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Scarlet Envy | NIGHTGOWNS 1 | "A Piece of Sky"

  • Published on May 22, 2017
  • Scarlet Envy performs to Barbara Streisand's "A Piece of Sky" at Sasha Velour's monthly show, NIGHTGOWNS, April 2017 at National Sawdust in Brooklyn.
    Projection: Scarlet Envy | Footage: Gypsy Hill & National Sawdust | Editing: Sasha Velour
    Scarlet Envy is a New York City downtown supermodel, performer, hostess and door personality. IG: @scarletenvy
    NIGHTGOWNS, an evening of short performances dedicated to celebrating the diversity, depth, and wild power of drag. Each month features a new lineup of performers, using gender, dance, music, fashion, and visual art in combination to explore both the political and the personal…surprisingly funny, moving, and glamorously queer!
    See more at and view the whole show in HD at

Comments • 10

  • 9razzler9
    9razzler9 Month ago

    fuck, scarlet's dad was a DILF!

  • timnshellyo
    timnshellyo Month ago

    fuck yall that are saying she moves too much. shes giving me full babs and full over-acting broadway starlet i love it

  • Iggy Von Moon // Isaiah


  • Emma Reilly
    Emma Reilly Year ago +2

    This is beautiful

  • Ameture Warrior
    Ameture Warrior Year ago +8

    I mean, you try and wear a cape and not do all these moves. Live girl.

  • icyhugs
    icyhugs Year ago +11

    She might have moved too frequently, but it is one of the MOST heartfelt drag performances I ever watched! WOW!

  • Agent 007.5
    Agent 007.5 Year ago +8

    Great song choice. She's moving around too much tho. This song has such power, and the accompanying video shows there's deep meaning for her. All the movement makes it seem cheap. Be a contained explosion. It'll hit harder

  • Leka Im
    Leka Im Year ago +4

    She is beautiful and this was so emotionally charged ❤️

  • ibesasuke
    ibesasuke Year ago +9

    The personal connection was real and heartfelt, extraordinary performance.

  • Jj Mm
    Jj Mm Year ago +3

    a poignant use of barbra. very moving.