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  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
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    "FTL" by Adam Stern
    A lone astronaut testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft travels farther than he imagined possible.
    Ethan Kane, a NASA Astronaut and decorated pilot, has recently retired from active duty to spend more time with his wife and young son. As he tries to adjust to a quieter life on the ground, he’s approached to fly one last mission...testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft. While the world watches, Kane takes The Longshot on its maiden voyage.
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Comments • 10 761

  • xBris
    xBris 42 minutes ago

    Great visuals. But I've seen that story before... ;)

  • Zeeb
    Zeeb Hour ago

    Could use a better mixing. Audio levels are all over the place specially during dialogues. Great short anyway!

  • Joey Centofanti
    Joey Centofanti Hour ago

    This could be a short trek for Start Trek Discovery

  • Pranaya Shakya
    Pranaya Shakya 3 hours ago

    By this type humanity would have probably become a type 2 civilization

  • Elessar Telcontar
    Elessar Telcontar 3 hours ago

    FTL = Faster Than Light
    NAFAL - Not As Fast As Light
    There are variations, for example -
    Slow NAFAL or fast NAFAL

  • Queen Celebration Live
    Queen Celebration Live 3 hours ago +1

    Just remember that communication lag between Mars and Earth is like 6 minutes.

  • Ed Ackert
    Ed Ackert 5 hours ago +1

    Nice graphics, but stupid on science.
    Mars is 3 light-minutes from Earth - how can they communicate without pauses?
    Why isn't he floating around?

  • Mark Alvin Cruz
    Mark Alvin Cruz 6 hours ago +1

    I was expecting the aliens put something (a device) inside the astronaut. is the title Faster Than Light? (FTL)

  • Joe Bloe
    Joe Bloe 7 hours ago

    These amazing shorts are better than ANYTHING "Rebootwood" is producing.

  • dude dude
    dude dude 8 hours ago

    absolutely awesome this should be a movie fuck hollywood however you were able to make this please convince them to make a full movie you can see they will come to see this i have seen alot of this genre and no bs this is really good ...pick any director who has done a major film in scifi and they would have to agree this is good also secretly hate you for doing it on whatever your budget was ...thereby secretly afraid you may replace them and they will lose their massively bloated budgets

  • MCP/ChronicBuzz
    MCP/ChronicBuzz 8 hours ago +2

    "Great, how did you solve the time dilation problem?"
    "The time what?"
    "Nevermind, it's all water under the bridge now" :P

  • megis ynynef
    megis ynynef 8 hours ago

    Excellent. An intelligent treatment instead of all the multimillion dollar Star Wars- type rubbish that's being shovelled out these days.Thank you.

  • A Non
    A Non 8 hours ago

    His vehicle broke down then they helped him get home

  • MiniManHere
    MiniManHere 9 hours ago

    that moment when Hollywood is losing its touch when groups on youtube like DUST makes their films looking like a big budget film with little to none budget.... I would honestly start buying films made by groups like these guys for a full movie.... wait *starts looking now*

  • James Bonde
    James Bonde 15 hours ago

    Einstein needed serious therapy near the end of his life as he realized that he had got it ALL WRONG and sent humanity on a dead end with his speed of light limit. Take THAT away and all things are possible. The UNIVERSE communicates with itself INSTANTLY. Otherwise, gravity holding the Earth in place would have a lag time and that could NOT work. THINK people. Or go to sleep and die ignorant and blissful,,, until you confront the truth. Unprepared, it WILL be horrible, you WILL go insane. See you on the other side, eventually.

  • Sabbathman
    Sabbathman 18 hours ago

    The space police makes a report to their superiors:

    "Why did you return this man back to his home world?"
    "He was a good guy, a family man, but his government and rivalling governments would have brought deceit, lust for wealth and status, wars and devastation."
    "Well done, keep up the good work, don't let anyone here from that world until they have found solutions there. We don't want their problems here."
    "What about Captain Picard?"
    "What about him?"
    "He's come back from retirement."
    "He's good, he still follows the old code and takes care of his own."

  • Kremlin KOA
    Kremlin KOA 19 hours ago

    Good thing he was with RAC Roadside Assistance... those guys go EVERYWHERE.

  • Not A Bot
    Not A Bot 19 hours ago

    I like the concept the fx are acceptable for the budget but the acting is gawd damn awful. I would have expected a little more from the the guy who played a vampire on Supernatural, he was great on that but the scene where he re-materializes in from of his family, that was just bad. May be more to do with editing though that actual acting

  • Zeeuwland2
    Zeeuwland2 21 hour ago

    Soooo, what was the message? Non-sensical and overdramatic..

  • ken trea
    ken trea 21 hour ago

    WOW !! I want more !

  • godson johnson
    godson johnson 22 hours ago

    Science friction to science reality...

  • DefJam 65
    DefJam 65 22 hours ago

    Wooow what a Amazing and Heatbreakin Story ... love it !!!!

  • Angelique Cheung
    Angelique Cheung 23 hours ago

    I love a possibility of a spacecraft going to Mars in 3 minutes. 3 minutes?!! Warp speed!!! "WARP SPEED MR. SULU!!!" But with innovation there is also risk. 😢

  • Cheyenne1Rain
    Cheyenne1Rain Day ago +3

    So cool, I love it. The real movie starts he he is re-constructed back to Earth with his family. When the Commander really starts to
    remember what really happened to him and the integration of his boy in space.

  • al barkalow
    al barkalow Day ago

    this is too cool!!!

  • Leo Costa
    Leo Costa Day ago

    See? Not All Aliens are bad!

  • Maton View
    Maton View Day ago

    There's a major flaw in this short: the Commander - with his 'personality' would not have been chosen for this mission. He did now show 1 iota of pioneering/scientistic adventurer, didn't record any of his observations in making contact with ETI's.
    On another note: if viewers enjoyed this short film, may I sugest seeing the movie "Contact" with Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey.

  • Sagar Varma
    Sagar Varma Day ago

    i would love to see this turn into a movie

  • Jay Way
    Jay Way Day ago

    BRILLIANT, pleeeese make more. So much better than the high cost, high publicity films. The ending was a perfect finish.

  • Dipenjit Das
    Dipenjit Das Day ago

    Nice movie . It needs to be a full movie. I would request to the director of this short film to make a film.

  • alexei telnov
    alexei telnov Day ago

    Херотень....без скафандра сидит

  • jem ceevee
    jem ceevee Day ago

    Nicely done.

  • Stephen Focosi
    Stephen Focosi Day ago

    On a personal note, it was my half-birthday when Apollo 11 landed on the Moon/Luna Terra way back in 1969, I am 50 as well now, as is my birth-date friend Train's Pat Donovan. Gwen Stefani had been in her mother's womb until October 7th of the same year. Happy Anniversaries to us all.

  • Stephen Focosi
    Stephen Focosi Day ago

    Take this film as a warning to all you FTL flyers out there & don't intimidate the alien species around you. They may assume you will be weaponizing space next if you show your joyriding off to the planets around you. They have been monitoring your radio & TV transmissions & fear what comes next considering what Trump & Kim Jong Un have been arguing over. The aliens did not mean to frighten you but teach your species a lesson by returning your pilot intact & safe. Do not kill the messenger, learn from him.

  • Jer in Wis
    Jer in Wis Day ago

    It takes three minutes to reach mars at the speed of light but radio waves allow instant communication with earth?

    • Jer in Wis
      Jer in Wis Day ago

      got me there.

    • Jon Doe
      Jon Doe Day ago +1

      Suspension of disbelief. If they can make a spaseship travel faster than light, they can do the same with radio waves :)

  • progrockrules
    progrockrules Day ago

    Good grief.

  • 2serveand2protect

    ...travellling faster than the speed of light in space vacuum is "alright", but contact with advanced alien-civilization is "above his pay grade" ?...

  • Frst Rspndr
    Frst Rspndr Day ago

    They forgot to put Riker in this first contact clip. And why didn't they detect the Enterprise in orbit? So many questions.

  • Evod1501
    Evod1501 Day ago +1

    More please MORE PLEASE

  • Fevzi Cankurtaran
    Fevzi Cankurtaran 2 days ago +1

    This short movie is really awesome.

  • Cos Coso
    Cos Coso 2 days ago

    Brilliant...just brilliant. :) Cosentino, Perth West Australia 19/7/19

  • Kevin Cercie
    Kevin Cercie 2 days ago

    Nice trip now beam me home, make it so!

  • Muzic in the Streets

    That was prity good, I'm quite impressed with some of these short movies I have been watching laterly.

  • star wolfie 568
    star wolfie 568 2 days ago

    Wow just think someday it will happen similar like this, very awesome ,reach for the stars

  • Howard Treesong
    Howard Treesong 2 days ago +1

    The sentimentality was off-putting. The guy’s being taken by ‘them’. He goes weeping over his family’s picture. Lots of good ideas, not wild about the story execution. The special effects are amazing for a short film.

    • dude dude
      dude dude 8 hours ago

      what you just watched is as good as any hollywood movie and your words are the sentimentality was off putting ....its obvious your braindead and should never reproduce your lowest end of the gene pool dna. more than anything we all want connection say he goes weeping your probably from the uk because yanks would say crying ...mmmm and your definitely a self absorbed asshole lib who has never served basically a fist humping pretentious fuckwit who should definitely keep your gob shut

  • Castle Kings
    Castle Kings 2 days ago

    Pls upload next part

  • Letkhojam Haokip
    Letkhojam Haokip 2 days ago

    Best of all.
    keep making better than these.

  • Paul Ziolo
    Paul Ziolo 2 days ago

    Sexuals will never colonise deep space - only our cyborganic successors will.

  • Not From Earth App
    Not From Earth App 2 days ago

    Lack of vision.

  • hand cannons
    hand cannons 2 days ago

    I wonder if this is possible in real life

  • buzzclick500
    buzzclick500 2 days ago +1

    That's a nice house and yard for an astronaut......

    • Nexio Septimus
      Nexio Septimus 2 days ago

      well... that's the thing about being a US astronaut, you have to live in Texas.

  • osman diaz
    osman diaz 2 days ago

    guao excelente corto de ciencia ficcion gracias

  • Lee Strydom
    Lee Strydom 3 days ago

    That was pretty cool. need to see what happened while away.

  • cyka blyat
    cyka blyat 3 days ago +1

    For anyone that does not know, this is warp drive, or alcubierre drive

    • John Marsh
      John Marsh Day ago

      What a dick! The drive hasn't been invented yet so doesn't have a name!

  • Alejandro Jose Reboa
    Alejandro Jose Reboa 3 days ago +1

    In reality, we even don't know if ETs (if they do exist) are hostile or not..

  • Duncan Rogers
    Duncan Rogers 3 days ago +1

    Surely they would have to wait another 3 minutes after he arrived to get the message he arrived! 🚀⌚🌍👍

    • Ross Miner
      Ross Miner 2 days ago

      They called their comms system Q-Comm, and he deployed what they called an entangled satellite.
      They're using quantum entanglement for instantaneous communication over any distance.

  • bhaskar hv
    bhaskar hv 3 days ago +1

    This is callled Teleportation, and those were those 2 were machines, which aliens used for teleporting the matter, they have used 2 machines to use tis both will sync to recreate the matter, this films tells us the teleportation exit in another planet or universe and Aliens(other being outside earth called aliens) using it already, and they want Earth human to show that, so they dragged him to wards his planet and teleported him from his Space ship to their machine and again they teleported him infornt of his house..
    Good short movie

    • cyka blyat
      cyka blyat 3 days ago

      No this is called alcubierre drive, or warp drive...

  • Shamino Ranger
    Shamino Ranger 3 days ago +4

    Alien1: "Whenever you see one cockroach there's always 10 billion more."
    Alien2: "Yeah, let's infect this one and return it to its nest so it takes out all the others."
    And you thought the aliens were being kind...

  • Kenneth Bale
    Kenneth Bale 3 days ago

    2:43 and im sold already!

  • Sugindran R Krisnan
    Sugindran R Krisnan 3 days ago

    You're now under prohibition human!

  • Bisqq A
    Bisqq A 3 days ago

    Where’s part 2????!!

  • theKarmanator
    theKarmanator 3 days ago

    Was it type 2 or 3 civilization ?

  • Jesusdragon737
    Jesusdragon737 3 days ago

    My only issue whatsoever with the film is where this mission to Mars is described as being the first time a man travels faster than light. That would never happen. There would be many, many trials before a mission of this sort took place. Other than that, it was incredible.

    • Kremlin KOA
      Kremlin KOA 18 hours ago

      But how would the News report the first, non test, mission in a FTL craft?

  • Dinamika Soe
    Dinamika Soe 3 days ago +1

    What's the point?

  • Fauzul Azim
    Fauzul Azim 3 days ago

    It's more like to tell us that the advanced civilization knows that the universe is simulated and they know how to hack the simulation, they can re-adjust speed of light, mass, gravity, quantum entanglement, etc for what they wants, but they're not advanced enough since there's still a glitch on their programs 13:48... or maybe the human they sent back is not the real one... They want to learn our civilization that they just known by sending his decoy to our world ...
    Well, this short movie is awesome! We need to know their purpose to us

  • RagingHamster
    RagingHamster 3 days ago

    awake judgement gun morphing

  • Haller Infrarot GmbH

    Great movie


  • ZMacZ Furreh
    ZMacZ Furreh 3 days ago

    Revamp of "X-Beyond the Frontier" intro ? Cool game..
    Also, nice tension background music..

  • Adasha Stewart
    Adasha Stewart 3 days ago +1

    If you're going to hitch a ride home with a stranger never give your exact address

  • Josu Egues Castaño
    Josu Egues Castaño 3 days ago +3

    A story with no questions made and no questions answered. Unsatisfying.

  • Mobile Filmmaking
    Mobile Filmmaking 4 days ago

    I need to see the behind the scenes of this. This was amazingly shot!

    MYTYOOB 4 days ago

    ...and leaves so many questions unanswered... this is like the lead in trailer and then the main movie begins. Where did he go, who were the aliens, what did he learn, did he tell them about humans and earth ? Is that really him who they beamed back or a digital simuloid (since his face fizzled at the end) Theres enough there for a whole 2hr movie. And did he learn what went wrong with his ship ? Did the aliens commandeer it at mars and bring it to them or was it accidental ? So many questions ;-)

  • Gostart Thegame
    Gostart Thegame 4 days ago +28

    _"You have violated the space regulation law regarding speed above 1c."_
    Kane: I don't know.. about space regulations law.. so.. you exist..
    _"Alright, we will take you to jail for 21hours and we record your crime.. you can go home after that."_

  • Олег Бахарев

    Wow! Humans so stupid, so weak, so helpless in contrast with mighty beautiful shining crystals! This is main idea of this movie?

  • AstableRasta
    AstableRasta 4 days ago


  • Sir Axel
    Sir Axel 4 days ago +17

    Anyone noticed that the spacecraft's name is "Longshot"?
    Because that reminds me of the laser-array powered spacecraft called "Starshot", theorized by Stephen Hawking.

  • Sir Axel
    Sir Axel 4 days ago +2

    If only "Faster Than Light" speed was a reality!

    • miker6570
      miker6570 2 days ago

      In theory yes it is possible but technology does need to progress more before it is possible for real.

    • buzzclick500
      buzzclick500 2 days ago

      It is.

  • Bessarion 1
    Bessarion 1 4 days ago

    Dyson rings.

  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones 4 days ago

    Best'Dust'so 😀far

  • Tech Stuf
    Tech Stuf 4 days ago

    Farscape off steroids...

  • Prabowo Kalah
    Prabowo Kalah 4 days ago +1

    Not good story 👎👎👎👎

  • Astra Poole
    Astra Poole 4 days ago

    Very good. Well done.

  • What's up
    What's up 4 days ago +1

    That's how it really is. The aliens they are pulling for us. They want us to succeed but they're not going to give us any help Beyond what's this video shows.
    Unfortunately we will destroy ourselves before we can make it that far unless we pulled together as a species.

    SUPPORTER 4 days ago +1

    zajebisty film

  • PastLifer
    PastLifer 4 days ago

    This is SOOOO good .... please continue!!!!

  • gypsynikki
    gypsynikki 4 days ago +8

    This was far better than anything on SyFy or big blockbuster Hollywood movies. It left me wanting to see more! Great job!!!!👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾❤️❤️❤️

  • Nobel Hossain
    Nobel Hossain 4 days ago +1

    Excellent movie

  • Carlo Dionela
    Carlo Dionela 5 days ago


  • sugeshotme12
    sugeshotme12 5 days ago

    good beans

  • Amit Paul
    Amit Paul 5 days ago

    Please please please make a behind the scene video!!!!

  • JOM
    JOM 5 days ago

    Good guy aliens.👌

  • 是邪恶的习近平

    Pretty look and all, but what was the point of the video? To test a graphics editor?

    • 是邪恶的习近平
      是邪恶的习近平 5 days ago

      @connor kenway BTW, thanks for your response I hadn't thought of it in that way.

    • 是邪恶的习近平
      是邪恶的习近平 5 days ago

      @connor kenway you know nothing of their motivations or that there is anything other than a machine involved.

    • connor kenway
      connor kenway 5 days ago

      Point was that other beings may have kindness in them , just as same as some of us do.

  • Dan B
    Dan B 5 days ago

    good to see a space movie with some originality and realism

  • Aranjuez44
    Aranjuez44 5 days ago

    And like ehhhh, what the heck was this all about at the end of the day???!

  • ugurben
    ugurben 5 days ago

    excuse me commander I dont understand anythg...

  • SkyExplorer
    SkyExplorer 5 days ago

    So this is what first contact really looks like

  • molnar mihaly
    molnar mihaly 6 days ago

    A Vègèn hazaengedtèk ,, a Csiilagközi èlölènyek !!

  • Earth-616
    Earth-616 6 days ago +3

    "When all your friends from the '70s have gone to rehab, we strongly urge you to stay on The Dust."

  • suchapill ! !
    suchapill ! ! 6 days ago

    *Tales to Astound* 🌟 🔥 🌟 🔥

  • Micah elaciah
    Micah elaciah 6 days ago

    8:08 aliens out here able to abduct whole planet's