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  • Chrissie
    Chrissie 5 months ago +1128

    Correction: black women outnumber black men. I forgot to say that they also marry/date out at almost 3 times the rate we do. The black community doesn’t care about light skinned women replacing you, its ONLY used as a scare tactic to stop you from swirling. Don’t let black community fearmongering force you out of exercising your options and/or getting married. It’s a scam! Vet, weigh out your pros/cons with every decision and do the best for YOU.
    Dark Skinned Women Creating The Mixed Women They Complain About
    Your Refusal to Swirl is Not About Extinction ft. Beyond Black & White
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    • Tye Covington
      Tye Covington Month ago

      @Kayla Cameron Girl stop with your nonsense. Your not attracted to your black feature s let's be honest. You don't feel their attractive. Confidence is attractive

    • un known
      un known 2 months ago

      @Angel Space there is your just blinded by the media

    • Angel Space
      Angel Space 2 months ago

      @un known no such thing

    • un known
      un known 2 months ago

      @kelkel5169 LMAO right on queen 😁

  • purplelily
    purplelily 3 days ago

    Girl! All of this! Everything you said!!👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  • Maddcapper
    Maddcapper 8 days ago

    The new and improved slave!

  • Know Your Worth: Real Talk with Veronica

    Don't date based on race or limit your options to black only loyalty dating. The filter should be: Does he have an authentic relationship with God? And does he genuinely love You, provide for and protect You?

  • john me
    john me 19 days ago

    Black women are more submissive to white men

  • Charline Charlostin

    Amen. They can date whoever , but get mad when we want to date outside our race.

  • J Q
    J Q Month ago +1

    "I'm noticing that it actually makes some of us happy to see bw fail with non bm because.... I think some of us are happy about it bc it somehow validates the struggle love we endure with bm.... It's like some bw are saying 'see, yt men aren't perfect either.' It's almost like seeing a bw fail in ir relationships gives those bw solace in the decision they have made to put up with sorry bm when in reality you shouldn't be putting up with nonsense from any race of men."
    If you don't preach!

  • Ach Meez
    Ach Meez Month ago

    No man of any race should marry any woman of any race. If men were smart they would never, ever get married.

  • jordaine davidson
    jordaine davidson Month ago +1

    Omg please tell Zeze Millz followers this because I am so fed up of people telling me I worship non-black men and that I should “exit the black community” because I want respect and love in my relationships regardless of race.

  • Meezan Justice
    Meezan Justice Month ago

    Very toxic messages she is spreading here. The world has not moved post race. This is just going to leave more black women behind.

  • quenga wildside
    quenga wildside Month ago

    This is BULLSHIT.... You are talking about the PRETTYBOY black men with all the options with women. Your not fucking honest yet you preach about featurism. lot of black men are sidelined and woukd love to have women and would treat them with respect. Your just lying

  • Janew Wu
    Janew Wu Month ago

    I honestly don't think he was in the hat marriage for the long run! He will most likely date/marry a woman who looks like Pamela Anderson. The whiter the better has always been his secret choice.

  • I Said What I Said
    I Said What I Said Month ago

    The massa-slave dynamic wasn't working out. 😂

  • kev2020
    kev2020 Month ago

    This video is definitely on point. Some black men will turn a black woman into a mother but make someone else a wife.

  • RI Menong
    RI Menong Month ago

    Why don't you want children Chrissie?

  • Okanahdruryreshcxxmnbhbhhdbv Pinard

    That's disgusting not a good mix black and white was not made for each other black women stop making yourself look stupid out there and have some pride ppl just don't learn from there past very stupid and pathetic

  • Ms T
    Ms T Month ago

    They loss a lot of subscribers.

  • Cristobal Cruz-Salinas

    idc I’ll say it white men do not love you my black sisters some they fetishize you and see you as a partner who would give your undying loyalty to be with a white man that shows you love please do not be fooled

  • louisa richie
    louisa richie Month ago

    Oh no. I liked them as a couple. I wish them the best.

  • Milou Divyne
    Milou Divyne Month ago

    That's why woman should date older. Let him love you more than you love him and that's with any race. Equal relationships never work.

  • sunny smile
    sunny smile Month ago

    Can’t watch this, love is love, get a grip!

  • Jeanica2Natural
    Jeanica2Natural Month ago +1

    If there is 50% chance of a marriage that ends in divorce, 50% DO succeed, I stay on the positive side. Marriage is taking a chance of faithful love

  • Mommy Pearl Toomer
    Mommy Pearl Toomer Month ago +1

    56 dark skin black female and white husband 58; been married 28 years, he 6'3 tall and skinny, yeah with all marriage there ups and downs, my dad who blacks left my mom year after me and my twin sister was born then came back and left her barefoot and pregnant with my brother this was in the 1960s in the South no welfare check came our way she had to beg, we were sick babies, now am the only child my mom has left, my brother died at age of 1, my sister at age of 25 from kidney problem no children, l have 2 sons, life was hell, growing up being hungry and only dream is food.

  • TheLeslieMichelle
    TheLeslieMichelle Month ago

    I disagree with you on this one. There are interracial couples out there that really do fall in love and mutually decide that marriage isn't for them, just like Nikki and Jamie. Race isn't usually the reason why they separate, and not all men and women (regardless of color) are stereotypically the same. We can't jump to conclusions on issues we know nothing about.

  • Sekhmet 13
    Sekhmet 13 Month ago +1

    I Love My Black Men and would never ever consider Swirling.

  • Sabireen Safeerah
    Sabireen Safeerah Month ago

    You ain't lied. Black men get hella passes. You spoke the truth. Girl, in the past, I met a white Arab doc on a dating site and he was hella interested and I gave him a hard time and finally didn't keep communicating with him despite him not having any red flags. And I don't even regret it. I don't even feel like I missed out. Thats concerning. But the dark skin brother.... I was very very accommodating. I ended up not continuing a search online but that did surprise me: how uninterested I was with the non black goid options. Very surprised at myself. But in our defense, I think people want to be with people that get them. Culturally similar people. That's all..... All that said though, why are they so so beautiful! My God!

  • Pathfindergreen
    Pathfindergreen Month ago

    Let me not say that, don't want to let that in the universe in negative thoughts.

  • Pathfindergreen
    Pathfindergreen Month ago +1

    If it ain't white; it ain't right.

    • Pathfindergreen
      Pathfindergreen 16 days ago

      Omg, someone really liked that saying.

    • Brooklyn
      Brooklyn Month ago +1

      If he ain't Black it ain't right

  • Pathfindergreen
    Pathfindergreen Month ago +1

    There's only one race, the human race

  • Pathfindergreen
    Pathfindergreen Month ago

    Hi, black man here.I had an opportunity to be with a white woman I went to school with years ago. I feel she would of been good for me. We know each other so well, but this is what I go through.

  • para siempre yaona
    para siempre yaona 2 months ago +1

    Is anyone going to talk about how they both are very attractive?

  • Jusu Jaka
    Jusu Jaka 2 months ago

    Senior bed wench

  • Tamara McRae
    Tamara McRae 2 months ago +2

    Shouldn’t you give your own a pass? We are the only race that bashed each other publicly. Other races do not do this. There is something seriously wrong with us! It’s a shame we can’t work on our issues.😐

  • D A
    D A 2 months ago +1

    The Bible says interracial marriage is an abomination. Now you all figure out the the rest.animals are smarter then people.

  • Dom
    Dom 2 months ago

    My soulmate is a white man lol it eats my father ALIVE 😂

  • David Sampah
    David Sampah 2 months ago +2

    A lot of black women are lost

  • Sonja W
    Sonja W 2 months ago

    Awesome video, its many who need to watch this

  • Yup!It'sCoop
    Yup!It'sCoop 2 months ago

    Omg not one comment about how INSANELY adorable Gab and fam look?!?! Like... They had on matching outfits and everything 💕

  • Brainism Thoughtism
    Brainism Thoughtism 2 months ago

    LOL!!!! This is the Prophesy of Swirling! >>>

  • Jus Queen
    Jus Queen 2 months ago +1

    Swirling won’t save your marriage and black love won’t prevent marriage.

  • Nya Smith
    Nya Smith 2 months ago

    🤷🏾‍♀️ separation isn’t divorce. Let’s root for them to heal and reconcile! I believe in grace and mercy and FAMILY! I’m hoping for the best ❤️

  • Galaxi 7
    Galaxi 7 2 months ago +1

    Why are mixed couples under constant scrutiny and attack.? They have the same relationship issues as everyone else. When people of the same race break up they don't come under attack.

  • S reed
    S reed 2 months ago

    Pro Black here, Chrissie speaks truth. Be Happy in your truth and environment.

  • MsFarzee
    MsFarzee 2 months ago

    On the surface, her dad looked so impressive and superior next to her ex-husband..I don't get the "swirl' between people who are so different culturally but to each their own.

  • Dreamer of 1997
    Dreamer of 1997 2 months ago

    I love to see black women with high caliber men, because at least they are happy. It also shows me that their is hope for me as well. Thank you for this discussion, as always your video had enlightened me.

  • Angel Space
    Angel Space 2 months ago


  • Donna
    Donna 2 months ago +1

    Actually. You are the problem. You are messy. You are bringing up RACE. You are a troublemaker. You would not be doing a video on her if her man was black. You have low esteem,and are messy. You keep the pot boiling. It’s a divorce rather if the couple is mix. You created Diversity, and shows how low you really are. Look at the comments you created and are responsible for because of this sick ass video. Don’t you know that we are not fighting against flesh and blood but principalities of the air?

  • Nel A
    Nel A 2 months ago

    Also majority of Adults don’t realize you have to be “whole” by yourself and happy by yourself and stable (mentally, physically, and spiritually) BEFORE you get married. Most marriages are bound to fail based on that. And most famous marriages are terrible business contracts. 💯

  • Janelle Lashley
    Janelle Lashley 2 months ago

    A. Mother. Freaking. Men!!
    There’s no better way to say it. Don’t assume the right to make decisions for lives you bear no responsibility for.

  • Kandace Noire
    Kandace Noire 2 months ago


  • Kandace Noire
    Kandace Noire 2 months ago

    Thanks for being a sista and acknowledging this. There are folks that would rather see us miserable with a black man than happy with someone else we so happened to end up with.

  • Believe N See
    Believe N See 2 months ago

    Thank you Chrissie. Well said!

  • Believe N See
    Believe N See 2 months ago +3

    Black women: Be loved. Please pay less attention to his color and focus on how you are treated.

  • ananse77
    ananse77 2 months ago

    In the end, they are just a couple that broke up. Like countless other couples. It's just that it was in the public eye. They got married young, had chlldren quick. It was pretty evident from some time ago that Jamie was feeling unhappy at not living his free-wheeling DJ life like before. Life is not a fairy-tale. I never bought into the fairy tale aspect of their relationship - the big ass public proposal, etc. In real life, people get tired, bored and irritated with each other, and parenting is exhausting and not sexy most of the time. The same thing happened with the Nive Nulls (another interracial couple) - got married young, had children quick, then the husband decided that he wanted to live a different life.

  • Wynnie M
    Wynnie M 2 months ago

    I’ve never heard of this couple before, but I am mystified as to how this pretty average looking guy convinced THAT goddess to be with him. I know looks aren’t everything but ???? LOOK

  • Ms. Hari
    Ms. Hari 2 months ago

    Good word! Thank you!

  • Ebony Kemp
    Ebony Kemp 2 months ago

    Girl u were so right about how some of us Are happy when interracial marriages end because it gives us an excuse to live on with a black man

  • Jassy
    Jassy 3 months ago

    Great video. All good points.

  • Mikila Cunningham
    Mikila Cunningham 3 months ago +1

    Me too DON'T want kids hay let's make a club lol😁😂😁😂😄😂😁😂😄😂

  • Tamahu Hunter
    Tamahu Hunter 3 months ago +1

    I love my my black women.Dark skin women are desired by strong black men.We love all of our black women.I love chocolate women. The white race taught blacks during slavery that dark skin was ugly.We are still affected by this as a people .We need black love.sleeping with white men is not the answer. It's a death sentence. WE ARE GODS CHILDREN. GOD PUT US HERE TO LOVE EACH OTHER. I LOVE YOU SISTER I HOPE YOU WAKE UP SOON.