• Published on Jun 16, 2019
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    Hey guys! A little bit different this week, I show you what I eat in a day and how I work out! I'm definitely not a fitness/diet expert but I have been loving getting stronger and healthier so thought I would share. I'm not where I would like to be but I am so happy with my progress so far and I hope you guys find this useful! Love J x
    Mandy/Cyclebox - @cyclebox_ @thebodyscupltoruk
    Warm up: Either sprints or 2/3 tracks on a bike
    10 high knees
    10 boxer crunches
    10 sumo squats
    10 step back lunges
    10 baby (or normal if you're buff) push ups
    Repeat x 3/4
    (Then if you have access to battle ropes/ladders/weights):
    10 doubles on battle ropes
    10 fast feet
    20 squats down ladders
    10 weighted punches
    Repeat x 2/3
    EASY PEASY SHOPPING LIST (this might look so random, but whenever we go the shops we always get these things!)
    Baby potatoes
    Total 0% yoghurt
    Wholemeal bread
    Free-range/organic eggs
    Red onions
    Sugar snap peas
    Organic honey
    Feta cheese
    Wholemeal pasta

    Daily Makeup Bag: bit.ly/2QqEOBI
    Small Makeup Travel Case: amzn.to/2QqG4EW
    Large Makeup Travel Case: amzn.to/2QtFN47
    Brush Travel Case/Pots: bit.ly/2OxLocp
    Tweezers: bit.ly/2QtGQB5
    Scissors: bit.ly/2Oy3FGF
    Lash Glue: amzn.to/2RpcIYV
    Lash Applicator: bit.ly/2ODbhri

    Zoeva Complete Face Set: bit.ly/2uGUhT6
    Zoeva Powder Fusion: bit.ly/2uGnL3s
    Beauty Blender: bit.ly/2Qr7Y3L
    Smith Cosmetics 115 Foundation Brush: bit.ly/2QsDm22
    NARS Ita Brush: bit.ly/2QsuObd
    Smith Contour Brush: bit.ly/2Qr5Yc0
    Hourglass Powder Brush (Double-ended): bit.ly/2OBoUr2
    Zoeva Complete Eye Set - bit.ly/2uGWKg9
    Zoeva 224 - bit.ly/2upoieJ
    Zoeva Shader - bit.ly/2uGJxUZ
    Zoeva Pencil - bit.ly/2uGl5mD
    Morphe M507 - bit.ly/2uppCOJ
    MAC 224 - bit.ly/2uGoD88
    Smith 232 Large Blending: bit.ly/2QqHAXE
    Smith 230 Small Blending: bit.ly/2QtfTxD
    Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Brush: bit.ly/2OwMIfM
    MAC Lip Brush: bit.ly/2OBrai0

    Current Filming Camera: amzn.to/2xWnyh4
    Lens: amzn.to/2RkKDlE
    Microphone: amzn.to/2RnoAe0
    Drone: amzn.to/2zPrnpv
    Starter Camera (With Lens): bit.ly/2A7iHbG
    My Last Camera (With Lens): amzn.to/2RoaHfS
    Vlog Camera: bit.ly/2DTHlTH
    Computer: bit.ly/2RnlwPd
    Laptop: bit.ly/2s87bs8
    Ring Light: amzn.to/2kFz36Y
    Soft Boxes: amzn.to/2jUzeY0
    Editing Software: Final Cut Pro

    Instagram - instagram.com/jamiegenevieve
    Twitter - twitter.com/jamie_genevieve
    TheXvid - thexvid.com/user/jamiegenevieve

    DISCLAIMER: Some of the above links are affiliate links, which means that if you click and make a purchase I may receive a small commission. This helps support my channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this! Thank you so much for the support.
    This video was not sponsored.
    J x

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