BKCHAT LDN: S4 - EPISODE 2 "I'm Living A Hot Girl Life, I Don't Want No Relationship!"

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • This Episode the cast talk about finances and relationship!
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  • Arpejio Gliss
    Arpejio Gliss 11 hours ago

    Catherine 😍😍

  • Vanessa Sosanya
    Vanessa Sosanya 13 hours ago

    Just shut up DC!!!!!!!!! My dayssss

  • iwantgoals 15
    iwantgoals 15 Day ago +1

    Catherine is such an intelligent and beautiful soul I don’t blame Shay for tripping so hard bro.

  • Hope Nation
    Hope Nation Day ago

    "I met my woman when I was more or less broke I now own my own high end electrical company and my woman is a dentist. When we met we had no skills or assets. Now own my own home and have another flat and house out on rent. growing together is one of the best things I did. This girl with the contacts is hurtling towards the wall that a lot of women hit and by then she will have no market value to the man that have already made it.

  • dfs gr
    dfs gr 2 days ago

    Lani saying this generation is fucked and back in the day men used to court women? Ok. But did she know BACK IN THE DAY women couldn’t even work hence men paying ? Did she know back in the day men would hit women and society’s view was that it must have been the woman’s fault? Did she know that back in the day men used to cheat on their wives and the woman couldn’t do nothing cus women couldn’t work or support themselves? Did she know that back in the day, a woman dating more than one guy at the same time was taboo and unheard of? Ok. Yet u expect ya expect us to date a girl today that’s dating multiple dudes at one? Ya mad. Do your research. Stop picking what you like about history and saying ‘let’s go back to that’ and ignoring the horrible facts in history. I don’t think u wanna be going back to being unemployed and getting hit in the face by a guy that ‘courted u’ initially. Anyone wanna dispute this ASK CARLOS

  • Kylie Johnson
    Kylie Johnson 3 days ago

    Why does Yasmin think every wants to fuck her? Calm down babes 😂😭

  • Idylle Chembou
    Idylle Chembou 3 days ago

    Shay and Jay 👌👌👌👌 the rest 😥

  • Adam Abera
    Adam Abera 3 days ago

    Done out here. You talk all this about equality so y don't you look after the man or jus shut up about equality stupid .

  • noxma53
    noxma53 3 days ago

    We need some slim girls up in this joint! This show is full of big things ffs

  • b zly
    b zly 3 days ago

    These girls are deadtingz without dere makeup and weave they lokkin like bruddas , get some lengerz on here

  • Ivy
    Ivy 3 days ago

    36:10 the amount of times the girl in pink said first of all😂😂

  • Life Of Amanda
    Life Of Amanda 4 days ago

    The girl in the pink is actually mad 🙅🏽‍♀️ your ex went and told u to tattoo his name on ur ... and u did it... smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • The Unknown Celebrity

    I had fun getting back into these episodes although in this episode I think the conversation was missing one key pointer, the having money and not having money as we know is very circumstantial not everyone has money or even the vision and or know how to make money hence why they are happy to work underneath someone else for long periods of time, I feel that a lot of our partner choices or relationship choice or even how long we stay in bad relationships for is based on what we see or don’t see from our parents or people closer to us, if you come from a broken home even if you have money you will see that your choices will reflect what you have been exposed too and that shapes us and our decision making more so than anything.

  • Emal S
    Emal S 4 days ago

    Bare prestige. 🤦‍♂️

  • Unknown Gates
    Unknown Gates 4 days ago +1

    2:16 what in the actual fuck was that 🤣🤣🤣 true say I ain’t got a job rn, got a bit of money but not a solid source of income currently looking for a job an so I’ve been somewhat limiting how far I go with a girl, it’s Important u are able to support your girl if necessary and even at times do the nice ‘extra’ stuff and treat them vise versa and it makes for a much better relationship when ‘both’ parties are putting in just as much as each other, however life is hard and as the example above displays we often forget to actually consider things from a human perspective - not everyone’s gonna be in a good position financially be that decisions they’ve made in their past that effect them now or just there circumstance whatever it may be and contrary to popular belief many of these individuals are ‘trying’ very hard, to say someone doesn’t deserve love if they don’t have money to ‘spoil you’ or even in general is about the most shallow, idiotic notion I’ve actually heard in my 18 years of life, that’s bullshit, everyone deserves love even those who have done the maddest of things or nothing at all with their life, love is a necessity to everyone and all the worlds issues have stemmed from a lack of such a thing in people’s lives to begin with, to conclude - get a job (THATS TO BOTH PARTIES) and sow into your partner just as much as they sow into u and reap the rewards of the outcome, an if u don’t have one but find someone u generally wanna pursue don’t be the dickhead to let them slip through your fingers cause of shitty ideology like that, pursue them with integrity and if they except you along with your current circumstance understand the next step is to elevate yourself so you can be what that gem u found clearly deserves.

  • H H
    H H 4 days ago

    A relationship should be based around a persons integrity/ vision in life/ character. If you only date rich men what happens if he goes broke? You’re gonna leave him too? So you’re following money. Follow the right one, and even if they go broke you KNOW the guy the character and guile to rise again. Cos this life isn’t plain sailing.

    • H H
      H H 4 days ago

      PS chase your own bag and find someone else who is doing the same

  • Nyobi Nunes x
    Nyobi Nunes x 4 days ago

    jay s “you belong to the streets”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brand Lee
    Brand Lee 4 days ago

    Not gonna lie I got to 3:14, decided to comment and change the show cause these people are Tapped out their head

  • Bash B
    Bash B 4 days ago

    Beech what love are you talking about interest and security is not love WOMAN CANT LOVE A MAN anyway feel so sorry for inexperienced men crying for damn BINGO WINGS tats this days

  • Mr. Heck
    Mr. Heck 5 days ago +1

    Love is trash, bitches need cash
    - Mahatma Ghandi

  • Ben Lane
    Ben Lane 5 days ago

    This trash woman talking about credit like it's a real economy lol

  • Ben Lane
    Ben Lane 5 days ago

    Nasty nasty women. Epitome of what's wrong with western society.

  • Sunkissed Melanin
    Sunkissed Melanin 5 days ago +2

    A relationship is literally about love..money comes after.

  • Sunkissed Melanin
    Sunkissed Melanin 5 days ago

    Money is the root of all evil and stupidity.

  • bay dough
    bay dough 5 days ago

    how long before you not hot? waste gal

  • A.D
    A.D 5 days ago

    Imaging having a girl with a silver tooth

  • Gabriel Mohan
    Gabriel Mohan 5 days ago

    Why they all wearing wigs?

  • Tafadzwa Kototsi
    Tafadzwa Kototsi 5 days ago +1

    The problem is you brought ratchet b*** and gold**** to talk about dating wen they are all about the coin 😂😂

  • Tika L.
    Tika L. 6 days ago

    I love Lucas now 😍😍 I notice his growth 👏 👏 the three guys in the video are mad...Yasmin and the girl in Pink are damaged and now they dont care about love they want money i dont blame them at all im pretty much at that point too but ill always have my own too tho..Im sure every woman up there dated a broke guy and had bad experiences so now they want a man who is already established and that's not a bad thing at all.. Only the broke men will have problem with it.."what do women bring to the table" and "women want to pick and chose when they want equality" that's what the broke dusties say lol

  • Shirli Williams
    Shirli Williams 6 days ago

    "Open it open it open it!!! Show us please!!" jumping up and down shamelessly on the net to see breast. This CD guy needs to go back and finish secondary school. Excited horny bastard.

  • Jenni
    Jenni 6 days ago

    Dc said no to 'were all gonna get ugly' honey you already are 😂 emoji looking

  • Chyra Luu
    Chyra Luu 6 days ago

    The way the bkchat cast talks about "how society works" makes me wonder if the UK are even in Europe bc wheeew..this sounds f*cked. Half the things they state as "facts" I can absolutely not relate to as someone who has been brought up in germany and france..

  • G Shhlingz
    G Shhlingz 6 days ago

    Mad trash

  • Mili Brown
    Mili Brown 7 days ago

    Sylvia Kay????? Kayembe

  • Princess Precious
    Princess Precious 7 days ago

    This generation is not fucked up the last generation is because who raised this generation?..hmm

  • Princess Precious
    Princess Precious 7 days ago +1

    Lani got baited lmaooooo

  • JBAuthentic1
    JBAuthentic1 7 days ago +1

    34:47 Ohhhhhhhhhhhh LMAO 😂

  • JBAuthentic1
    JBAuthentic1 7 days ago +1


  • Dele Shark
    Dele Shark 8 days ago

    yasmine looks like a junky

  • Lee Ban
    Lee Ban 8 days ago

    "You are the table" more like the table i put my foot on....kmt

  • Bhee Yusuf
    Bhee Yusuf 8 days ago

    To be honest love is smoother with money but love is way beyond money and sex. If I dated a broke guy and did most of the spending yet he played me. Then he did that to me and not broke guys in general

  • Stanley Benibo
    Stanley Benibo 9 days ago

    My man said Lidl and petrol station sandwich p*ssy unna 😂😂😂😂

  • Kani Ilunga
    Kani Ilunga 9 days ago


  • nicholas  ikwueme
    nicholas ikwueme 9 days ago +1

    All the girls looks so trash, poor rep for black women. All the all sound stupid.

  • nicholas  ikwueme
    nicholas ikwueme 9 days ago +1

    She so stupid, like poor people don’t need love

  • H1 Media
    H1 Media 9 days ago

    Yasmin is so sweet

  • Larry Summers
    Larry Summers 9 days ago +1

    These black gyaal is the reason why I keep away from black gyaal.. all Ugly and dead, and living in cloud cookoo land

  • jack arrul
    jack arrul 9 days ago

    That Yasmin girl is basically the majority of black girls these days. Nothing to offer or bring to the table no love no feeling just wants to go on dates and get f*cked. Then on to the next guy that can afford her. DISGUSTING

  • Humphrey Egwangu
    Humphrey Egwangu 9 days ago

    was DC actually speaking........sense???

  • India Liston
    India Liston 10 days ago

    How are they living a hot girl life but they live in England

    • ??
      ?? 10 days ago


  • emanuela brefo
    emanuela brefo 10 days ago

    The way I HATE dc Is unreal🙄

    M1OO GGTS 10 days ago

    Excuse me mommy, where is daddy🥴stickyyyyy

  • Flipside
    Flipside 10 days ago

    “Yasmin you belong to the streets” 😂

  • John Gibeon
    John Gibeon 11 days ago

    Up put up the ig accounts

  • SWYPA825
    SWYPA825 11 days ago

    Lucas looks like such a 419 guy

  • Ayomikun F
    Ayomikun F 11 days ago

    Sylvia is surprisingly beautiful when she has hair on her head.😋

  • charchars_life
    charchars_life 11 days ago

    The volume is low

  • klaus
    klaus 12 days ago

    Got girls who aren't even virgins thinking they are the "table" And prize😂, just another word for "I bring nothing to the table but sex"

    • klaus
      klaus 10 days ago

      @?? Doubt it, that's nothing that any other girl couldn't bring to the table. If that's all to offer it's easily replaceable

    • ??
      ?? 10 days ago

      Not everything is about sex she could of just ment being with her is the prize cause of her personality

  • A.N 123
    A.N 123 12 days ago +6

    Who let yasmin come on camera like that 😂 they all fake

  • SpeakURmind
    SpeakURmind 12 days ago

    Everyone sat on the panel should be embarrassed