TWICE moments I think about a lot

  • Published on Jul 26, 2018
  • Links to the full videos from the clips used 🍭

    1,2,3 lets go!:

    Nayeon saving momo:

    Sana turning into Tzuyu: pBlnWnK3ANoK/

    Mina vs umbrellas:

    JYP does shy shy shy:

    Saida in sync:

    Nayeon reaction WIL:

    Sana hiding bow:

    Mina killing fangirls:

    Tzuyu falling asleep:

    Sana trapped in skipping ropes:

    Momo hits fan:

    Chaeyoungs hair compliment:

    Jeongyeons high note:

    Badabibadaboom: tofutwice/status/929233914593513472?s=21

    Samo finding out Jihyo is not an unnie: raymyoui/status/986941304243286016?s=21

    Momo’s dolls:

    Maximum security:

    Mommy saranghae: tuwileigh/status/1006929115801255936?s=21

    Jihyo screaming back:

    Jeongyeon pwf: pBNBbqquDxMy/?igshid=1jddlaz0qo3ae

    Mina Sailor Venus:

    Jihyo dwc:

    Samo bumping heads:


    Nayeon getting Jeongyeons attention:

    Dubchaeng jump battle:

    Jihyo&Dahyun city of stars:
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  • twice cutie
    twice cutie  Year ago +2399

    Ahh Ik there are so many iconic moments missing but I had to cut it short cause it was getting too long but there are a lot more moments that I can think of & if you guys have any please comment them as I may put them in a part 2!!
    Also I wanted to say a huge THANKYOU for 3k!!!!!!!! That’s really sososososos insane tyasm for enjoying the mess of videos I post!!!!1!1

  • Marie Juliene Almazan
    Marie Juliene Almazan 11 hours ago

    Tzuyu is being dahyun now she can find cameras in a flash to

  • Nico nico nii
    Nico nico nii Day ago

    8:6 Dahyun chaeyoung jumping is the cutest

  • Marcella Alves
    Marcella Alves 3 days ago +1

    What is name of Song from the moment 1:33 to 1:41? Please, someone answers me. I already tried with and App that I have but I can't

  • Yasmina Rahme
    Yasmina Rahme 3 days ago

    The pink lamborghini part 😂😂😂

  • Rainy Rebbeca
    Rainy Rebbeca 3 days ago

    0:38 :O

  • Marcella Alves
    Marcella Alves 3 days ago +2

    What is name of the song from the moment 1:33 to 1:41? Please, someone answers me. I already tried with and App that I have but I can't

  • anje everything
    anje everything 4 days ago +1

    5:07 boo and yoda

  • XxAmazing_HuskyxX
    XxAmazing_HuskyxX 4 days ago

    Nayeon:Im A True Life Saver
    I just cant say the name sorry:Thanks you nayeon *hugs
    SANA:Im turning to tzuyu
    Tzuyu:Im samna guys
    Sana:im hiding this bow ugh i had enough!!

    SAMUEL STAN 3 5 days ago +1

    5:53 the things she does to take care of her daughters 💕✋🏼

  • Trisha Mae
    Trisha Mae 6 days ago +4

    I just LITTERALY memorized twice name trough these vids

    New ONCE

  • Yren Chi Ybanez
    Yren Chi Ybanez 7 days ago

    5:44 the best

    RAGE on GAMEPLAY 7 days ago

    0:41 wtf

  • Luna Crayon
    Luna Crayon 7 days ago +1

    4:24 lol hahahaah

  • Izzah Farzana
    Izzah Farzana 7 days ago

    Just a curious question 😂 I don't mind if u don't wanna answer this cause I just want to know 😂😂 r u getting paid too by TheXvid by doing this fan videos? 😂🤔

  • rizuani ramli
    rizuani ramli 8 days ago +4

    Sana just like Tzuyu's twins!!

  • lee y.n
    lee y.n 8 days ago +1

    Me being like: *if pink Lamborghini isn't here I swear-*

  • Narmetha Regunathan
    Narmetha Regunathan 8 days ago

    How the hell from sana to tzuyu

  • Muhammad Hanif Muhammad Hanif Bin Zakaria

    0:39 Wait but ... WHAT ?!

  • moechii
    moechii 9 days ago

    Jeongyeon's high note gave my chills

  • Muhammad Faisal
    Muhammad Faisal 9 days ago

    lol dahyun @ 4:19

  • I love Sara from MIXNINE

    Sana is a magician!!

  • About TWICE
    About TWICE 9 days ago

    Why do you think a lot nayeon saving momo?

  • Rebecca Rodriguez
    Rebecca Rodriguez 9 days ago +1


  • Sahar Jutt
    Sahar Jutt 10 days ago +1

    7:17 Bro I’m dead why does her say it like that ahhahah 😂😂😂😂

  • tanisha singh
    tanisha singh 10 days ago

    0:40 one way to troll your once friends XD

  • renata martins santiago


  • Twig
    Twig 11 days ago

    Jihyo's ghost hunting business call now

  • KimNamjoon luv
    KimNamjoon luv 11 days ago

    a true lifesaver is JEONGYEON
    because she is a guardian of TWICE:)

  • Kayinyt
    Kayinyt 12 days ago +1

    me: mom,can i buy a lamborghini?
    mom: no.
    also me: well i will use my, *table*

  • Rachel O.
    Rachel O. 13 days ago

    This was one of the cutest Twice videos I have watched made from Onces 😍💕

  • trisha
    trisha 13 days ago

    0:52 that is so creepy😵

  • barbie cute باربي كيوت

    1:55 what name of the song?

  • poncik yiğit
    poncik yiğit 15 days ago

    Twice is my angel

  • Kim _ Diyon
    Kim _ Diyon 16 days ago +1

    7:27 omg I have the sam toys that jungyeon and nayeon have I’m screaming 🥺😭

  • Selena Breanna
    Selena Breanna 16 days ago +1

    4:06 >>> my new alarm ⏰

    Dahyun is my bias hehe 😂😂😂

  • Chou Tzuyu
    Chou Tzuyu 16 days ago

    okay yall sayin sana looked like me
    i just invented clones :/

  • Twice is love twice is life

    God jihyoo

  • Guillermo Rubio
    Guillermo Rubio 18 days ago

    What’s the song background the part of Saida blowing a kiss???

  • 2019 2019
    2019 2019 18 days ago

    I think Nayeon already knew that Momo gonna fall.

  • supermanreallifeg12 #Alex

    Is this about Sana?

  • Nitro XYZ
    Nitro XYZ 18 days ago

    0:41 is it just a coincidence or something.

    KAUSHIK 18 days ago

    7:12 edit was good!

  • Grandmaster Fortters
    Grandmaster Fortters 18 days ago

    0:51 what the heck?

  • Darian Redding
    Darian Redding 18 days ago

    they way my bones hurt when jyp did shy shy shy

  • Josiah Oatman
    Josiah Oatman 19 days ago

    Minaaa my favorite member plz get better😢😩

  • Name -
    Name - 19 days ago

    I just want to inform the uploaded of this video, You have made me a fan of Twice.
    That's it.

  • Olga Valentina Pjwt
    Olga Valentina Pjwt 19 days ago +1


  • Sharon Turner
    Sharon Turner 20 days ago

    I miss Mina’s “Sailer Venus” pose!! #GetWellMina
    Onces love you very much!!♥️♥️

  • Rowenna Gibson
    Rowenna Gibson 20 days ago


  • Microasiable
    Microasiable 21 day ago +1


  • Rin Hazuki
    Rin Hazuki 21 day ago

    Mina: Ah, finally back home. I can't wait to see everyo-
    Mina: .... Nope. Still anxiety.
    It's a joke. I love Mina. Don't skin me pls.

  • Nur Rochmat Akmal Luthfi

    4:27... J Line : Eehhhhhhh

  • Harrison Wall
    Harrison Wall 21 day ago +1

    7:20 the way she said "pink lamborgini"

    hit different

  • Destiny Breyhan
    Destiny Breyhan 22 days ago +1

    I lost it when she said pink Lamborghini

  • lolikaopo •
    lolikaopo • 22 days ago

    Goddess Jihyo high note 5:55

  • André
    André 22 days ago +1

    i relate to Tzuyu so much.
    wanna make me sleep? play with my hair, and i'll drift off to unconsciousness in 5 seconds or less.

  • XxNyasarah xX
    XxNyasarah xX 22 days ago +2

    Tragic Fates of the Life
    1st. Actor Momo Baby's
    2nd. Actor Momo
    3rd. Actor Mina , Tzuyu , Dahyun , Chaeyoung , Nayeon , Jihyo , Sana , Jeongyeon
    4th Actor TWICE

  • Savage maknae lover
    Savage maknae lover 22 days ago +1

    Tzuyu ❣️

  • Mikrokosmic Gacha
    Mikrokosmic Gacha 22 days ago +1

    5:17 Once portecting TWICE from the haters