The most ICONIC Coaches Performances on The Voice | The Voice 10 Years


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  • zimmercj
    zimmercj 2 months ago +342

    I just love how Tom Jones is living his best life singing with the younger coaches and just having fun. He doesn't care who's song it is, he just wants to sing.

  • xmeda
    xmeda 8 months ago +1008

    Tom Jones is class of his own. His voice can easily be recognized even after all those years.

    • Nicolas NICOLAS Ribondi Cabral
      Nicolas NICOLAS Ribondi Cabral 2 days ago


    • SG
      SG 2 months ago

      Super, die alle zusammen😍😍🥰🤩...MUSIC is for all generations...😁

    • ItsMeHere
      ItsMeHere 3 months ago +1

      I loved it when he sung whole lotta shakin goin on. His voice is amazing.

    • andyt2k
      andyt2k 3 months ago +5

      Imagine being Will I Am, being famous for like 2 songs while part of a mildly popular band, singing a standard club song, next to the utter force of nature that is Tom Jones

    • Noemi Armas
      Noemi Armas 3 months ago

      The Voice Coaches Sing Standing Still U-KISS Madison Beer , Ava Max
      Love Me Like You Do Taio Cruz And AleXá (K-POP) (ROKSTARR)
      Higher By Comeback Duo Taio Cruz And AleXá (K-POP) (ROKSTARR)

  • Jasper A.
    Jasper A. 10 months ago +2626

    The judges from The Voice Australia took the song In The Air Tonight to another level. What a superb performance.

    • CrankyC
      CrankyC 2 days ago

      @Phoenix Logic It was pre-recorded for an advertisement on tv for the voice. They sang it live in the studio.

    • Lois Heichberger
      Lois Heichberger 8 days ago

      Personally, just ok for me. I liked the 1st US - Crazy - even if ChrisX is over playing it a little, Italy's Gorillaz song, and the last 2 best. Ricky Martin is always good in Vida Loca.

    • Jessica Gonzalez
      Jessica Gonzalez 15 days ago

      can we just talk about the fact that boy George's voice is like fine wine; better with age. it was good in the 80's, but it's incredible now.

    • gretchen jaenisch
      gretchen jaenisch 29 days ago

      The cover was just awesome. Great choice of song.

  • Mjansen77
    Mjansen77 3 months ago +256

    Guy Sebastian is insanely good and completely underrated.... that said that whole Australian coaching staff is incredible, and that song was easily my favorite.

    • Lee Aal
      Lee Aal 27 days ago

      I loved everything about their performance.

    • Sharon Kaka
      Sharon Kaka 3 months ago +1

      Me too 🤗

  • Joshy Schwift
    Joshy Schwift Year ago +1104

    I have seen Adam sing every note in the audible frequency range of humans, play drums whilst sticking his tongue out to the camera and play guitar without looking at his hands. This guy is an absolute bloody legend.

    • Do Wal
      Do Wal 15 days ago

      Not looking at your hand while playing guitar just means you play guitar for more than two weeks. That literally means nothing 😅

    • Alexis
      Alexis 5 months ago +4

      you can't sing well while drumming unless its a rock song, there is always a backup drummer for mellow songs because you need to loosen your tummy. lol!

    • Coach Kalvin
      Coach Kalvin 7 months ago +12

      Clearly you can hear the other drums sound not the ones he is hitting? His cymbals work actually was off and he stopped/eased up his hits while the backup drummer brings it back.

    • Aaron Banks
      Aaron Banks 7 months ago +19

      There’s another drummer playing too off camera doing all the hard bits

  • Anna Roberts
    Anna Roberts 2 months ago +146

    Guy Sebastian is a sleeper in the music industry. People don't give him the credit he deserves. He's amazing!

  • Masha Spikego
    Masha Spikego 5 months ago +216

    Personal favourites- hearing the legendary Tom Jones in the middle of all that talent in the UK performance. The French team Bohemian Rhapsody was awesome (who can’t love Mika). Australia doing “in the air tonight”. Italian coaches covering Gorrillaz

    • Trisha Toby
      Trisha Toby 3 months ago +1

      Oh lawd, I cried listening to Bohemian Rhapsody - from the first note to the end was amazing 👏 🙌 😍

  • Honeylyn Rebamonte
    Honeylyn Rebamonte 9 months ago +1090

    The voice Australia is just on another level ♥️

    • Melanye Boston
      Melanye Boston 5 days ago

      Totally agree💯

    • Em Bruen
      Em Bruen 3 months ago +3

      I was at the filming of ‘living la vida loca’ & delta goodrem tripped down those stairs twice while recording the performance (they film 2 or 3 versions in case one has a mistake in it)!! The performance was INCREDIBLE live though!!

    • LordBoone
      LordBoone 7 months ago

      French's better no offense

    • christopher thomson
      christopher thomson 8 months ago

      only 1 or 2 of them is Australian though.

    • Squishy Wizard
      Squishy Wizard 9 months ago +22

      @david t both are superb. The one recorded in a studio was an for an ad on television. They actually sang the song live on the night and were just as amazing :)

  • lysmariee
    lysmariee 9 months ago +987

    Guy's opening lines in "In The Air Tonight" gave me CHILLSSSSS, phenomenal voice!!

  • Reynaldo Isaga
    Reynaldo Isaga Year ago +604

    Can't believe Tom Jones can adapt to any ages with regards to performance on stage . So legendary ! After so many decades he's still a total performer entertainer . What a blessing to music industry !

    • Mark Kingston
      Mark Kingston 13 days ago

      He has said he loves sing all types of songs. He said some shy away, but I suppose when you have a voice like his you can do what you want.

  • Kathy Boschen
    Kathy Boschen 10 months ago +247

    I loved seeing the coaches from other countries singing. I don’t know many of them and it’s great to see them perform.

  • Rachel Msibi
    Rachel Msibi 23 days ago +59

    Jennifer Hudson’s voice is literally flawless

  • Sergio Brito
    Sergio Brito 5 months ago +79

    Jessie J, J Hud, Christina e Mika são outro nível

  • xTGE
    xTGE 8 months ago +141

    Guy and Delta are national treasures. It's such a shame that our artists are so criminally underrated because we have some incredible talent down here and all you need to do is literally watch any contestant from the voice 2021 to see what quality looks like.

    • Iker del Palacio
      Iker del Palacio 8 days ago

      If it helps they're among my favourites and I'm Spanish.

    • Mark Kingston
      Mark Kingston 13 days ago

      You have had some real gems on your show in Aussie. Totally agree with your comments on Delta and Guy

    • CrankyC
      CrankyC 5 months ago

      Meh, they're not underrated in Australia and I think that's where it counts most because that's there home, I guess it depends on what a persons version of success looks like. Delta and Guy are extremely successful artists.

    • Gris Chad
      Gris Chad 6 months ago +1

      you talk as if any artist beside those from the USA have an easy time getting noticed globally.
      at least you guys speak english.

  • Mehedi Hasan
    Mehedi Hasan Year ago +4244

    Cristina Aguilera's voice is just INSANE

    • Nicolas NICOLAS Ribondi Cabral
      Nicolas NICOLAS Ribondi Cabral 2 days ago


    • CelsiusBlack
      CelsiusBlack 10 days ago

      She has always done too much. That’s her thing tho. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • psi
      psi 13 days ago +1

      @Eric Shillaker u are right she really does overdo it with the runs but its how she likes to sing and its to show off her talents because she is extremely good at what she does, if u dont like her style u dont have to say she is begging for attention when she is just doing what she loves

    • R Mct78
      R Mct78 19 days ago

      I'd let her take advantage of me lol!!

  • tlove21
    tlove21 Month ago +62

    Damn gotta say, "In The Air Tonight" was freaking EPIC... “Bohemian Rhapsody” was freaking vocally quality great... “Let's Get It Started” was a freaking great build-up to a party vibe... The "Feeling Good" Intro was freaking surreal, and rather unique.

  • Dean J-t
    Dean J-t 5 months ago +85

    I dont think Blake gets enough credit!!! Amazing talent!

  • Dorian Sol
    Dorian Sol 9 months ago +362

    Mika is one of the best singers and artists of all times

    • Mark Kingston
      Mark Kingston 13 days ago

      @Do Wal Totally agree with you. He was awful.

    • Do Wal
      Do Wal 15 days ago +1

      To be honest, his singing in this clip was just terrible. Didn't fit his parts at all

    • Subspicion
      Subspicion 2 months ago +10

      Honestly love that man. Makes me want to learn French just so I can binge watch every episode of the French show. Plus they always seem like the most fun group of judges out of any of the shows. Them and the German version seem to have the best dynamics.

    • Margarita Dzestelova
      Margarita Dzestelova 3 months ago +2

      Мурашки побежали именно от выступления французских судей и ещё круто исполнили Австралия. Миру мир 🤗

    • abi sev
      abi sev 5 months ago +1


  • Luke Thomas
    Luke Thomas 17 days ago +15

    I'd like to hear more of Jesse J and Tom Jones dueting, their voices are beautiful together. Interesting to hear the French judges, Mika was the only one I knew previously. Wow, that Feeling Good cover blew off the roof!

  • Ex It
    Ex It 8 months ago +181

    The song choices made some performances really stand out above the rest. France and Australia blew everyone away.

  • Gwendoline Gibson
    Gwendoline Gibson 3 months ago +59

    It's great we can listen to artists from other countries and know they can sing and be good judges. Sir Tom Jones singing just improves with age its divine.😂

  • Cinnamon ASMR
    Cinnamon ASMR 7 months ago +28

    I genuinely don’t know which one was my favourite, but it’s abundantly clear why these people have made millions out of what they do.
    They’re legends.

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra 7 months ago +54

    Guy Sebastian's voice is unreal - so so so talented!

  • Tobi B.
    Tobi B. 5 months ago +51

    1:22 Christina's look when CeeLo sings ... breathtaking

  • James Lochridge
    James Lochridge 4 months ago +50

    What an awesome voice CeeLo Green has. They're all great but that guy has something. The French coaches did a great job. Ok I admit it I love Delta Goodrem. As for TJ he's a one off.

  • HDP 888
    HDP 888 5 days ago +2

    Crazy could easily be owned and sung by Adam Levine his voice is so majestic and Christina I just always love her voice no matter what she's singing and damn the French Judges went off😍😍😍we love a good Bohemian Raphosdy and coming guys Ricky Martin ohhhh sorry🔥he gets better with age. Tom Jones you are immortal sir and kudos to the Russian judges too I loved it

  • Ninny
    Ninny 3 months ago +60

    I absolutely LOVE watching the coaches perform.

  • Krissy B
    Krissy B Year ago +6454

    I take my hats off to the French singing Queen. They nailed it.

    • Loche Adraene
      Loche Adraene 7 days ago

      They were just amazing

    • Mark Kingston
      Mark Kingston 13 days ago

      @Rune LockFlorent has an outstanding voice. I respect him immensely for his talents and no nonsense approach to The Voice.

    • joe noone
      joe noone Month ago

      I loved the French one

    • Wendy Florin
      Wendy Florin Month ago

      @Rune Lock I literally wrote in 2 hours ago to learn his name. My jaw dropped at 8:20. I had seen him as a judge before, but never heard him sing. I can't wait to check out all his music now.

    • Ben Henney
      Ben Henney Month ago

      And Jenifer is the most beautiful woman on the planet.

  • Engelie
    Engelie 5 months ago +62

    These Black Eyed Peas songs are timeless! They're still the life of all the parties in here. Love it!

  • Jenny Granillo
    Jenny Granillo 7 months ago +29

    This is one of the absolute best compilations, of anything, ever. Halfway through and I’m seriously impressed at how talented and authentic the other countries coaches are 🤩

  • wizpopr
    wizpopr 27 days ago +11

    Listening to La Vida Loca, Delta's voice carried it. I didn't realize that she was that good.

  • W_Keye
    W_Keye Year ago +57

    Shoulda added when The Voice UK coaches covered each others songs. Tom's a legend, Jessie J was a power house, Danny sounded amazing and Will had unmatched stage presence.

  • Alex Sadler
    Alex Sadler Year ago +6673

    Can we all agree that the first Australian performance was like a music video.

    • psi
      psi 13 days ago

      it was a music video lmao

    • Debra Bing
      Debra Bing 25 days ago

      @Kathryn Mitchell haha clever.... I caught it !!

    • D-money 4real
      D-money 4real 3 months ago

      I literally am obsessed with this video like Delta is amazing and Guy and their harmony too!

    • batterista
      batterista 4 months ago

      The French were the best

    • Gris Chad
      Gris Chad 6 months ago

      it WAS a music video...

    MVERONICA BROCO 5 months ago +28

    Maravillosos todos, un espectáculo cada presentación, pero Sir Tom Jones AAAAAAAAAAH su voz me fascina, el mejor💖

  • Francisco Castro
    Francisco Castro 6 months ago +44

    Artistas renomados com uma performance impecável. Um ambiente com som, jogo de luzes, cameras… o negócio profissional é outro nível!!!

    • Andrei Vieira
      Andrei Vieira 4 months ago

      E também com um nível de voz afinada incrível

  • It's Beckon
    It's Beckon 9 months ago +121

    In my opinion, Delta Goodrem is the best looking human being that has ever walked on our planet

  • Gustavo Costa Capelo
    Gustavo Costa Capelo 8 months ago +21

    Jessie J é maravilhosa * _ *

  • gabi arbex
    gabi arbex Year ago +3276

    ricky martin singing living la vida loca by ricky martin is iconic

  • Shawndra Rush
    Shawndra Rush Month ago +23

    Wow, the Voice Australia-That was mind blowing. Not only were the vocals incredible, the visual floored me. The outfits, the video editing and the list goes on. I was mesmerized.

    • Mark Kingston
      Mark Kingston 2 days ago

      @CrankyC Finally someone took the bait and bit. Comedic!

    • Mark Kingston
      Mark Kingston 13 days ago

      A lot of homosexuals in Aussie!

  • Zizo
    Zizo 8 months ago +88

    I loved that russian judge performance. Their voices complemented each other so well!

  • Lelly T
    Lelly T 3 months ago +9

    Watching the judges do their thing is a great reminder of just what AMAZING performers they truly are 👏👏👏👏👏

  • sweetykhay
    sweetykhay 19 days ago +3

    💕 What an iconic voice, Sir Tom Jones.. He's a legend 🎤🎶💖💕

  • Monika Nowak
    Monika Nowak Year ago +1649

    Why is everyone surprised that French coaches are good? Garou’s and Mika’s voices are incredible

    • Mark Kingston
      Mark Kingston 13 days ago

      Mika was atrocious in that song!

    • Ben Henney
      Ben Henney Month ago

      But why is Jenifer the most beautiful woman on the planet, answer that?

    • Fabrice-Sean Marénel
      Fabrice-Sean Marénel 5 months ago +7

      No offence but with this performance, Florent pagny ( long hair guy with goaty beard) as well as the woman had the best vocals

    • Nuno Pereira
      Nuno Pereira 5 months ago

      I also become very surprised and the explanation is simple. not all the artist reach everyone

    • morning flower
      morning flower 5 months ago +3

      Mika is not French..

  • Pr0style
    Pr0style Year ago +34

    Feeling good UK was awesome, everyone's voices were in their best in that performance. Even will sounded great
    And Tom jones's voice suits that song particularly well

  • Szabolcs Endrődi
    Szabolcs Endrődi 11 months ago +12

    Christina aguilera voice just come from so deep and is just feels like endless power in she's voice... Absolutely gifted

  • Nathlie Majskolv
    Nathlie Majskolv 7 months ago +25

    So grateful for them sharing their amazing voice with rest of us, but getting to hear Boy George just made my day!! Love, love love it!!!!

  • John Michael Jasareno
    John Michael Jasareno 5 months ago +16

    Mika's voice suits on the song and Yvonne, this is the first time i hear her voice & it's angelic.

  • Whilker
    Whilker Year ago +332

    The italian coaches version of Feel Good Inc is underated

    • Tyler Sanders
      Tyler Sanders Month ago


    • Filippo Paggio
      Filippo Paggio Month ago +3

      @TehFugitive the first two guys studied music and can play tons of instruments and can compose music, the rap guy was one of the first to bring the rap in italy but is not able to sing and the lady is just known for her name because her grandpa was Lamborghini the car manifacturer and because she twerks everytime but is not a singer

    • TehFugitive
      TehFugitive Month ago +2

      @Паша иноземцев I was more confused what the bunny woman was doing there. Not contributing to the song, that's for sure... The two guys from the beginning were awesome!

    • Паша иноземцев
      Паша иноземцев 2 months ago +1

      @Felixinoino Looks like Italian rap artist is so lazy for learting the lirics and think that his own style is better then original.....facepalm. Great start and then this....Disrespect for him personaly.

    • Felixinoino
      Felixinoino 4 months ago +13

      I'm Italian and I think that was terrible compared to the others ;-;

  • Kim Jane
    Kim Jane 7 months ago +39

    Guy Sebastian is so underrated. I wish he made more music!!!

  • RionaSL
    RionaSL 4 months ago +5

    Everytime Tom Jones take the mic he just own the stage... Legendary.

  • Lyes Boudinar
    Lyes Boudinar 2 months ago +24

    I loved the way that the voice Germany coaches were just having fun it was a realy good show

  • Manon Arnoldi
    Manon Arnoldi Year ago +601

    I am a French singer and so grateful that every coment here can recognize that our French coaches have real talent and amazing voices!

    • Fran Mac
      Fran Mac 8 months ago


    • Rosalind Diaz Rivera
      Rosalind Diaz Rivera Year ago +1

      @elinor Khilifi His voice is fabulous. So much so that I am looking for his music.

    • Fa MA
      Fa MA Year ago

      @make see non

    • Kaejiu
      Kaejiu Year ago +2

      Better than most to be honest, and that's coming from a brit aswell.

    • Arthur
      Arthur Year ago +18

      @make see This lady coach is Jenifer (with one « n ») and she’s not married to Florent Pagny lmao

  • Pawle
    Pawle Month ago +14

    Is it just my ear or Australia is in a league of it's own? And Sir Tom Jones ofc.

  • Celia da Silva
    Celia da Silva 2 days ago

    THIS was the best shows ever. Love every single one of them. I downloaded it for exercises. WOW FANTISTICS SHOWS BRAVO💣🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎆🎇

  • Maria J.
    Maria J. 8 months ago +32

    The coaches from Australia and UK ( Sir Tom Jones and Jessie J) are all brilliant singers:-)

  • Gabriel Hunsucker
    Gabriel Hunsucker 17 days ago +1

    Anytime Tom Jones is singing it just brings a huge smile to my face.

  • Killber Amazuki
    Killber Amazuki Year ago +1467

    Damn the French Coaches are amazing.

    • Milrehe
      Milrehe 13 days ago

      @Lodai974Also his musics are very famous in France , but in USA , he isn't very famous.

    • Sandy Farenden
      Sandy Farenden 7 months ago +2

      Garou is Canadian French, Mika Lebanese with French influence, Florent Pagny and Jennifer amazing French artists.... ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Je vous aimes !!!!

    • Yolaine Roy
      Yolaine Roy 7 months ago

      @Moonjoke Before behind english like you said he live years in France but then relocated in England for financial reason.

    • Ely W
      Ely W 9 months ago +4

      @G GG it’s not said they are all french singers, it’s said they are the french coaches. We don’t have this sort of feeling, Canadians and Lebanese that appreciate the french culture are welcome, wherever they are born or they currently live.
      Music meets us all in a beautiful way, and there performance is great.

    • Nadia Sebâye
      Nadia Sebâye 9 months ago


  • Sonia Paquet
    Sonia Paquet 3 months ago +6

    Legends together, it's out of this world!
    We're very blessed to watch those performances..what crystal voices and performances.
    Love for all

  • lucinara jessinara
    lucinara jessinara 6 months ago +3

    JHUD voz inconfundível 🥰♥️🤤

  • Sharen Watson
    Sharen Watson 24 days ago +4

    I enjoyed Germany, France, Italy and Australia, the Italian judges doing their thing was awsome!

  • Gaelle
    Gaelle 9 days ago +1

    Adam Levine is really good doing real rock I realise I’ve underestimated him.

  • Babette Van Hook
    Babette Van Hook Month ago +9

    Blake Shelton can definitely sing more than Country. Great performance of U.S. judges

  • doni nis
    doni nis Month ago +1

    I love this interpretations of songs with the variety of judges! Great! Hope to see more! Even if this would be a problem with rights etc but this is great!

  • E. I de sant
    E. I de sant 3 months ago +1

    Precioso increíble grupos ! Bien coordinados Afinados ,artistazos!!👏👏👏🤩

  • Danny Lange
    Danny Lange 5 months ago +9

    Tom jones is just so cool, groovy, soulful the lot man. Actual legend!!!

  • Olivia
    Olivia Year ago +3045

    I love the voice of Germany cause you can see they're having so much fun and don't make a big show out of it, they're just enjoying it and sometimes these simple things are even better😂

    • Jose Luis Bas
      Jose Luis Bas 3 months ago


    • Guilherme De Azevedo
      Guilherme De Azevedo 3 months ago +1

      @Dzordzikk the russian coaches were amazing come on!!!! Just because you don’t know the music and don’t understand the language did ‘t mean it’s not good :)

    • Mónica H.
      Mónica H. 6 months ago +3

      That's how it is! I love the jury from Germany!!! I agree!!! 💖

    • Nick S
      Nick S 7 months ago +5

      German ones were much better than the French. Nothing new there.

    • Dasamflo
      Dasamflo 7 months ago

      @Timster r 187

  • Brown Bear
    Brown Bear 3 months ago +15

    I just love how much fun the Germans were having on stage.

  • Lex Dunn
    Lex Dunn 7 months ago +26

    Tom Jones and Jennifer Hudson should tour together. Jones is a force of nature.

  • poodlegirl55
    poodlegirl55 3 months ago +18

    Love them all but Voice France is always so fun and funky and I loved their song choice. All of the teams though are do diverse and that makes it more fun.

  • Ian Ireland
    Ian Ireland 8 months ago +33

    if it was a competition then the French would have won by a mile, they nailed it.

  • Hope, health , happiness

    Jennifer Hudson is so talented!

  • Ewa Wałdoch
    Ewa Wałdoch 4 months ago

    Rewelacja ❤

  • Sitosh Pokharel
    Sitosh Pokharel 8 months ago +35

    Tom Jones literally can outsing them all. Legend.

  • Miss Alexandra AB
    Miss Alexandra AB 4 months ago +13

    Loooved the two performances by the Voice USA coaches. The performance with Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, Adam Levine & Blake Shelton on Dream on is also one for the books

    • Sheryl Scott
      Sheryl Scott 20 days ago +1

      That is one of the best performances ever! My favorite! 💕

  • Obafemi Oluwatobi
    Obafemi Oluwatobi Year ago +314

    The Voice Australia is just powerful. A truly legendary group

  • CaptainAMAZINGGG
    CaptainAMAZINGGG 8 months ago +21

    I could listen to mika sing queen songs every day for the rest of my life and love every second of it.

  • Sandra Juliana
    Sandra Juliana 2 months ago +5

    Sir Tom Jones still amazing in his age..

  • Catherine Cavaciuti
    Catherine Cavaciuti Month ago +1

    Christiana has the most amazing voice, I wish she would sing more often.

  • Marcel Timmerman
    Marcel Timmerman 2 months ago +6

    The chemistry between CeeLo and Christina in their looks is amazing.

  • nudnikjeff
    nudnikjeff 3 months ago +7

    The French coaches doing "Bohemian Rhapsody" was incredible!

  • Ron Ramos
    Ron Ramos 4 months ago +4

    I'll go with the french judges performance, they are absolutely fantastic, entertaining, i like the crackling voice of the jugde who wear black jacket and the soft voice of the judge who wear the blue suits, their voice were absolutely incredible and so rare. ❤

  • JustKio
    JustKio 7 months ago +2

    Will. I. Am's vibes is always contagious🔥😎🤘🤘

  • Renata Twardowska
    Renata Twardowska 2 months ago

    Wspaniali artyści wokaliści

  • Meriem Reka
    Meriem Reka Year ago +615

    The French coaches have amazing voices wow just wow

  • João Sousa
    João Sousa Year ago +2

    Tom Jones o melhor !

  • Franca Arena
    Franca Arena 6 days ago

    Che bellissima emozione ascoltare questi grandi artisti... spettacolareeeeee. Bravissimi👏👏👏👏👏👏🥰🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩

  • Mike J Finch
    Mike J Finch 3 months ago +16

    The Brit version of 'Feelin' Good' shows you really how good they are.

  • Алексей Аймашев

    Дельта офигенное сочетание красоты и изумительного голоса

  • superflea 72
    superflea 72 Month ago +2

    There were some great performances there, but the insane amount of fun and musicality in the Russian one was brilliant! 😍

  • Chelo Chelini
    Chelo Chelini 11 months ago +10

    Love Christina's voice

  • mrsaidengrimshaw
    mrsaidengrimshaw 2 months ago +3

    Ceelo is a god. So soulful and effortless, always had a thing for Seal too

  • lucy A
    lucy A 9 months ago +7

    Me encanta que los Rusos cantaron en su propio idioma y algo de ellos , de ahí Tom Jones mil respetos y los franceses por su interpretación vocal

  • Ankur Bagai
    Ankur Bagai Year ago +1775

    Everyone was legendary but The Voice Australia was on another level.

    • Ant
      Ant 7 months ago +2

      @DE CI bruh did you watch the whole thing it switched to a live performance halfway thru

    • katongole Haurah
      katongole Haurah 10 months ago +3

      Surely Australia was the best

    • Scarlett Walch
      Scarlett Walch 10 months ago +1

      @DE CI watch the second one at 16:57 it’s so much better and I’m not sure if people were talking about the first or this one but this is amazing

    • DE CI
      DE CI 10 months ago

      @Happy Baak yes that is my point to my earlier comment. Its a music video for Australia while the others are live performances then other comparing it as legend, not worthy to be compare though cause it is not a performance.

    • Ankur Bagai
      Ankur Bagai 10 months ago

      @Happy Baak It's made like that, thanks to the production team behind it.

  • Clayton Cunningham
    Clayton Cunningham 9 months ago +3

    Sir Tom is a legend always has been always will be.

  • Sandy
    Sandy Month ago +1

    I love hearing Will sing instead of rapping. He has an excellent singing voice!

  • marzigeisha
    marzigeisha Month ago +7

    Guy Sebastion and Delta Goodrem are phenoms.

  • Sha.R
    Sha.R 5 months ago +8

    French & German coaches make me goosebumps

  • Alessandro Fava
    Alessandro Fava Year ago +450

    Bohemian Rapshody com os técnicos franceses foi espetacular!!!

  • Joe Sarin
    Joe Sarin 11 months ago +147

    The voice of Italy judges are like an office night out group of people, just so different 😭

  • GaMe_PlaYer vhw
    GaMe_PlaYer vhw 5 months ago +1

    En vrai mika il a une voix de folie 🤩