Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance Official Trailer | Premieres May 13 at 8/7c | Lifetime

  • Published on Apr 25, 2018
  • Chronicling the courtship and love story between a beloved prince and his new fiancée, the film will examine the history of Prince Harry (Murray Fraser) and Meghan Markle (Parisa Fitz-Henley) from the moment they met after being set up by friends, through their initial courtship when they were able to keep their romance under wraps, and ultimately the intense global media attention surrounding their relationship and Meghan’s life as a divorced American actress. Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance premieres Sunday, May 13th at 8/7c. #LifetimeMovies
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Comments • 811

  • Laurie Vaade
    Laurie Vaade Month ago

    where can we watch the movie in France please ?

  • sunny
    sunny 2 months ago


  • Francis Christenson
    Francis Christenson 2 months ago

    i was in tears watching the movie traler this is a beautiful story

  • yavette witherspoon
    yavette witherspoon 2 months ago

    Trash 😂😂😂😂

  • Violette Wellington
    Violette Wellington 2 months ago


  • Carolina Alexandre
    Carolina Alexandre 2 months ago


  • Faizan Alvi
    Faizan Alvi 3 months ago


  • Joyce Ellis
    Joyce Ellis 3 months ago

    It’s a real and beautiful, true love story. He fell in love with her the minute he looked into her face. But they had been together before most people even knew, and to C👁👁 something so sweet take place in the mist or a world gone crazy, is, was refreshing. Prince Harry is a real man, with a real heart, and wanted a real love. It doesn’t matter if one is Royal or not (BUT THEY ARE), just finding the desire of ones heart in these times, makes their beautiful love story all the more so sweet and adorable. Heartwarming. Love your wife Dear Prince, love your husband Dear Duchess.

  • Alaskanhigh
    Alaskanhigh 4 months ago

    They couldn't have found a better Meghan

  • Amalie Skjoldaa
    Amalie Skjoldaa 5 months ago

    When you realize that the guy who plays William, is the guy who played Zane in H20:Just Add Water

  • Nada S
    Nada S 5 months ago

    Where can I see this online?

  • ela solmaz
    ela solmaz 5 months ago

    Still a better Love sto... wait?!

  • Sophia Tace
    Sophia Tace 5 months ago

    For those of you who are cringing, I know it's a bit cringey but if you watch the movie it's spectacular!

  • Chiara Großbölting
    Chiara Großbölting 5 months ago

    Does someone know the song?

  • Kristjana Marshall
    Kristjana Marshall 5 months ago +1

    with all the negative comments about this movie I feel silly asking if anyone knows where I can find it to watch it haha

  • Riska Destheana Pertiwi

    cringe to the bone

  • TEAM lightwood
    TEAM lightwood 6 months ago

    Cringeeee wtf !

  • Emily Do
    Emily Do 6 months ago

    the trailer was cringey but the movie wasn’t as bad as i expected it to be.

  • Danielle Davis
    Danielle Davis 6 months ago

    When is this coming out dvd

  • cocoanouk
    cocoanouk 6 months ago

    plot twist the 2 look alikes get togther in real life

  • HotPocketsBoy
    HotPocketsBoy 6 months ago


  • Mariah B
    Mariah B 6 months ago

    that women's looks white and Megan is mixed could we like not white wash?

  • Ana Palacios
    Ana Palacios 6 months ago +1

    Omg Casey Scott’s song! 😭❤️

  • Katarina Ostojić
    Katarina Ostojić 7 months ago

    People who made this should find another job, making movies is clearly not something they are good at.

  • Crystal Shunk
    Crystal Shunk 7 months ago

    The only reason I would watch this is because I’m a sucker for romance and love stories. So what if based on those two . I look at the story part of it.

  • Silvia Foxworth
    Silvia Foxworth 7 months ago

    the actor playing harry is hot af.

  • Madlin Grin
    Madlin Grin 7 months ago

    You must be kidding?!

  • Mrs KimNamjoon
    Mrs KimNamjoon 7 months ago


  • Chrissy B. D.
    Chrissy B. D. 7 months ago


  • Karolina Nowak
    Karolina Nowak 7 months ago

    kate and wiliam? hahhaha

  • Celida Chavez
    Celida Chavez 7 months ago


  • samantha sentana
    samantha sentana 7 months ago

    tbh this movie is really good and makes my tears out

  • T W
    T W 7 months ago

    These actor and actress are a lot better looking than the real one haha

  • Lush Tv
    Lush Tv 7 months ago

    They got the wrong girl to play Meghan. Harry was a decent choice

  • Tijuana Faulks
    Tijuana Faulks 7 months ago

    I already watched the movie on lifetime it was wonderful god bless you guys

  • Mår
    Mår 7 months ago


  • missebony diva
    missebony diva 7 months ago

    I bet everyone who saw the title went like Really???

  • Leia Smith
    Leia Smith 7 months ago

    chronicling? Lord have mercy...

  • Leia Smith
    Leia Smith 7 months ago

    bruh lifetime got no chill man like at least wait a year fam, y'all started shooting before they got engaged 😂

  • candy apple
    candy apple 7 months ago +2

    Please do anybody know that theme song that plays throughout out the whole movie when they first met flying in the helicopter to Africa when Meghan meet Camilla at the wedding I love this tune if anybody knows this song please tell me

  • m a e
    m a e 7 months ago

    oh come on not a lifetime movie. please stick to your Christmas movies 😂😂

  • Nadine Mariane Yap
    Nadine Mariane Yap 7 months ago

    This dude really looks like Prince Harry

  • Playervid ZeroZeroFour
    Playervid ZeroZeroFour 7 months ago

    LOL, I want to see this sooo bad. It's Looks terrible but amazing.

  • Blue Buzz
    Blue Buzz 7 months ago

    They only just got married how come they get a film 😂not fair yunno going way tooo maaaahddd

  • Blue Buzz
    Blue Buzz 7 months ago

    Ugh this makes me feel sick it’s so cringy

  • Brianna Antoine
    Brianna Antoine 7 months ago


  • love is shit
    love is shit 7 months ago


  • Jazsy Ali
    Jazsy Ali 7 months ago

    I just watched this movie. As a true cynic and general naysayer about cheesy trailers, this movie was actually _waaaaayyyyyyyyy_ better than the trailer suggests. Anyone who is considering watching, I would recommend it. True, there are some eye rolling moments, but overall it was fun, romantic and enjoyable.

  • rjongwe70
    rjongwe70 7 months ago

    I watched it nd it was cute but cringe 😬😬😬
    Some of the things that happened, i was jus thinking “lies”🤥🤥🤥
    I jus wanna know did they get the info directly from Harry and Meghan? However good casting tho

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra 7 months ago


  • Angel elizamathew
    Angel elizamathew 7 months ago

    goodness... maybe too early.. mate... lol

  • Vv Hongsa bb5555
    Vv Hongsa bb5555 7 months ago

    What name song?

  • Marilyn Melendez-Gamble

    Where can I watch this, can someone please give me the link, thanks.

  • Xtarita
    Xtarita 7 months ago

    Cringe -no hate Im a brit😁

  • Janice Zeno
    Janice Zeno 7 months ago

    What a beautiful romance and I truly loved it. The wedding was exceptionally great as well. I wish it was us.😘😀💎💎💎👸👑

  • Ernest & Susan Mustain
    Ernest & Susan Mustain 7 months ago

    This was such a good Movie!! It explains alot about the couple as just real people and not all about Royality

  • Dee Palin
    Dee Palin 7 months ago

    love this

  • Stephanie Gittinger
    Stephanie Gittinger 7 months ago

    "Marriage isn't so bad?" Right in front of her husband...

  • Naima Peeroo
    Naima Peeroo 7 months ago

    That so beautiful 😍😍😍😍

  • abby s
    abby s 7 months ago

    Is this real?

  • Xx xX
    Xx xX 7 months ago

    They seem more in love in this movie than they do in real life

  • جوجو كارلوس كانيلا


  • Shane Travis
    Shane Travis 7 months ago

    O my god it's not bad enough that we pay royalties we have to watch this s..t sooner have my eyes pull from the socket and have a tampon shoved in my ears then watch this s..t

  • Trisha Evans-Lutterodt
    Trisha Evans-Lutterodt 7 months ago +1


  • JustJess
    JustJess 7 months ago


  • Luisa Fernanda
    Luisa Fernanda 7 months ago

    What? Really ? :0 New record :/

  • Millie
    Millie 7 months ago


  • Grace Manyanga
    Grace Manyanga 8 months ago

    Did They just?

  • Arturo Jara
    Arturo Jara 8 months ago

    Aaaaah wtf xd

  • Crissy San
    Crissy San 8 months ago

    I saw it wasn’t that bad it’s so cute 💕😍

  • seerpou
    seerpou 8 months ago +1

    Still *cringing*

  • Harshika Agarwal
    Harshika Agarwal 8 months ago

    The resemblance is uncanny

  • Fatima Hussain
    Fatima Hussain 8 months ago

    Oh wow .....idk goosebumps crossfingered lovely....duh preferences over tradition ....sure😙😙👍👍

  • Rahima Babar
    Rahima Babar 8 months ago

    Omg they exactly looking like them 😱😱 i mean prince harry and meghan Merkel ❤
    When it's gonna released

  • Neo Donkor
    Neo Donkor 8 months ago

    They don’t look like Meghan and Harry

  • Jess Didani
    Jess Didani 8 months ago

    why is this a thing

  • Rubisco Talks
    Rubisco Talks 8 months ago


  • Mariah Jones
    Mariah Jones 8 months ago

    i dont see whats cringy

  • Roksana xo
    Roksana xo 8 months ago

    Am I the only one that thought this was cute 😭

  • Valentina Fangirling
    Valentina Fangirling 8 months ago

    Lifetime is a joke omg

  • Anita Rana
    Anita Rana 8 months ago

    What's the name of the song ? I must say the song is awesome..😄

  • Yusra Azeem
    Yusra Azeem 8 months ago

    Am i the only one who actually liked it.... And these actors really look like royals... Wow

  • Love Bug
    Love Bug 8 months ago

    Oh This is a SNL skit everybody is talking about

  • willa lomax
    willa lomax 8 months ago

    How can I see it

  • Salomea Curie
    Salomea Curie 8 months ago

    This looks so bad 😂

  • Rebecca Vocal Athlete
    Rebecca Vocal Athlete 8 months ago

    I love happy cheese

  • Black White
    Black White 8 months ago


  • roksi2210
    roksi2210 8 months ago


  • Meme Nene
    Meme Nene 8 months ago

    Aww lovely

  • Niladri Singh Rajput
    Niladri Singh Rajput 8 months ago

    I really don’t why why so many of y’all cringing cause I for one am really looking forward to this !

  • Lana Love
    Lana Love 8 months ago


  • Samuel115s
    Samuel115s 8 months ago

    The casting is really good 😊

  • DNj800
    DNj800 8 months ago

    Wtf is this

  • Happy
    Happy 8 months ago

    When I heard about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle I told my mom that this was basically a real-life​ Hallmark movie. Lifetime is close enough. Yes THEEE CRIIINNNGGE but his voice impression is really good.

  • Jennifersimms33
    Jennifersimms33 8 months ago

    I have seen the movie 5 times now and i loved it .

  • hello1 Damn
    hello1 Damn 8 months ago

    Lol. Wonder if they seen this

  • Leonlx
    Leonlx 8 months ago +1

    Way too early.

  • SirSami
    SirSami 8 months ago

    He looks more like Andy Murray than Harry

  • Ellaenne
    Ellaenne 8 months ago

    oh my god i dont understand why there is so much hate! harry loved meghan and married her! thats it!

  • Danny T
    Danny T 8 months ago