Robin Hood (2018 Movie) Teaser Trailer - Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx, Jamie Dornan


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  • Aya BoukKa
    Aya BoukKa 3 days ago

    I do not care what the critics say but I loved this movie, the story is modern while respecting the original, the actors are "GODS" and the action scenes are masterful, thank you very much for this moment pure joy

  • ivan2607
    ivan2607 6 days ago +30

    І've watсhed уesterdaу іn full HD quаlіty аt this wеbsіte: *plushd. infо*

  • Rafayel Demircioglu
    Rafayel Demircioglu 7 days ago

    really shit movie i watched

  • Damens Le Rennetel
    Damens Le Rennetel 10 days ago

    Full Movie Online Robin Hood Watch Now :

  • divajammie
    divajammie 11 days ago

    Whatever this is it certainly is not Robin Hood .

  • Gary Anglo
    Gary Anglo 12 days ago

    Omg I have hundreds of years of my ancestors are turning in there graves.

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 12 days ago

    This movie is amazing!!!! take it as more that just the story of robin hood, it touches so many topics that are important still and they made it way more timeless than other adaptations of the story. I absolutely loved it!

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 12 days ago

    the wink😂

  • william v
    william v 14 days ago

    Garbage do not waste your time.

  • Marcus Maxentius Aurelius

    russel crowes Robin hood is much better then this garbage

  • Meme Baggins
    Meme Baggins 18 days ago

    Fuck this movie.

  • Zyreth Z
    Zyreth Z 19 days ago

    people criticizing the movie like it's their born job to do, fuck all of em, the movie is a fuckin badass movie. Loved it.

  • Engy Hany
    Engy Hany 20 days ago

    دخلتو امبارح في السينما دا فلم روعه

  • Radoslav Sekeres
    Radoslav Sekeres 22 days ago

    This is totally worst Robin Hood movie ever! Waste of time!!!

  • Marianna Vasiliou
    Marianna Vasiliou 23 days ago +1

    I have watched it 3 days ago it was perfect❤️

  • Tom Ballanger
    Tom Ballanger 23 days ago

    i m sorry but that s just shit..........

  • Tomas Ehrman
    Tomas Ehrman 24 days ago

    My Eyes dat bullshit this movie

  • Михаил Найденов

    WAT DA FAK?!?

  • Jag Gogna
    Jag Gogna 28 days ago

    omg the sjw got a hand in this a black guy in Robin hood, by the way I'm not white, this is fucking stupid, why do Hollywood do this?

  • Nicøle boo
    Nicøle boo 29 days ago


  • Cassiopea456
    Cassiopea456 Month ago

    Jamie Dornan should have been cast in the lead as Robing Hood!Smh

  • Jason comic
    Jason comic Month ago

    😁ha ha~ shoot me~ that is cool

  • Ahmad Kapuze
    Ahmad Kapuze Month ago

    ICH kanns KAUM noch ABWARTEN

  • Lee W
    Lee W Month ago

    Something stinks...

  • S. 2.
    S. 2. Month ago

    Yep, This movie exist for real

  • Andrea Cerecedo
    Andrea Cerecedo Month ago

    Jaime Dorman.... Papasito de ti voy a ver hasta una película si llegas a salir de basurero.... Estás rebueno

  • Wolfqween
    Wolfqween Month ago

    I’ve seen Robin Hood and it was AWESOME!!!!

  • Chrisanity
    Chrisanity Month ago

    This is more like a low budget TV series , you can name all the cast from Jamie Foxx and ............. . . . . Jamie Foxx

  • Avery Christy
    Avery Christy Month ago

    The question I have for this film is: Does it have enough explosions? I think I saw roughly five in the trailer, I'm not sure that's enough. A good two dozen for a two-hour movie is minimum.

  • Alexandra lexssie
    Alexandra lexssie Month ago

    For those who loved it please go RATE the movie online so we who loved it can get a sequel ❤and for those of you who dident like it ,well you have done enough need to ruin our fun too..😊have a great day everyone💚

  • Avril Simonen
    Avril Simonen Month ago

    Watchin the old kevin costner much better

  • Starry Night
    Starry Night Month ago

    I don't know why but this gives me Dragon Ball Evolution vibes

  • Michael Blau
    Michael Blau Month ago +1

    What is this? Assasins Creed meets Green Arrow, Fast and the Furious and Occupy Wallstreet?

  • Just Passinthru
    Just Passinthru Month ago

    Robin Hood and his band of PC warriors ... I'm giving this one a miss.

  • William Chamberlain

    What a pile of crap - crap fighting, crap acting, crap editing

  • natasha salia
    natasha salia Month ago

    Aku udah nonton tapi aku pengen nge download

  • Izzy and Sadie
    Izzy and Sadie Month ago +1

    Robin in Da Hood more like

  • CN MG
    CN MG Month ago +1

    A british soldier returns home after a tour in the unjust war at the middle east and finds that the government is corrupt and it's milking citizens with taxes, like cows.
    This film has nothing to do with Robin Hood, so if you forget Robin then you can enjoy a good film about a soldier that rebels against the system. Black Hawk Down + Born on the Fourth of July+ Jarhead+The mask of the Zorro+Batman Begins+the dark Knight (sweetened for teenagers).
    Now seriously, it is actually entertaining.

  • Edward Fortune
    Edward Fortune Month ago +3

    The movie is great if you are not some lame racist/fascist or snob that doesn't like action movies.

    ȘȚɄƑƑɎǾɄ1oo Month ago +1

    Hollywood is getting more and more retarded.

  • Kaszynka Miła
    Kaszynka Miła Month ago

    cheat on unlimited arrows

  • Сергей 1987
    Сергей 1987 Month ago

    new shit?

  • fifing rianto
    fifing rianto Month ago

    The Best Full Movie HD 2018 official
    ROBIN HOOD Thank You

  • Sasha Arbuckle
    Sasha Arbuckle Month ago

    Love the cast looks amazing has anyone seen it ?

  • Zed
    Zed Month ago

    bad assss

  • Adrian 205
    Adrian 205 Month ago

    Am vazut azi filmul a fost super dar partea nasoala a fost ca era 2d

  • Vivienne Slayford
    Vivienne Slayford Month ago

    Wish this was in 3D it would be even more amazing

  • 1Zerotonine
    1Zerotonine Month ago

    Too much robin hood movies, soon as one hears the name, gets board

  • JB
    JB Month ago

    I don't think they managed to cram enough clichés in

  • Manic Mailman
    Manic Mailman Month ago

    What a waste of resources and TIME.

  • Diego
    Diego Month ago

    Another Robin Hood? I'll pass.

  • akun yt
    akun yt Month ago

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  • Alejandro Gallardo
    Alejandro Gallardo Month ago +1

    this movie was a big pile of stinky shit..just my opinion

  • CyclopsRevolution
    CyclopsRevolution Month ago +1

    I'm glad I didn't waste my money on this

  • Revenge Seeker
    Revenge Seeker Month ago

    the most film christianophobe

  • ubaidillah bloodlust

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  • Michael Dovahkin
    Michael Dovahkin Month ago

    also 1:48 nice actual beer bottle

  • Michael Dovahkin
    Michael Dovahkin Month ago

    I heard about this movie when I knew that my most favourite archer, Lars Andersen, was asked to train Taron Egerton, as his archery is considered the most realistic and historically accurate (check his channel though, its amazing). I thought "hey, if they are concerned about the realism of archery, they sure will be involved in historically accurate representation of Robin Hood". Well I was damn wrong. I would only watch it for the archery stunts, but the aesthetics they put into it (like Zara suits outta fucking nowhere) make me think this is just another SJW film

  • Abhi RATHOD
    Abhi RATHOD Month ago

    Gone in knowing that this was going to be bad. However, I was wrong it was even worse lol. It's so bad that you need to watch it. Pure trash entertainment.

    • Simmiebird
      Simmiebird Month ago

      Don't lie bruh, this is the best movie ever made

  • Amy 1399
    Amy 1399 Month ago

    Such a good movie, I was sceptical about this because of the trailer and how modern it looked but I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was fitting with its medieval themes (despite what the trailer shows) would 100% recommend (especially if you’re a fan of action movies or Merlin/Game Of Thrones)

    TUBESTEAKNIG Month ago +1

    How did this get 100million budget approval?

  • Cynthia Rodriguez
    Cynthia Rodriguez Month ago

    Actually, it bombed because a lot of people decided it was shit before actually seeing it. Once the people who actually saw this movie rated it, it was given a good rating by everyday citizens who went to see it. U can't always go by box office ratings because it rates the amount of money that was spent to see it and the bodies in the seats. We knew this would happen because of the comments on the trailers before it was ever released. I'd say to watch it for urselves. I actually liked it, and 81% of google users gave it a thumbs up when they rated it.

    • Cynthia Rodriguez
      Cynthia Rodriguez Month ago

      +MAX 330 Don't be a fuckin' dick just because I have different tastes than u not to mention I actually do my fuckin' research, needle dick!!! Estas lleno de mierda, culo de perra!

    • MAX 330
      MAX 330 Month ago

      Cynthia Rodriguez lol wtf. You deserve a gold medal for mental gymnastics

  • Agung Sigit88
    Agung Sigit88 Month ago

    Semalam ntn seruuu


    when is this movie going to be released

  • Dana Carr
    Dana Carr Month ago

    Don't see any tights here !!!!
    We may look like pansies,
    but don't get us wrong or else we'll put out your lights. (bang)
    We're men... we're men in tights (tight tights)
    Always on guard defending the peoples rights
    When your in a fix just call for the men in tights.

  • Dana Carr
    Dana Carr Month ago

    Nottingham sure looks different !! The River has got closer and hills have appeared ! Then the castle has changed dramatically too !! Not to mention the city looked a lot cleaner then than it does now !!

  • Trevor Wellington
    Trevor Wellington Month ago

    batman shoots arrows now

  • Egor Turalin
    Egor Turalin Month ago

    Bro this is so I realistic and the timeline so wrong everything is historically incorrect and looks stupid

  • Janice Imaculado
    Janice Imaculado Month ago

    So tem comentario ingles nohhhh kkkk vou ter que assistir pra ver o que dá

  • Ana rita Linhares
    Ana rita Linhares Month ago

    Vou ver no cinema hoje@

  • svampen
    svampen Month ago

    This Trailer spoils the entire fkn movie!

  • gas-powered-crusader

    F*ck Hollywood and f*ck Foxx. Stop ruining all the European lore with black people.

  • Tiny McPoop
    Tiny McPoop Month ago

    After watching this shitfest, it's obvious that the script was written by a SJW beta cuck. The whole antifa scene? Anyone arguing it wasnt, clearly didnt see all the red/black garb... Racist ass Jamie Foxx? Jamie Foxx jamming his hand in some metal thing while its hot for no reason? Theres too many to list and I've still got at least 10mins of this garbage ass movie to sit through. I'm seriously about to walk out...

  • Gravity 247 official

    doesnt look really good

  • DeltaLion1
    DeltaLion1 Month ago +1

    Anything associated with Jamie Foxx must be shit. God I hate that racist fool!

  • Michael Bravo
    Michael Bravo Month ago

    I assure you, this is not Robin Hood.

  • Amanda Putri
    Amanda Putri Month ago

    Sumpah ini film keren banget 😍

  • Sohneel Mandpe
    Sohneel Mandpe Month ago +1

    This ain't that kind of movie, bruv

  • Ririn Mustika
    Ririn Mustika Month ago

    sdh nonton,bgus bngt

  • Alessandro Romano
    Alessandro Romano Month ago

    Mamma mia che cacatone!

  • Rastifan
    Rastifan Month ago

    This looks like a cgi train wreck. No thank you.

  • Aysha Sayed
    Aysha Sayed Month ago

    Scene 1.10 wasent there in the movie -.-

  • ash29k
    ash29k Month ago

    American accents in an old British tale. Go fuck yourselves Lionsgate

  • Ramadika Dika
    Ramadika Dika Month ago

    Alus pisan banguna mah.

  • Loyale1229
    Loyale1229 Month ago

    Stopped by to read the reviews for this movie... So far what I've got from you is that you're upset there is a black man in medieval times (newsflash he's a Moor), or you're upset about the bow that's being used... English archery blah blah blah, and last but not least your concerns about antifascist/antifa propoganda... Sigh... You racist nerds with your conspiracy theories!!!! I'm going to watch it anyways 😁😁😁

  • AFM
    AFM Month ago

    Yeap, looks like a total steaming pile of crap, history rewritten for the PC crowd yet again. Stupid non believable stunts and special effects. Robin hood in da hood.



  • Tymoteusz Tarnawski

    Disgrace to robin hood legend.

  • Damens Le Rennetel
    Damens Le Rennetel Month ago

    Robin Hood Incredible film! Highly recommend checking it out :

  • Keyman
    Keyman Month ago

    these costumes are absolutely not historic and do not fit in a movie like this but i kinda dig the minimalistic futuro-medieval style nonetheless.

  • Enuff Said
    Enuff Said Month ago

    I'm sorry but this looks like shit!

  • renewer
    renewer Month ago

    This actually looks pretty good.

  • CaptainAMAZINGGG
    CaptainAMAZINGGG Month ago

    so thankful for my king arthur and assassins creed peeps up in here

  • Yearite 007
    Yearite 007 Month ago

    This ain’t Robin Hood

  • hasty boi
    hasty boi Month ago

    Trailer should have been until the 1:15 rest shows to much
    I'm okay with this tho I don't understand some of them wearing modern suits

  • MTSL
    MTSL Month ago

    So basically kingsman 3

    HQCOMMS65 Month ago

    outfits are ridiculous nothing like medieval ! haircuts wrong accents wrong etc etc omg ffs usa crap !!

  • Gregory Ellis
    Gregory Ellis Month ago

    I really enjoyed Russell Crowe's one because it was authentic & gritty. This is just a soft American millennial indie boy movie..

  • Laura Medinilla
    Laura Medinilla Month ago

    Ahhhh!!! Quiero verla!!!!!!

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago

    Green arrow?