EveryPlate review | First box ever 📦🤗

  • Published on Dec 9, 2020
  • On this video we show all the 3 meals we made from our first box ever from EveryPlate . We enjoyed cooking these recipes but our favorite one was the last one for sure . The recipes were easy to make and didn’t take too long . We highly recommend this meal delivery service . Check out their website below and if you’re interested on trying them they do offer a promo for your first 3 boxes 📦😃


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    All the music used on this video is from the InShot app video editor : www.inshot.com
    This was filmed with our iPhone XR camera .
    Thank you for watching ! 🤩
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  • Disinfinity
    Disinfinity Year ago +3

    Well done review. Looks like it would be worth a try. Not familiar with it, but it looks good. You seem to know your way around a kitchen. Found you through Instagram.

    • adventuresbyables
      adventuresbyables  Year ago

      Awh thanks so much for watching our video. We had fun trying every plate . Let us know your Instagram name so that we can follow you 🤩

  • InTheBatLoop
    InTheBatLoop Year ago +1

    Hmm I might give this a try. I'm a BBQ sauce kind of guy but I don't need it with everything lol. The sloppy joes were interesting. And the pasta sounded good but I'm with you if something is missing sauce it's a no no lol. Thank you for sharing and giving your honest review! Great video you guys! ☺️👍👍

    • adventuresbyables
      adventuresbyables  Year ago +1

      Thank you for watching! Lucas loves bbq sauce and I love pasta . That one tasted good but it was a little dried

  • Ivonne Leaty
    Ivonne Leaty 8 months ago

    I have tried everyplate and blue apron and hello fresh they were all very good. Now going to try freshly. I got a little tired of chopping lol.

  • Gabby’s Pet Spaw

    How long does it take to deliver?

    • RJay
      RJay Year ago +2

      You tell them what you want no later than five days before delivery.

  • Ivett Blanco
    Ivett Blanco Year ago

    every recipe looks 😋 enjoy

  • Emily Oakball
    Emily Oakball 8 months ago +1

    Save some of your pasta water for your sauce. It makes it more saucy!😊💃🏻

  • Gabby’s Pet Spaw

    I love spicy too!!!

  • Chris Humble
    Chris Humble 11 months ago

    American people use too much sauce on pasta according to Italians so that may be why the sauce was lacking not sure about it though

  • J Studio
    J Studio 11 months ago

    U need to put the water of the pasta in the sauce a little bit, idk if u do it.

  • neil alexander
    neil alexander Year ago +1

    Gotta have ketchup and hot sauce (Texas Pete) with potatoes

  • Sgtturtle22
    Sgtturtle22 Year ago

    Omg you made fancy sauce 3:03 lol

  • SuperGirl1970 Carver
    SuperGirl1970 Carver 10 months ago +1

    ←researching for meal kits for people with disability.

  • Lisa Suzanne
    Lisa Suzanne 11 months ago +1

    You called it Easy Plate right off the bat.....but it's Every Plate.

  • Gabby’s Pet Spaw

    I’m weird, I don’t like BBQ sauce