ElecTrak Rat Rod Part 15

  • Published on Sep 24, 2018
  • 300mpg.org/projects/electrak-hot-rod/
    I finish up the tractor and see what it can do!
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    The big disappointment was that I ran into a mechanical problem just before dark the night before the Junk Parade! Unfortunately, that meant I did NOT run the tractor in the parade. But there's always NEXT YEAR!
    I tested out the tractor and wanted to go up higher on two wheels, so I cut the welds on the wheelie bar, lifted the entire front of the tractor with an engine hoist, and re-welded it.
    Tractor pops wheelies just fine!
    Components I used on this project lawn tractor project include:
    Several 15 tooth sprockets for 3/4″ shaft - amzn.to/2x3jevj
    32 Tooth sprocket for 3/4″ shaft - amzn.to/2oUBKlO
    #40 Chain and link - amzn.to/2O40h2F
    3/4″ Keyed Shaft - amzn.to/2N5EKKR
    Hydraulic Cable Crimper - amzn.to/2oWZLZG
    2/0 3/8" power lugs - amzn.to/2OL7JQN
    Tap and die set - amzn.to/2wYwq4w
    6 Nissan Leaf Cell Modules
    500A DC Motor controller
    Clarke MIG welder: amzn.to/2xbtrG5
    Angle-Grinder similar to: amzn.to/2zmVioQ
    with cut-off, grinding, and flapper discs. amzn.to/2MSTzex

    This video was shot on a Canon Rebel T6i: amzn.to/2pcHI1r
    Music by:
    "Shaving Mirror" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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Comments • 15

  • Atom
    Atom Year ago

    So u have Toyota mirai (fuel cell)??
    If yes, what's the cost of hydrogen fueling there?

    • BenjaminNelson
      BenjaminNelson  Year ago

      There is NO HYDROGEN fueling available in my area. In the United States, at the time of this writing, there are 35 fueling stations in California, and there is one station each in 5 other states.
      At the same time, there's about 20,000 electric car charging stations in the U.S. and about 50,000 public charging outlets.

    • Atom
      Atom Year ago

      @BenjaminNelson i know, i was asking saperately

    • BenjaminNelson
      BenjaminNelson  Year ago

      No, this project has nothing to do with fuel cells.

  • CrAzYDr1veR
    CrAzYDr1veR Year ago +1

    those wheelies are just perfect :P

  • beforebefore
    beforebefore Year ago +1

    Best not do too many wheelies on the driveway, or your wheelie bar may fail. By "raising the bar"... you've also raised the potential kinetic energy put on the wheelie bar a LOT, by giving the raising tractor more time to accelerate.
    Due to the vertical slack in the fitment, the tractor frame rail slots will be taking a tremendous beating, and you may split the tops of the rails... or buckle the portion of the wheelie bar frame that's inserted into the tractor frame. Suggest doubling up the upper wheelie bar frame flat bar rails that go into the tractor rails... gives a wider contact patch and MUCH stronger at a weak point.
    Also the skinny wheel mount flat bar may give-way with a twist... that's a lot of force back there too... especially if you're on solid pavement.
    Keep on keepin' on!!!
    This reminds me of my early teenage years when my Dad brought home a 7hp rear-engine Ariens riding mower for me and my brother to mow our 1+ acre yard with. (he was an Ariens dealer)
    It uses a variable speed drive based on a large flat friction disc attached perpendicular to the vertical engine crankshaft, and the tractor drive from that was through a molded rubber wheel that intersected the flat disc at 90° angle. The speed was controlled by how far from the center the rubber intersected the flat engine disc... if the rubber wheel was at the center of the engine disc, it's a small circumference driving a large circumference... slow speed. Slide the rubber wheel out to the edge of the engine disc = fast speed - then for Reverse the rubber wheel would go PAST CENTER, and intersect the engine disc on the opposite side... opposite rotation... really cool. The rubber wheel was also the "clutch"... lift the rubber wheel off of the engine disc, no-go.
    Launch control:1) Clutch pedal depressed;2) Select Medium speed (it had 6 slots in the speed selector... yeah... a 6-speed transmission lawn tractor!);3) Throttle-up to maximum;4) Side-step off of the clutch pedal, and hang on!
    Even with the 32" mower deck, it would wheelie up about 12-15".
    However... Dad caught-on when that molded rubber wheel started losing chunks out of it...
    Q: "How did that happen!!??" (I'm sure he knew)
    A: "uhhhh...mmm... factory defect?"

    • BenjaminNelson
      BenjaminNelson  Year ago +1

      I've heard a description before of that exact drive train! Sounds like a very interesting design!

  • jontscott
    jontscott Year ago

    Wow, that looks fun!

  • knikula
    knikula Year ago +2

    maybe some red loctite on that key would help....

    • BenjaminNelson
      BenjaminNelson  Year ago +3

      I hadn't thought about putting Loctite on the key itself. I did NOT want to use Loctite on the set-screws as they just have a female hex connection for tightening. Getting Loctite down in there seems like a good way to never get an Allen wrench in there again! I just re-tightened the set-screws and it hasn't been an issue again. I still might add a second set screw right over the top of the first to mechanically lock it down.

  • chris martin
    chris martin Year ago

    gd work thankx😁

  • Randy Eller
    Randy Eller Year ago +3

    Love the torque of the thing! Getting enough traction to pop a wheelie on grass is an achievement in itself. Great build and videos!

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown Year ago +1

    Sorry you missed the event but you're set for next year!


    ya been beating on it to hard lol, tks for sharing😁!!!!!!!!

  • basher _500
    basher _500 Year ago +1