Taylor Swift - Delicate

  • Published on Mar 10, 2018
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  • Shin Kim
    Shin Kim Year ago +12641

    Taylor Swift is a perfect example of being bad at dancing while still being amazing at dancing.

  • Willow Polizzi
    Willow Polizzi 2 months ago +586

    Not only is this my favorite Taylor Swift song and music video, but it's probably my favorite song of all time. I don't know what my deal is with it, but it's just so nostalgic for me and just like... makes me feel something. Or helps me feel something when I don't. It's my comfort song. I will forever hold this song near and dear to my heart

    • Denver DuBois
      Denver DuBois 6 days ago +2

      Oh, same here! It's such a beautiful, mysterious, magical love song. It transports you into a romantic nighttime dream world and the ending is so wonderful....the magic has brought her to her true love and she's so happy to see him, because wherever he is, is home. This song always makes me feel comforted and happy.

    • Remington Cattaneo
      Remington Cattaneo 7 days ago

      Exactly perfectly stated

    • Toopran Dinesh Kumar
      Toopran Dinesh Kumar 24 days ago


    • Anna Wood
      Anna Wood Month ago +3


    • mini meow
      mini meow Month ago +10

      omg same! the music somehow makes me feel something that's hard to describe - maybe a mix of nostalgia, longing, it's soothing but with a tinge of pain... idk inside my head this song is the word delicate itself

  • Ms. Lavender🍇
    Ms. Lavender🍇 25 days ago +277

    I love how Taylor isn’t afraid to dance and be herself sometimes she’s the artist we all love and need

  • Satish Kayastha
    Satish Kayastha 2 months ago +349

    This video really shows a lot of the best of Taylor. It shows that she's fun, smart, creative, cute, and obviously super talented. Great song anyway.

  • Pinky all in one channel
    Pinky all in one channel 2 months ago +3


  • Kumar
    Kumar Year ago +19962

    She came back stronger than a 90's trend.

  • … anything
    … anything 15 days ago +54

    This song helped go through a tough time and gain the confidence that I have right now, thanks to Taylor I am at my most peaceful state and really happy, it gets better 💕

    • Connor Drake
      Connor Drake 14 days ago +2

      Yup, it really help me too. :-) Any person can go through difficult times and Taylor Swift is no exception.
      Like everyone of us, Taylor Swift survive the darkest era of her life, not REP ERA, but rather the 1989 era.
      1989 era gave her the most popularity but also gave her the bad Reputation all thanks to West and Kardashians.

  • Sol Oliveira
    Sol Oliveira 2 days ago

    Adoro essa energia 😍 delicadeza 💃💃💃

  • bellaciao
    bellaciao Month ago +65

    You know you are really living a life out there if you come back here just to enjoy not only the song but the music, the emotions and the vibe. Taylor's portrayal of the emotions is that much accurate that I really got an unhealthy obsession with this song.

    • m
      m Month ago +2

      she just makes me so so happy with all her songs and music videos

    PIDGEDEMON Month ago +86

    When no one can see her, she embraces the weird side of herself when everyone expects her to be perfect. Love this song

    BLACKPINK TREASURE Year ago +2889

    POPULAR OPINION: Taylor's songs never gets old.

  • 100K With 0 Video Challenge

    *This song never gets old. No matter how much I listen, I never get bored*

  • Özge Coşkun
    Özge Coşkun 9 days ago +9

    Still my favorite song 💕

  • Tony Maselli
    Tony Maselli Month ago +40

    Admire her ability to write and perform and keep coming out with hit after hit. Not just niche music. Her music is for everyone.

  • mayoo
    mayoo 8 days ago +6


  • amal khairunnisa
    amal khairunnisa Year ago +17111

    Moral of the story: Taylor could be dancing around you right now

  • Andy
    Andy 8 days ago +4

    This is the best performance I love most until today.

  • Matthew Cuyugan
    Matthew Cuyugan 3 months ago +63

    The fact that this song didn't peak the top 10 of the Hot 100, yet it is the most successful song from the "Reputation" album due to its longetivity in the charts. Pretty impressive. ❤

    • Igor Vinha
      Igor Vinha 2 months ago +1

      Look what you made me do is more popular, i think

  • ᴷᶦⁿᵈˡʸ ᴴᵉˡᵖ ᴹᵉ ᴿᵉᵃᶜʰ ⁴ᴷˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉʳˢ ᵂᶦᵗʰ ¹ ᵛᶦᵈᵉᵒ

    *This song never gets old. No matter how much I listen, I never get bored*

  • Noėmie Charcosset
    Noėmie Charcosset 3 months ago +53

    It’s my favourite song and I can’t stop listenning to this. Delicate is always at the top of my playlist on spotify. The MV is so satisfiying and bewitching with this incredible, iconic dance. This song gets better after every listen. It sounds differently and makes me feel different things every time. Sometimes i think of the boy I love but who doesn’t love me, because he just wants me to be his friend and the situation is ”delicate” and sometimes it just releases me from my emotions. I’m writting a book and the ”isn’t” of the second chorus is the momenf that inspired me for the ”kiss under the rain on a friday night at 11 P.M.” scene which marks a new turning point in the history.
    I know i’m just telling my life and you don’t care about it but I had to say it.
    For this amazing song

  • Reyyan İnce
    Reyyan İnce Year ago +10094

    Don't worry. You’re not only one listening to this masterpiece in 2021

  • Smriti Sewa
    Smriti Sewa 3 months ago +58

    We all can literally listen to Taylor when we're sad, happy, angry, depressed, excited or nostalgic...I swear I can live alone with her music... She's the definition of Iconic...

  • Yuliette Cano
    Yuliette Cano 14 days ago +7

    Taylor te amo, siempre sacas canciones tan mágicas y las amo así como a tí

  • Carolina Ledezma
    Carolina Ledezma Month ago +24

    Te amo Taylor , describiste a la perfección lo q siento por el en esta canción

  • Carol Araújo
    Carol Araújo 6 days ago +3

    I just can't stop listening to this song

  • oti taga
    oti taga Year ago +15900

    Who else wants to be invisible for a day and dance around the whole city like this ? 🙋🏼‍♀️

  • md alkadir11
    md alkadir11 15 days ago +1

    So wonderful 💖 ❤

  • Nabiha Waqar
    Nabiha Waqar Month ago

    I love itt💜💜💙💓♥️💞💚... Love her as well

  • Nazrin Jamalkhanli
    Nazrin Jamalkhanli 3 months ago +23


  • Rozay XOXO
    Rozay XOXO 2 months ago +16

    This song never gets old :)

  • zaini sheikh
    zaini sheikh 8 months ago +7508

    This song will never feel old. Even the MV is so fresh, still radiating the raw emotions through screens

    • Hadi Yusop
      Hadi Yusop 4 months ago


    • Rupesh Sangelia
      Rupesh Sangelia 5 months ago +1

      Love you from India ....love you Taylor Swift

    • Rupesh Sangelia
      Rupesh Sangelia 5 months ago +1

      This song will never old ...and I feel young when I listen it

    • PRO QEEN X
      PRO QEEN X 5 months ago


    • Dee Kee
      Dee Kee 5 months ago

      @BTS Lorde Miley Harry 2

  • Laci Harriger
    Laci Harriger 2 months ago +4

    Taylor Swift and her fans are way too loving and kind for this world, I'm so glad it will match our vibes soon😘☀️

  • Anna💜
    Anna💜 Month ago +3

    This is my favourite mv so far

  • Flower Remote
    Flower Remote 2 months ago +69

    I hope this song doesn't have a huge difference when Taylor Swift re-records it. I love this song!

  • K A I L A S
    K A I L A S 8 days ago +3

    Queen of music videos 💯💕

  • Charlis Walsh
    Charlis Walsh 3 months ago +2762

    i think this mv is her showing how she wishes she could live her life with no body guards, no one constantly looking over at her, asking for her signature, taking pictures of her etc. she wants to be able to do things without the whole world knowing and still be able to make music for the ones she loves. we need to respect that because she is still a person and she deserves her right to privacy

    • Dojocho
      Dojocho 22 days ago

      T be famous you have to sell your soul no thanks

    • Phillip Cochran
      Phillip Cochran Month ago

      @Eisha Byulharang are you single y or n

    • Eisha Byulharang
      Eisha Byulharang Month ago +1

      Come on, friends, whatever your opinion about this music video, don't make it confusing. We have different opinions, right?

    • Eisha Byulharang
      Eisha Byulharang Month ago

      Any artist wants it all. Privacy, but still able to make art.

    • Taylor’s 4th cat🧣
      Taylor’s 4th cat🧣 Month ago +6

      @tzatziki not at all, this song is about someone loving her for who she truly is even though the media had trashed her name. And if anything she’s more famous than she’s ever been right now

  • Tyler (just Tyler)
    Tyler (just Tyler) 2 months ago +10

    This song is one of my favorites by Taylor Swift! I will always stand by this wonderful masterpiece she created!!

  • Ruberiot Saint Billdip
    Ruberiot Saint Billdip 19 days ago +12

    She'll never go out of style

  • Virginia
    Virginia Month ago +7

    Congratulations Dr Taylor Swift!
    You deserve your honorary doctorate from NY university.
    You're amazing and your songs are meaningful, I can't stop listen to them, it's so enjoyable.

  • ᴷᶦⁿᵈˡʸ ᴴᵉˡᵖ ᴹᵉ ᴿᵉᵃᶜʰ ⁴ᴷˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉʳˢ ᵂᶦᵗʰ ¹ ᵛᶦᵈᵉᵒ

    *This song never gets old. No matter how much I listen, I never get bored*

  • jian
    jian 4 months ago +5700

    Some say she came back stronger than a 90s trend, but in reality she never went out of style

  • Leland Jacobson
    Leland Jacobson Month ago +16

    I Love this song and Lyrics and video and I adore Taylor Swift . Simply Gorgeous Extraordinarily Talented.

    KOKI INO 8 days ago +4

    I really love this song, i feel so emotional. I just try to guess the anxiety of Super Star Taylor Swift in her private life. All human beings have definitely some problems in our lives. And I feel not lonesome. The song supports me mentally.

  • Martha Blair
    Martha Blair 12 days ago +2


  • Akiki Hauser
    Akiki Hauser 8 days ago +1

    2022 and am listening to Taylor once again. Been a while miss thang! love from Mtwapa!

  • Mrunmayee
    Mrunmayee 9 months ago +2429

    The beat of this song is so comforting, it feels like a warm hug from a person you are in love with. Kinda like "Wow this is finally my person and they love me as much as i love them"' Amazing song, one of my favourite track 5s from her

  • Christine Gonzales
    Christine Gonzales 5 days ago +3

    She earned my respect 💯 she started young from the bottom worked so hard got dissatisfaction from other companies that said she wasn't a respectable singer but guess what she's my swiftie

  • Camille Burke
    Camille Burke 3 months ago +9

    Taylor is a genius - she somehow describes the specific feeling you have right before you fall in love with someone perfectly and its beautiful!

  • SweetiePie
    SweetiePie 2 months ago +6

    I love this song and I just discovered it ❤️

  • Sarah Marie Dixon
    Sarah Marie Dixon 2 months ago +1

    Nice 😊

  • AC
    AC 2 years ago +3645

    Taylor's awkward dance is the best. That's currently me here in quarantine. I love you taylor!! Anyways stay safe guys and stay at your homes while listening to Taylor's albums.

  • Harshita Sinsinwar
    Harshita Sinsinwar 3 days ago +4

    I should be studying for my exam tomorrow but I just can't stop listening to this got damm gorgeous goddess

  • rajesh malani
    rajesh malani Month ago +8

    I'm close to tears and I don't even know why.
    This song makes me so happy!

  • Rohit sharma
    Rohit sharma Month ago +6

    Awesome 😊😊, it depicts a life, full of freedom, without any prejudices, rules and restrictions ☺☺

  • Vandana Singh
    Vandana Singh Month ago +3

    I LOVE YOU!!!!! Keep rockin girl!!

  • meh
    meh Year ago +20739

    i swear this song gets better and better with every listen

  • Tyler (just Tyler)
    Tyler (just Tyler) 2 months ago +12

    I'm not sure how much I would thank Taylor Swift if I saw her in person right now for creating this beautiful masterpiece. .only made three years ago!!

  • Songs Music
    Songs Music 12 days ago +1

    You are truly an icon ❤✌🤟

  • Roland Mabaquiao
    Roland Mabaquiao 2 months ago +6

    Happy birthday to Delicate! I did not know today is its birthday until I saw some comments. I literally just watch this everyday and I still don't get bored no matter how many times I play it. Love you Tay!

  • Deep House Radio
    Deep House Radio 3 months ago +18

    Taylor Swift is a perfect example of being bad at dancing while still being amazing at dancing.

  • Airish
    Airish Year ago +9899

    No one talks about how satisfying her smile is at the end of the mv.

  • Mayank Goud
    Mayank Goud 15 days ago +1

    I clicked on her video coz i found her beautiful (very beautiful i.e. gorgeous), then i found her a beautiful singer and now she dances superb as well

  • lmlyd
    lmlyd Month ago +4

    Fun fact: this is one of her top songs yet still underrated

    • Connor Drake
      Connor Drake 28 days ago

      It's a sleep hit based on my I read on google.
      It never made success on first week but the mainstream people like it afterwards.
      Her Reputation album is basically a wine, it tastes better when it gets old.

  • Md Zaker
    Md Zaker Month ago +15

    She looks so cute and her voice is just mind blowing . I love her

  • Taryn Rowe
    Taryn Rowe 2 months ago

    Great song

  • Katelyn Kempkes
    Katelyn Kempkes Year ago +2152

    The fact that taylor was essentially invisible for a year (she makes mention of this in her doc) and that that was when she felt she could be herself without consequences breaks my heart. Glad she found a way to be happy, sad that she receives so much hate for literally nothing. This video is genius and layered and beautiful just like the queen herself. 🥺

    • Kaye 00
      Kaye 00 Year ago +6

      @Lenny MD but she is the victim??? Theres literally a full leaked vid of her and kanye's call and it shows that him and his wife lied? Whatre u even trying to prove? That shes playing the victim for potraying something thats absolutely true for women and the lqbtq+ community? Please explain.

    • Hanane Inssani
      Hanane Inssani Year ago +3

      @Lenny MD yes she was she even says it in the documentary that SHE WAS INVISIBILE FOR YEAR !!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Lenny MD
      Lenny MD Year ago

      @Jeremyisafurry the point is that she's playing the victim, and everyone think that she now is being herself "the real Taylor"... when in fact she's just a creation of the media, and proof of that is her songs "The man" and "Calm Down" you could see it if you'd like to...

    • Jeremyisafurry
      Jeremyisafurry Year ago +1

      Lenny MD what’s your point???

    • Sophie Reel
      Sophie Reel Year ago

      not me

  • Nandini Bhatt
    Nandini Bhatt 12 days ago +3

    I love her so much 💕

  • Brenda I. Martínez.
    Brenda I. Martínez. 26 days ago +6


  • Susan Hall
    Susan Hall 12 days ago +2

    This is one of my most favorite videos of Taylor Swift :)

    KAHANI KAR Month ago +1

    Still a vibe :) ♡

  • Alex Roma
    Alex Roma 6 months ago +7117

    Has anyone noticed how she’s being ignored by everyone but then enters the bar and normal people do notice her.
    I don’t know if it’s like this but I believe Taylor wanted to mention how fans were the only ones who truly saw her while other people just liked the pop star version of her.
    And then she gives that brilliant smile before ending.

    • a blob
      a blob 12 days ago

      @Best Protagonist it doesnt necessarily have to be joe tho? it’s just a music video

    • Best Protagonist
      Best Protagonist 24 days ago

      @a blob + he was the one who gave her the letter.

    • Best Protagonist
      Best Protagonist 24 days ago

      @a blob but that guy isn’t Joe lol she is singing about Joe here.

    • Jana Amr
      Jana Amr Month ago

      No..when she enters the bar everyone notices her cuz she has the piece of paper again and praying to go back

    • Tara M
      Tara M 2 months ago +3

      Anyone else notice that the piece of paper she is holding shines like other items in her current videos?

  • Jantana Mahavana
    Jantana Mahavana 2 months ago +2

    I love this song so very much.
    Beautiful Taylor is so enjoyable to watch. The rhythm is so fun. Everything in this song is unbelievable amazing. Because real life is delicate. Taylor told something about real life in this song. And Taylor is so adorable in this song. She had a great skill of acting too.

  • Abrar II
    Abrar II 13 days ago +4

    My favorite music video of all time 🥺♥️

  • Victoria Rhinehart
    Victoria Rhinehart 2 months ago +2

    I absolutely love this video. It really connects with me trying to fit in and just wanting to be strange and weird, but it not being acceptable in society.

  • Sal Hutch
    Sal Hutch 21 day ago +5

    Taylor's smile can light this whole town.

  • yo mama
    yo mama 10 months ago +2541

    this song means that she wants to be a normal human like us and go wherever she wants without getting recognized and not be a person with high recognition and enjoy being herself for a day.

    • Hüseyin Göktürk
      Hüseyin Göktürk 9 months ago +3

      Well being so famous and rich has some bad things

    • Diego González
      Diego González 9 months ago +11

      She wants to live our lives for a day, while everybody wants to live her live for their entire life. I think we got it worst

    • AyiBM vids
      AyiBM vids 9 months ago +4

      @Adrianne ikr

    • Anna Ho
      Anna Ho 9 months ago +78

      the music video, at least to me, represents the way that her relationship with joe makes her feel, as after she got the note (presumably from him) she became immune to the attention, both negative and positive surrounding her. I believe she is trying to convey that her relationship with joe and being with joe makes the fame and attention in her life insignificant, and, especially since she found him in a time where this fame and attention was having a very negative impact on her, her relationship with joe helped pull her out of a very dark time in her life, which you can see in her smile at the end.

    • Anna Ho
      Anna Ho 9 months ago +122

      listen to the lyrics it’s about being wary and cautious yet hopeful to fall in love/start a relationship with a person, as this experience is always scary, along with the fact that her relationships are constantly threatened and tested by the media, public opinion and the fame with being a celebrity as high profile as taylor is, which has caused her to believe for so long that this fame and attention would cause her to ultimately always end up alone.

  • Elias Vital Da Silva Júnior

    Delicate is beautiful,Taylor Swift is pure talent.

  • NB
    NB 25 days ago +1

    I loved this song....

  • gabriele ribeiro
    gabriele ribeiro Month ago


  • Mrdee Wara
    Mrdee Wara 2 months ago +1

    WOW 😍😍I love you Taylor

  • Lemar Malak
    Lemar Malak 2 years ago +2765

    I don't understand how people can hate her she's so sweet and kind

    • ian
      ian Month ago

      I agree

    • Ster Gãçhå
      Ster Gãçhå 2 months ago

      And a chill & funny person to be around

    • Yaki Sieras
      Yaki Sieras Year ago

      @a dl why are u here?

    • Lemar Malak
      Lemar Malak Year ago +1

      @Noor ul Ain that's not funny trust me she's so nice person

    • lara selters
      lara selters Year ago

      @Noor ul Ain Exactly
      Deft, mendaciously stylized marketing.

  • Bryon Yard
    Bryon Yard Month ago +7

    Man I remember when she went on tour before covid. Here in Arizona was her first stop. I was a security guard at Cardinals stadium where she performed and I was working the floor. So I got to be right next to her.

  • Katrina Hernandez
    Katrina Hernandez 25 days ago

    I love taylor so much I hope she never stops makeing music!

  • Jesse Gallego
    Jesse Gallego Month ago +1

    I just like it for some reason 😌

  • Jensen Delsin
    Jensen Delsin 24 days ago +1

    PERFECT 🙏😍❤️

  • That Bookworm
    That Bookworm Year ago +4022

    Unpopular opinion: I think this is one of her best songs

    • Who Dat Ninja
      Who Dat Ninja Year ago

      @Taekwondo Time youre a joke dude

    • Sahar
      Sahar Year ago

      its my favroite Taylor Swift song. I don't think its unpopular opinion

    • Abhinav Jain
      Abhinav Jain Year ago

      U r right this is best

    • Sharika Kaul Dutta
      Sharika Kaul Dutta Year ago

      you are not wrong

    • Star Angel
      Star Angel Year ago +1

      I think this is her best song too and yeh this is unpopular opinion

  • MC Comics_Br
    MC Comics_Br 2 months ago +3

    letra "simples" com um significado tão lindo, genial

  • Shee
    Shee Month ago +3

    It just gets better and better with every listen!!

  • Joey Goulet
    Joey Goulet Month ago +1

    Love you Taylor you are a superstar ✨ and thanks so so much for this song 🎵

  • The mirza
    The mirza 25 days ago +12

    This song is totally.........
    💖 *Delicate* 💖

  • Ruzgar Yılmaz
    Ruzgar Yılmaz 9 months ago +3969

    It's crazy how many people come back to this everyday this song is legendary.

    • Muhammed Ali BAÇ
      Muhammed Ali BAÇ 5 months ago

      Evet oyle ruzgarr

    • Mahesh Shaw
      Mahesh Shaw 7 months ago

      @Chandrika Srinithya m

    • yesme perez
      yesme perez 7 months ago

      Let's see how many legends are in this in a masterpiece

    • Krystal
      Krystal 7 months ago +1

      Plz stop commenting this things it's so annoying

    • Ic Quilaman
      Ic Quilaman 7 months ago

      I see this comment on every song

  • Crystal Paw
    Crystal Paw 9 days ago +8

    How fun it must be for Taylor to dance and sing like that! It’s my dream!

  • Erika Paulo
    Erika Paulo Month ago +11

    I love how she’s not afraid to dance!💗 I wish I was her

  • Akash Rai
    Akash Rai 26 days ago +6

    This is master piece of Taylor Swift ❣️
    I'm still listening this masterpiece in 2022 .

  • maria
    maria Month ago

    aiii como eu te amooooooooo

  • why do you care?
    why do you care? Year ago +9729

    Delicate is my comfort song. This feels like home.

    • Tasleema 1918
      Tasleema 1918 4 months ago +1

      Trending video

    • Wendo
      Wendo 5 months ago

      @archana saravanan sameeeee

    • Tanishka Sawant
      Tanishka Sawant 6 months ago

      Same lol it's more of a Comfort song for me.

    • Rebecca
      Rebecca 7 months ago

      I FEEL THE SAME WAY i didn’t know how to describe it but comfort is right cause i keep coming back ❤️

    • Bubble latte
      Bubble latte 7 months ago

  • chris bowman
    chris bowman 2 months ago +1

    She's absolutely amazing all around!

  • Saturn🪐♡
    Saturn🪐♡ 2 months ago +10

    Not to be dramatic but i live for her voice.🥰

  • Susma Gurung
    Susma Gurung Month ago +2

    2022 and this song still my favourite forever 🥺😩❤

  • seiji iwaguro
    seiji iwaguro 3 months ago +3

    Love it !