you turned it into a Hate-on-Season 7-Items video.

  • TNIX27247
    TNIX27247 5 days ago

    Big pot all the way

  • Furious boy
    Furious boy 6 days ago

    14:54 I Sure Hope I Don't

  • Joaquin G
    Joaquin G 7 days ago

    Who saw henke like this

  • Kacy Hughes
    Kacy Hughes 8 days ago

    You should rank every toxic item from toxic to not that toxic

  • Mark LaMar
    Mark LaMar 8 days ago

    where did you put my boy grappler

  • typhlosion 787
    typhlosion 787 8 days ago

    Healing less than half a health bar with bandages takes 2 seconds longer than healing all your health with a med kit. Also, chug splashes heal as much as a med kit in the time of a med kit

  • Tyler Elmore
    Tyler Elmore 8 days ago

    What happened to the treasure maps? Those were amazing

  • Malek Sallam
    Malek Sallam 9 days ago +1

    Ranks balloons 🎈 20
    pennywise has left the chat

  • Frozt Unknown
    Frozt Unknown 9 days ago +1

    Rip combats 2019-2019

  • Griffin
    Griffin 9 days ago

    Are you from Miramichi, New Brunswick

  • ches gradle
    ches gradle 10 days ago

    what. bout the og bounce pads that went either up or directional?

  • Black0uX
    Black0uX 10 days ago

    Rift to go is worst than the launch pad really?

  • Black0uX
    Black0uX 10 days ago

    We’re the reinforced campfire I. Know it was never in the game but it could’ve been in so yeah

  • It’sShaun YT
    It’sShaun YT 11 days ago

    If I sound rude I’m sorry but it would be 200 for the minis and big shield cause 50 times 4 is 200 and the deal the same health so yea

  • DaRealAIDS
    DaRealAIDS 12 days ago

    Well, while chillers were in, impulses were vaulted, so chillers were for mobility. Or at least for me

  • Joshan Sangha
    Joshan Sangha 12 days ago

    Storm flip

  • Fadi Haj Yehia
    Fadi Haj Yehia 12 days ago +1

    ofcourse you like the boombox you bot

  • Brqyden _
    Brqyden _ 13 days ago +1

    Impulse were the best because you could kill your team mates

  • RazzorrXX
    RazzorrXX 13 days ago


  • Donaven Mercado
    Donaven Mercado 13 days ago

    The balloons were so annoying lol glad there gone !! Miss the buried treasure 💯🤘 port a fortress

  • Crazy kid Gaming
    Crazy kid Gaming 13 days ago


  • AtomicGames V
    AtomicGames V 13 days ago

    Stink bomb?

  • Beaver Man Animations
    Beaver Man Animations 14 days ago

    If this is a list off stuff that doesn’t do damage then why isn’t the six shooter on here

  • EMC Radar
    EMC Radar 14 days ago

    Rip x

  • Confuzion
    Confuzion 14 days ago +1

    Is it just me or was there no air strike, storm flip or junk rift?

  • Minecraft player Slayer.

    No number 1 is wood

  • Kylethebest Boy
    Kylethebest Boy 15 days ago

    What about minis

  • Silent Sniper
    Silent Sniper 16 days ago

    Balloons before medkit? Really

  • gee mach
    gee mach 17 days ago

    U said port a fort in sted of port a fortrce

  • saddiqua bacchus
    saddiqua bacchus 17 days ago

    Air strike

  • John Coffey
    John Coffey 17 days ago

    Did this guy really just rank Jetpacks above gilders.............

  • teddy Field
    teddy Field 18 days ago

    Slurps the best

  • teddy Field
    teddy Field 18 days ago

    I'm confused how is the rift to go worse than the launch pad
    It launches you further u don't have to expose yourself to use it in a fight the only thing abt a launch pad is it doesn't take a slot in ur Invintory acc yh I agree idk acc

  • Jonathan Pereira
    Jonathan Pereira 18 days ago

    Thermals could see u through smoke grenade

  • Joe Price
    Joe Price 18 days ago

    I was with you until you dissed balloons, you leave the balloons alone

    JP KING 19 days ago

    where are traps and minies?

  • Ghalya Taqi
    Ghalya Taqi 19 days ago

    he forgot the trap the bottle rockets the the treasure map

  • michael scott
    michael scott 19 days ago +1

    I think Chug splashes are the best healing item

  • Julia Kerr
    Julia Kerr 21 day ago

    What about spike trap

  • xd _AlgOT__
    xd _AlgOT__ 21 day ago

    You forgot the season 8 map!

  • Priceles s
    Priceles s 21 day ago

    Um stink bombs?

  • Don Pham
    Don Pham 21 day ago

    Chug jug more like chuggle guluggle

  • Aaron Campbell
    Aaron Campbell 22 days ago

    You called a Port-A-Fortress a Port-A-Fort

    PS Who else thought of “Perfectly balanced. As all things should be” when he was talking about the Shadow Bomb and other stuff where he said balanced

  • Myles Bradford
    Myles Bradford 22 days ago

    His aim at the beginning😂

  • Dread
    Dread 22 days ago

    Lol I can build up higher than 3 stories quicker than someone could throw down a Port a Fort lmfao.

  • Alfie  Potter
    Alfie Potter 22 days ago

    Also you forgot the trap

  • Alfie  Potter
    Alfie Potter 22 days ago +1

    I havent watch in ages. 2.6 million subs!!!!!! When i watched u had 700k lol. Well done

  • Colton Lindgren
    Colton Lindgren 22 days ago

    Spike trap?

  • Vege burga
    Vege burga 22 days ago


  • Agey Ghazaryan
    Agey Ghazaryan 22 days ago +1

    You forgot the two traps the spike and the poision traps :)

  • Kim Farrell
    Kim Farrell 22 days ago

    Stink bomb? Storm flip

  • SHQ
    SHQ 23 days ago

    Electric traps? Yep they were removed a while ago but they existed

  • Bat-finity
    Bat-finity 23 days ago

    I love the grappler