i made food only using WEIRD KITCHEN GADGETS

  • Published on Jan 19, 2018
  • so i decided to test out the weirdest kitchen tools and gadgets that i bought from eBay and amazon. some of these are very strange but i hope you like it. don't forget to subscribe
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  • The_ Blue
    The_ Blue Day ago +1

    my friend have got a giant sharpener, and a giant pencil so she is using it as both a pecilsharpener and a carrot sharpener

    CATS CATS 3 days ago +1


  • Ana Marija Babaja
    Ana Marija Babaja 9 days ago +4

    oMg JeSuS iS a GiRl?!?!

  • Kristy Wheaton
    Kristy Wheaton 11 days ago +3

    what is your real name?

  • Zainab Bukhari
    Zainab Bukhari 15 days ago +6

    What do u do to the items after buying and using them in ur videos ? Raphael gomes?

  • ッNeko
    ッNeko 18 days ago +5

    why didnt u just use a toaster lol

  • Mobina Hashemi
    Mobina Hashemi 19 days ago +14

    Me: what’s inside the mug?
    Him: it’s a-
    *ad comes on*

    • Lilly Coms
      Lilly Coms 15 days ago

      Mobina Hashemi i was thinking oh this won’t happen to me it just did

    • Clara Facchinetti
      Clara Facchinetti 16 days ago +1

      It happend to me too

    • Kassy Bae
      Kassy Bae 18 days ago

      Mobina Hashemi righhhhhththth smh

  • Mobina Hashemi
    Mobina Hashemi 19 days ago +9

    Shhh... nitzel

  • toomuchSugaRush
    toomuchSugaRush 20 days ago +3

    14:38 the core of the earth

  • toomuchSugaRush
    toomuchSugaRush 20 days ago +2

    12:02 why does it look like a sugar cube 😱

  • Zainab B.I
    Zainab B.I 20 days ago +2

    Square Egg was the best👌👌

  • Anna. St ._.
    Anna. St ._. 20 days ago +6

    I think it is Mary, not Jesus

  • Genci LL
    Genci LL 21 day ago +1


  • pewpew kitten
    pewpew kitten 21 day ago +1

    oh god i had the same chocolate pen as a kid and it was not functional at all
    it looks like some things changed atleast

  • Emily S07
    Emily S07 22 days ago +1



  • Reid Payne
    Reid Payne 22 days ago +3

    Your IQ is like 12

  • Lauren Couturier
    Lauren Couturier 23 days ago

    Oh sssssssssssssssssshhnitsel

  • Mayukh Saha
    Mayukh Saha 25 days ago +3

    2:13 ahhhh ahhhhhhh issss ahhh
    2:15 ah ah ah aha ha ahhh ahha ah
    2:20 ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhg commm ahhhh
    ...... (@ @)

  • Huy Nguyen
    Huy Nguyen 25 days ago +6

    That's not Jesus it's Mary

  • Yutsimin Franco
    Yutsimin Franco 26 days ago +5

    If your using the chocolate stencil mold things u don’t put the piping bag in the pen tool you just pipe it you only need the pen for writing or drawing with it

  • XxEmily_ GachaxX
    XxEmily_ GachaxX 27 days ago +5

    One question why did you use a greenish bannanna?

    • Reid Payne
      Reid Payne 22 days ago

      Because he’s filling a banana..

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 28 days ago +3

    I'm always late

  • Liana Lam
    Liana Lam 29 days ago +10



  • Rive Lyne
    Rive Lyne 29 days ago +8

    He is european but which part? His accent is weird

  • Joyita Sarkar
    Joyita Sarkar Month ago +4

    Hmm, recent comments.🤔🤔

  • Bekka McCloud
    Bekka McCloud Month ago +4

    The egg crusher was defiantly stolen from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

  • Alayna Zolman
    Alayna Zolman Month ago +4


  • CactusBoi - BrawlStars

    0:22 which type of banana? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Coreyon Walker
    Coreyon Walker Month ago +6

    the egg cracker is supposed to be used just to crack a raw egg with no shells

  • Mia Espino
    Mia Espino Month ago +6

    Part 2! Part 2! Part 2!

    • Ange Ton
      Ange Ton Month ago +1

      Yes make part 2 please😢

  • Mortem
    Mortem Month ago +7

    Banana on death row

  • Chicken Strip
    Chicken Strip Month ago +24

    All I have to say is he really needs to stop dissing himself because he seems very kind and sweet he also seems like a very likable person and I would love to be around him it would make my day any day. So stop dissing yourself

  • Andrea Lopez
    Andrea Lopez Month ago +5

    You did the banana surprise wrong...

  • The Thick Stick
    The Thick Stick Month ago +6

    I actually tought the other part of the banana is the end..

  • Penguin Studios & Gaming


  • nicole kit
    nicole kit Month ago +14

    My recommendations are filled with his videos wtff

    • ROSУ_каrма
      ROSУ_каrма 27 days ago +1

      Then don't click on them if you don't like them.

    • Mia Espino
      Mia Espino Month ago +2

      nicole kit same but I like his vids

  • Char Raids
    Char Raids Month ago +11

    Lol in that holy toast thingy its mama Mary, Jesus's mom

  • Nishita Bhowmik
    Nishita Bhowmik Month ago +27

    Waaaaiiiit that ain't Jesus...that's Momma Mary

    • Violet Sunrise
      Violet Sunrise Month ago +2

      Nishita Bhowmik literally what I was thinking

  • Nishita Bhowmik
    Nishita Bhowmik Month ago +5

    I hate where he places midroll ads

  • //毎日mixedcandy\\
    //毎日mixedcandy\\ Month ago +8

    I think clickfortaz should do a collab with Raphael

  • Bruh ROBLOX
    Bruh ROBLOX Month ago +6

    It doesn’t want to move sometimes me

  • Bruh ROBLOX
    Bruh ROBLOX Month ago +9

    Me: I’m the stupidest person alive

  • Lagoon RBLX
    Lagoon RBLX Month ago +7

    12:00 **Minecraft entered the chat**

  • Nyshaia Carey
    Nyshaia Carey Month ago +3

    8:40 *FINN FROM GLEE* 😂❤

  • Krishna&Madison VLOGS
    Krishna&Madison VLOGS Month ago +2

    You need to have a raw egg and that thing will break the shell so if you want a fast beating you need to fastly crack it and for sunny side up too direct cracking to pan

  • Small Bear
    Small Bear Month ago +8

    12:00 minecraft is taking over the world - boiled egg block

  • LiteralIcicle Plays
    LiteralIcicle Plays Month ago +9

    That was Holy Mary not Jesus

  • Sandra Fernandes
    Sandra Fernandes Month ago +6

    Are u a Christian

  • Sandra Fernandes
    Sandra Fernandes Month ago +16

    It was Mother Mary

  • fabiola_ramos
    fabiola_ramos Month ago +6

    17:15 banana numero dos AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jc Noodles
    Jc Noodles Month ago +13

    that's not jesus that's mary

  • Sunny Rose
    Sunny Rose Month ago +4

    H o L y T o A s T

  • 葉奕晴4233
    葉奕晴4233 Month ago +12

    I need a square egg I don't know why

  • SheoulGra *
    SheoulGra * 2 months ago +1

    If your hands smell of garlic... go and rub your hands on metal.. it helps against the smell

  • Della Hayban
    Della Hayban 2 months ago +3

    Omfg I want that creepy cup😭😂

  • Della Hayban
    Della Hayban 2 months ago +1

    "Bayzickly". I love Raph. LOL. 😎

  • Eric
    Eric 2 months ago +6

    Insert the banana into the yum station. lmao

  • Eric
    Eric 2 months ago +6

    He could literally read the dictionary and I would still watch.

  • Milesss Adona
    Milesss Adona 2 months ago +5

    Wait...what? How will the yolk separate if the egg white will fall with it cuz its supposed to be with raw eggs right?

  • Bing PoTaTo
    Bing PoTaTo 2 months ago +4

    2 0 1 9 ?

  • Chandhini c
    Chandhini c 2 months ago +6

    You literally did evrything wrong

    • Sienna Valdez
      Sienna Valdez 29 days ago +1

      You spelt everything wrong🤣

    • Bing PoTaTo
      Bing PoTaTo 2 months ago

      Chandhini c did you have to say it so rude

  • Erukotpe Gaming's
    Erukotpe Gaming's 2 months ago +7

    Me :Here is some drink
    Friend : Thanks man
    After drink it some
    Friend : SPIDERR !!
    He trew the cup until it broken
    Me : Man that is my only second cup
    Friend : #########

    Make a friendly comment lol

  • Frances Vincent DeGeneres
    Frances Vincent DeGeneres 2 months ago +5

    You're like the new crazy russian hacker 😂😂😂

    ITS ME RHASS! 2 months ago

    Thats not jesus thats mama merrie

  • xXxMisoxXx 46
    xXxMisoxXx 46 2 months ago +10

    That's not Jesus..... its Mother Mary...........

  • Moonlight Oof
    Moonlight Oof 2 months ago +2

    Wtf hot choclate with water ewww

    • Jason Moore
      Jason Moore 21 day ago

      No you use hot milk never water

    • Gaming case
      Gaming case 2 months ago

      Monika Starzyńska yea how dumb

    • Gacha Wolf
      Gacha Wolf 2 months ago +1

      Monika Starzyńska you are supposed to put boiling water on it 😐😒

  • nala garavani
    nala garavani 2 months ago +4

    anyone else see holy toast and think ab cheesus crust from glee? or just me?

  • Amy Manoharan
    Amy Manoharan 2 months ago +3

    12:55 oh my god. Your hand looks like my son's hand holding that thing. He's a toddler! Classic!I have to get one of those... and the square egg thing too.

  • Denis Braimovik
    Denis Braimovik 2 months ago +3

    Do you rlly drink hot chocolate whith water

    You broke my heart 💔 😂😂😭😭

  • Kaitlyn McAllister
    Kaitlyn McAllister 2 months ago +2

    "Egg cubed square." Bitch that's is egg cubed cubed 😂😂