Metallica - Nothing Else Matters [Official Music Video]

  • Published on Oct 27, 2009
  • Nothing Else Matters [Official Music Video]
    From the album "Metallica"
    Director: Adam Dubin
    Filmed during the recording of The Black Album in Spring 1991 in North Hollywood, CA
    Video Premiere Date: February 25, 1992
    © 1992 Metallica
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  • Vishnu Suresh
    Vishnu Suresh 11 minutes ago

    Why 153k dislikes

  • Les Conneries De Marcel
    Les Conneries De Marcel 26 minutes ago

    2019 still listening this song ❤️ from France 🇫🇷🇫🇷

  • Edward Bogucki
    Edward Bogucki 59 minutes ago

    To zawsze będzie cudo.

  • DavidJo1435
    DavidJo1435 Hour ago

    im listening on area 51 raid.

  • Frances o Mure due
    Frances o Mure due 2 hours ago +1

    Non ci sono parole per descrivere qweste canzone. Ok

  • Rebiza
    Rebiza 2 hours ago

    best song

  • szym szym
    szym szym 2 hours ago

    To ponadczasowy kawałek do którego zawsze się będzie wracać ...

  • Zedek Isshac
    Zedek Isshac 4 hours ago

    04:30 - 05:20 its amazing part

  • Mas Jonh
    Mas Jonh 4 hours ago


  • Ana Rios
    Ana Rios 4 hours ago +1

    Que raro

  • S. Haufler
    S. Haufler 5 hours ago


  • Joaopaulo Correa
    Joaopaulo Correa 5 hours ago

    BRASIL 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • vyt box
    vyt box 5 hours ago

    Good desde argentina 🇦🇷

  • Antoinette Herndon
    Antoinette Herndon 6 hours ago

    Somebody deleted my posts.

  • Antoinette Herndon
    Antoinette Herndon 6 hours ago

    My family left Santa Ana, all except uncle Leon. My brother and sister live in Florida. I'm in South Carolina. My mom died in 83.

  • Antoinette Herndon
    Antoinette Herndon 6 hours ago

    Do you know my uncle Eric Jacob's fro Santa Ana California. I think I remember seeing you at my grandmother's house before when I was little.

  • Mert Torun
    Mert Torun 7 hours ago


  • RZ ClipzZ
    RZ ClipzZ 7 hours ago

    Im 12 and am listening

  • игорь трошин


  • Melike Ulusoy
    Melike Ulusoy 7 hours ago

    yaprak dökümünden gelenler ?

  • Richard Kelly
    Richard Kelly 8 hours ago +8

    153K dislikes? A lot of fudge packers out there!

  • andhi zalfael
    andhi zalfael 8 hours ago

    Inget waktu di smt penerbangan bogor

  • Stupormundi7
    Stupormundi7 9 hours ago

    I'm James Hetfield's grandad and i still listen to this music...

  • Sanam Aliabadi
    Sanam Aliabadi 10 hours ago +1

    I'm 21 and I'm loving to listening this music.

  • Jozsef Turo
    Jozsef Turo 11 hours ago


  • Apuravv Prem
    Apuravv Prem 11 hours ago +1


  • I bet i can get 1,000,000 subs without a single vid

    For some reason people are saying their ages and getting a whole lotta likes soooo....
    Hi, im 69 years old and rocking to this song in special ways

  • extremeprogfingers
    extremeprogfingers 13 hours ago

    that song had a 20 millions view when i checked last time so i have great expectations about new generation

  • Alejandra Nuñez
    Alejandra Nuñez 14 hours ago +2

    2019 🖤

  • Jose Luis Velasquez
    Jose Luis Velasquez 14 hours ago +6

    Hay algún latino/argentino que le guste metálica?

  • Jacque Moore
    Jacque Moore 15 hours ago +1

    67....still listening....

  • Elisângela Rodrigues
    Elisângela Rodrigues 17 hours ago +1

    Is Beautiful! !!!!!!!

  • Luis Fernando Rincon Londoño


  • Julian Cano
    Julian Cano 18 hours ago

    La amooo hpta que viva el español

    GHOSTIKON 18 hours ago +1

    I'm 12 years old and I can play this song on guitar

  • Lili Gans
    Lili Gans 18 hours ago

    Hello people in 2050 im hear 2019

  • Rodrigo Lima
    Rodrigo Lima 19 hours ago

    Metallica curto muito demais essa banda ne

  • Garren Engel
    Garren Engel 19 hours ago

    I love this song with my whole heart it helps me sleep

  • Gregory Ivanov
    Gregory Ivanov 19 hours ago +1

    This is the only "calm" metallic music I ever heard. I first heard this around September 2017 (while I was a junior in high school). That same semester, a student poured gasoline on himself in our cafeteria and attempted to light himself. I was present at the scene just before the violence broke out. This song reminds me of September 18th, 2017. It was truly a terrible day and a terrible week. I find this song soothing.

  • Pancito Con leche
    Pancito Con leche 20 hours ago

    i listening this playing club penguin

  • Maximo Polpo
    Maximo Polpo 22 hours ago

    *start part is looks like sex*

  • Baran Devrim
    Baran Devrim 22 hours ago

    This song is legendary...

  • LookiePooh
    LookiePooh 22 hours ago

    Shit, I can't breath correctly, wait... Why is my blood yellow?... IS THIS A RAZOR BLADE INSIDE MY SKIN???

  • TheMETHLord
    TheMETHLord 23 hours ago

    I fucking love Slipknot

  • Cripesun
    Cripesun 23 hours ago

    der Moment wenns di auf guade oide musi gfreid

  • Harry Haller
    Harry Haller 23 hours ago

    iam 11 Years old and i like this song

  • SàLãMõÜ ÀbDóÚ

    +150k dislakes ???

    FORS4TAN Day ago

    Soon as it starts first few seconds... chills... from back of the head and down the spine all over the body all the way to the feet. That's... some surreal feeling right there too.

  • наталья королева

    Какой гандон ставит дизлайк?

  • Irma Musrafaj
    Irma Musrafaj Day ago +1

    Kjo keng esht nje legjende,bravoooooo

  • aleksandr68774
    aleksandr68774 Day ago +3


    • Sergey Kamaev
      Sergey Kamaev 4 hours ago

      Дружище, лайк тебе за коммент на русском, но букварь видимо ты в 1 классе искурил)))

    WICKED WLAD Day ago

    METALLICA YOUR THE BEST!!! Best regards from russia =>

  • jean achter
    jean achter Day ago

    inderdaad zo ver of dichtbij uit het hart

  • jean achter
    jean achter Day ago

    de waarheid

  • Burak
    Burak Day ago

    Neden sildin la lolden beni?

  • jean achter
    jean achter Day ago

    inderdaad dat vergeet je nooit meer

  • Safa Safa
    Safa Safa Day ago

    قوات توكلنا على الله والمدينة المنورة والرهبة والصدمة

  • andrea alcolea
    andrea alcolea Day ago

    vuelvo al pasado con esta cancion.... ufffffffffff recuerdo a personas que pasaron por mi vida ..

  • Milton Lopez
    Milton Lopez Day ago