James Gunn Reveals Why Leto's Joker Won't Be In The Suicide Squad

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • Writer/director James Gunn's upcoming soft reboot The Suicide Squad will likely be missing the original's most divisive element. In a recent Q&A conducted on Instagram, Gunn appeared to shoot down the idea of Jared Leto's Joker appearing in his film in response to a question from a fan.
    Gunn was asked:
    "How can you justify a Suicide Squad movie that does not have Joker in it?"
    Gunn's response was simple:
    "No one but me and a few others know all the characters in the movie, but if the Joker isn't in the film, I don't think it would be strange as he isn't a part of the Suicide Squad in the comics."
    Gunn's absolutely correct that Joker isn't a part of the Suicide Squad in the comics, which is one reason why some fans were puzzled at the character's inclusion in the original 2016 film in the first place. The version of the Clown Prince of Crime presented in director David Ayer's Suicide Squad was just a bit different from the cinematic depictions of the past, and most DC die-hards agreed that it was not in a good way.
    Leto's Joker's pasty white face and slicked-back, bright green hair were about the only facets of the character's physical appearance that the flick got right. The platinum grill and tattoos looked absurd to many fans, and Leto's hyper-stylized, weirdly off-putting performance did little to quell their anger when it hit theaters.
    Gunn's principal cast for The Suicide Squad could already fill a good-sized bus. The cast was revealed last month with the release of a one-sheet that included a whopping 24 names, featuring both new and returning cast members. At this late juncture, it seems pretty unlikely that Gunn will sneak Leto into the film, and this latest comment all but confirms the fact that The Suicide Squad will leave the actor's version of the Joker out in the cold.
    Despite the extremely mixed reception to Leto's Joker, Suicide Squad made enough bank that a solo vehicle for the character and a team-up with Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn were briefly put into development. Both of those projects, however, were unceremoniously axed earlier this year - and that's not even the strongest indication that Warner Brothers has completely soured on Leto's version of the Joker.
    Let's not forget that the trailer for the upcoming Birds of Prey film makes it clear that, especially as far as Harley Quinn is concerned, "Mr. J" is out of the picture. Keep watching the video to see James Gunn reveals why Leto's Joker won't be in The Suicide Squad!
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  • Looper
    Looper  Month ago +173

    Who's the best Joker of all time?

  • Ryan Bailey
    Ryan Bailey 4 days ago

    i loved Letos Joker. one of my favorites

  • Nora El Youssoufi
    Nora El Youssoufi 6 days ago

    I know Harleys and jokers relationship is very abusive and toxic, but in my mind they just belong together. I personally hope that in the future they will get back together in a stronger and healthier relationship. I mean they are the king and queen of Gotham City.

  • yoongi's airpods
    yoongi's airpods 11 days ago

    Jared Leto's joker is honestly one of the best joker impersonations for me, he's very good in acting that's why I have no idea why fans are hating on Jared. Y'all should still respect the actor and his efforts on the film

  • Dayne Jarus
    Dayne Jarus 13 days ago

    leto's joker is fukin GANGSTAR !

  • Scent-Quest
    Scent-Quest 17 days ago

    why bother the first one sucked

  • hi
    hi 18 days ago

    I think i'm the only one who thoroughly enjoy Suicide Squad and The Joker in it. I definitely won't enjoy The Suicide Squad as much since Leto isn't going to be in the movie as Joker, at least we'll get Margot as Harley again I guess

  • Stain
    Stain 19 days ago

    Leto's joker just didn't work. I appreciate the effort of the actor, no hard feelings for me as a fun, but I think it would be pointless both for the actor and the franchise to continue a performance that wasn't really appreciated.

  • Umayer Hussain
    Umayer Hussain 26 days ago


  • PHSoundSpot
    PHSoundSpot 29 days ago

    It's like somekind off 2 Pac with make up! :)))))

  • goonigugu43
    goonigugu43 Month ago

    i liked the joker he gave it something intresting

  • American Coup Intelligence

    I thought it was because of the Pedophile tweets.

  • Heleta Heleta
    Heleta Heleta Month ago

    I dont know y people hate letos joker.. its not that bad and in my opinion letos joker is better than any other joker

  • Xavier aka Mike York aka Wang

    James Gunn also said that Jared was hypothetically a pedo

  • Jem
    Jem Month ago

    didnt even have to reveal it.
    we already knew.

  • Antonio xcecutor2
    Antonio xcecutor2 Month ago

    Because he's trash simple

  • Young Mimbo
    Young Mimbo Month ago +1

    Im beginning to think jared Leto is only mad because he won’t get to be with Margots good lookin Harley Quinn for another movie lmao

  • Furor Frisii
    Furor Frisii Month ago

    He SUCKED.

  • John Miller
    John Miller Month ago

    lol Jared Leto is so butthurt I bet

  • ComixReviews
    ComixReviews Month ago

    DC just confirmed the HARLEY N JOKER movie is coming out still

  • The Misfit Mama
    The Misfit Mama Month ago

    Millennial joker is what I call him. He sucks.

  • Wesley Heath
    Wesley Heath Month ago

    Everyone gone mad
    .. Jared Leto joker is the best... so screw suicide squad 2

  • angie . yuh on Instagram

    Am I the only one that actually liked Leto's joker. It wasn't as good as the others but it wasn't bad either

    • angie . yuh on Instagram
      angie . yuh on Instagram Month ago

      @Michael Dehalt Yesss

    • Michael Dehalt
      Michael Dehalt Month ago

      I agree. People are so quick to jump on the hate train just because that’s what the majority believes. It wasn’t an amazing performance, but it also wasn’t nearly as bad as people blow it up to be.

  • Francis Serra
    Francis Serra Month ago

    Let’s just agree that while Leto is not a bad actor, he just wasn’t right for this character. For what the movie is, it isn’t terrible. But it’s not on the level of Ledger and Phoenix. Suicide Squad to me is just a popcorn flick. Margot Robbie’s rendition of Harlee Quinn was the only memorable thing about it. I just wish she played the character in a film of better quality.

  • Mr. Blvck
    Mr. Blvck Month ago

    Because Gunn only works with LITTLE boys

  • E. Fabian
    E. Fabian Month ago

    He reminded me of the Joker in the D.C. Vs Mortal kombat video games

  • B JP
    B JP Month ago

    Just make him sing The Kill 5 nights a week again.
    Also what a shitty artist to wish Joker wasn’t made to protect his own ego. I love the movie fight club so I’ll never hate Leto but he’s insufferable

  • AFLoneWolf
    AFLoneWolf Month ago

    "Mixed reception to Leto's Joker"? Name one person besides Leto himself who liked it.

  • Mario Jones
    Mario Jones Month ago

    Well this doesn’t sound like he’s definitely not in it. Remember when Gwyneth Paltrow and Natalie Portman looked to be out of Marvel for good then made unexpected returns? Yeah, nothing’s impossible.

  • opium177
    opium177 Month ago

    Come on Jared you are a great actor but your joker was a disaster


    Jared later is an emo white boi lol

  • Jovy Rivera
    Jovy Rivera Month ago

    James Gunn gives justice to comics and people love him for that

  • Timestandingtime
    Timestandingtime Month ago

    Because he Edward Cullen'd the joker like how Andrew Garfield did it to Spiderman.

    THE HUMAN CRUMB. Month ago

    Whos here to shit on Letos joker?

  • Imperial Loyalist
    Imperial Loyalist Month ago

    cause he was trash.

  • J 20
    J 20 Month ago

    Cause he sucks ?? Pshhh

  • Christopher Polk
    Christopher Polk Month ago

    I don't get why people hate Leto's joker it wasn't perfect but it was at least interesting so I would give it a 7.6 out of 10

  • All Mighty Ass
    All Mighty Ass Month ago

    Fuck James Gunn

  • oojjee Alien
    oojjee Alien Month ago

    I think it's because he got damaged during the making of the first one.

  • Nick Gurr
    Nick Gurr Month ago

    Such a shame. They had the potential to make a great Joker yet they screwed it over with shitty character design and bad writing.

  • U Mano
    U Mano Month ago +3

    Jared Leto’s Joker would be acceptable if he was one of the Robins, twisted and copycatting the real Joker.

  • Derek Dodson
    Derek Dodson Month ago +1

    Tbh jared leto.... Eh was the worst he took it a little to over board.....

  • wouldnt uliketoknow
    wouldnt uliketoknow Month ago +2

    I clicked on the video just to say, “because he sucks”.

  • vxk
    vxk Month ago

    I'll say this, DC has done a piss poor job with their movies, it's sad multiple companies own marvel movies and the only flop to that franchise is the fantastic 4, everything else has been done amazingly, dc needs to develop each character, then create group movies.

  • Darren Frey
    Darren Frey Month ago

    I'm still trying to figure out why every other thing Jared Leto said as the Joker was in a completely different voice. I mean we got to hear everything from Jesse Eisenberg to Al Pacino on his Deathbed.

  • Darren Frey
    Darren Frey Month ago +1

    Jared Leto is a sore loser. He tried and he failed and apparently got so offended by no one liking him, he even tried to sabotage The Joker movie. The only thing that makes Jared Leto The Joker, Is His joke of a performance.

    • Darren Frey
      Darren Frey Month ago

      @Square Breaker they try to make Joker this cool Rockstar. The life of the Joker was never glamorous. It was always his Insanity that made people adore him. Leto's Joker had no substance. It was all Aesthetics.

    • Square Breaker
      Square Breaker Month ago +1

      yea, he just tried to hard to act like a insane clown while all the others have done it more subtle

  • Ian Hollis
    Ian Hollis Month ago

    And apparently he was a real douche bag on set, fully pretending to be the Joker, even when the cameras weren't rolling.

  • Stream Gawd
    Stream Gawd Month ago

    Love this bg music

  • Warhamsterxxx
    Warhamsterxxx Month ago +1

    Ronald McDonald could have probably done a better job.

  • carrastealth
    carrastealth Month ago +2

    When you use something to try to prove he wasn't "Jokerish" but it winds up being the most Joker thing he says in the entire movie (and a scene that was cut unfortunately).

  • Fierce Deity
    Fierce Deity Month ago

    The "grill" he has is just false teeth from having them knocked out by Batman..if my teeth were gone I'd prolly like some shiny ones too..people just don't have their own opinions anymore, they just go with everybody else like dumb sheep.

  • Gary Murgatroyd
    Gary Murgatroyd Month ago

    Because he was crap !

  • pantslizard
    pantslizard Month ago

    HA! I nailed it. most people don't want a violent sadistic pimp as the joker...

  • Joe Edwards
    Joe Edwards Month ago

    Well....the beauty of it all is.....its DC we're talkin about....a universe where 43 people can play the same role, SIMULTANEOUSLY and noone sees a problem with it....so in the long run...? Means diddly-nothing.....

  • Titan FX
    Titan FX Month ago

    F*** suicide squad, I want another Phoenix's joker movie

  • the tim of clubs geaughan

    he sucks sooooo bad.

  • Jamie Stevens
    Jamie Stevens Month ago

    If Marilyn Manson and Jim Carey had a child and then fed it tones of cocain for its whole life, that’s Jared’s Joker.

  • Falco Sirrus
    Falco Sirrus Month ago

    Suicide Squad was a massive disappointment anyway.

  • rafa
    rafa Month ago

    worst acting EVER !!!!!!!!!

  • icemanff23
    icemanff23 Month ago

    Thank you James do not add that nut in there