Colin Furze Top Gear Project #1 BIG ENGINE Small Bumper Car

  • Published on Mar 16, 2017
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    New Top Gear is on so i've been given the task of building The Stig a new ride, so what better than a old battered 1960's bumper car crossed with a sports bike.........sounds like a ride Stig would enjoy.
    Part 2 out next thursday
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    This is a sponsored project by BBC Worldwide
    Check out Series 24 of Top Gear here
    See the other Epic Vehicles i've made and why i got given the job here
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    1st track is called "Lush " and the 2nd track is called "Another day" both by a band called "7Daze" more from them here
    3rd track is called "Love is easy" and is by a band called "Banjax" more on them here
    4th track is called "lithuanium Mercedes" and is by "Her Parents" more on them here
    5th track is called "She's with you" and is by "Not tonight and the headaches" more on them here
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Comments • 5 147

  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  2 years ago +1765

    So i'm building a 100bhp dodgem with 3 wheels.........this should be interesting to drive.

  • Mems4life ,
    Mems4life , 10 hours ago

    Where did you get that bike

  • Gold_Mosquito 21
    Gold_Mosquito 21 2 days ago +2

    I really would have enjoyed the bike instead of stripping it, or getting a motorcycle from a recycling center or a junkyard.

  • smb3
    smb3 4 days ago +3

    Anyone for dodgems?

  • Jake Hammaker
    Jake Hammaker 6 days ago +2

    Fucking cool how you give musicians free advertising!

  • killshotmaster 5 anger
    killshotmaster 5 anger 8 days ago +5

    03:43 landing gears

  • FGamer34
    FGamer34 10 days ago +3

    10:50 weird flex but ok

  • Valancy Gamer
    Valancy Gamer 10 days ago

    Im sad for the bike tho

  • jackaplier marksepticeye
    jackaplier marksepticeye 10 days ago +1

    So basically, mario cart 8 deluxe

  • Ignatius Drake
    Ignatius Drake 11 days ago +1

    i swear this guy is real life junkrat from overwatch

  • Deluxepringles1963
    Deluxepringles1963 11 days ago +1

    Music name?...

  • stephen
    stephen 12 days ago +3

    should have extended the axles and had the wheeels on the outside looking like the atom.

  • Kody Nacol
    Kody Nacol 12 days ago

    That music sounds like Green Day

  • 4Elevation
    4Elevation 13 days ago KEEP YOUR PHONE OFF MAN I SAY OLD CHAP

  • 4Elevation
    4Elevation 13 days ago

    Circle of Dust - Telltale Crime (official music video)

  • 4Elevation
    4Elevation 13 days ago

    Circle of Dust - Telltale Crime (official music video)

  • NotUsedNameTag
    NotUsedNameTag 13 days ago +4

    Colin do you have ADHD

  • Zach
    Zach 14 days ago +4

    The new series is soooo shit

    • TheMilitantHorse
      TheMilitantHorse 9 days ago

      @zero psycho He literally says the new series...

    • zero psycho
      zero psycho 13 days ago

      wym by that new top gear or old one?

  • Mr Luger
    Mr Luger 15 days ago +4

    YOU LOST THE STIG? Is there a nearby animal control?

  • TheFooledGhost
    TheFooledGhost 15 days ago +1

    So this is where Merasmus got his bumper casts OF DEATH.

  • Coco Films
    Coco Films 15 days ago +1

    Ummm... anyone concerned how he got that bumper car?

    Ya know what never mind. He’s Collin Furze.

    • Mr Luger
      Mr Luger 15 days ago

      Coco Films Chernobyl or Pripyat

  • Julia Jeffery
    Julia Jeffery 16 days ago +4

    your wife sees you doing normal stuff 0:51

  • Sean Kelly
    Sean Kelly 17 days ago +1

    10/10 for those pipes!

  • Dustin Irwin
    Dustin Irwin 17 days ago

    Irwin hole saw :)

  • Clutch Boy
    Clutch Boy 17 days ago +3

    That woman in the door at 0:52... she was so confused

  • Aria Song
    Aria Song 18 days ago +1

    "I don't wanna remake this part"
    *remakes it anyway*

  • tudó A mindent
    tudó A mindent 18 days ago +1

    yeah boy

  • starset Moonrise
    starset Moonrise 18 days ago +3

    are... are all of his videos this cocaine fuelled?

    • carl J
      carl J 15 days ago

      Definitely fueled by nose candy

    • pixel
      pixel 16 days ago +1


      _they're even better_
      believe it or not. this is one of his more "safe" builds.

    • Mandy Latimer
      Mandy Latimer 18 days ago

      yes. yes they are

  • vi elska geir
    vi elska geir 18 days ago

    Why not just put in a am6 engine with tp85 or a 125 engin with a 180 big bore kit,think it would be easy

  • Joao Cunha
    Joao Cunha 18 days ago +3

    Dont go to school kids
    Do drugs

    • Hay
      Hay 17 days ago


  • joseph woodhouse
    joseph woodhouse 19 days ago +1

    brill vid can i ask what bike you used PLEASE thanks keep up the good work

  • minty 178
    minty 178 21 day ago

    Johnny rotten's brother

  • turd birdington
    turd birdington 23 days ago +11

    This is stupid


  • WolfGang Playz
    WolfGang Playz 23 days ago +2

    I think that exhaust might be restricting at those lips

  • Christian Silcott
    Christian Silcott 24 days ago +5

    *rides motorbike indoors*
    *burns carpet*

  • Quads and Stuff
    Quads and Stuff 24 days ago +4

    Where do you get these motorcycles

  • Esteban Ayala
    Esteban Ayala 25 days ago +4

    Good question why do you have a carpet in your workstation shouldn't that burn easily if you grind and weld all in the same place

  • sjakiedebanaan
    sjakiedebanaan 25 days ago +3

    honda has leaved the guarantee.

  • Tom Kitchen
    Tom Kitchen 25 days ago +2

    Only Colin could handle The Stig.

  • Tom Kitchen
    Tom Kitchen 25 days ago +1

    What does Colin do for a quid?? surely an engineer!!

    • bmxscape
      bmxscape 22 days ago +1

      he started as a plumber

    • SelfMade H
      SelfMade H 25 days ago +1

      Tom Kitchen he’s got 8.3 million subscribers he defo don’t work

  • anonymous
    anonymous 25 days ago +1

    This is the only Cool millenial left on the planet!
    Which rally driver "Stig" is this?

  • CrozzBonez 0
    CrozzBonez 0 25 days ago +1

    Great music taste as always 👍🏼

  • TheOdd1IsThe In
    TheOdd1IsThe In 26 days ago +2

    You don’t have qualifications and I thought you had a degree 😂😂

  • CrazyFox2
    CrazyFox2 27 days ago +1

    Woupd it have worked to make it open-wheel?

  • Yong Siri
    Yong Siri 28 days ago +6

    there are a 1.8k ppl don't like this clip?? I really don't get it. This clip is so fun to watch

    • Yong Siri
      Yong Siri 25 days ago

      @Connor Campbell haha that's very funny

    • Connor Campbell
      Connor Campbell 26 days ago

      I think there's just a committee of people at TheXvid that just go around disliking the best videos they can find. :P

  • StraightToThePoint
    StraightToThePoint 29 days ago +1

    Hes lost a few things along the way

  • Luminaty
    Luminaty 29 days ago

    Lol the guy on the miniature is the fortnite skin

  • the hotdog
    the hotdog 29 days ago +1

    can i have the gearbox for my supercart

  • Skyler Robinsom
    Skyler Robinsom 29 days ago +2

    Please put a steel roll cage in it

  • Skyler Robinsom
    Skyler Robinsom 29 days ago +1

    Sorry my microphone wasn't working

  • Skyler Robinsom
    Skyler Robinsom 29 days ago

    Put a pearl cage delete

  • Sanjay Jatav
    Sanjay Jatav 29 days ago +2

    I happy to make good project and funny with

  • Puma De Aur
    Puma De Aur Month ago +2

    Bruh you met Michael Schumacher

  • giraffe
    giraffe Month ago

    The link for part two did not work

  • Preston Almodovar
    Preston Almodovar Month ago +2

    The stig from forza horizon 4

  • Ultimonumber36
    Ultimonumber36 Month ago +2

    Sorry is it just me but at the end of the vid where he's talking about upcoming videos, it sounds and looks like he's been punched in the face...

  • Adam Bruechert
    Adam Bruechert Month ago +3

    Colin: Explains its old and needs to be restored.
    Also Colin: 1:57

    FUKK SUCCC Month ago +5

    No not the bike 😭 NOO

  • Ajay Gangadin
    Ajay Gangadin Month ago +3

    Did he just wast a perfectly good bike 😭😭

    • CrazyFox2
      CrazyFox2 27 days ago +2

      It's not destruction if it gets re-used.

    • Ajay Gangadin
      Ajay Gangadin 29 days ago

      Poised Bum, as a biker, it is hard for me to watch him dis-assemble a perfectly good bike that I could destroy with a wheely

    • poised potato
      poised potato Month ago +1

      How tf is anyone supposed to understand what u said

    • notahotshot
      notahotshot Month ago +1


  • plunder1956
    plunder1956 Month ago

    Imagine being asked to build a box for the Stig. But forgetting to put "This Way Up" on it.
    A bit sad to see that motorbike getting split apart though. Your work on those pipes was a delight.

  • sparrow
    sparrow Month ago

    U should've got a newer bumper car they are way bigger

  • Kasra Derak
    Kasra Derak Month ago +1

    When post mail wont accommodate Australian needs 9:15

  • Davidweld243 r
    Davidweld243 r Month ago +5


  • Mats Dorrestijn
    Mats Dorrestijn Month ago +3


  • NutshotBrawler
    NutshotBrawler Month ago +12

    Wish the BBC did this before Clarkson, Hammond and May left

    • JP 43
      JP 43 Month ago

      I miss the old crew they were entertaining and funny. I wish they would let them back for an episode or two...

    • barch` s
      barch` s Month ago

      yeah that's three idiot is awesome

    • How To Pixel
      How To Pixel Month ago


  • Jaden Green
    Jaden Green Month ago +5

    I love how the stig was just casually upside down in the box

  • BZ - Trillion
    BZ - Trillion Month ago +2


  • culanndog3111 gaming
    culanndog3111 gaming Month ago +7

    Said to see such a beautiful motorcycle go

    • Jim Alley
      Jim Alley Month ago +2

      culanndog3111 gaming
      Said what ?

  • Dirt bike Freaks
    Dirt bike Freaks Month ago +1

    Way only a 600

  • Svein Derquins Casibang

    I feel sorry for the bike.. It looks good btw

  • Mr megane r26 f1
    Mr megane r26 f1 Month ago +6

    That bike looked far to clean to RIP apart

  • Ryan d
    Ryan d Month ago +3

    BBC world wide (;

  • Jamesaclaw12132
    Jamesaclaw12132 Month ago +1

    5:10...r u shittin me lol

  • Sophrosynicle
    Sophrosynicle Month ago +4

    holy shit 🥵 my face when he brought the bike in

  • weedfreer
    weedfreer Month ago +5

    could you fit a turbo to this Colin?
    Record attempt #2?

    • weedfreer
      weedfreer Month ago

      ...I appear to have had 3 likes Colin...this clearly has to happen