Who's Got Game? With Nush Cope | Reading Festival | Season 1 Episode 9

  • Published on Sep 4, 2017
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Comments • 90

  • Charlie Brentwood
    Charlie Brentwood 3 months ago

    Why can’t the women go up to the men lol

  • Charlie Brentwood
    Charlie Brentwood 3 months ago

    4:12 legend haha😂

  • Toni Ukeasy
    Toni Ukeasy 8 months ago +1

    Hey I’m nush cope you alright bro hey man bro man bro lmao

  • MJS
    MJS Year ago +1

    Nush is a dope presenter but u can't lie filly would be a bit better

  • Finn Kieran
    Finn Kieran Year ago +2

    the first guy has had a few keys

  • OhMaDayzz
    OhMaDayzz Year ago +1

    What is Lewis' Instagram?

  • S Hussein
    S Hussein 2 years ago

    That Ben. Is he a hunchback cause he bends down so much?

  • d.crxzzz
    d.crxzzz 2 years ago

    Fam I'd be asking Nush for her number bun all these others :'D

  • c1mcg1battyflex
    c1mcg1battyflex 2 years ago +1

    surprised the channel doesn't listen to it's subscribers. Clearly want more regular filly videos and not these

  • realvideo24
    realvideo24 2 years ago

    8:10 he was shook of the big guy in the hat

  • free
    free 2 years ago +2

    Yo nush but hold on the same girl in the black glitter outfit who said she just wants compliments from men bla bla weren't having it from my man near the food place though 😂

  • European Infidel
    European Infidel 2 years ago +1

    White guys have better game

    J0NEZYY 2 years ago +5

    When he stuck his finger up hahaha

  • Mohamed
    Mohamed 2 years ago

    Bristolians forever thirsty

  • Joe Striker
    Joe Striker 2 years ago +1

    Why do dons like Lewis gass themselves up when they clearly don't got game. Like I would rate them more if they were humble even if they got nervous.

  • Wahab Amartey
    Wahab Amartey 2 years ago

    a man fully stuck his middle finger up

  • Calvin Blake
    Calvin Blake 2 years ago

    "VERY GOOD ONES" lol

  • Sola Ayodele
    Sola Ayodele 2 years ago +7

    Gonna be a lot of angry girls when he gets to that silent disco and they found out he's asked for at least 20 girls numbers

  • no_comment_tv1
    no_comment_tv1 2 years ago

    My guy🕵🏿‍♂️💥👌🏾

    BANTER N TALENT 2 years ago +1

    LOOOL imagine if someone's gf got baited out just from this video hahaha

    AZEEZ AKINS 2 years ago +3

    get in there Lewis !!! lool top lad

  • kfc667
    kfc667 2 years ago +3

    walks straight up to girls & the 1st thing they said was "how old are you"..."can i have your number"
    Overall, Lewis was the best. He just needs to rearranged his approach:
    1.) introduce yourself: simply say hello or excuse me (get her to stop or her attention)
    2.) show your interest: give a small compliment (even on shoes, clothing, accessories, etc.)
    3.) ask for her name: its the human thing to do (shake her hand gently = escalating intimacy)
    4.) small banter: ask her simple questions (where are you from). girls love to chat (pay attention)
    5.) ask for her number: never ask for social media, that's not a "pickup". you're just another "fan"
    6.) finally make your exit: say goodbye & walk away (back to your friends or somewhere else)
    7.) congrats! you've given her more of a reason to respond to your texts/calls so you could see her again
    all of this is usually done within 1-3 mins in any situation/location. from 4.) you can go on an "instant date"

    • Just One Time
      Just One Time Year ago

      kfc667 he attractive enough to just ask for the number lol

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 2 years ago +5

    How did I do?

  • Nig, nigg n nibba
    Nig, nigg n nibba 2 years ago +1

    Why is everyone on filly' sack?

  • The Emotional Shark
    The Emotional Shark 2 years ago +3

    She is probably one of the coolest girl around. Excellent host as well.

  • Memories-_
    Memories-_ 2 years ago +2

    that blonde ting on the right at 1:00 though 😍😍

  • Abdullahi Mahamud
    Abdullahi Mahamud 2 years ago +2

    Just let young filly do all public vids kmt

  • Kk
    Kk 2 years ago +23

    My guy needs to stand up straight tbh

  • Joseph Scott
    Joseph Scott 2 years ago +6

    Stop asking youngers and ask people in their late 20's

    • Johnoè
      Johnoè 2 years ago +10

      Late 20's? They're feeding their children never mind being at a festival

  • joe adasfd
    joe adasfd 2 years ago +4

    5:40 & 9:13 same gal

  • luke mutamiri
    luke mutamiri 2 years ago +6

    Her earrings are moving like swan feathers

  • How's your mum
    How's your mum 2 years ago +26

    Loool u can't trust a man that say "I will use some lingo"

  • Mike Times
    Mike Times 2 years ago +5

    Any guy that listens to a girl's advice on how to pull them is setting themselves up for a big fall lol. #CharlieChaplinStyle

  • Michael Barnard
    Michael Barnard 2 years ago +1

    The doctor 😂😂😂

  • vvv2k12
    vvv2k12 2 years ago +20

    does Nush not know that we just wanna bust that nut...going on about "dates" pshh

    WERARKABOOM 2 years ago +92

    the first guy needs to visit a chiropractor because that hunch back is a problem lol

    • benbrown1993
      benbrown1993 2 years ago +3

      My back is blessed haha. These guys know what they're talking about lmao

    • LFC Shanks
      LFC Shanks 2 years ago +1

      warhead burial he's of his nut

    • took181
      took181 2 years ago +8

      that would be ketamine my good sir

  • Boswell Percy and Chandler

    2nd guy nervous asf wtf is he 13?

    • Boswell Percy and Chandler
      Boswell Percy and Chandler 2 years ago +2

      Much easier "just" to get numbers when everyone's drunk asf than to actually hold a convo. Notice he's approach was very unenthusiastic

    • 60's Spiderman
      60's Spiderman 2 years ago +28

      Nervous but successful

  • Five Star
    Five Star 2 years ago +30

    This series is actually decent amd doesnt really meed yung filly.

    • Grimz LNDN
      Grimz LNDN 2 years ago +4

      Five Star Lowkey does need filly but it's still calm

  • RandomGuy
    RandomGuy 2 years ago +49

    Stop ridin filly man, nush is cool too 🎶🎶

  • Gary Singh
    Gary Singh 2 years ago +25

    Nush cope is beautiful 😍😍

  • Bakezonline
    Bakezonline 2 years ago +3

    YO Wall of Comedy. We the people want young filly or filly and will. Supply and demand!!!
    We demand young filly/will, please supply. forget all this other stuff!! safe

  • savage
    savage 2 years ago +2

    Get Yung filly ffs

  • noci655
    noci655 2 years ago +1

    Where is whos your daddy !!!!!!!

  • k.j Bowling
    k.j Bowling 2 years ago

    he don't sound like he's from bristol

    • Sam W
      Sam W Year ago

      Neither do most of the people in Bristol.

  • realvideo24
    realvideo24 2 years ago +70

    Man walks up to girl Excuse me can i get your number please

    • Abz Lol
      Abz Lol 2 years ago +17

      realvideo24 He still got the numbers tho

    • Free Max B Owww
      Free Max B Owww 2 years ago +9

      Straight after he said be respectful loool

  • lowey theman
    lowey theman 2 years ago +180

    My man took a bite out of a doughnut and kept the flow going. I got ratings for that lmao. Man like BEN

    • Oluwafemi Oguntimehin
      Oluwafemi Oguntimehin 2 years ago

      lowey theman I like this guy

    • Johnoè
      Johnoè 2 years ago +1

      He's the first guy on this ting with game. All dem other yutes out here giving it the chat but like a practical test they're fail multiple times

    • Globe Vq
      Globe Vq 2 years ago +1

      hioxovo Why u hating for no reason?

    • RMF
      RMF 2 years ago +2

      He's going places.

    • _S_S_A_I_D_
      _S_S_A_I_D_ 2 years ago +1


  • Bop Bobby
    Bop Bobby 2 years ago +160

    The silent disco is going to be a madness for Lewis

    • Elliex
      Elliex Year ago

      Bop Bobby I

    • Mo' Gains
      Mo' Gains 2 years ago

      Bop Bobby looooool

    • Jack Harrison
      Jack Harrison 2 years ago +13

      This cunts the reason orange disco was always full

  • Mike Joe
    Mike Joe 2 years ago +15

    # can i have some of your doughnut.😂🤦‍♂️

  • JamZ gaming
    JamZ gaming 2 years ago +12

    8:52 bruv she must be like 6 feet that's a man 😂😂😂

  • That girl
    That girl 2 years ago

    Glad that you guys decided to post something, don't leave us hanging too long hehe

  • TRT TRo
    TRT TRo 2 years ago +10

    We want filly.

    XIKADI 2 years ago +74

    Man said he doesn't have any gcses

  • denardiaa
    denardiaa 2 years ago +54


    • Jordan Jones
      Jordan Jones 2 years ago +1

      dexnaxrdxia b filly is the funniest n best

  • Jordan Jones
    Jordan Jones 2 years ago +168

    Yung filly needs to make a new video

  • Jhardwork Pays off
    Jhardwork Pays off 2 years ago


  • Zach Washington
    Zach Washington 2 years ago +1


    XXXOG 2 years ago


    DOGZY DONNy 2 years ago