Colin Furze Top Gear Project #1 BIG ENGINE Small Bumper Car

  • Published on Mar 16, 2017
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    New Top Gear is on so i've been given the task of building The Stig a new ride, so what better than a old battered 1960's bumper car crossed with a sports bike.........sounds like a ride Stig would enjoy.
    Part 2 out next thursday
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  2 years ago +1899

    So i'm building a 100bhp dodgem with 3 wheels.........this should be interesting to drive.

    • JB GK
      JB GK 7 days ago

      Why didn't you just make the wheels out bound from the vehicle? then you'd have lots of room and it would look cooler

    • Abdullah Khan
      Abdullah Khan 8 days ago

      I love it bro i like ittttttt

    • stampy Dragon
      stampy Dragon 22 days ago

      You could have used a smaller 2 stroke engine with the same hp

    • monstersince
      monstersince 3 months ago

      makes you be proud to be British Colin

    • x1z
      x1z 3 months ago


  • bob2d21
    bob2d21 4 days ago +3

    and here I thought I was nuts for wanting to put a warp 9 motor in a go-cart. You sir are a badass. I tip my hat to you

  • Mr Nightmare23
    Mr Nightmare23 5 days ago +4

    This man is a proper British madlad

  • Zender Tan
    Zender Tan 5 days ago +2

    This dude is insane

  • Bill
    Bill 6 days ago +1

    Top job on the exhaust! πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Bunny Bro
    Bunny Bro 6 days ago

    Always wondered what it would be like if the sparks from something welding or grinding metal fell into your mouth

  • Jerry Bailey
    Jerry Bailey 7 days ago +1

    Yep F@#$β˜†ng Mental πŸ˜²πŸ‘πŸ˜†

  • Jed Phykitt
    Jed Phykitt 7 days ago

    Hmm, so an unexpected/unwelcomed visit during the think-tank process. πŸ€”
    The ego is a funny thing, It may bring great achievements while turning its host into an ass or
    when bridled (like maybe in your case), it just brings great achievements. πŸ‘

  • Brian Welch
    Brian Welch 9 days ago +1

    Almost a shame tasting apart that beauty of a CBR

  • Making it Happend
    Making it Happend 10 days ago +1

    It feels a bit strange to look straight into the welding flame, without the welding mask.

  • γ€ŽWγ€γ€ŽHγ€γ€Ž0』 γ€ŽDγ€γ€Ž4γ€γ€ŽRγ€γ€Ž3γ€γ€Ž5』 γ€ŽWγ€γ€Ž!γ€γ€ŽNγ€γ€Ž5』Ѐ

    Why are there no top comments?

    • Biko - Bruh Moments Inc.
      Biko - Bruh Moments Inc. 5 days ago

      γ€ŽWγ€γ€ŽHγ€γ€Ž0』 γ€ŽDγ€γ€Ž4γ€γ€ŽRγ€γ€Ž3γ€γ€Ž5』 γ€ŽWγ€γ€Ž!γ€γ€ŽNγ€γ€Ž5』Ѐ ikr

  • 1duskyknight
    1duskyknight 11 days ago +5

    Great project Colin but being a biker myself i felt a pang of guilt & thought it was a touch sacrilegious watching the motorcycle's demise at the hands of your geniousness. Keep up the good work mate, you're great but not bikes please..............unless you're gonna make em faster... vvvvvrrrroooommmmm vvvvrrrroooooooooommmmmmmm.

  • Michel Guerrero
    Michel Guerrero 12 days ago +1

    You concept design it’s just awesome

  • TheDarkMonk789
    TheDarkMonk789 12 days ago

    "you don't have to be insane to work here, but it helps!" - Him... Probably....

  • Doruk Urundaş
    Doruk Urundaş 12 days ago

    i dont wanna believe that was actually BBC and stig

  • Rovab
    Rovab 13 days ago +5

    0:00-0:05 I think we will never know what he was planning to do there

  • Ickbarr Bigelsteine
    Ickbarr Bigelsteine 13 days ago +1

    This guy is a professional Mario Kart car designer

  • Disasterchild
    Disasterchild 15 days ago +9

    "If you wanna make something fast and stable, you don't make a trike, do you?"
    Reliant: "Hold my glue."

  • AwwwhYyyyeah
    AwwwhYyyyeah 15 days ago +5

    2:13 man walks in to find furze gyrating to a camera with a broom. normalsaturday

  • Titanium Hearts Loft
    Titanium Hearts Loft 15 days ago +3


    • Simon Carlisle
      Simon Carlisle 4 days ago

      @Titanium Hearts Loft somebody is salty

    • Titanium Hearts Loft
      Titanium Hearts Loft 14 days ago

      @Lmrmusic blonde men are ugly, along with blonde they carry ugly feautures, dont know why. women are much beeteer and attractive. also blonde men are too pale

    • Lmrmusic
      Lmrmusic 14 days ago +3

      Sounds like someones jewish

  • Apex Predator
    Apex Predator 15 days ago +3

    2 wheels in the front one in the back would’ve been a lot more stable @colinfurze

  • RozTK
    RozTK 15 days ago


  • Matt Sprayberry
    Matt Sprayberry 15 days ago +5

    Who else closed their eyes when he started welding

  • Gavin Finley
    Gavin Finley 16 days ago +3

    Your to Funny Colin πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜

  • Davey Jones
    Davey Jones 17 days ago +5

    "This shouldn't be too hard, Iv managed to put an engine in a small horse" ......... πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  • Marc Anthony Alonzo
    Marc Anthony Alonzo 20 days ago

    Your dbest Mr Colin..dexter's lab
    Can u make ah real iron Man suit?

  • Dave Brittain
    Dave Brittain 20 days ago +5

    Should have just put the wheels outside the body. Would have looked cool too!

    • Dave Brittain
      Dave Brittain 15 days ago

      @ΞΞŸΞœΞ› wider wheel stance would have been more stable = safer.

    • ΞΞŸΞœΞ›
      ΞΞŸΞœΞ› 15 days ago

      bbc safety muppet brigade would never have allowed it

  • Nick C
    Nick C 21 day ago +10

    I was born and raised in NY, so I've never heard a bumper car called a "dodge 'em," and I must say, I feel deprived and, quite frankly, offended. Dodge 'em is the cooler name, by a factor of one thousand.
    I will henceforth call every small, recreational battle vehicle of this sort a "dodge 'em," even if nobody here has a clue what I'm talking about.

  • king kai
    king kai 21 day ago +4

    When i saw stig i remembered Michael Schumacher

    • parallax3d
      parallax3d 13 days ago +2

      Larry Hullinger - Yes, but that was only because he was the only driver Ferrari would allow to drive the FXX.
      The real Stig was Perry McCarthy first, then Ben Collins.

    • Larry Hullinger
      Larry Hullinger 20 days ago

      Wasnt there one episode of Top gear where Michael Schumacher was reveled as the stig?

  • Miles B
    Miles B 21 day ago +2

    I used to have that same bike, ran it without the exhaust a few times and they sound Bonkers.
    First 600cc to make 100bhp.

  • PurpleLettuce OG
    PurpleLettuce OG 21 day ago +8

    Only colin buys a whole fully funning bike for the engine and exhaust 😬 i love your channel but please find parts to buy

  • Cracker01
    Cracker01 22 days ago +2

    Reliant Robin has left the chat

  • wendell black
    wendell black 22 days ago

    But they fired the best people that made the show any good fuck bbc grand tour is better

  • John O'Halloran
    John O'Halloran 22 days ago

    I never expected Colin to be nervous about anything, but then again it is THE STIG!

  • Golden Feline Studios
    Golden Feline Studios 22 days ago +2

    I wanna be like Colin when I grow up.

  • minionator
    minionator 22 days ago +6

    I got a life insurance ad before watching this

  • SurleyBlaine
    SurleyBlaine 22 days ago

    Every time I see this I wonder why he didn't do the rear single drive wheel, 2 front stable steering like the T-Rex or Can-Am Spyder.

  • Jonas Bartletts
    Jonas Bartletts 22 days ago +4

    Colin is the master of jump-cuts

  • energy gas monkey garage
    energy gas monkey garage 22 days ago +2

    The stig top gear

  • Richard CYBORG Wilson
    Richard CYBORG Wilson 22 days ago +5

    Love what you do colin but fuck the BBC x2.

  • Where the fuc are we tribe

    His son must have so much fun with these machines when he’s older

  • Where the fuc are we tribe

    The other day he had 4mil subs 2 days later has 8.5 mil

  • DJ Moon
    DJ Moon 23 days ago +1

    everytime I watch one of these videos, I can't help but think how great of a Junkrat Colin would be

  • 4Elevation
    4Elevation 24 days ago

    ok I got a bit too exited peace be with you...I appologise

  • Apollo Lang
    Apollo Lang 25 days ago +1

    Didn’t know Ewan mcgreggor was doing TheXvid videos lol

  • Renn Snnn
    Renn Snnn 26 days ago +3

    Shouldve put the wheels on the outside

  • ya boii
    ya boii 26 days ago

    You can't actually click the links on the video he tricked meee!!

  • Jason Morgan
    Jason Morgan 26 days ago +6


  • Insane Engine
    Insane Engine 26 days ago +1

    whit look like you have so much fun... i wish my days like that


    Dear Colin, front wheel should have some castor for better steering. I mean the steering axle shouldn't be vertical.

    • Mat Johnson
      Mat Johnson 21 day ago +1

      Let's be honest with ourselves, there are a lot of things that shouldn't have been done... Like a 100 horsepower bumper car in the first place πŸ˜‚

  • Philip Robb
    Philip Robb 26 days ago +11

    Sorry but without Jeremy, Hammond, and Captn Slow its not top gear.

    • parallax3d
      parallax3d 13 days ago

      Clarkson is to blame, so vent at him. If he hadn’t assaulted a producer, he might still be there.

    • Golden Feline Studios
      Golden Feline Studios 22 days ago

      Hammond was the host of total wipeout at one point

    • Tom_h
      Tom_h 26 days ago

      it's still a really good show

  • Roli Rivelino
    Roli Rivelino 26 days ago +3

    Those pipes are a thing of beauty.

  • Starshine
    Starshine 27 days ago +2

    Do the in-video links not work anymore or is it just my browser?

  • Kazio Tytula
    Kazio Tytula 28 days ago +1

    I find it funny you just have this laying around

  • V A Q U E R O XD
    V A Q U E R O XD Month ago +1


  • Gary Lamb
    Gary Lamb Month ago +3

    I'm so envious of his life...

  • 4Elevation
    4Elevation Month ago +1

    One bad Pig bowl of wrath

  • cyber shadow
    cyber shadow Month ago +3

    Your the best youtuber I've ever met

  • Kayleigh Lee
    Kayleigh Lee Month ago +3

    Some say he come from underground and that he only speaks in Morse code all we know is he's called the stig

  • MontyPlayz
    MontyPlayz Month ago +4

    0:42 be like when micheal jackson does the moonwalk but trips over but your closing your eyes and dancing