5 Foods You're Eating Wrong #2

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
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    5 Foods You're Eating Wrong #2
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Comments • 100

    REACT  Year ago +1143

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    • Moocow & Thumbs up emoji
      Moocow & Thumbs up emoji 15 days ago

      REACT that's a BIG comment

    • Stephan Dittmann
      Stephan Dittmann Year ago

      Ja, die Orange..Das dümmste was ich in meinen 38 Jahren jemals sehen musste. Respekt. Europa ist recht, Amerikaner sind einfach dumm

    • Zoua Thao
      Zoua Thao Year ago

      Julius Vroom , m

    • Andrew Morales
      Andrew Morales Year ago


    • Chris Perez
      Chris Perez Year ago +2

      like why do give a lot of milk and one Oreo 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jorge Carrizales Jr
    Jorge Carrizales Jr 10 hours ago

    2:35 “eating cereal with wa- wait wait wait, i can’t even finish that sentence” got me dead💀

  • cléo b32
    cléo b32 14 hours ago

    Cereal with water ????! Its no taste ... with tea, maybe but i dont want try it x)

  • Obinna Iheonye
    Obinna Iheonye 3 days ago

    had a little ASMR going on there 6:06

  • Cynthia Benzz
    Cynthia Benzz 5 days ago


  • Zian Crawley
    Zian Crawley 6 days ago

    Who else just like cuts the orange down the middle and eats it like a lemon

  • David Amiel Gonzales
    David Amiel Gonzales 6 days ago +1

    "Pour milk,man"
    Me imagining someone pouring milk men
    My Mind:...how bout no?

  • Juls Fuller
    Juls Fuller 8 days ago

    Am I the only one who eats a burger upside down just bc the texture of the top bun is better tasted on your tongue instead of hitting the roof of your tongue first?...

  • Raiks
    Raiks 8 days ago +1

    These are more like food hacks than eating it wrong...

  • isaiah candelaria
    isaiah candelaria 10 days ago

    Who cuts a orange

  • Boss Gee Gaming
    Boss Gee Gaming 10 days ago

    The science behind the water on cereal is due to the fact that each pc or grain of cereal is already containing sugar.
    What do you do with a 3 in 1 coffee with sugar already added in it? You put water.
    Waht do you do with a Choco Malt drink with sugar already added in it? You put water.
    simple. tho I prefer the milk still LOL since milk is refreshing.

  • Batman52
    Batman52 11 days ago +1

    Most of these people are dumb LOL! Especially when eating the tic tags. Only 2 people got that right.

  • Fresh
    Fresh 12 days ago +1

    I just relised they said eating cereal with water is the right way according to this.... HELL TO THE NO

  • Roy Rackley
    Roy Rackley 13 days ago

    Dunk that Oreo in water!!!!

    dERPYtHANOS 14 days ago

    You just made the cereal lose its healthiness

  • Anthony Fernandez
    Anthony Fernandez 14 days ago

    There no point if you eat the upside Down because if you hold it right side or upside down stuff on the burger will still fall out like that just so stupid

  • Grady Stark
    Grady Stark 15 days ago +1

    The girl with the curly hair is Beautiful

  • Moocow & Thumbs up emoji

    I know about the tiktak one

  • Sebastian Martinez
    Sebastian Martinez 16 days ago

    The orange one is honestly DUMB like just PEEL THE FRICKING ORANGE jeez it’s not that hard

  • McKenna Smith
    McKenna Smith 16 days ago

    Bro you gotta have a juicy burger to get a soggy bun

  • iron man
    iron man 17 days ago +1

    I think Brandon is in their every video

  • sophie thong
    sophie thong 19 days ago

    Yo ur fricken ur cereal wrong
    *hand water* here do it right

  • cristian chavez
    cristian chavez 19 days ago

    Okay so, eating cereal with wa-.... Wai wai wait I cant even finish that sentence. Lmao I'm dead

  • Ethan Bowman
    Ethan Bowman 20 days ago

    Low-key all these ways are pointless except for maybe the orange slicing.

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 20 days ago

    I eat only one tic tac

  • Justyce Shivner
    Justyce Shivner 20 days ago

    Also pb&j, you are supposed to have a glass of milk and dunk the sandwich into the milk

  • Sour Cring
    Sour Cring 20 days ago

    The point of the Oreo and the fork was that you could dunk the whole Oreo in milk

  • Dano Da Zombie
    Dano Da Zombie 21 day ago

    Water n cereal?
    Fuck no that’s just nasty!

  • Benjamin Lawless
    Benjamin Lawless 21 day ago

    9:13 who eats an oreo in more than one bite

  • Emily Hicks
    Emily Hicks 22 days ago

    Ever day my brother does the oreo trick EVER DAY

  • MrObiWan25
    MrObiWan25 23 days ago

    I eat my brugers upside down because it doesn't fall (I haven't seem the video)

  • Legend The Legend
    Legend The Legend 24 days ago

    I thought the orange thing was normal

  • Saul Sosa
    Saul Sosa 24 days ago

    Who tf eats an Oreo with a fork?!

  • Reen Earl
    Reen Earl 26 days ago

    I'll just eat cereal with water if there is a cocoa powder or milk powder in the cereal pack.

  • Emilio Espinoza
    Emilio Espinoza 26 days ago

    Dont flip the burger over. Well. Kinda.just swap the buns around. I mean look at how In-N-Out serves their burgers. “Upside down”
    And DONT EVER EAT CEREAL WITH WATER. Thats a disgrace 😂

  • Fable ,
    Fable , 26 days ago

    6:30 he said he has a knife in his kitchen who does not

  • Eestiny
    Eestiny 28 days ago

    All of these tips are wrong
    Milk enchance the flavor of cereals.
    Oranges are easy to peal,
    And u have more pleasure eating a burger the other way around
    Sorry but Oreos are just super bad biscuits, no matter what u do with them!!!

  • Yui Kimura
    Yui Kimura 28 days ago

    Try putting the seasoned part of the hot pockets on the bottom so your tounge can taste the seasoning like the burger 😋

  • Nurindah Anggraeni
    Nurindah Anggraeni 28 days ago

    I’m cereal with water person and for me that’s never go wrong even people said i’m freak

  • Steve
    Steve 28 days ago

    Brandon is my favorite character of all

  • wavy-taco—jcr
    wavy-taco—jcr 29 days ago

    Milk is obviously better because if you were eating Cheerios and the honey goes in the water it’s going to taste bad but if the honey goes in the milk it’ll taste good

  • Crypto
    Crypto Month ago +1

    3:05 healthier?! Are you insane!? In what way is it healthier?

  • Soft Pillow
    Soft Pillow Month ago

    4:40 on this one I think there is no right way to eat a natural product beacuse it's not a man made product

  • Rocio Monjaras
    Rocio Monjaras Month ago

    Thats so grose😝😝

  • Sena
    Sena Month ago

    I think using milk for cereal saves water, we already use water for so much in life and it is kind of a waste to all of a sudden use it for cereal

  • Vedran Vujic
    Vedran Vujic Month ago

    They be eating oreos in more than one bite and that wrong

  • Luiza Sophie
    Luiza Sophie Month ago

    Whoever it was that suggested the cereal and water thing is dumb

  • Twixey IOS
    Twixey IOS Month ago

    Who doesnt eat ores in one bite??????

  • Zainab Ali
    Zainab Ali Month ago

    This is how many people are watching this in 2020

  • I don’t stalk BTS

    i eat weetabix with water instead lol

  • Erik Finkel
    Erik Finkel Month ago

    I hate non milk drinkers

  • Taetae Trend
    Taetae Trend Month ago

    I don’t eat oranges with the skin, that’s the whole point of peeling oranges people. My mom invented a better way.

  • The Anonymoose
    The Anonymoose Month ago

    Normal people: cereal then milk. Crazy people: milk then cereal. Psychopaths: W A T E R

  • Asian Jesus
    Asian Jesus Month ago

    4:40 does anyone else think of Angel's Grapefruit Technique?

  • Caroline Noel
    Caroline Noel Month ago

    10:00 she flicked me off 😂

  • Sarada Uchiha
    Sarada Uchiha Month ago

    ..Lady why would u cut an orange like that

  • Israel Canelas Flores

    Pongan subtitulos porfavor

  • I am Mark
    I am Mark Month ago

    I remember once i did that shit with the fork in the oreo and i stabbed it deep in, i bit so hard that i almost broke my tooth

  • Michael Daly
    Michael Daly Month ago

    None of these people have ever been poor, because any poor person can tell you about water and ceral.

  • Emilia Potts
    Emilia Potts Month ago

    Anyone else concerned ab how like perfect those oranges look I’m so confused

  • oscar lu
    oscar lu Month ago

    if the burger has too much juice just rest the patty

  • Pemi DiulimiBu
    Pemi DiulimiBu Month ago

    Who wrote the rule on them huh?!?
    I like milk with cereal because I used to it xd

  • Israel Ramirez
    Israel Ramirez Month ago

    Water. Mr.Jones. 🙌

  • Melanie Carrion
    Melanie Carrion Month ago

    I’m just curious, who ate cereal with water WITHOUT watching this video?

  • J C
    J C Month ago

    pouring water in cereal would be a work from satan

  • Yobama is here
    Yobama is here Month ago

    “Eating cereal with water is better than milk”
    Damn, I didn’t know opinions could be wrong

  • Four Nine bloodline

    If you ain't never had to use water with your cereal.. I cant trust you..

  • Khoi Vu Anh
    Khoi Vu Anh Month ago

    here's a tip

    eat oreos with chopsticks 🙃

  • Bretton B
    Bretton B Month ago

    Whoever came up with that burger one is a monster and should be locked away. 😭

  • Bretton B
    Bretton B Month ago

    Have none of these people eaten oranges before?

  • Flop Duarte
    Flop Duarte Month ago

    I always eat ores in 1 bite

  • Jerry qin
    Jerry qin Month ago

    You cut oranges? I just peel

  • somthing elseYT
    somthing elseYT Month ago

    Does any body else suck the jucie from the orange😂

  • David Cartagena
    David Cartagena Month ago

    i been eating hamburgers like dat


    Me: *turned the double chess burger upside down*
    Also me: The melted cheese is flooding away from the ham... *THIS IS CHAOS!!!*

  • Jonnie Charlestone
    Jonnie Charlestone Month ago

    I eat the burger upside down, i could definitely tell it is true. At first you think it's sketchy but it's not. If you don't eat your burger upside down, your bun on the bottom will be so soggy it will tore apart

  • New Jess account
    New Jess account Month ago

    I already did and do half of them

  • TurtleRB
    TurtleRB Month ago

    2:25 this girl always smile 😁

  • TurtleRB
    TurtleRB Month ago

    0:00 this is the start of the video thank me later.

  • Sky Red
    Sky Red Month ago

    I thought i can eat my food how i want..

  • Calvin Lieu
    Calvin Lieu Month ago

    Try dip the oreo in water🤠

  • Ben The Demon
    Ben The Demon Month ago

    *stop telling me to not be a man*

  • Aleeiah Grandberry
    Aleeiah Grandberry Month ago

    Still eating Oreos wrong. Throw them in a bowl poor milk over them and eat it like a bowl of cereal

  • If a goat played Games

    7:40 Close your damn mouth while you eat

  • its_andrea 0313
    its_andrea 0313 Month ago

    I'm not eating wrong because i can eat in my own

  • MCPrincess
    MCPrincess Month ago

    Its been exactly a year!

  • Brian Tadjalli
    Brian Tadjalli Month ago

    I remember watching this vid last year then today I saw it pop up in my recommended and it’s been exactly a year since it came out what a coincidence

  • Android252
    Android252 Month ago +1

    How is water with cereal healthier

  • Riicky
    Riicky Month ago

    Tori the typa girl to get mad after getting more than what she got

  • Scruff D0g
    Scruff D0g Month ago


  • Jenelle Hinds
    Jenelle Hinds Month ago

    I just cut my orange into four slices, take off the peel and enjoy. There is no right way or wrong way to eat food. You eat it a way that's convenient or comfortable for you.

  • Ashley Gallardo
    Ashley Gallardo Month ago

    Honestly I preferred to eat the wrong way

  • Eternal KHFan
    Eternal KHFan Month ago

    4:32 Umm...

  • Wolferz Playz
    Wolferz Playz Month ago +1

    Ayyyy Brandon From the Crazy Gorrila

  • TsukiKageTora
    TsukiKageTora Month ago +1

    I love how the cereal one is considered “eating it wrong” with milk when someone on unpopular opinions subreddit literally said it

  • LEDANK757 69DAB
    LEDANK757 69DAB Month ago

    It made me mad how they weren’t eating the Oreos in one bite😂😂😢😢

  • Phobos
    Phobos Month ago +1

    I liked the banjo kazooie music in the Oreo “correct way”.

  • Cheese Fries
    Cheese Fries Month ago

    Next video: 5 foods you are digesting the wrong way

  • wolf fn
    wolf fn Month ago

    Imagine cocoa puffs with water

  • XXYeet VidsXX ツ
    XXYeet VidsXX ツ Month ago

    Your eating cereal wrong,use water! It is way better than milk.
    Milk:Hold my milkshake.