• Published on Dec 30, 2021
  • What are you doing in 2022?
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Comments • 319

  • miniyannder

    Two new Diamond Play Buttons, Miniminter & More Sidemen. Let’s make it happen!!

  • Don’t click the stickman

    We can all agree that MM7Games never disappoints us with his content

  • Rebecca Jelley

    Hello from Australia 2022 is here love your vid’s and love everything you do both by yourself and with sidemen keep doing what your doing inspiring people.

  • Jay
    Jay  +21

    Can we just appreciate Simons beard for a minute????

  • Paddy Robbo

    Would love to see a series where you try new hobbies possibly with talia it would bang

  • Thaddeus Luong

    Simon, why not dive into learning how to DJ as a hobby? You have the kit from Tobi and it’d be sick to see you stream and learn it live or make it a series where we see your progression

  • Harmanpreet Singh

    Happy New Year Simon...Have a great year...True Simon fans would be happy if give some time to urself like others...❤️😊

  • Abdallah Ahmed

    I’ll tell you what will happen to Simon in 2022 Simon will grow a really nice beard before jj

  • Fikunayomi Dosumu

    Happy new year Simon. Your content has made an impact on myself. Thank you 😊

  • Huw Griffiths

    Simon if you read these comments and come across mine I just want to say I sneak on my phone every night just to watch you and I love your simulators so bring that back and definitely miles morales and I'm ten years old

  • Aidan Dietrich

    We love you Simon you keep bringing us great content👑

  • Revan

    Happy new year, and thank you Simon for all the hard work <3

  • Internet Mouse

    Happy new year Miniminters and miniminettes .I wish you all an awesome year.

  • K P
    K P  +9

    I would love to see a sidemen have their tarot's read, or their birth charts mapped- but find legit a legit astrologist.

  • Rossome
    Rossome  +6

    Simon is going to have a full beard in 2022. I make this prediction now.

  • Captain Jack Sparrow

    JJ was so jealous of Simon's beard that he moved out.

  • Deranged King

    Simon give your beard growth another month or two and you’ll deffo make JJ jealous. It will fill out nicely by the looks of it so far

  • FREeZY
    FREeZY  +4

    Happy new year everyone I hope you guys have a great time with your family and friends 🎉

  • anony mous

    can we all agree simon looks better with s beard

  • Maria

    Happy new year Simon!!😊 hope you have a healthy and happy new year!