• Published on Sep 8, 2019
  • Boxer vs Boxer (STREET BOXING)
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  • lil cracra
    lil cracra  4 months ago +1792

    Rematch is gonna be next year in the same weight 135pond

    LEGEND OV BAGO 54 minutes ago +1

    So we still xuling dem ,lol

  • lonny wells
    lonny wells 2 hours ago +1

    You impress me Cra Cra! but the black kid was pretty darn good!

  • Scylax
    Scylax 3 hours ago

    Craca lost

  • Blood Boom
    Blood Boom 7 hours ago

    These guys can really box well better than Conor fight against Floyd.

  • Darius Owens
    Darius Owens 7 hours ago

    That’s why I like having long reach stick and move

  • The Giants 85
    The Giants 85 12 hours ago

    You def dont need no sound effect lol this one is strong!🤣

  • 구아뽀조나단

    You korean? Or filipino? Whats ur nationality bro anyway enjoying ur videos ty

  • Jr. Oo
    Jr. Oo Day ago

    Gano el negro para mi, el chino es medio gil para pelear, saludos.

  • James Richardson

    This is actually a good rumble. They were busy, their forms were good, they used pretty good movements

  • Alex S
    Alex S Day ago

    BBC meets Asian

  • laurence robert tampus halpin

    Thai or pinoy heritage?

  • TruthSeeker Ai
    TruthSeeker Ai Day ago

    the brotha got them hands and defense for real great stuff yall doing here i wish highness only

  • Jabed Choudhury
    Jabed Choudhury Day ago

    Chinese Gizzer got battered go and do kung fun

    • bigkckrva
      bigkckrva Day ago

      Hes not Chinese asshole..,learn your Asian countries..

  • lim eddie
    lim eddie Day ago


  • michael myers
    michael myers Day ago

    Big Dick Vs Small Dick ! 😂😂😂

    • bigkckrva
      bigkckrva Day ago

      U like looking at a man's dick??

  • AbbottSupreme
    AbbottSupreme Day ago

    I love the fact that these guys are actually friends and going hard at each other.

  • The Boxer
    The Boxer 2 days ago

    A lil boring over all good fight keep boxing lit good feet 😂foot work more energy

  • Chris Brennan
    Chris Brennan 2 days ago

    Is this guy really “African”?

  • Richard Ortega
    Richard Ortega 2 days ago

    Thats a tough lil asian

  • ad dre
    ad dre 2 days ago

    Nice Legia Warszawa shirt ; ) props from Poland!

  • Timothy Thomas
    Timothy Thomas 3 days ago

    phil shell

  • Timothy Thomas
    Timothy Thomas 3 days ago

    This shit is dope. One of the best boxing street reality channels in da world. Man, I hooked up wid dis shit by accident. I only knock the title. Surely you can do better than lil cracra.

  • yanjun dong
    yanjun dong 3 days ago

    geneticly African better

  • TEK___CD Tv
    TEK___CD Tv 3 days ago

    Does rom have a manager

    • TEK___CD Tv
      TEK___CD Tv 3 days ago

      I will invest my money in rom for some good gym sessions

  • TEK___CD Tv
    TEK___CD Tv 3 days ago

    If rom get good training he’ll b unstoppable

  • bi niu
    bi niu 3 days ago


    • bi niu
      bi niu 3 days ago


  • Pennies on a Dollar
    Pennies on a Dollar 3 days ago

    If Mayweather was to tutor Cray like he's doing Gervonte Davis this young man would be a Successful Pro Prize fighter

  • Ed Tedeschi
    Ed Tedeschi 3 days ago

    Slightly racist title, what has their race got to do with it other than to prove some kind of racist point on behalf of the poster?

  • Mike Tyson
    Mike Tyson 3 days ago

    Asian got fucked up

  • SB100
    SB100 3 days ago

    Blue shorts won off points good fight tho

  • We Are Many
    We Are Many 4 days ago

    Asian kid got his noodles sitrfired

  • We Are Many
    We Are Many 4 days ago


  • Alta Rides
    Alta Rides 4 days ago

    Very entertaining

  • what what
    what what 4 days ago

    You Can tell he took it easy on the Asian

  • sa juli
    sa juli 5 days ago

    I like sportif

  • Kyle Scott
    Kyle Scott 5 days ago

    I don't box I kill.Why they trading shots. Deontay Wilder inspired me alot you don't need to box to be a boxer.

  • 2006sirignano
    2006sirignano 5 days ago

    dope..protect at all times

  • alive andwokeRonnie
    alive andwokeRonnie 5 days ago

    Cra cra got his ahh whooped

  • chi kwi
    chi kwi 5 days ago

    Keep it up man you make Karen proud

  • Jaehitemup
    Jaehitemup 5 days ago +5

    “Wassup boy wassu boy you ain’t ready for me” *bink bink bink 😂😂

  • Sean P.
    Sean P. 6 days ago

    6:48 Skills.

  • Protect_USA
    Protect_USA 6 days ago

    nice LEGIA WARSZAWA's t-shirt cracra :P

  • E girl Respecter
    E girl Respecter 6 days ago

    This is what I like to see. Healthy good fighting
    the bad kind where they jump etc etc.

  • VAPE X
    VAPE X 7 days ago

    Ugly ass lol

  • Johnny Brown
    Johnny Brown 7 days ago

    He knocking the duck sauce out of Lee, lil Jacky Chan

  • Blake Broussard
    Blake Broussard 8 days ago

    Keep da gud wrk ☝

  • Carlos Tavira
    Carlos Tavira 13 days ago

    Este pince chino es verga no le tiene miedo a nadie pelea kon kien sea jajajaja buena chino

  • Isaac Truong
    Isaac Truong 13 days ago

    Needs to throw more jabs and crosses

  • Diogo Braga
    Diogo Braga 15 days ago

    Am the only one that see a Hajime no Ippo style in this kid?!!! Live action tr00

  • Cristobal C
    Cristobal C 15 days ago

    I know its a street fight but just the gloves? You must take care of your hands if you want to continue. One bad connected punch and it might be over

  • Mike M
    Mike M 15 days ago

    Great fight bro

  • ChangoBokole
    ChangoBokole 16 days ago

    This why streetfights are better than pro fights because most of them got no action

  • SMG
    SMG 16 days ago

    So they both Southpaws

  • 川普
    川普 17 days ago

    Are you Filipino American or Cambodian American?

  • Johnny Jr
    Johnny Jr 19 days ago +4

    This is a good learning experience for him, I had the African boxer winning all three rounds

  • KiDKeYz1000
    KiDKeYz1000 19 days ago

    African dude had more reach

  • K33ZO
    K33ZO 19 days ago

    where is the "DONT GET LAZY" guy

  • Pio Pius
    Pio Pius 20 days ago


  • Piewdiepie's Chair
    Piewdiepie's Chair 20 days ago +1

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