Legacies Season 1 Finale EXPLAINED & Season 2 Theories

  • Published on Mar 30, 2019
  • We recap the intense Legacies Season 1 finale ("There's Always a Loophole") and address some of your burning questions about Season 2: What happened to Hope? Will Kai Parker (Chris Wood) return? And what’s the deal with Malivore? ➡️ Watch The Vampire Diaries & The Originals Easter eggs you might've missed here: bit.ly/2ux5p7z
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Comments • 1 843

  • Ken An
    Ken An Day ago

    Witch Vampire Werewolf TRIBRID !!! not Hybrid. :(

  • Caden Marisa
    Caden Marisa 2 days ago

    What if Stephanie became a witch

  • Mia Osborne
    Mia Osborne 4 days ago


  • Khalvida Pamarthy
    Khalvida Pamarthy 6 days ago

    I want to see rest of the original family and Delena in season 2

  • Peter Ngugi
    Peter Ngugi 6 days ago


  • Peter Ngugi
    Peter Ngugi 6 days ago


  • Peter Ngugi
    Peter Ngugi 6 days ago


  • Ginger Leprechaun
    Ginger Leprechaun 9 days ago +1

    Josie is going to remember Hope. I'm telling you know

  • Mski Loc
    Mski Loc 9 days ago

    Klaus and Elijah

  • Tahjae Hill
    Tahjae Hill 12 days ago +1

    Maybe hope will see klaus in the pit maybe that’s we’re original dead beings go?

  • gomojimreal fortnite
    gomojimreal fortnite 13 days ago +1

    Klaus and elijah must come back and all the original family with marcel and vincent but rebekah still a vampire

  • Therealkate Me
    Therealkate Me 13 days ago

    I think that Bonnie is gonna come back if Kai comes back because Alaric is gonna call up Bonnie and be like he’s back come on girl we got to put him pack in his cage

  • Hugo Serrano
    Hugo Serrano 14 days ago

    lmaoo you're amazing

  • regina phalange
    regina phalange 14 days ago

    Liziie and Josie found Kai's prison world key so I think kai is gonna be back and help them with the whole gemini thing

  • Kaitlin Solt
    Kaitlin Solt 15 days ago

    What if they use that ascendant to bring back Hope and Ryan

  • Daniel Hase
    Daniel Hase 17 days ago

    anyone else disappointed that hope never actually showed how strong she is? In the show she mostly just uses magic. Like shouldn't her bloodline and combination of beings make her really powerful and not just a witch that on occasion turns into a wolf?

  • Benji F
    Benji F 19 days ago


  • The Dreamverse
    The Dreamverse 20 days ago

    WOW, from Vampire Diaries and The Originals to this bullshit?

  • Nedelcu Ecaterina Angela Rose


  • lIIlIlIIllIlIl-
    lIIlIlIIllIlIl- 20 days ago

    I hope that Hope stays with Landon and no one else

  • Laura Pearl
    Laura Pearl 22 days ago

    Not to annoy you but u said that Lillian salvator is a heritic but only a Gemini siphoner that is turned into a vampire then they are a heritic xxx

    GEEBY 23 days ago

    The actuall actor of Damon, Ian somerhalder, really loved doing vampire diaries and must really want to come back to so if the show let him back in he would most likely accept the offer

  • Rylee Roach
    Rylee Roach 23 days ago

    When will season 2 come out

  • BenitoDIY
    BenitoDIY 24 days ago

    Legacies has become stranger things

  • Tatyana Ireri
    Tatyana Ireri 25 days ago

    I would like to see the Vampire Diaries cast like Elena, Jeremy again, Damon and the kids of Delana. I would also like to see The originals family. I wish That Hope, Hayley, klaus, Elijah, Katherine, Stefan, and Enzo can be respected from the dead.It would also be nice to see Caroline and Bonnie again with the old gang.

  • Nikkie Marie's Video's to share

    Nina & Ian!!! But id love to somehow see klaus and elijah too!!! Oh and Marcel

  • grape welch
    grape welch 25 days ago

    is this like the upside down for the legacies universe?

  • Lazariah Rouse
    Lazariah Rouse 25 days ago

    if hope was forgotten how would people know klaus and elija die because they die for her right so that means they should be brought back because they wouldn't have to die in the first place they will still be tormenting elena for her blood

  • lionmaker g
    lionmaker g 26 days ago

    I wanna see all the original family come back and try to save hope

  • K Cee
    K Cee 27 days ago

    Wait how does Hope even activate her Vampire side?

  • Mr Egg With 1mil sub
    Mr Egg With 1mil sub 27 days ago +2

    The real question is Penelope coming back.

  • Poppy Fleet
    Poppy Fleet 28 days ago

    I really really really really really really really really really really want an need Penelope back

  • KJ
    KJ 28 days ago +1

    I FREAKING NEEEEEEED her to come back. Posie all the way. Like it legit broke my heart when she left

  • Khalil Hendricks
    Khalil Hendricks 29 days ago

    I want to see Marcel and Rebekah

  • Jas T
    Jas T 29 days ago

    BONNIE 😂🤪

  • Jayden Iron
    Jayden Iron Month ago

    Woah woah woah isnt kai dead he got his head cut off

    • Khushi Ali
      Khushi Ali 28 days ago

      He came back from hell in season 8
      Then bonnie locked him in a prison world

  • Tamara XXX
    Tamara XXX Month ago

    I want to see freya and caroline. Kai should stay were he is

  • Chloe Ford
    Chloe Ford Month ago +1

    in the show they talked about Damon and Eliana so they need to be in season 2!!

  • Double Shook
    Double Shook Month ago

    Like hope says “there’s always a loophole”.

  • Leora Shorts
    Leora Shorts Month ago +2

    i just want to know if klaus is alive if hope went bye bye 👋🏿

    • Khushi Ali
      Khushi Ali 28 days ago

      He isn’t
      People just forgot about her its not like she never existed

  • purpaz
    purpaz Month ago

    i hope that in season 2 landon becomes a phoenix and does some bad ass moved and kicks malavores ass

    no pun intended lol

  • Samanta Traknyte
    Samanta Traknyte Month ago

    I want to see them all

  • Genevieve Luevano
    Genevieve Luevano Month ago


  • katerina Braide
    katerina Braide Month ago

    And please more epic love story like that of Vampire Diaries

  • katerina Braide
    katerina Braide Month ago

    I hoping to see no more new characters...... I mean we already have so many from the Vampire Diaries and originals to act the whole play all the way to season 4

  • katerina Braide
    katerina Braide Month ago


  • Akriti Arora
    Akriti Arora Month ago

    They should bring back Klaus and make him an Art Teacher at the school and pair him up with Caroline

  • laney lewis
    laney lewis Month ago

    I think that Hope's family won't forgot her (always and forever) am I right

  • laney lewis
    laney lewis Month ago

    Klaus, Hayley,Jackson,And Elijah

  • Krish Chhabria
    Krish Chhabria Month ago

    Ric should stay the headmaster i like his role alot

  • Maktoom Aljabri
    Maktoom Aljabri Month ago

    Damon and Bonnie

  • Jessica pichardo
    Jessica pichardo Month ago

    I want to see damon and elena

  • Shawnia williams
    Shawnia williams Month ago

    I wanna see everyone next season😭😭

  • Lady Haque
    Lady Haque Month ago

    2 lagc

  • Ecowolf 1995
    Ecowolf 1995 Month ago


  • Itss B
    Itss B Month ago

    I wanna see Kol and Becka

  • Dillon Vela
    Dillon Vela Month ago

    i thought during the necromancer episode klaus would've came back

  • Gacha Berry Edits
    Gacha Berry Edits Month ago

    I hope Freya is going to be in Season 2 of Legacies

  • Gacha Berry Edits
    Gacha Berry Edits Month ago

    I hope Freys

  • Madison Cornette
    Madison Cornette Month ago

    Alana hope Stefan Damon bonny karalin

  • Life With Ruth
    Life With Ruth Month ago

    It would make since if Freya came back Bc hope kept in contact and what if she remembered n she came back to save her and she somehow get Klaus and Elijah out of the peace dimension to help as. The only ppl that rm

  • Just a stranger
    Just a stranger Month ago

    Rafael: *needs hope to comeback asap*
    Hope: *sacrifes herself in the pit*
    Rafael in wolf language: Am i a joke to you?

  • naetingzzz z
    naetingzzz z Month ago

    I really wanna see the original family and caroline and joe

  • naetingzzz z
    naetingzzz z Month ago +1

    I wanna see the return of the original family and hope to even tho she is an original we'll have to see in season 2 I don't think they are gonna remember hope🤷‍♀️🙊🙊 and Elijah and Klaus used the white oak stick so I don't think they will come back I hope they will doe season 2 hurry up and drop

  • Brian Anyika
    Brian Anyika Month ago

    Lilian isn’t a heretic

  • HYpe KyLiE
    HYpe KyLiE Month ago +1

    I wanna see freya and keelins kid

  • Yusur Kassem
    Yusur Kassem Month ago

    I would cry if Freya appeared😭
    My Queen 👸

  • Kennedy Turner
    Kennedy Turner Month ago

    What about Hosie = Hope and josie

  • Osheal Blackmon
    Osheal Blackmon Month ago


  • Arelis Islas
    Arelis Islas Month ago

    Omg I think the only way to find out about hope is about the log book Penelopy gave Josie that’s could be the way they find out about hope

  • Annabell Evers
    Annabell Evers Month ago

    I’m sorry but am I the only one who loves the idea of Klaus and Haley I mean come on in the originals there were so many moments where I was just like kiss already

  • Annabell Evers
    Annabell Evers Month ago

    I wanna see dark hope and also if the mud really wanted to terrorize the them they should have brought back Klaus plus I mean it’s Klaus Mikaelson he’s everything and more

  • Geraldine Bautista
    Geraldine Bautista Month ago +1

    I bet that hope will came back to legacies is nothing without her in it

  • Geraldine Bautista
    Geraldine Bautista Month ago

    Klaus sacrificed his life for hope. Hope sacrificed her for everyone at the salvtore school

  • Laila Esguerra
    Laila Esguerra Month ago

    I miss the originals especially Haley,Klaus and Elijah