We Tried Intermittent Fasting For A Week 😱 (feat. Candace Lowry)

  • Published on Aug 14, 2017
  • We tried intermittent fasting for a week and it was a super challenging but very eye-opening and rewarding experience. Would you try this?
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Comments • 1 794

  • Corinne Beingamood

    I think this only works if you don’t work out a lot.

  • Amanda Stevens
    Amanda Stevens 8 days ago

    I low key already do this without realizing it

  • Patrakar
    Patrakar 13 days ago

    This is not possible for early-risers. I have been doing this but I feel its difficult on weekdays as compared to weekends as I sleep much more on weekends so 'the hunger time' is done fast.

  • nebitna osobica
    nebitna osobica 16 days ago

    I am usually breaking my fasting at 11am and starting it again at 7pm and that works for me.😊

  • Krystal Cheena
    Krystal Cheena 16 days ago

    I think it works so well with me, because my schedule is free in the mornings till about noon then I'm busy right till 8. So it kind of works perfect for me, I feel less bloated, I have more energy my sleep is great, and bowel movements are a lot more frequent! But for someone who works out early in the mornings, has to be at work at work by 8am, I feel like that's not attainable, I certainly wouldn't be able to do that! But props to everyone who does it! 🙌🏼

  • Sungaze1111
    Sungaze1111 22 days ago

    I do 19 5 naturally, due to my health only liked food between 10 and 3 pm, preferably 2 00 pm, and now that I'm on keto and avoiding carbs, related to triggering insulin which stores fat, I am losing weight. The 19 5 by itself without the keto just maintained my weight due to my health and metabolism.

  • Jina Mooni
    Jina Mooni 22 days ago

    I sometimes don’t eat when I wake up I just drink water and have coffee.

  • Douglas Campbell
    Douglas Campbell 23 days ago

    I tend to go a full 24 hours without eating about once a month and not even realize it until the next day. I even have a very physical job on top of it. I just drink a TON of water.

  • Christin Cavanaugh
    Christin Cavanaugh 25 days ago

    Apparently I’ve been intermittent fasting my entire life....however I don’t do it in the morning...it’s more about I don’t eat after a certain time at night. Like I don’t eat after 6 or 7 pm and I eat about a half hour or hour after I get up. I’ve never thought about why I have done that except for the fact that I don’t like going to bed with food in my stomach. It’s never been about intentionally fasting. I didn’t even know what that was until recently. I would never workout without eating an hour before either. That’s just crazy lol.

  • x x
    x x 29 days ago

    I like your TheXvid channel and think your great. However I feel like you failed to mention whats the most important part of If. With IF you reduce how many times your insulin spikes. And the more your insulin spikes the more insulin resistance your body gets meaning your body stores alot of fat and blocks the nutrients needed for burning fat. ( so 2 thing ls you dont want). Furthermore what many people dont realise(or forget) is our body cant do two things at once. So when your eating your body cannot also start burning fat. So if your someone who's continuously eating/snacking you dont give your body time to burn the fat. It's even worse for people who are midnight snacker cos that's means your only giving your body a very small amount of time to burn fat before your next meal (break-fast). So what's great about IF is you can choose your own timetable to fit your schedule it's about when you eat. So that you dont keep spiking your insulin. Am not that good at explaining you should check out dr.berg or fledge fitness they give you all the information, the benefits, the "effect"(which is just your body changing) and how to avoid them. Been doing If and this is the first time I've actually stuck to something and am actually feeling great.

  • theodorax
    theodorax Month ago

    At 6:30 she says that she has noticed changes in her body in the SECOND week, but they said that they were doing this for ONE week 🤔

  • Mhd111 Mhd
    Mhd111 Mhd Month ago +2

    Muslims are enjoying this lol*


  • Sandy
    Sandy Month ago

    1 week? I need to do 50 days..No food with milk or meet.

  • First Last
    First Last Month ago

    its important to drink water while intermittent fasting... that hunger you feel in the morning is usually just thirst.

  • Alexia Siachami
    Alexia Siachami Month ago

    Well for the past 1 and a half weeks i have been following the warrior diet which is 20/4 pattern and so these 4 hours basically have two meals in them. It is going to be something i will be following because before i start this i was eating out of boredom multiple times a day. And no i am not binging in this diet, i can though as long as it's healthy foods. So ye no problem so far and i lost about 5 pounds out of it.

  • Amyra Arshi
    Amyra Arshi Month ago

    I am a person who used to eat at midnight and i used to eat breakfast right after waking up. i have been intermittent fasting since 4 days. it wasn't hard. i feel hungry after 14/15 hours. i stop eating at 10 and eat after 2 pm next day. i started to feel more energetic throughout the day than usual also more focused. it have so many health benefits. and i plan to continue this always. my sleep cycle also got better. also my calorie intake is sooo under control i can't believe it.

  • killerxxlv
    killerxxlv Month ago

    Drinking water when your hungry helps

  • Issy K
    Issy K 2 months ago +1

    I just realized that I have been doing this my whole life lol

  • Yo
    Yo 2 months ago

    The black girl says you can eat junk food that is not true u can’t you need to eat healthy

  • Katie .O
    Katie .O 2 months ago

    Sometimes I don’t eat breakfast and I eat lunch at 2pm so I don’t eat for a lot of the day
    Is that why I’m skinny

  • Taylor Macko
    Taylor Macko 2 months ago

    I've been doing a method of intermittent fasting, but instead of the 16/8 method, I do a *20/4 method*.
    Its harder for me to eat within a larger time frame than a smaller one. Idk why.
    I've been fasting for 5 months already. I have noticed I've dropped weight, not significantly though, probably like 10 pounds at the most.
    At the most part, I stay a steady and constant weight.
    And I did not decide to start fasting because of watching this vid. This is the first time I'm watching it, even though it's been out for well over a year now.
    Life was like: 'hey, so you're gonna eat less food & stuff at diff. times from now on".
    I was like: 'yea, sure. bring it. less for me to worry about'.

  • Marie Condie
    Marie Condie 2 months ago

    I take 4 fish oils at my last meal. By 11am I am just fine!

  • mani nina
    mani nina 2 months ago

    We do this evry year we call it ramadan we have to stop eating,drinking,smoking we can't say bad things or do bad things we are Muslims

  • parkchimchim
    parkchimchim 2 months ago

    Why don’t you just eat in the morning say like 8~9 am and stop eating at 4~5pm it’s not THAT hard and actually insanely good for you !!

  • Not today Satan
    Not today Satan 2 months ago

    Am I the only one in the world that cannot eat when I first wake up?!?

  • mila sauer
    mila sauer 3 months ago

    I don't eat breakfast at all, I only have 2 meals a day so this would be a piece of cake for me.

  • Mia Taylor
    Mia Taylor 3 months ago

    Can u try the Keto diet?

  • Dionne Shaw
    Dionne Shaw 3 months ago

    Water, water, water. No mention of water. Water is important.

  • aditya randive
    aditya randive 3 months ago

    Try keto diet

  • Brenda Lee
    Brenda Lee 3 months ago

    I do intermittent fasting few times a week and I have seen progress and I don't eat/snack as much as I normally would. But in order for intermittent fasting to SUCCESSFULLY work long term, you have to take your lifestyle/work/training schedule in consideration. I would NOT train fasted, then leave it for 3 hours before breaking my fast (you'd be super hungry and feeling faint, depending how hard you worked yourself in your training, this is also very dangerous if you have diabetes and your blood sugar drops). I actually have my first meal at 12-1pm similar to the time of when the girls did it, then wait 30 mins or so for it to digest, then head to the gym (so I have energy to lift heavy weights), then would have my 2nd meal around 3-4pm. Then dinner + another meal at 7-8pm. My meals are BIG and I cook whole food meals from home (also they are according to my calories and macros I have set for myself - I'm a personal trainer/online coach). I also drink about 3-4L of water before I break my fast at 12-1pm. It helps A LOT if you are constantly hydrating yourself throughout the times you are fasting. I would also like to add that I used to ALWAYS eat right when I wake up and would tell myself I NEED food straight away in the morning. But your body adapts just like exercise and the food you feed it. The beginning is always the hardest! You also don't need to do intermittent fasting everyday to see results. I do it 3-5 times a week, depending on my schedule and my lifestyle! :) hope that helps and is a better insight on how you can use intermittent fasting and how it's important you take your lifestyle into consideration when trying this out!

  • Slide Cuddles
    Slide Cuddles 3 months ago

    Surprise you didn’t cry

  • Will D
    Will D 3 months ago

    Interesting...IF is cool though...more people should try it

  • Kelsey Pace
    Kelsey Pace 3 months ago +1

    I do that most days without realizing it, I never eat breakfast😂

  • Apoorva Tapas
    Apoorva Tapas 3 months ago

    No good information

  • CrazyGirlForever
    CrazyGirlForever 3 months ago

    I’m a teen girl who’s gonna try intermittent fasting 14/7 or 7/14 I don’t remember which

    • Luna
      Luna 3 months ago

      @CrazyGirlForever XD

    • CrazyGirlForever
      CrazyGirlForever 3 months ago

      Lol oops

    • Luna
      Luna 3 months ago

      7 and 14 are 21 what are you gona do that other 3 hours in a day XD

  • Yad C
    Yad C 4 months ago

    One week?! And 16/8?! You ladies are weak sauce lol. I’m currently on 19/5, then going on my regular 20/4 then my goal is to do OMAD or one meal a day. I have done 7 day water fasts but even that’s too brutal for me

  • Bee Bee
    Bee Bee 4 months ago +1

    Currently, I end up eating at around 11am after a workout and I eat my last meal around 4:30/5:30 and don't eat after that, so technically it seems to be intermittent fasting, although I just did it naturally without realizing that's what it was called.
    I end up eating 2 meals a day plus a snack inbetween and I'm not really hungry during the fasting hours. I'm also losing with the addition of 30 minutes of a morning workout

  • rachel cuccia
    rachel cuccia 4 months ago

    You don’t have to eat 12-8pm 😅 I intermittent fast 9-5 or 9-6 BECAUSE I workout from 8-9am every morning. This way I can just go ahead and get my protein straight after my workout! It definitely makes you feel less bloated and more controlled. I’m soooo glad I started it :)

  • Joana Roshi
    Joana Roshi 4 months ago

    So I practise intermittent fasting. You don't have to eat stop and start eating at the same time everyday. For example if you have breakfast at lets say 9 and then your last meal at 5, you will end up fasting for 16 hours until about 9 the next morning. Although if you have an important for example at 7 then you can have a longer fasting window. I use an app called "zero" and it keeps track of fasting and window eating time. Otherwise it can really be a hassle.

  • Sofian El-Alfy
    Sofian El-Alfy 4 months ago

    Background music is so annoying

  • kitty girl
    kitty girl 4 months ago

    Idk, they make it seem a lot harder than it is, at least for me..I just started this about a week or two ago and doing the warrior diet with 20 hours fasting and 4 eating, and its been easy not eating or drinking while fasting, and i dont get hungry. And when i do eat in that 4 hours its normally just my dinner which is pretty light. Nothing else usually. The only complaint i have is the empty stomach breath/taste in ur mouth. Ive just been using mouthwash throughout the day. But its still pretty easy to do for me. The hard part is the most important part! Exercise lol.

  • the cup RM throws in the Run MV

    literally i sleep until noon and eat 1 meal a day because that’s all i can afford and that’s the college life

  • Shreya Kadel
    Shreya Kadel 4 months ago

    I eat during 9am - 5pm trust me it's actually a lot easier this way

  • Dndnej SNSK jx
    Dndnej SNSK jx 4 months ago +1

    i eat once a day for about half an hour its not that hard...........

  • Freya Leigh
    Freya Leigh 4 months ago +6

    I sleep 16 hour a day... imma gonna be fine 😂

  • nour a
    nour a 4 months ago

    in my religion, we have to fast, that’s basically not eating anything from the morning (4 am) until 9 pm, for a month. so this is nothing lmaoo

  • Ellie McGowan
    Ellie McGowan 4 months ago

    Honestly intermittent fasting has helped me so much with my appetite and cravings! For the first time in my life I don't feel like I'm being controlled by my cravings! I feel so much better!

  • Nedra Robertson
    Nedra Robertson 4 months ago

    I am on my 2nd week of fasting...it's harder whe n u are trying to lose menopause weight...

  • Shaun Heckstall
    Shaun Heckstall 4 months ago

    Terrible video because it is void of science.

  • Humaira Ziauddin
    Humaira Ziauddin 5 months ago

    One more thing it’s easy for me because most of fasting time is night so when you went to sleep once you are okay but when we fast in our holy month then we start fasting very early like 3 am we eat and then 8 pm we open our fast and we didn’t even take a drop of water 💦 but in this intermediate fasting we can drink whenever we want 8 hours we can eat so basically it’s really easy at least for me because I am use too

  • Humaira Ziauddin
    Humaira Ziauddin 5 months ago

    Today is my day 5th and I already loose 3 lbs I am so happy not hard at all just having a ☝️ problem and that’s constipation and iAm watching my calories intake too 🤗

  • Nathalie Davies
    Nathalie Davies 5 months ago

    Try a water-only fast? It should be medically supervised. There’s a place in Santa Rosa, California called True North. I think that would be very interesting to see you touch on and would help dispense with some of the stigma. Love the channel! Good luck!

  • razzen88
    razzen88 5 months ago

    I've always wanted to try this but I start getting stomach cramps and throwing up if I wait too long to eat :(

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi 5 months ago

    I just eat like 100-200 cal every 2 days. Sometimes I vomit up my food when I eat junk food...do I have an eating disorder or something? Can someone help me? I have so many problems not even with the food like you don’t even know

    • crimson
      crimson 3 months ago

      Ya Boi Please your doctor, man

  • Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete

    I've just finished a week of intermittent fasting. I made the fatal mistake of not taking enough food with me to work today. I won't make that mistake again. Other than today, it has been awesome. It's rough making sauces, prior to breaking my fast...👀 And remembering that I can't TASTE it!😆😒

  • Pita GV
    Pita GV 5 months ago

    Love that Bay Area shirt!❤❤❤👍

  • Tarek
    Tarek 5 months ago

    Bitch we do this for a whole month it's called Ramadan

  • Krishant Singha
    Krishant Singha 5 months ago

    6 mins until she can eat!!!

  • Aparna Lalchandani
    Aparna Lalchandani 5 months ago

    why not eat an early dinner also? so you can survive easier the next day

  • Coryl Addy
    Coryl Addy 5 months ago

    Unless you continue fasting forever, there's no way to "skip breakfast". You can skip a MORNING MEAL, but breakfast is literally just a meal that breaks the fast you're in overnight. When you take it... doesn't matter. Not bothering to copy paste the research on it, but the "breakfast" meal for the morning isn't grounded in any science as beneficial or necessary.
    Eat when you feel hungry. I intermittent fast naturally when I'm not trying to eat on a schedule. Everyone is different.

  • Lukas Ljungcrantz
    Lukas Ljungcrantz 5 months ago

    it anoys me that they dont realise the 8 h can be placed anytime..

  • Ra. Sandora
    Ra. Sandora 5 months ago

    Its just skipping breakfast and have a brunch in the noon

  • NurseBetty32
    NurseBetty32 5 months ago

    Does anyone know what Candace's tshirt at the end of the video is referencing?

  • Lunar Wolf
    Lunar Wolf 5 months ago

    Yeah, I'm good with not starving myself. Thanks.

  • YAYNellie
    YAYNellie 5 months ago

    I wish you would redo this video.

  • codecatx5
    codecatx5 5 months ago

    Personally I don't think fasting should be done in such a short period. It usually takes me two weeks after starting to adjust. After that the hunger really goes away largely especially if you get in enough water. I'm down 20 lb in a little over a month and a half specifically down almost 5 percent body fat and up 2 percent muscle mass over the same period.

  • Clancy Slay
    Clancy Slay 5 months ago

    I can see how this would make sense if you need to drop a few pounds late notice since you’re not consuming as many calories during the day. But everyone always says how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and to me this just kind of sounds like skipping breakfast. Then Michelle says she ate as many calories in the 8 hour period as she would in a normal day so I don’t understand how this is supposed to be beneficial? Thoughts??

  • Grade ‘s Second cousin

    Noobiz try 20h fasting with only 2 meals 😎

  • Nadeem Sanity
    Nadeem Sanity 5 months ago

    This channel is good

  • cokahhh
    cokahhh 5 months ago

    I do this all the time, especially if I want to quickly lose some water weight. Just drink lots of water and stay busy, then you won't get hungry. I usually go from 2-10, but I often end up going from 2-8:30.

  • Samantha Corker
    Samantha Corker 5 months ago

    16/8 rule shouldnt you only eat at 4pm not 12

  • Maham Sharif
    Maham Sharif 5 months ago

    Laughs in Muslim

  • Courtney Hamilton
    Courtney Hamilton 5 months ago

    Michelle, you’re before picture looked so much better. IMHO

  • TheMeghan99
    TheMeghan99 5 months ago

    I intermittently fast, but you guys do realize you can choose your hours right? I chose 9-5 because that works best for me with my school and work schedules. As long as you stay consistent, you can choose your hours

  • Hanin M
    Hanin M 6 months ago

    I fast on Ramadan...

  • Ashley Toler
    Ashley Toler 6 months ago

    If you eat dinner at 5pm you can eat at 9am just saying

  • The Sexeguru
    The Sexeguru 6 months ago

    You can have a drink under 35 cal without breaking your fast ,, so a coffee is ok until noon , I have bulletproof cafe and I eat at 10 am / 10-7 pm is my eating window time because I cannot get home by 6 pm sometimes

  • Emma Donner
    Emma Donner 6 months ago

    Turns out I've been doing this my whole adult life!!! 😮 I guess I just have to turn to healthy food to loose weight 🤔

  • Ellie Styles
    Ellie Styles 6 months ago

    Can somebody please tell me how to end the fast? I mean what should I eat immediately after the fast is over?

  • deanne goodfellow
    deanne goodfellow 6 months ago

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  • Janet Gill
    Janet Gill 6 months ago +1

    Did either of you ladies lose any weight during this experience? If you said I missed it. Thanks.

  • yooo its rewind time
    yooo its rewind time 6 months ago

    honestly i know im a bit late to the video but if you think about it this is easy af and yes i have done it. and fuck grammar im on hella adderall and dont have time for that shit rn. so there are 24 hours in a day and they did the 16/8 so 16 hours where you cant eat seems like a lot but when your asleep for at least 8 of that 16 that only 8 hours without eating. if you wake up at 6 you could eat from 6am-1pm then fast from 2pm-9pm and go to bed at 10 pm and sleeping the rest of the 8 hours. EZ AF.

  • Miss Amanda's world
    Miss Amanda's world 6 months ago

    I kind of do this exactly how many hrs varies I just do it overnight i don't eat after 6 pm at very latest then I don't eat till morning some days it's 3 am some days 7 am anywhere inbetween happens to.I usually have dinner at 3 or 4pm I know it's early it works for me

  • Luna Talpur
    Luna Talpur 7 months ago

    Did you lose any weight?

  • Shakuri
    Shakuri 7 months ago

    Guys you only did for 7 days. You didn't give your body enough time to adapt to IF changes

  • Golden Dragon Customz
    Golden Dragon Customz 7 months ago +1

    I do this everyday, its called eating school lunch and sleeping at home until the next day, really an omad

  • kaiser sozay
    kaiser sozay 7 months ago

    how the hell are these two "dying"? 16 off and an 8 hour window is sooo easy! Example: eat dinner at 8pm. and not again till 12pm. YOUR ONLY SKIPPING ONE MEAL! And with an 8 hour "on" window you can eat again at 8pm. THATS IT! EASY. NO BITCHING. Try a 48, or 72 hour juice and water only cleanse. Now that you can gripe about.

  • Girl In London X
    Girl In London X 7 months ago

    You exercise a hour after you break your fast

  • Nyanna Ross
    Nyanna Ross 7 months ago +1

    If I lose half a pound I'll be happy. At this point I just want to know it's possible for me to lose weight. Because right now nothing is working.

  • Emitt Lame
    Emitt Lame 7 months ago

    IF is actually really natural, it's how humans ate way back in the day.(hunting/gathering)

  • stantaeyeon
    stantaeyeon 7 months ago

    If you can't resist, then try to put alarm clocks
    Set an alarm when you are allowed to eat
    Set an alarm when you stop eating
    This works for me and I have VERY LOW self control

  • cristina almasi
    cristina almasi 7 months ago +6

    16x8 is not hard. Make 20x4 and it's perfect.that's what I do.I lost 12 kilos in 45 days

    • Guido Anselmi
      Guido Anselmi 5 months ago

      IF you want to get sufficient nutrients and calories in, aren't you just eating non-stop for those 4 hours if you want to get everything your body needs?

    • Devilninja16
      Devilninja16 6 months ago

      I have only just started IF 3 days ago. I am doing 18/6 and find that is working well for me at the moment. I can easily make it to 2pm when my eating wondow starts without feeling too hungry. Though i have already been counting calories for the last 4 years and lost 25kgs from that. Hoping IF will help my snacking habits so I don't gain it all back.

  • Kaloni Rose
    Kaloni Rose 7 months ago

    I just started the 20-4 fasting method

  • chaz meeuwisse
    chaz meeuwisse 7 months ago

    try omad

  • Hugo Karlen
    Hugo Karlen 7 months ago

    I've been doing intermittent fasting my whole life unknowingly, I just can't eat in the morning 😅

  • helnynicole
    helnynicole 7 months ago

    It Is Not a diet You should more looka at It as a lifestyle change.

  • Addison Vickers
    Addison Vickers 7 months ago

    This is one of the only things that has worked for me!

  • PIXART Gaming
    PIXART Gaming 7 months ago

    I love intermittent fasting♥ definitely works. I do the 12/12 method to maintain my weight.

  • Alex Dalton
    Alex Dalton 7 months ago

    The amount of complaining is ridiculous to me. You really are so used to constantly eating that skipping breakfast is torture? really?

  • Headbanger's Kitchen
    Headbanger's Kitchen 7 months ago

    Been doing IF for the last 3 years. We're just conditioned to believe we need 3 meals. Eat when actually hungry.