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  • Neeva C Vlogs
    Neeva C Vlogs Month ago

    5:55 scared the crap out of me! Imagine waking up to *that* staring at you... scary

  • Gina Victoria
    Gina Victoria Month ago

    You actually did the thumbs up 10 times! You missed one! 😂

  • Wei Ling
    Wei Ling 2 months ago

    why is he low key like phil dunphy T.T i love it

  • Aleesha Tarek
    Aleesha Tarek 2 months ago +1

    Sheer chaos

  • beetles1964
    beetles1964 2 months ago

    I have made that butter burning mistake so many times. And we set off our whole building's fire alarm once. The fire fighters were surprised that the pan was not left unattended.

  • alexandra urbanowicz
    alexandra urbanowicz 2 months ago +3

    who knows they would be married now

  • alexandra urbanowicz
    alexandra urbanowicz 2 months ago +1

    who knows they would be married now

  • johnfrancisdimples
    johnfrancisdimples 3 months ago

    I was watching this at the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2020, while I made frozen pierogi alone in my apartment. It’s a great video and made me laugh! Thanks for sharing it.

  • Emily Noir
    Emily Noir 4 months ago

    Love the introduction...👻😂

  • Ashley Bowen
    Ashley Bowen 5 months ago

    *not a fart*

  • Claire O'Connor
    Claire O'Connor 6 months ago

    I did it! I watched part of every video on both Tyler’s and Safiya’s channels!!!!

  • Rachel Brown
    Rachel Brown 7 months ago

    What does TIY mean

    RIKACHU RIGHT 7 months ago

    there where more thumbs up right? haha

  • Beagle Theory
    Beagle Theory 7 months ago


  • Alissa
    Alissa 8 months ago +1

    I was watching safiya's old videos and literally just found out you had a channel. I'm so happy. that means I can watch more of both of y'all. 😊 I'm about to binge.

  • Caithy 8928
    Caithy 8928 8 months ago +1

    Tyler: "This reminds me of that one episode of Powerpuff girls were like the broccoli aliens came down and brainwashed all the parents"
    Me: Wait are you telling me that wasn't a fever dream of mine?

  • Janel Bly
    Janel Bly 9 months ago

    Ummm, do you watch power puff girls?!?

  • Alis Asaad
    Alis Asaad 9 months ago

    Click on the thumbs up button 9 times and I'm leave it there
    I did and it turned blue in the 9th time

  • It's Shu-SHAN.
    It's Shu-SHAN. 10 months ago +2

    i'm here from the future (aka 2019) to tell you to turn down that stove....that was always my problem (burning butter and eggs) but eggs taste better cooked in a lower temp.

  • Izabella E
    Izabella E 10 months ago

    Three years later they’re engaged 💖💎

  • fridawashere
    fridawashere 10 months ago +1

    watching all of ty's videos from the beginning! little tip: you're cooking it on too high of a temp and that's why it's burning before it can cook fully. lower temp takes more time, but this way the inside will cook all the way through before the outside burns! also if you put a lid on the pan after you flip the omelet it'll also help the inside cook better

  • Kim
    Kim 10 months ago

    THUMB COUNT: 10 ****
    6:34 you missed a thumbs up. 👍🏼😂😂

  • Nicole Jancelle Echague
    Nicole Jancelle Echague 10 months ago


  • Yasmin abdussalam
    Yasmin abdussalam 11 months ago

    TEAM SAF IN MAY 2019!!!! Yay both of you ❤️

  • Bear Birch
    Bear Birch 11 months ago

    Ur so close to 1 mill

  • Coreen Walker
    Coreen Walker 11 months ago

    I think we need more TIY videos in our lives. Just saying.

  • Topaz Potato
    Topaz Potato 11 months ago +1

    Don't be afraid to reduce the heat. The pan will only get hotter as your food is cooking.

  • tea4al
    tea4al 11 months ago +2

    I know this video is super old but in case anyone is watching and they don't know how to cook well or tips for Tyler (but by the looks of things, his current cooking level is much higher):

    chopsticks help beat eggs super well. Just break the yolk as if youre splitting it in half with the chopsticks and then beat it.

    Try to use medium low to low heat to cook the egg and it'll lower your chances of burning (but do not walk away from the food).

    That was a very good omelet, i personally like the omelets to have a slight brown crust like that (I LIKE CRISPINESS).

  • Amrita Singha Ray
    Amrita Singha Ray 11 months ago

    I love you guys..I wish to get a boyfriend like you in my life😁

  • Tea King
    Tea King Year ago

    Back when tyler was fit

  • Parker Anderson
    Parker Anderson Year ago

    rip tiy

  • Kathlyn Ocampo
    Kathlyn Ocampo Year ago +1

    You are amazing Tyler, this channel needs more subs for real

  • Samantha Burton
    Samantha Burton Year ago

    *not a fart*

  • Kitana T
    Kitana T Year ago

    Tip: don't use olive oil bc it has a low burning point :)

  • Jewels Brewner
    Jewels Brewner Year ago

    U made a denver omelet! The heat was up too high but u did a good job

  • Milla Maxwell
    Milla Maxwell Year ago

    I know you are both older than me, but you are also both my children and I love you

  • Emma Ingram
    Emma Ingram Year ago

    Did it look like a crusty turd or a Crusty turd

  • KittyKaiYa
    KittyKaiYa Year ago

    He cuts wrong with his finger ON TOP OF the knife

  • Morrigan Watson
    Morrigan Watson Year ago

    I miss these videos

  • Koko Puff
    Koko Puff Year ago +1

    2:20 that episode made me afraid of broccoli

  • Sleepy95
    Sleepy95 Year ago

    i know this is an old vid, i just found your channel like a week ago, but it looked good. i usually add the salt pepper and cheese to the egg before putting it in the pan then i add the meat and veg. i put a lid on it so it gets cooked all the way through a little after so it doesnt burn.

  • Donna Krutz Moore HMUA

    Is there a middle aged (45-55) version of Tyler out there somewhere....haha I love his personality....I love Safs personality too!! 💗

  • Starpointer
    Starpointer Year ago

    Ok ok but what does tiy stand for

  • Freda McClain
    Freda McClain Year ago

    Turn the heat down. You did great!!!

  • LyssieLord
    LyssieLord Year ago

    I came to the first ep for an explanation of what tiy stands for, it did not happen

  • Julie Calene
    Julie Calene Year ago

    you had the burner too hot

  • Suzette Dela Cruz

    I'm feeling very uneasy over the fact that he didn't count the last 2 thumbs ups in the tally...

  • rose leaves
    rose leaves Year ago

    What saf is a Muslim and she ate ham duh duh duh duh

  • Anna M
    Anna M Year ago +1

    Love the editing man

  • Anna M
    Anna M Year ago

    One was a frittata

  • wxtchblades
    wxtchblades Year ago +1

    and now they’re engaged.

  • Sarah Kretzschmar

    Your eggs burned a bit because your pan was too hot. Loved the video!

  • charlie Chambers
    charlie Chambers Year ago

    this video inspired me to stop watching half way through and cook my own first omlet. delightful

  • Jean-Matthieu DECHRISTÉ

    Look at the master of omelette:

  • lyannastarkweather

    The entire first half of this is basically how I am in a kitchen.

  • Nivedita.patil
    Nivedita.patil Year ago +1

    Especially the editing! Hilarious

  • Nivedita.patil
    Nivedita.patil Year ago

    Omg! This video was sooo goodddd!!!!!

  • Alfie the Coffee Maker


  • Pixie Pixie
    Pixie Pixie Year ago

    What does TIY stand for? Tyler It Yourself? cuz it makes sense to me 🤔

  • Sequoyah Lea Baker

    If you want to try making an omelet that you don't have to flip, I recommend using a sandwich toaster. I've used them for pancakes and grilled cheese, because I suck at flipping.

  • Ora Ora Ora
    Ora Ora Ora Year ago

    Other people: 7:35 was SO funny
    Me: 8:00 doesn't exist

  • Emily Moisant
    Emily Moisant Year ago

    Always love tys editing

  • Ryan Laserbeam
    Ryan Laserbeam Year ago

    please make more episodes

  • YamiAlex224
    YamiAlex224 Year ago

    The heat was too high

  • Abby D.
    Abby D. Year ago

    I screenshotted that face he made at the beginning and I've never been so happy to have a picture of a man looking like his chin is going into his own face.

  • ThIcC PoTaTo TrAsH

    What does tiy stand for?

  • Bea H
    Bea H Year ago


  • DeviousAngel studios

    part of me kinda wanted Safiya to walk in to him just holding the plate and a fork with a big grin like "hey! Eat my omelet". I am also quit tired and losing my mind so...

  • Sam Vo
    Sam Vo Year ago

    what does tiy mean

  • Genevieve
    Genevieve Year ago

    pause at 0:01

  • Lola K
    Lola K Year ago

    Do you have mandatory cooking classes in the american school system?

  • youtubetrash
    youtubetrash Year ago +1

    I love how he threw all the ingredients down😤🤣

  • Tacoteacher
    Tacoteacher Year ago

    Who flips fried eggs?

  • Pattie Herbst
    Pattie Herbst Year ago

    Looks like the surface of mars 😂😂😂

  • hardishaa c mouli
    hardishaa c mouli Year ago +2

    Tyler Ur such a sweet boyfriend I just love Ur pair #couplegoals

  • Casey Hoolahan
    Casey Hoolahan Year ago +1

    Tyler's hair looks so good in this?

  • Dana Abdelraman
    Dana Abdelraman Year ago

    I like TIY you should try making cupcakes and desserts not just healthy food

  • Zimber Qrist
    Zimber Qrist Year ago +2

    That face hhhhhhh

  • Charlie Gilmer
    Charlie Gilmer 2 years ago