• Published on Nov 5, 2018
  • 🔴🔴 EPIC LENS LIST (Updated Again Today):
    ✅✅ Canon SL2:
    ✅✅ Canon 4000D:
    ✅✅ Canon 2000D (T7):
    ✅✅ Nikon D3500:

    Best Beginner DSLR Camera 2020 - Best Cheap Camera 2020
    In this video, I go through the best cameras for beginners updated for 2020. There are a lot of cheap dslr cameras out there and it can be a little bit daunting figuring out which is the best camera for beginners. So I hope I can help you figure out which camera will be best for you.
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  • Chris Winter
    Chris Winter  Year ago +424

    What lens do you want from my epic lens list? (Updated Today):

    • Legend Creations
      Legend Creations Month ago

      Hi Chris sir ,thanks for this video☺☺

    • Sandra Franz
      Sandra Franz Month ago

      I’m new at this and have a mentor who says ask you to select for me.

    • Shahid Ishaq
      Shahid Ishaq 7 months ago

      Hello Chris, just subscribed to your channel, awsome reviews, however finding difficult to choose ,😂

    • Minenhle Nkuna
      Minenhle Nkuna 7 months ago


  • David AuBuchon
    David AuBuchon 7 hours ago

    What would be the best beginning camera for someone (me) wanting to take photos at jazz venues? The lighting is usually much darker at the clubs/theatres for these jazz shows. What would you recommend? Thanks.

  • sravan kumar
    sravan kumar Day ago

    no need of lens
    can u tell me best settings for 200d
    even though i take pictures
    some pictures get blurred when i zoom in
    i mean the face gets blurred

  • Mayur Arbat
    Mayur Arbat Day ago

    I am just start watching photography videos... And just start the searching beginner DSLR camera plz help me.. 😆

  • Danny Lo
    Danny Lo 3 days ago

    Hello, Do you think the Canon 80D is still good enough in 2020?

  • Ryder Vlogs YT
    Ryder Vlogs YT 7 days ago

    Nikon 3500 what ever lens

  • Dianne Numos
    Dianne Numos 8 days ago

    Canon EOS 200D please🙏😔

  • Rahul Kumar
    Rahul Kumar 8 days ago

    Canon 2000d

  • I Am Ali Thomas
    I Am Ali Thomas 11 days ago

    Your puppy in the back tho 🥰

  • H.R. Bishopriggs
    H.R. Bishopriggs 11 days ago +1

    Hi Chris I’m 65 and thought about buying a camera but know very little about today’s technology. Smart phones are great but I think I can do more with a camera. I have gathered as much info I can retain at this time and will continue to add to that. I know a $50 camera vs a $200 doesn’t have a chance so for a guy who wants great pics of the kids & grandkids needs some ideas say in the $100-150 range. Thanks Rob

    • H.R. Bishopriggs
      H.R. Bishopriggs 11 days ago

      I would love either camera, I guess the cannon M50 & 18-55 lens will be great.👍🏻

  • Dian Townsend
    Dian Townsend 11 days ago +1

    Why the fuck does it say 2020 in the title if the video was published in 2018???

    • shelots
      shelots 10 days ago

      Dian Townsend ikr

  • jenny cherianthanathu
    jenny cherianthanathu 12 days ago

    Canon 4000D

  • Ursa Ljubas
    Ursa Ljubas 12 days ago +2

    Who is here in 2020. :")

  • PN Yang
    PN Yang 13 days ago

    Hi Chris. Im just looking for a portrait camera/camera for family pictures, etc. Which would u recommend ?

  • Y'all Done Or Y'all Finished?

    This nigga out here be renaming his vids every year.

  • Bethsiba Miti
    Bethsiba Miti 14 days ago

    Hiii Chris. Canon 2000D with a 34-45mm❤

  • All About Amy
    All About Amy 14 days ago

  • Fabian Perkins
    Fabian Perkins 15 days ago

    Cannon t7 . Micro lense

  • Adi JSR
    Adi JSR 16 days ago

    I guess you should do a new giveaway again as you can change a title of your vid! 😸😸

  • Gecko Gose
    Gecko Gose 16 days ago

    Nikon 70-300mm

  • Age Purp
    Age Purp 17 days ago

    Canon 2000D (T7

  • George Ogbonnaya
    George Ogbonnaya 17 days ago

    Canon 400d 55-250mm F4-5.6 lens

  • TiM KaRaN
    TiM KaRaN 20 days ago

    Tor cidni baicha DSLR kin mooo😁😁😁😁😁

  • Open Show
    Open Show 22 days ago

    I would like canon sl2 with 10-18 afs lens

  • Rahul Pawar
    Rahul Pawar 22 days ago

    Cannon M50 - Canon EF 85mm f/1.8

  • Anita sonawane
    Anita sonawane 24 days ago

    Canon EF-M 22mm f2 STM Compact System Lens

    ERICK FORD 25 days ago

    bei ya camera canon

  • Isaac Blankson
    Isaac Blankson 25 days ago

    I went the canon 10-18mm lens

  • Sachitha Amarathunga
    Sachitha Amarathunga 26 days ago +1

    Thank you for your amazing is a total beginner for photography who's going through which camera to buy first.. As far as I've learned from your content
    canon EOS M50
    Canon EF-S 55-250mm
    would be a fair choice for me. Thank you very much again. ;-)
    I liked your puppy the most.

  • Harish Aswathaman
    Harish Aswathaman 27 days ago

    help me to find the beginners dslr for wildlife photography

  • Noah Torok
    Noah Torok 29 days ago

    hey i would love the canon rebel sl2+ the 18-135mm lens

  • tri rahayunitha
    tri rahayunitha 29 days ago

    Nikon D 3500 I think it's great

  • Yasmeen Sheikh
    Yasmeen Sheikh Month ago

    Canon 3500

  • Brad Grassforest
    Brad Grassforest Month ago you're welcome

  • Zem Videos
    Zem Videos Month ago

    If you want a new camera click here

    EL LITE KORI Month ago

    Canon 2000D with a 18-55 mm lens.
    Would be a real blessing to my situation💯

  • Nahiyan Kabir
    Nahiyan Kabir Month ago

    Canon sl2 and 18mm f1.8

  • Shiza Nasim
    Shiza Nasim Month ago

    Hey ! I came across ur video its super amazing .And the best part is ,u gona have give away😍.I like canon d200.And hoping probably I am the lucky winner .Lots of love from Pakistan 💕

  • Noemy Cibils
    Noemy Cibils Month ago

    Canon 2000D.

  • Deacon maples
    Deacon maples Month ago

    canon EF-s 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 is stm lens(white box, new)

    SYAZWAN NA'AIM Month ago

    sony A7 ii

  • moving gallery studios


  • moving gallery studios

    I need a camara

  • Simon Mati
    Simon Mati Month ago

    Hi may i get the canon 250d

  • DEVIK21 YT
    DEVIK21 YT Month ago

    Hello my friend!I have one question please replt to my question!Is Canon 400d or canon 700d?For 2019?

  • Bene C
    Bene C Month ago

    oh the Canon 200D please seem like the best one for me stay safe see ya

  • Vitaliy Juterbog
    Vitaliy Juterbog Month ago

    I think I'm watching this because of the dog in the background.
    Not sure yet.

  • coins minia collection of coin

    I really like Nikon D3400 I wish could have on my birthday 🎂🎉🎁


    SL2 with 24mm, canon!!! Thanks!!!

  • Legend Creations
    Legend Creations Month ago

    Respected honourable Chris sir ,Before saying which camera I want I want to say to you something that may be interesting .I am a class 10, student from a middle class family in Kerala of India.Me and one of my classmate started 2 TheXvid channels and there has been a great fight between us based on the subscribers and like each one had got.Last day my camera went missing after a trip,I searched all around but I found not find it.After reaching in class he and his friends till now started teasing me saying that your camera has gone and he has 60 subscribers now.I lost all the hope in making a successful TheXvid channel. Because when I asked my parents to buy a canon 80d they said they had may loans
    After losing all the hope when I say this video I really felt that there was one door being open when a door closes .My mind when I prayed said that you are a kind of angel sent by god to help me to buy a camera.In truly believe in that concept.If you will be kind to me I can say about you and your channel in my channel and try to add more likes and subscribers.
    Sir or the people who watch this comment if they have kindness in your heart please help me gifting a canon 80d or a canon5d mark 4or a canon6d mark 2.
    Sir please help me by gifting a canon camera mentioned above .or from the list I prefer canon eos sl2 with tamron auto focus70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 Di LD macro lens.
    Hope that you will be a angle who would gift me the best gift in my life .Hope that I will be one of them or you would help me directly. My heart truly says that you would directly help me.
    If you viewed this message please subscribe my channel.And if you or anyone else are ready to help me please give me a replay to this comment or WhatsApp me on 8289902702
    By sir thanks for reading this comment from the bottom of my heart.truly hope anyone would help me

  • Cyrex Sudio
    Cyrex Sudio Month ago

    CANON EOS 2000D T7

  • Jerry L. McMorris Jr.

    Canon t7 2000D, I'm handicapped in a wheelchair and can't approach my subject or use my hands that well with fine motor finger control. If I have help I get someone to place my canon 20yr old digital zoom camera on a tripod for stability, I dont travel out my property so most of my photos are of birds, family, and the changing sky, so I like this camera because it would auto zoom/focus and bring my subject to me, is light weight, but I like to shot video and capture stills from the video so maybe you have a better suggestion? A beginner thx you!, any photography, cameraadvice for someone in my physical condition ?

    LUCIUS TATE Month ago

    This video is for people that know about cameras... you speak so fast people that don’t know about cameras have no clue what the hell you’re talking about!

  • Alec Perry
    Alec Perry Month ago

    nikon d3500 and rokinon RK 12-m 12mm lens. i really want it because i cant afford it aand i want to take photos and make a youtube channel. i have subscribed....pls notice me...

  • Craig Hewitt
    Craig Hewitt Month ago

    Canon M50 mirrorless camera with f/1.2 lens

  • Sandesh Sapkota
    Sandesh Sapkota Month ago +1

    I am a complete noob who has never owned a DSLR camera and I'm thinking of buying one. Which one would you recommend for me? I want to use it for video taking and photography and I dont plan on buying new one every few years.

  • Indyiah Seymour
    Indyiah Seymour Month ago

    Canon EOS Rebel SL2 DSLR and Canon EF-S 55-250mm F4-5.6

  • Alex Smart
    Alex Smart Month ago

    L want if l win canon T7 and 50mm 1.8

  • eldrix bueno
    eldrix bueno Month ago

    you've been sent a lot of camera to other country maybe i'm the first in the philippines . :)