Easy 10 Breakfast Recipes

  • Published on Sep 1, 2017
  • Easy 10 Breakfast Recipes - Here are 10 breakfast recipes that are easy to prepare and will definitely make a great choice for a good start of the day.
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  • Conner Marvin
    Conner Marvin 9 days ago +1

    this kinda sounds like some weird San Andreas theme remix

  • Ian Miles Chungus
    Ian Miles Chungus 14 days ago

    Who eats guacamole for breakfast?

  • shailesh shetty
    shailesh shetty 15 days ago

    How bloddy easy is western cooking. Nothing goes beyond eggs, flour, sugar , milk, cheese

  • Rebecca Red
    Rebecca Red Month ago

    Love the music

  • Somya Agarwal
    Somya Agarwal Month ago

    None of the stuff that you showed is healthy.
    All of them start with sugar and all purpose flour.
    Breakfast should always start with greens.

  • Emely with an e
    Emely with an e Month ago +2

    Yeah I’m just gonna have a bowl of cheerios

  • bhaskar sarkar
    bhaskar sarkar Month ago


  • matthew Chadwick
    matthew Chadwick 2 months ago

    I got a recipe that is alike with yours

  • Huseyin oğuzoğlu
    Huseyin oğuzoğlu 2 months ago

    turkish breakfast studio.thexvid.com/user/videoJXgx9e225IE/edit

  • Breakfast Ideas
    Breakfast Ideas 3 months ago

    thexvid.com/channel/UCpy1wgK-JDfKRUG28GrtMjw nice vedio

  • Łukasz Puła
    Łukasz Puła 3 months ago

    How is that supposed to be easy

  • Nilu Desilva
    Nilu Desilva 3 months ago


  • ShOoK
    ShOoK 3 months ago +4

    I made the Apple French Toast Roll Ups and they are 👌

  • Girls Vlogs
    Girls Vlogs 4 months ago +1

    This is a good way to make a buffet I was so full

  • Farid Mammadov
    Farid Mammadov 4 months ago

    Well, depends on your what you mean by "easy"

  • Toby dog
    Toby dog 4 months ago +1

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    (Meaning, “mild ocd” is the reason why I “felt the need” to post this.)
    to all my 100% loyal family.
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    (Well I understood that a LONG time ago and never really questioned it really, since
    “it made sense and all”
    (But I’m not saying that my 100% loyal family shouldn’t remind me though. That is always the preferred thing to do, well since most likely it’s what my enemies are doing. And so it’s that my 100% loyal family HAS to tell me the truth.)
    (But yeah but as to “all my questions” I still need them to be answered in detail)
    (Anytime when it is appropriate)

  • Muhammad Bandeh
    Muhammad Bandeh 5 months ago

    the first one was good

  • chim-chim detros
    chim-chim detros 5 months ago

    Just Dropping by thexvid.com/video/_exYf5vMnYs/video.html

  • Panna Pan
    Panna Pan 5 months ago

    not easy too much sugar oil and diary

  • Cherry Gracia
    Cherry Gracia 5 months ago +2

    i wish i had oven

  • NA GAr
    NA GAr 5 months ago

    I want to eat deliclious

  • Archi Bhakta
    Archi Bhakta 6 months ago

    Not easy actually 😣

  • Tasya Stars
    Tasya Stars 6 months ago


  • Jimmy Baond
    Jimmy Baond 6 months ago

    I think i have a thing for women who can cook. It turns me on

  • Jeffrey Louisa
    Jeffrey Louisa 6 months ago

    How many people do these portions feed?

  • Maryam Sattar
    Maryam Sattar 6 months ago


  • Iryn Nakyazze
    Iryn Nakyazze 7 months ago

    I really love this video

  • Maja
    Maja 7 months ago


  • katy tom
    katy tom 7 months ago

    Really good I also followed some foods to regulate food and some healthy recipes

  • James R. G.
    James R. G. 7 months ago

    You are not supposed to put those spices in Shakshuka. Salt and pepper will do.

  • Amalika Ranasinghe
    Amalika Ranasinghe 8 months ago

    all 10 recipes are easy to make and thank you for you to make these different recipes, sure I'm going to try one of these today but if you can add more avocado recipes I love more

  • aym313
    aym313 8 months ago

    Yummy 😋

  • Rubab Qamar
    Rubab Qamar 8 months ago +1

    Just wooooow

  • TMChannel
    TMChannel 8 months ago +2

    romanian bowl at 0:34

  • Annisa Ramirez
    Annisa Ramirez 9 months ago

    3:41 pancake

  • Arti Shrivastav
    Arti Shrivastav 9 months ago

    You are very beautiful.

  • Ebrar Esmanur Tokmak
    Ebrar Esmanur Tokmak 10 months ago

    Turkish goodmorning! Menemen say hello.

  • honey jane
    honey jane 10 months ago

    thanks for this! ❤

  • riccardo dallagnese
    riccardo dallagnese 10 months ago

    nothing but amazing well done

  • Iris Reeve
    Iris Reeve 10 months ago

    Wow, so many recipes! xD
    In my country these aren't usual, but I'd try them someday!
    Excelente vídeo!

  • YoungBob Moes
    YoungBob Moes 10 months ago

    I don't think the people who search for EASY breakfast have that much of time doing all of those, after all, who have the luxury of time doing all of those in the morning anyway?

  • Rosalia Sturla
    Rosalia Sturla 11 months ago

    Wonderfull recipes!!! But you chsnge instructions so quickly that I can't follow them....Any way , these are good and beautiful recipes for the family and guests.

  • Candy
    Candy 11 months ago

    I could make these if they didn’t have that one extra ingredient that makes it impossible to make

  • Ruth Camera
    Ruth Camera 11 months ago

    Great job and thanks for sharing.

  • Susannah
    Susannah 11 months ago

    So sad when the video finished :-( It was amazing and full of interesting creative breakfast recipe ideas, I am excited to try them out. Thanks so much.

  • Preeti Das
    Preeti Das 11 months ago

    You are making so fast really but nice

  • Zakiyah Khalifa
    Zakiyah Khalifa 11 months ago

    I tried the waffle recipe and the waffles tasted horrible.

  • Mothilal PL
    Mothilal PL 11 months ago +2

    Ur recipes are amazing but I don't get all ingredients😕

  • Tharindu Rajakaruna
    Tharindu Rajakaruna 11 months ago


  • Jael Owuor
    Jael Owuor 11 months ago

    I love your recipes

  • Cherry Cherry
    Cherry Cherry Year ago

    Wow! Thank you! All recipes are amazing 😉

  • 190424 tae
    190424 tae Year ago

    I tried the Apple rolls
    Not that good

  • Za Za
    Za Za Year ago

    I think it's American style breakfast, in Europe and Asia you can't have such huge, calorie full things in the morning....that's why Americans are HUGE!!!! You have to decide whether you want to live longer or die sooner eating things like this!!! Full of sugar...poor body!

    • SpixiCafé
      SpixiCafé 10 months ago

      You sound like an insane person who avoids eating anything that tastes remotely good for the ask of a diet.

  • Samantha Villagrana

    Damn this looks good... I'm gonna go eat my spaghetti now

    DURGA DHAKAL Year ago

    hi there its so nice cooking and useful tips thank you so much.

  • Adrian Swaby
    Adrian Swaby Year ago

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  • Harshu D
    Harshu D Year ago

    Excellent do For lunch and dinner also please............

  • Aya El-Sawa
    Aya El-Sawa Year ago +1

    What was *your* favorite recipe?

  • Nionite
    Nionite Year ago

    that's not what a shakshuka looks like... everything else looks super delicious though

  • Ayoub Sulmankhail

    Excellent recipes