[MV] 이달의 소녀 yyxy (LOONA/yyxy) "love4eva (feat. Grimes)"

  • Published on May 30, 2018
  • [MV] 이달의 소녀 yyxy (LOOΠΔ/yyxy) "love4eva (feat. Grimes)"
    LOOΠΔ/yyxy [beauty&thebeat]
    Each one of the members have their unique identity as a solo artist,
    and the solo artists gather to form a unit.
    When the units finally gather, they create a world.
    LOOΠΔ 1/3 sang the excitement and expectations of the first love through ‘Love&Live’.
    LOOΠΔ/ODD EYE CIRCLE sang that love is not about waiting, but about stepping forward and taking action through ‘Mix&Match’.
    Finally, LOOΠΔ/yyxy sings about the love of youth so shiny to seem luminous, through ‘beauty&thebeat’.
    They decide to be truthful to their emotions in the moment, free of worries about what may come tomorrow.
    Yves, Chuu, Go Won, and Olivia Hye, the members of LOOΠΔ/yyxy, have talked about their own self-awareness and ego in their solo releases.
    The ego takes them to admire or even be jealous of someone else, like many girls in their age do. Sometimes the story derives from self-hatred or disappointment.
    However, they all come to a realization that ego isn’t decided or made by someone else, but is complete by loving oneself.
    dal segno
    The definition of ‘dal segno’ the title of the intro track is ‘return to segno’.
    The time of youth, which goes around and around in the same loop without their own intentions seemed like ‘dal segno’.
    In the loop, they find the light that lets them discover their own ego.
    love4eva (feat. Grimes)
    E-TRIBE, the maestro of dance music known for producing SNSD’s ‘Gee’, and an upcoming production team ‘BADD’ have collaborated to produce the track where the members of LOOΠΔ/yyxy completed “love4eva” with their various voice colors and expressive emotions.
    Sudden encounter of a crush. They sing that it is not just a process to get the person to love you back, but their emotion itself is what is lovable and precious.
    Also, the news that one of the hippest artists in the world, Grimes, will be featuring in the track have raised a fervor in the pop scene around the globe.
    The beats lay on the start of the girls with blessing and grace by Grimes, the creator of her own musical universe.
    The music video was shot exclusively in Budapest, Hungary with LOOΠΔ’s video director Digipedi. The director captures LOOΠΔ/yyxy’s process of completing their ego,
    which may be a ‘new’ ‘heart attack’ which is ‘one&only’ and ‘egoist’ in their own each way.
    “frozen” aurally mesmerizes the audiences with oriental story-telling on top of a westernized beats.
    The melodies of the verse start in the spring passes through summer, where it reaches the chorus and hits you like winter, until flowers bloom again.
    one way
    “one way” actually is a track that has been kept aside for a long time
    to be used in a concept album titled ‘LOOΠΔ the Ballad’.
    ‘LOOΠΔ the Ballad’ which will be released in May 2019, is an album composed of ballad songs
    with the best melodies among many common ballad numbers.
    “one way” is a sneak preview for what is to come, through the emotional expressions in the voices of LOOΠΔ/yyxy.
    Yves opens with a dry voice as if she is standing alone in the silent desert,
    Chuu fills up the space with her voice full of moisture. Go Won’s crunchy voice
    and Olivia Hye’s voice with the duality of day and night, gather to complete one music.
    rendezvous 18.6y
    18.6 years is the sidereal period of the moon.
    The coincidence of the girls becoming LOOΠΔ 1/3, YeoJin, LOOΠΔ/ODD EYE CIRCLE, and lastly LOOΠΔ/yyxy. And one fate.
    Meeting with fans who have recognized LOOΠΔ from even before the debut.
    Endless things such as these that can only be described as ‘rendezvous’
    That is how rendezvous 18.6y becomes meaningful.
    #이달의소녀 #LOONA #yyxy #이브 #츄 #고원 #OliviaHye #Yves #Chuu #GoWon #올리비아혜 #love4eva #MV #BlockBerry #BlockBerryCreative
    More about LOOΠΔ/
    iTunes : itunes.apple.com/us/album/beauty-thebeat-ep/1391514681
    Spotify : open.spotify.com/album/2kyVSOU7qUn6c3WqHjhMB1?si=c_QPFMYcQCqHTb7FrvOIRw
    Amazon Music : www.amazon.com/beauty-thebeat-LOO%CE%A0%CE%94-yyxy/dp/B07DDHWT7K/ref=sr_1_1?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1527755832&sr=1-1-mp3-albums-bar-strip-0&keywords=LOO%CE%A0%CE%94+yyxy
    LOOΠΔ Official : www.loonatheworld.com
    LOOΠΔ Instagram : instagram.com/loonatheworld/
    LOOΠΔ Twitter : twitter.com/loonatheworld
    LOOΠΔ Facebook : facebook.com/loonatheworld/
    LOOΠΔ Official Korean Fan Cafe : cafe.daum.net/loonatheworld
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  • rita omosun
    rita omosun 5 hours ago

    What I noticed is that The three y's of yyxy. Are: Gowon, Chuu and Yves. But the x is Olivia. This MV actually made me cry because that is how I can feel in school sometimes. (I AM A CHILD USING MY MAMA'S ACC. I WILL GET IN SO MUCH TROUBLE. I THINK)

  • keauxgeigh
    keauxgeigh 6 hours ago

    Playlist of full Loona yyxy LoonaTV arc: thexvid.com/p/PLSa4ixqKolHoDBfJla5ngebMo7jgfyTDE

  • Benjie Jeng
    Benjie Jeng 6 hours ago

    This is my favOriTe MV of Loona

  • Benjie Jeng
    Benjie Jeng 7 hours ago

    BBC where is the choreo version

  • mytype
    mytype 20 hours ago

    someone explain this video rn

  • Ann Blue
    Ann Blue 21 hour ago

    this has strog dark academia vibes

  • juan leonardo martinez del angel

    Te amo chu siempre me masturbo con tus videos

  • Trice
    Trice Day ago

    lets go lesbians

  • Gabby Trigg
    Gabby Trigg Day ago


  • ororo munroe
    ororo munroe Day ago

    hoping for their comeback this year

  • Saint
    Saint 2 days ago

    GRIMES? It might indeed be time - to stan loona

  • mattchu
    mattchu 2 days ago +1

    I thought grimes was the lady in the video OOPS

  • Sweet cherry
    Sweet cherry 2 days ago


  • Cake Bear's
    Cake Bear's 2 days ago

    Olivia 😭😭

  • Maizella
    Maizella 2 days ago

    Chuu,Yves and Gowon are positive,cute and just friends. While Olivia is the lonely girl because she is "weird".
    She tries to be friends with the other girls but they don't want to be friends so they make a plan.
    The 3 girls want to run away because they are treated "harsh" for their "mistakes". So while the "minder" didn't look closely the 3 girls ran away. So they leaved Olivia alone again. Olivia does not want to be alone again so she goes to find them. But she can't so she goes back.

    SO i don't know about you but i always get some dark vibes from Olivia in their MV's.

  • Isabella Acevedo
    Isabella Acevedo 2 days ago


  • MouAyad Nasri
    MouAyad Nasri 3 days ago +1

    This is where xx started when gowon looked back at Olivia omg 3:08

  • Magalí Phantomhive
    Magalí Phantomhive 3 days ago +1

    The intro reminds me a lot of gee lmao, besides the mv is weird, I haven't catched the sense yet 😂

  • Princess Neon
    Princess Neon 3 days ago +1

    The intro of this song sounds like the intro of Gee by Girls' Generation. or It's just me?

    • Princess Neon
      Princess Neon Day ago

      jinsouler ً Oh I'm sorry I don't know that. haha

    • jinsouler ً
      jinsouler ً Day ago

      the song was produced by the same person who produced gee lmao

  • Tricia Mari
    Tricia Mari 3 days ago +1

    After they ate the flower they get Hi High 😂 just kidding 😂

  • Vincent Sion
    Vincent Sion 4 days ago +1

    After a try some dance part of love4eva , i think i feel my kidney really pounding like never before Lmao ! 😂😂😂

  • Jade S
    Jade S 4 days ago

    they're worth for my kidney to pounding for.

  • Alex Hye
    Alex Hye 4 days ago

    Olivia 💙

  • Alex Hye
    Alex Hye 4 days ago

    Come on come on baby tell me your storyy

  • Alex Hye
    Alex Hye 4 days ago

    Cmon cmon babyyy

  • Alex Hye
    Alex Hye 4 days ago

    I love YYXY

  • Zachary Michael
    Zachary Michael 4 days ago

    Ugh something about this music video is so enchanting. It's a vague something that just makes it feel timeless. 👏👏👏💕💕💕

  • SuGa Daddy
    SuGa Daddy 5 days ago +1

    I'm a new lonna stan, can someone explain the mv👉👈

    • Goddeath
      Goddeath 4 days ago +1

      +SuGa Daddy Thank you ^^ It's a pleasure to help new Orbit !

    • SuGa Daddy
      SuGa Daddy 4 days ago

      +Goddeath your english is really great!💙thank you so much for your time to explain💙💙

    • Goddeath
      Goddeath 4 days ago +1

      /It's only a theory since BBC has not confirm yet the meaning of the MV\
      Yves, Chuu, Gowon and Olivia are in the Eden Garden, studying and learning lessons to never commit sins or do bad things. But Yves wanted to be free since the rules in Eden are so strict, and she discovered a way to quit the place (eating rose petal). Chuu, who admires her, followed her and convinced Gowon to do it too. Why Olivia didn't follow them ? Two explanations (the secon is more likely than the first, because of Hi High MV) :
      1) Olivia is blind by her education and doesn't want to break the rule. She is excluded by the others.
      2) She's not ready yet, so Yves decided to leave her alone until she wants to join them. We can see Olivia quitting Eden in Hi High and landing on the diving board. When she looks down, who can we recognize ? Yves ! Like if she waits for Olivia to join them. Plus, she's waving and smiling at her.
      So here is the theory for love4eva with a little reference to Hi High. As you can see, the story of LOONA and the LOONAVERSE is very complex, but I think you'll fall quickly in their world ! And I'm sorry for my bad English, it's not my first language and I try my best to have a good grammar ^^'

  • Jeremiah Fernandez
    Jeremiah Fernandez 5 days ago

    underrated bassline

  • Everydxyy
    Everydxyy 5 days ago

    almost 2 more months till the anniversary of love4eva

  • ur mom gay
    ur mom gay 5 days ago

    2:19 mukbangers everywhere are shook

  • faelliot
    faelliot 5 days ago

    'even my kidney is pounding'

  • Elizabeth Gomez
    Elizabeth Gomez 5 days ago

    *finally introducing Loona!* haha that part scared me the first time i listened.

    SATAN LOONA 6 days ago

    GRIMEEEES!!! 💝💝💝💝💝

  • edu e o cara
    edu e o cara 7 days ago +1

    Q legaaaaal

  • Blue Heart
    Blue Heart 7 days ago

    What is the meaning behind this MV

  • yuri soto
    yuri soto 8 days ago +1

    I can't live without my daily dosis of these girls.

  • yoongi's left bicep
    yoongi's left bicep 8 days ago


  • Yeong seok Yoon
    Yeong seok Yoon 8 days ago


  • Penguino S
    Penguino S 8 days ago +2

    Even my kidney is pounding, I think it hurts :)

  • Melanie Garreau
    Melanie Garreau 9 days ago

    Coucou je m’appelle serena je vous trouve trop belles sur tout chuu et Yves

  • Phan Chau Duy
    Phan Chau Duy 9 days ago

    This song give me a very strong Gee vibe.

    • Marcus Taejin
      Marcus Taejin 3 days ago

      +Phan Chau Duy Yeah if you look at the descriptions of Loona's mv's it kind of gives meaning behind the songs. There are also tons of videos on theories for the group. Most of their songs are a lot darker than they seem

    • Phan Chau Duy
      Phan Chau Duy 5 days ago

      +tzuyuvia hye What??? Really?

    • tzuyuvia hye
      tzuyuvia hye 6 days ago

      +Phan Chau Duy but the lyrics to this song is dark af

    • Phan Chau Duy
      Phan Chau Duy 7 days ago +1

      +jinsouler ً no wonder. That beat is really unique and energitic. :D

    • jinsouler ً
      jinsouler ً 7 days ago +1

      it was actually produced by the same producer as gee so

  • Sivphing Chong
    Sivphing Chong 10 days ago +1

    Hello! finally introducing *ORBIT*

  • William Rico
    William Rico 10 days ago

    I think is simillar with I.O.I Very very very 😅

    • Cristin Joseph
      Cristin Joseph 8 days ago

      Very very is similar to gee
      Gee and this song has the same producer

  • Jodie Basco
    Jodie Basco 10 days ago +1

    watch this thexvid.com/video/Pt35Fgq2k2Y/video.html its a theory of this mv, and its very interesting

  • modotte kite kudasai
    modotte kite kudasai 10 days ago +2

    *_i love Grimes

  • evan y
    evan y 11 days ago

    why are they perpetuating white supremacy though? why do they need white approval? smh

    • evan y
      evan y 52 minutes ago

      +Gizmo aP just as i suspected

    • Gizmo aP
      Gizmo aP 2 hours ago

      evan y omg why didn’t I see it before!! It all makes sense. They have white shirts! Omg white supremacy kweens 😍

    • evan y
      evan y 6 hours ago

      +Gizmo aP Its pretty obvious if you watch the vid but if you need a simpler explanation i'll do my best. Not sure if even then you could comprehend it but willing to give it a try if you would like. Also arms fine, thank you for caring so much about my well-being.

    • Gizmo aP
      Gizmo aP 2 days ago

      Sara so don’t @ me? My original comment was to op.

    • Sara
      Sara 2 days ago

      Gizmo aP okay and?

  • livernguts
    livernguts 11 days ago

    Came for GRIMES, stayed stuck in orbit for LOONA.

  • Aisya Zainal
    Aisya Zainal 11 days ago +1

    Can somebody tell this mv about what? Why they leave Olivia alone? Just tell me your opinion about this mv😊

    • Sara
      Sara 10 days ago

      Basically they all have a fruit, yves has the apple, Chuu has a strawberry, Gowon has a pineapple and Olivia Hye has a red plum. As she is the only member who hasn’t ate the fruit she is unable to leave. If you watch each of the girls solo you will see the fruits. There are loona verse theories to help you out.

    • lauvenrose
      lauvenrose 11 days ago +1

      from the theory, olivia is the one who is the outcast because she likes following rules and tells on the teacher when yves and the others sneak out (the wolf in a sheep's wool). she also represents anger between the four of them.

  • uwu uwu
    uwu uwu 11 days ago

    idk why the intro I always think about poppy

  • Wendy Williams
    Wendy Williams 11 days ago +11


  • Amari Rogers
    Amari Rogers 12 days ago +1

    Just because she at a apple

  • Jeremiah Fernandez
    Jeremiah Fernandez 12 days ago

    poor Olivia :(

  • Ten jungkook yanan Jackson Momo rose wendy

    I think into like Gee SNSD

  • HowCome Seriously
    HowCome Seriously 12 days ago +11

    Wow The story in this mv is awesome
    Based on GOD and EVE story and leave Lucifer alone
    They delivered it so easy to understand

  • DLPro
    DLPro 12 days ago

    Sugested by vngnc

  • LeBelle
    LeBelle 12 days ago +2

    Please explain this mv I'm so fucking curious

    • Monica S
      Monica S 12 days ago +2

      Ok, yyxy are the last 4 members of Loona. Their story is based on Eden and the story of the forbitten fruit. This mv is representing the school as Eden and the teacher as the controling god. First, Yves leaves by biting the apple. (her solo 'new'). Then she calls for Chuu, who loves her, so she follows. ('Heart attack'). Then they convince GoWon, who was relunctant at first. (Solo 'One &Only). Then, they decided to leave Olivia behind because she appears to be mayorly relunctant to disobey god. But she regrets this and tries to follow them but lost them in the forest. So she gets angry at herself and them for leaving her. Hence her solo 'Egoist'. Then if you watch Hi High, their debut song, one of the mayor stories is Olivia jumping towards yyxy, reuniting with the girls.

  • yuri soto
    yuri soto 12 days ago

    Tf every day i just watch this MV to be able to see chuu aegyo xd

  • yuri soto
    yuri soto 13 days ago

    I fell in love with chuu :c

  • 김주영
    김주영 13 days ago

    진짜 왜이렇게 좋아 진짜 이달소 체고ㅜㅜㅜㅜ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Joshua Mark George
    Joshua Mark George 14 days ago +13

    I spent two days cycling through the entire Miss A discography looking for this song because I kept seeing Fei sing this in my head. Then I realized I had gone on a Loona binge and that's where I'd heard this. I still went through Loona's entire discography before finding this 😂😂😂😂 Totally worth it.

  • Missmakayla Updates
    Missmakayla Updates 14 days ago

    I only like the grimes part

  • idk
    idk 14 days ago


  • Al yel
    Al yel 14 days ago +1

    3:08 💔

  • Linda Inês Pereira Lima

    Gente com a grimes ??? amei

  • seol설
    seol설 15 days ago

    olivia is "la rajona" :^

  • m a r i a
    m a r i a 15 days ago

    the 4 colors reminds me of heathers

  • Elizabeth Gomez
    Elizabeth Gomez 15 days ago +1

    i love this song SOOoooOOOoooooOOOooooooOOOOOoOooOoOooOOooOOOOO much!!!!!!!


  • Brii :D
    Brii :D 16 days ago +1

    stan loona we

  • Pau_G 5
    Pau_G 5 16 days ago

    Lloro un vergo al ver como la ibu traiciona a Oliviabb. Eso sí es pasarse de pinche lanza

  • gacha luki
    gacha luki 16 days ago +2


  • taeminty 지아
    taeminty 지아 16 days ago +2

    I would die for Chuu

  • Typical Random Ordinary Stranger

    "even my kidney is pounding" excuse me what?!

    • Aluminium xD
      Aluminium xD 13 days ago

      U gotta check singing in the rain if this surprises u lol

  • Weeple Loves Sheep
    Weeple Loves Sheep 16 days ago +1

    wow the song sounded really sweet and the video is hitting me with the Stockholm vibes and im worried now

  • Lucy Fer
    Lucy Fer 17 days ago


  • sushinøkitsune
    sushinøkitsune 17 days ago +254

    me: only deep lyrics get to me
    also me: "even my kidney is pounding i think it hurts" *sniff*

  • Val P.
    Val P. 17 days ago

    where the fuck is grimes??????

    APRICOT BLOSSOM 17 days ago


  • Estefany Barros
    Estefany Barros 17 days ago


  • Bongo Redd
    Bongo Redd 17 days ago

    Wooow!! Grimes!!!!!

  • ;miyu kk
    ;miyu kk 18 days ago

    love4eva pero no se olviden a la olivia para la próxima xd (solo jugando, las amo adkdk)

  • Kayçie c:
    Kayçie c: 18 days ago +6

    why did this video literally make me tear up

  • Burcin
    Burcin 18 days ago

    I'm a little confused because if the three of them left together, leaving Olivia Hye behind. Then the three should have fallen to Earth together right? Then how come Yves can't see Chuu in Heart Attack and Chuu still needs to fall?

    • koyomiararagis
      koyomiararagis 14 days ago

      Yves can see Chuu in Heart Attack. She stares at her and smiles in the prechorus. At the end, their respective animal plushies are sitting next to each other in the window.
      The implication of yyxy's solos is that it's each member's personal view on what happened in love4eva.
      In Heart Attack, Chuu *feels* like Yves is ignoring her because she's not getting the attention she wants, hence that's what she sees. In reality, Yves is just focused on helping yyxy escape Eden and uniting LOONA (hence her staring at the moon and her efforts to bring Olivia back to them in Hi High).

  • Sara Usagi-chan-senpai
    Sara Usagi-chan-senpai 19 days ago +1

    Stan talent, Stan LOONA 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Sara Usagi-chan-senpai
    Sara Usagi-chan-senpai 19 days ago +511

    Olivia stayed there because she knew Jonas Brothers were returning some day. She wanted to be part of that moment.

  • Harim Jang
    Harim Jang 19 days ago

    중간에 올리비아가 남겨지는 것과 동시에 반주음이 반음 내려가는데 묘한 공포가 매력적

  • Marina Brum
    Marina Brum 19 days ago +7

    Olivia invented being left behind

  • styronwood
    styronwood 20 days ago +19

    _are you gays ready?_

  • glenda
    glenda 20 days ago +2

    um marco na história da música

  • Liru Wolfgirl
    Liru Wolfgirl 20 days ago

    Loona fans suck my ass

    • Alex Santamaria
      Alex Santamaria 19 days ago +3

      First, washing your ass

    • Katie
      Katie 19 days ago +6

      buy me dinner first

    • Liru Wolfgirl
      Liru Wolfgirl 20 days ago

      +hjnhynjnhslvvyjnkmlpjnslchrryyvschgwnlvhy I feed off your tears and cum

    • Sara
      Sara 20 days ago +1

      Aww that’s so sad ‘wolfgirl’

    • hjnhynjnhslvvyjnkmlpjnslchrryyvschgwnlvhy
      hjnhynjnhslvvyjnkmlpjnslchrryyvschgwnlvhy 20 days ago +1

      Commenting shit again.. atleast you added some views..tell all the haters to stream loona's mvs harder

  • faireye
    faireye 21 day ago +3

    loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad loonatheballad

  • _Kmi_La_
    _Kmi_La_ 21 day ago

    How many girls are?

  • 소보로맛있어
    소보로맛있어 21 day ago

    올리비아 혜가 오니깐 나머지 3명이 정색빨고 공부하는장면 소름돋는다 ㄷㄷ

  • Ploysai T.
    Ploysai T. 21 day ago +5

    Why i'm crying while i watched this TT the song sounds cute but why the MV is so sad

    • a crazy kpop fanboy
      a crazy kpop fanboy 17 days ago

      Well then welcome to the loonaverse

    • heek heejins
      heek heejins 21 day ago +2

      พิชญธิดา ติณพันธุ์ it’s part of the loonaverse

  • Alaska Sha
    Alaska Sha 21 day ago


  • Madilynn Villars
    Madilynn Villars 22 days ago +1

    wasn't Grimes the one chick from that Poppy song "Play Destroy"?

    • Sponglish
      Sponglish 19 days ago

      Madilynn Villars yeaah however it is a little sad you are talking about this that way, Grimes is in the industry way longer than Poppy

  • Tal Y
    Tal Y 22 days ago +2

    I finally found the other music video that these visuals reminded me of!!! Im like 85% sure they drew inspiration from this, tho these themes can be considered general. But theyre pretty similar! Its gay too. thexvid.com/video/hdYiYjuf0ko/video.html n. (Content warning: it has some pretty suggestive scenes & at the end it shows someone getting hanged so beware. Oh & it starts slow)

  • Alesh Silva
    Alesh Silva 22 days ago +3

    Came here for the goat at the door meme

  • Star Of the Ages
    Star Of the Ages 23 days ago +1

    well now I have this song stuck in my head. Loona, fighting!

  • MDN Moonbean
    MDN Moonbean 23 days ago +2

    Okay so Am I the only one who is trying to find Grimes in this song?

    • Cristin Joseph
      Cristin Joseph 22 days ago +1

      She does the introduction hello.....She is not in the mv