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  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • The Second Doctor takes on the Macra in the animated version of the missing classic 'The Macra Terror', out today on DVD and Blu-ray. Find out more and get your copy here:

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Comments • 356

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who  5 months ago +95

    There's no such thing as Macra! Or is there?! Out today on DVD & Blu-ray. Find out more here:

    • Trust Me, I'm the Doctor
      Trust Me, I'm the Doctor 5 months ago

      Doctor Who please animate Marco Polo!

    • carealoo744
      carealoo744 5 months ago

      @TheStarWars Guy Heck, Yeah! And: 'The Dark Dimension!'

    • TheStarWars Guy
      TheStarWars Guy 5 months ago

      This is brilliant. I hope you will convert the John hurt audio Adventures into animated episodes. Seen as he never really got the chance, it would be perfect 👌

    • Xray1281
      Xray1281 5 months ago +2

      So is there no way for us to get this in the United States until October?

    • carealoo744
      carealoo744 5 months ago

      @Thomas The no. 1 blue train ... I appreciate the excitement, but chances are, if you go around claiming your its: 'Biggest Fan,' that's kind of obviously an exaggeration. It's kind of like science. The more you find out, the more you realize how little you know, about it! :)

  • _ underscore_
    _ underscore_ Month ago +1

    The Celestial Toymaker *please*

  • Andy B
    Andy B 2 months ago

    Typical BBC. Wipe one of the stories that paved my childhood infatuation with science fiction, and ask you to pay for seeing a cartoon version. They should give them away free to anyone over 60 (hint hint).

  • mark the shark
    mark the shark 2 months ago

    why do we, in region 1 land, have to wait until October until this comes out?

  • Mandeep Basarke
    Mandeep Basarke 3 months ago

    Why is this not in monochrome ?

  • Gallo
    Gallo 3 months ago

    so r these the guys in gridlock which were grabbing cars?

  • Kevin McDougall
    Kevin McDougall 3 months ago

    It still hasn't shown up in the video stores up here.

  • Jesse Sands
    Jesse Sands 4 months ago

    They've done a good job in the animation I'm sure Patrick Troughton would be pleased!😀☎️🤖👾👽🚀🛸🌑☀️⭐

  • TheCyberman1966
    TheCyberman1966 4 months ago +1

    So you decided to release the macra terror in animated form interesting choice thing is there’s only been clips on telly snaps known to exist of this one but there is no reason to question and hopefully the BBC will actually pay attention to this and actually noticed this comment simply put if you are able to release this one in the form you have then simply put I think it’s time you got together and started releasing the other Doctor Who Episode everyone wants because as you know BBC there is still a lot out there missing oh and if you are going to do this please do a re-release of the underwater Menace because that first episode is very unviewable

    • Yeti
      Yeti 4 months ago

      They are going to try to animate as many episodes as possible I think, and there seems to be a focus on season 4 (with The Faceless Ones rumoured to be next)
      I think The Underwater Menace will happen

  • Bob L-B
    Bob L-B 5 months ago

    The animation reminds me of "Archer".

  • Blueblaze189
    Blueblaze189 5 months ago

    I can't be the only one who thinks this resembles 1984 am I.

  • Seanta7
    Seanta7 5 months ago

    BBC you are bloudy loaded i mean the animation is okay but ben looks nothing like the real one and i think they couldove done better, still gonna get it tho because its a cracking story

    • Yeti
      Yeti 4 months ago

      the BBC doesn't have money to spare on stuff like this
      It's a great animation, but I think you really underestimate how much money these things can really make
      The Modern Doctor Who may be extremely popular and mainstream, but the old show far less so
      Especially the 60s stuff

  • captainsonic
    captainsonic 5 months ago

    That looks great! I can't wait for this to be released stateside!

  • TheG
    TheG 5 months ago

    Crabs are people, clams are people. Legit or quit!

    • Iain 97
      Iain 97 5 months ago

      Oh silly lew lew

  • The Pop Culture Guy
    The Pop Culture Guy 5 months ago

    I received the Macra Terror today and I just have to say, it is absolutely fantastic!

  • Epic the Orca
    Epic the Orca 5 months ago

    Must watch.

  • rynojo928
    rynojo928 5 months ago

    You Know, I was expecting The Highlanders more

    • Yeti
      Yeti 5 months ago

      They did consider the highlanders, but you know, pure historicals are a bit harder to sell

    TRISTAR STUDIOS 5 months ago

    Has almost an anime feel to it

  • Jackmerius Tacktheritrix

    So here’s these giant enemy crabs

  • TheDinosaurPlanet
    TheDinosaurPlanet 5 months ago


  • Sub Scorpion#9
    Sub Scorpion#9 5 months ago

    I just found out about this today and now I’m excited to buy this :D can’t wait for them to make more out the first and second doctor’s missing stories

  • Thomas Bicknell
    Thomas Bicknell 5 months ago

    Oh my god it look like Archer... not that that’s a bad thing.

  • AzureRathalos 97
    AzureRathalos 97 5 months ago +1

    This looks strangely like the Archer art style. Love it.

  • Johnny Hartin
    Johnny Hartin 5 months ago

    Can we have more animated Who, no just for lost episodes?

    • Yeti
      Yeti 5 months ago

      Apparently they've discussed it
      But I should hope that the emphasis is on the missing episodes
      There are many more that remain missing

  • Eric Noble
    Eric Noble 5 months ago +2

    I’m pretty excited for this. I’m glad the BBC is taking a chance on these animated reconstructions. Hopefully we get Evil of the Daleks and The Daleks Masterplan somewhere down the road.

    • Eric Noble
      Eric Noble 5 months ago

      @Yeti The other one that would be great is Fury From the Deep.

    • Yeti
      Yeti 5 months ago +1

      @Eric Noble the celestial toymaker is one i'd really like to see. It's a VERY visual story, and the audio alone is very hard to follow
      and each episode basically just has one set, so should be quite easy to achieve an animation of

    • Eric Noble
      Eric Noble 5 months ago +1

      @Yeti I'd like The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve. Perhaps The Celestial Toymaker. The BBC could do that like how they handled The Invasion.

    • Yeti
      Yeti 5 months ago +3

      Dalek stories are huge sellers, so I would expect those, along with the wheel in space
      What I'm excited for is the potential of less obvious stories, like some of the historicals
      The myth makers
      The smugglers
      The highlanders

  • James Quinn
    James Quinn 5 months ago

    Looks like they did another good job with what they had. Only Polly doesnt quite look like Polly's pictures. The true live action Polly looked like Goldie Hawn, full of expressions. The cartoon looks like she got Captain Marvel disease.

  • rynojo928
    rynojo928 5 months ago +3

    My God, This Animation looks Amazing

  • Kagome Usagi Ladybug
    Kagome Usagi Ladybug 5 months ago

    This is Cool😃

  • Phil Bolton
    Phil Bolton 5 months ago +1

    Ha! Jokes on them. In a few million years they'll be scrounging around the bottom of an underground freeway tunnel.

  • Sharon Kofoed
    Sharon Kofoed 5 months ago +1

    Wish it was already out here in the's Shada all over again! I'm sure it will be worth the wait, though!

  • David Blyth
    David Blyth 5 months ago

    Still remember listening to the audio cassette of the tv soundtrack to this

    • Yeti
      Yeti 5 months ago +1

      That's actually included on this
      The original Colin Baker narrated soundtrack

  • MegaPonyTron93
    MegaPonyTron93 5 months ago +2

    Wow! The BBC's animators have certainly improved :)

  • James McLoughlin
    James McLoughlin 5 months ago +1

    There is such thing as The Macra Terror!

  • Digital Ninja 279
    Digital Ninja 279 5 months ago +1

    Looks like I'm getting this imported, the US release will be in October.

  • Robert Hayes
    Robert Hayes 5 months ago

    Control is attacking Doctor Who now? :)
    Part of me wishes they just recast the roles and just redo the missing episodes.

    • Yeti
      Yeti 5 months ago +1

      The audio exists, so a recast would be a downgrade

  • YankeePendragon
    YankeePendragon 5 months ago +1

    The BBC never ceases to amaze.

  • Princess Alois Trancy
    Princess Alois Trancy 5 months ago +1

    I don't know. BBC animation always looks like it was dawn by the year 4 school art project.
    Get some Japanese artists, Anime it up for relevance or hire some talent with experience in animation. Then we'll talk!
    Oh wait. BBC has only ever gave Doctor Who the small scrap of finance because the heads in charge at the BBC seem to think that Doctor who is worth nothing!

    • Princess Alois Trancy
      Princess Alois Trancy 5 months ago

      Christ almighty I only asked for a slightly better art-style. I'm not asking for disney to buy them out and make 92 Hollywood movies or anything @Yeti

    • Yeti
      Yeti 5 months ago +1

      @Princess Alois Trancy yes, the fancy higher budget new series
      There really isn't mainstream appeal for much of the classic series, and even moreso with the 60s stuff
      You overestimate how many people actually care about the oldest episodes
      It's mainly dedicated fans

    • Princess Alois Trancy
      Princess Alois Trancy 5 months ago +2

      In my home of the UK. Doctor who is a well loved show and a proud product of the UK. It reaches the most watched show and is part of the mainstream television when it is played. It's hardly a small audience! I wish the BBC treated it better that's all. Even though the BBC in the 80's literally tried to kill it! @Yeti

    • Yeti
      Yeti 5 months ago

      this is a cult show with a small audience
      if they gave it a big budget it would never make its damn money back

  • WhiskeyBrewer
    WhiskeyBrewer 5 months ago +1

    I love this animation. Hope all future ones look this good.

  • ptnkatan
    ptnkatan 5 months ago

    Holy crap, this animation looks way better than the last release these guys did!

  • Einzelgänger
    Einzelgänger 5 months ago

    More excited for this than any of the modern rubbish.

  • Galactic yo yo
    Galactic yo yo 5 months ago +1

    Gave me chills.

  • Josh Pennington
    Josh Pennington 5 months ago

    Why is the american release so far away!

  • vengeance1701
    vengeance1701 5 months ago

    The animation looks much better in this one. It wasn't bad before, but looked a bit stilted. This is much smoother.

  • ComedyCenter
    ComedyCenter 5 months ago +3

    Please do the faceless ones next please please please

  • Hank J. Wimbleton
    Hank J. Wimbleton 5 months ago +2

    I hope The Abominable Snowmen is next. This deserves more funding than the current show does.

    • Hank J. Wimbleton
      Hank J. Wimbleton 5 months ago

      @Yeti At least you'll be back in work when it happens.

    • Yeti
      Yeti 5 months ago +2

      It seems that that are currently concentrating on stories with no surviving episodes
      Abominable snowmen will likely happen, but not yet

  • Cameron St.Bernard
    Cameron St.Bernard 5 months ago

    Did I just hear Steven fry??

  • The Fonz
    The Fonz 5 months ago +1

    Looks great. Actual Dr Who not the garbage we got with Shittaker last year.

    • Alec Brownie
      Alec Brownie 5 months ago

      Whittaker's acting is fine, the problem was the substandard writing.

  • Teleoceras
    Teleoceras 5 months ago +1

    The animation is looking better! I hope that all the missing episodes can be done this way.

  • Keegan Colby
    Keegan Colby 5 months ago +2

    Hot damn they've done it again!

  • Emma Mackey
    Emma Mackey 5 months ago +2

    Anyone else getting an Archer feel from the animation?

  • Belinda Brooks
    Belinda Brooks 5 months ago

    can't wait

  • Marsh1947 FlyFightWin
    Marsh1947 FlyFightWin 5 months ago +2

    Please animate Evil of the Daleks, that's probably Patrick Troughtons best episode. And my favorite doctor who episode.

  • Dantrick The Optimist
    Dantrick The Optimist 5 months ago

    I'm not a huge fan of the colourisation, but I am really excited to see this.

  • CanDo Entertainment
    CanDo Entertainment 5 months ago +6

    All the missing Hartnell and Troughton episodes need to be animated.

  • CanDo Entertainment
    CanDo Entertainment 5 months ago +1

    We need the Abominable Snowman next.

  • Michael Grant
    Michael Grant 5 months ago +1

    Just seen this, great stuff! Any chance of Marco Polo being done to the same standard?

    • Yeti
      Yeti 5 months ago +1

      Too many characters, each with highly detailed, unique costumes, and each episode basically has a whole new setting
      They've explained that it's just far too much for the budget these things are given
      And it's 7 episodes

  • Rice Krispies
    Rice Krispies 5 months ago

    The animation looks better this time

  • Colton Peacy
    Colton Peacy 5 months ago


  • Nicolas Young
    Nicolas Young 5 months ago +1

    Oh the animation in this looks so good!

  • TRIPLE R Who
    TRIPLE R Who 5 months ago

    Uploaded my first Dr who video today
    So hyper for macra terrors