Mathematical Induction Practice Problems

  • Published on Feb 20, 2018
  • This precalculus video tutorial provides a basic introduction into mathematical induction. It contains plenty of examples and practice problems on mathematical induction proofs. It explains how to prove certain mathematical statements by substituting n with k and the next term k + 1. Examples include arithmetic sequences and exponents.

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    Math means mental abuse to humans

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    Who else is here because their discrete math professor can not explain this stuff well?

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    3:45 I still don't understand why did you choose four

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    I came here because I fell asleep while my teacher discusses this one

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    great examples. where are more of proof type problems in your channel?

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    12.39 what happens to the (k+1)^3 it just disappears

    • DeviousShadows
      DeviousShadows 19 days ago

      He factorized out the (k+1)^2. 4(k+1)^3 / (k+1)^2 = 4(k+1)

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    what a crystal clear explanation. Thank you very much :)

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    I get this shit here but I know when it’s time for the test I’m going to forget literally everything. Ugh I’m so bad at factoring. Don’t take years between math classes people otherwise you forget stuff

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    As this was review for me I sped up the video ×2. Otherwise you are waiting for him to erace the notes or watching simple mathematics. Overall I found this video very insightful.

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    Gemma Baloloy Month ago

    at 8:25 why is 4 over 4 got cancelled...i thought 4(3)^2 = 36 before dividing it to 4??? help pls

    • migs sants
      migs sants 29 days ago

      It would actually get you the same answer... which is 9. the reason you divide by 4 is because you are multiplying the 3^2 already. So it would just cancel out

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    Our precalculus teacher taught that we needed to add the lcd to both sides

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    dont get how u expanded on 13:12

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    Can you please make a video on complex functions

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    So.. Can we add 4 to both the sides?? Or can we add whatever no that is given...?? There isn't any problem ryt? !!

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    Simple and easy explanation.Thanks to people like you ,maths is still interesting..praise God

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    Feel Physics 7 months ago +2

    !!!!Induction doesn't really serve as a proof.
    It can be used as a first check for the formula.
    1)A formula that is invalid by induction has no chance of being true.
    2) But even if some formula passes this test doesn't necessarily mean it is true.
    Let say u write the formula for summation
    (1)^3+(2)^3 ....(n)^3 = n^2(n+1)^2/4 + c (c is any random constant)
    Induction says that it is right for any value of c but it is not true.

    • Karen Boxenhorn
      Karen Boxenhorn 2 months ago

      there is a difference between induction and mathematical induction

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    After a number of youtube vids and books this video finally helped me intuitively understand induction, thanks!

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    Can you say clearly the reasons

    • Karen Boxenhorn
      Karen Boxenhorn 2 months ago

      mathematical induction has two steps:
      the basis, where you prove that the rule is true for a 'first' element (n=1).
      and the induction, where you prove that, assuming the rule is true for an element (n=k), it is true for the next succeeding element (n=k+1).

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    in your 3rd example on 2(2^k)-1 part.. The answer should be 4^k+1-1 isnt it? because what you did in your sub example is a variable but in the actual example you gave you used a number. Could you please further explain to me how that happened? Thank youu!

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    okay but like why is this theory/ how they replace the k value with the previous answer so smart?

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    And in 12:00 how did you subtract 2 from (k+1)³ to give (k+1)
    Where did the ² come from?

    • Robert Baker
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      He factorized by dividing by (k+1)^2, think of it as a^3/a^2, when the base of two numbers are the same and you divide them you subtract the indices. Since both bases are (k+1) he subtracted the indices of (k+1)^3 and (k+1)^2 leaving (k+1)

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