YoungBoy Never Broke Again Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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  • Abie GR
    Abie GR Hour ago

    How u supposed to understand this crap

  • Ohsaint p
    Ohsaint p Hour ago

    Who is this douche bag?? Can barely speak properly

  • Jaybriel Akoi
    Jaybriel Akoi 2 hours ago

    I can’t believe people spend so much on shoes.

  • AlmightiiTV
    AlmightiiTV 2 hours ago

    She say youngboy you tha realest 💯😤

  • jj fish
    jj fish 2 hours ago

    dis nigga retarde

  • Roy Arroyo
    Roy Arroyo 3 hours ago

    He seems ignorant as fuck what’s going on with this youth

  • cyberline3
    cyberline3 3 hours ago

    This dumb motherfucker will be broke again in 10 minutes. I’m 100% certain of that.

  • Just a random Person on YouTube

    he is so chill lol

  • martindl1986
    martindl1986 3 hours ago

    Nigga act like a weird ass demon

  • huh ?
    huh ? 3 hours ago


  • Dee Simone
    Dee Simone 3 hours ago

    Ummm celebrities shop at the mall all the time....

  • john
    john 4 hours ago

    man said he had the powder blue 3s in grade 6, first off man said he never had nothing, second powder blue 3s released in 2014, say word youngboy was in grade 6 4 years ago.

  • Dastro GamingTV
    Dastro GamingTV 4 hours ago

    do xxxtentacion

  • Anthony Ab
    Anthony Ab 4 hours ago


  • De'Anthony Snow
    De'Anthony Snow 4 hours ago

    I would of wanted to suck NBA youngboy's dick the whole time and he seem like he did not want to be there so I would of been like take them clothes off lol

  • Justin Thomsen
    Justin Thomsen 4 hours ago

    Size 8 lol

  • Random Nynx Incorporated

    He really didn't want to be there bruh

  • Justin Bates
    Justin Bates 4 hours ago

    If someone offered to buy me shows like this. . . I'm picking the most rare shoe up in there. . .they do need to make black Levi 4's tbh

  • craig ferguson
    craig ferguson 5 hours ago

    Nigga bought all hype shows but he cool tho

  • Deshya Lewis
    Deshya Lewis 5 hours ago


  • Shyamal Mashru
    Shyamal Mashru 5 hours ago

    This guy is a retard

  • bourama dembele
    bourama dembele 5 hours ago


  • Maurice Boston
    Maurice Boston 5 hours ago

    8:15 I see you

  • Edwin Talavera
    Edwin Talavera 6 hours ago

    Does NBA young boy speak English?

  • Hemi Powered Yellow Jacket

    His music is garbage!

  • 5.0 Ken
    5.0 Ken 6 hours ago

    I read the title too fast I thought it said “Youngboy never goes shopping with Complex” lmaooo

  • nayah's universe
    nayah's universe 6 hours ago

    'he to young to know' lol 1:20

  • Gregory Brown
    Gregory Brown 6 hours ago

    He wasn’t fucking with the dude doing the interview

  • Patti Long
    Patti Long 7 hours ago

    Are do og 33

  • Patti Long
    Patti Long 7 hours ago

    Do ben 10 now

  • Patti Long
    Patti Long 7 hours ago

    Do a part 2

  • Nicolasqlf00
    Nicolasqlf00 7 hours ago +1

    *he was forced to go lol **-*

  • Nicolasqlf00
    Nicolasqlf00 7 hours ago +2

    *🔥🌹💕 **-*

  • Joseph Hildreth
    Joseph Hildreth 7 hours ago

    he lokey slow

  • all_day every_day
    all_day every_day 7 hours ago

    What 11s do youngboy have on

  • jax easter
    jax easter 7 hours ago +2

    Youngboy a star in my eyes

  • Tijanae Broussard
    Tijanae Broussard 7 hours ago

    Lol Youngboy boy was high as Fuck 😁😁😁

  • Robin Bishop
    Robin Bishop 7 hours ago

    Is this guy retarded?

  • fresh Best
    fresh Best 8 hours ago

    Does this man talk like this all the time???? I can barely understand him😂😂😂😂

  • Keshia xoxo
    Keshia xoxo 8 hours ago

    love how he shopped for his son too💙

  • Prettygirr Niyah
    Prettygirr Niyah 8 hours ago +1

    yall needa stfu ..

  • Ojas Malik
    Ojas Malik 8 hours ago

    This guy is retarded I swear

  • Lawrence Calhoun
    Lawrence Calhoun 8 hours ago

    He a real one I got some respect for him how wasn’t the biggest fan but ima listen to more

  • Toby Davis
    Toby Davis 8 hours ago

    That was cool that he bought those shoes for a fan. But why he gotta be such a difficult interviewee...?

  • Matt The Knicks Fan
    Matt The Knicks Fan 8 hours ago

    frank ntilikina lookin ass

  • Its BabyAmauriah
    Its BabyAmauriah 8 hours ago

    2:26 is funny

  • Joseph Calabria
    Joseph Calabria 8 hours ago

    This is the worst episode they've had so far 😂😂 no emotion at all

  • Braeden Myrick
    Braeden Myrick 9 hours ago

    Yo im dead youngboy a size 8

  • Rodney Rodney
    Rodney Rodney 9 hours ago

    Why did they even release this they should've kept this episode on the shelf. This guy comes off as functional retard. Everything is I don't know or just some stupid shit

  • Gabriel C
    Gabriel C 9 hours ago

    local rapist goes shopping

  • Sean Northcutt
    Sean Northcutt 9 hours ago

    When y’all gonna do lil skies?

  • Ben Williams
    Ben Williams 9 hours ago

    Jew-bags your day will come and it wont be pretty

  • Mar2 Rich
    Mar2 Rich 10 hours ago

    Cash register lady kind of bad bruh

  • elite socks
    elite socks 10 hours ago

    dont he wear the same af1s in every video

  • I'm a NERD
    I'm a NERD 10 hours ago +1

    He act like he is high

  • Hloni Donald
    Hloni Donald 10 hours ago

    Somebody please Tell me the name of the Jordan he’s wearing?

  • Jecon Llacer
    Jecon Llacer 10 hours ago

    he's still more engaged than Uzi was when he was on this lol

  • Julio Aguirre
    Julio Aguirre 10 hours ago

    NBA stands like Kid Buu

  • User 666
    User 666 11 hours ago

    Nice to meet you brother

  • Andrew Spence
    Andrew Spence 11 hours ago

    I bet you can't pull me

  • leachjames85
    leachjames85 11 hours ago

    4:24 he said "okay" like he was being forced to buy sneakers or else he'd be punished or some shit😂

  • Seven Rocky
    Seven Rocky 11 hours ago

    Got Them bands

  • Evil Soundcloud rapper
    Evil Soundcloud rapper 11 hours ago

    Mom: "Boy if you don't get your ass in this house and do these damn dishes"
    Me: 4:22

  • senator93
    senator93 11 hours ago

    man what a shame

  • Jay Cashtro
    Jay Cashtro 11 hours ago +1

    nba didn’t wanna go outside that day

  • Christopher Gonzalez
    Christopher Gonzalez 12 hours ago

    Get G Herbo in there bro.

    BARABAS 12 hours ago

    Beat at 1:35???

  • CASE
    CASE 12 hours ago

    Resell on BC3's isn't even that bad, that dude could've finessed some real grails

  • The Aesthetic Robloxian
    The Aesthetic Robloxian 12 hours ago +1

    Wassup Young boy! We love you ❤ If you really do die in 2020 I just want to let you know I love you so much your so easy to relate too. You helped me and us and my family. I got so much respect for you ❤🔥. We'll always make sure everybody put respect on your name and we'll take care of your kids and keep them safe! I'm crying so hard rn I love you so much we love you #NBA 🤘💖💕

  • Carlos Conde
    Carlos Conde 12 hours ago

    What a retard. Stop making stupid people famous

  • Michael Park
    Michael Park 12 hours ago

    Another Cliche

  • Darwin OMD
    Darwin OMD 13 hours ago

    4:01 what you saying ?? XD

  • davongreen60
    davongreen60 13 hours ago

    bro i would love to go here bro 😂😂 its a must you cash out for you and the kids if you have some

  • Mark p
    Mark p 13 hours ago

    He's high as fu#k lol

  • Stefan A
    Stefan A 13 hours ago

    this bro has some really gay mannerisms. not saying anything wrong with it...but just weird. or he way too high!

  • Emotionally Cucked Aleks

    He sounds retarded

  • Caso Patrick Santiago
    Caso Patrick Santiago 13 hours ago

    this guy has the personality of a door knob.

  • Lucas Barbosa
    Lucas Barbosa 13 hours ago

    Tá faltando o Lil Skies ai my bro!!!

  • justafan
    justafan 13 hours ago

    rappers who act like this are straight up retarded, thinking they are cool or some shit.

  • 323premium MrHD323
    323premium MrHD323 13 hours ago

    This made it to be one of my favs when he bought a fan some kicks... damn near made me cry

  • Ryland Davis
    Ryland Davis 13 hours ago

    Is it the new thing to talk like him

  • pew diepe
    pew diepe 14 hours ago

    3:51 bitch that 20 dollar bills you lil tay

  • Best Side
    Best Side 14 hours ago

    Incredibly awkward... 🤣😅🤔

  • MichielJanssen
    MichielJanssen 14 hours ago

    What Jordans is youngboy wearing?

  • Michael Price
    Michael Price 14 hours ago

    I don’t really watch sports so before I clicked the video I thought this was a rapper lol!

  • Rich Bru
    Rich Bru 14 hours ago

    Bro doing it fr 💯 salute

  • A2 Alex
    A2 Alex 14 hours ago

    That shit was set up lmaooo

  • Lor Ravage
    Lor Ravage 14 hours ago

    That Boy Depressed af💯

  • John Calvin
    John Calvin 14 hours ago

    Wait what? I couldn’t hear you

  • sauceluziver 16
    sauceluziver 16 15 hours ago


  • Alex Kanastab
    Alex Kanastab 15 hours ago

    Seeing assholes like this make me respect 21 Savage so much more for what he's getting into supporting these kids.

  • T O N Y
    T O N Y 15 hours ago

    He seems dead 😂 💀

  • Michael Cobbs
    Michael Cobbs 15 hours ago

    Good video. #BR

  • Win
    Win 15 hours ago

    Who is this man?

  • Expert Pro
    Expert Pro 15 hours ago

    Down chick

  • Julia Velasquez
    Julia Velasquez 16 hours ago

    This kid is mentally challenged

  • Артём Ротачёв

    ебать он валенок

  • jig master trey
    jig master trey 18 hours ago

    3:26 the way he said no

    SCOTT FLYNN 18 hours ago

    An hour after this was shot homie is now broke again

    SCOTT FLYNN 18 hours ago

    You won't see 90% of these closet queen entertainers for a retarded ass culture of thots and fake entrepreneurs and basically junkies because y'all wanna drink syrup like you want to be ass raped hahahhaahahahhaahhahahahahahhaahh