David Beckham's free kick against Greece

  • Published on Oct 13, 2009
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    A classic moment when England captain David Beckham scores with a sensational 30-yard free kick, three minutes into injury-time.
    Because Germany only drew with Finland, the goal means England automatically qualified for the2002 World Cup finals.
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  • Gabriel Ng
    Gabriel Ng 4 years ago +7


  • martonezo10
    martonezo10 5 years ago +375

    the ball left his foot travelling at 36 m/s.... the goal was only 27m away LOL

  • H K
    H K 5 years ago +183

    To irl wilson...what the commentator said was "Give that man a knighthood"....A knighthood in UK means a person can add the title "Sir" or "Dame" to their name.

  • 5vxz
    5vxz 5 years ago +58

    This video would be nothing without hesky in it

  • August Andersen
    August Andersen 5 years ago +10

    Hehehe Heskey

  • PlouSta
    PlouSta 5 years ago +1026

    Respect from a Greek.

  • Harry Kirk
    Harry Kirk 5 years ago +38

    If only Gary Neville was commentating

  • Kingston Gapate
    Kingston Gapate 5 years ago +352


  • Nick Fox
    Nick Fox 5 years ago +80

    Heskey ;)

  • Mike Marakis
    Mike Marakis 5 years ago +145

    I'm from Greece but I have to give him credit for that goal!!!

  • thomas6963ify
    thomas6963ify 5 years ago +205

    Heskey 0:47

  • Shamanin Rahman
    Shamanin Rahman 5 years ago


  • Leo zalabata
    Leo zalabata 5 years ago +3

    the coach of bayern munich :o

  • Target842
    Target842 5 years ago +8

    hairs stand up feeling.
    Victor Meldrew "I Don't Believe it"

  • Sean Shumaker
    Sean Shumaker 5 years ago +4

    i get goosebumps eveytime

  • Lewis Keating
    Lewis Keating 5 years ago +1183

    Beckham definitely needs a knighthood after that goal

  • GrittPL
    GrittPL 5 years ago +531

    my mum says I dont turn this video off within 10 secconds, she will smack my head into the keyboardfsjhpoauhsahdfpouhtjgsbilj uioupawe9[qw

  • Alan Whicker
    Alan Whicker 5 years ago +392

    A legend in his own mind.

  • EM Gaming
    EM Gaming 5 years ago +4


  • Paul Teasdale
    Paul Teasdale 5 years ago +100

    He should've let Heskey take it, but you've got to hand to it to him. What a moment.

  • Robert Thirtle
    Robert Thirtle 5 years ago +238

    Heskey should off took it

  • Express Meet & Greet Luton

    Best player ever

    DARRBEV 5 years ago +722

    The goalie doesn't even move, he don't know what's hit him.

  • Alex Venditti
    Alex Venditti 5 years ago +1629

    They still haven't given him a knighthood

  • tvcgb
    tvcgb 5 years ago +58

    0:47 Heskey time

  • Who Knows
    Who Knows 5 years ago +999

    Worst commentary EVER for this goal!

  • Tom Rakhorst
    Tom Rakhorst 5 years ago +1100

    heskey clearly did everything there

  • pikoloshaq1
    pikoloshaq1 5 years ago +41

    no foul.....

  • 1964Loukas
    1964Loukas 5 years ago +822

    BS call by the referee...

  • J Mast
    J Mast 5 years ago +6


  • Manuel Noriega
    Manuel Noriega 5 years ago +40

    overrated moment lol

    KIN TO YIP 5 years ago +37

    I don't believe it , David Beckham , Score a Goal , To take England - All the way , to the World Cup Final's

  • Mike
    Mike 5 years ago +94

    Celebrating in front of the Stretford End at Old Trafford, where he belongs.

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 5 years ago +1592

    I get goosebumps every time i watch this.

  • TOY Kids TV
    TOY Kids TV 5 years ago +109

    great moment in football. Down the pub watching on the big screen, becks scored and i disappear under a heap of delirious drunkards beer flying everywhere, the pub went mental!

  • Harry Emery
    Harry Emery 5 years ago +6

    Best English player

  • DoPezBA12
    DoPezBA12 5 years ago +24

    I miss Beckham so much :(

  • mushfique mallick
    mushfique mallick 5 years ago +6

    Lord Heskey. Nuff said.

  • Billy Nicholls
    Billy Nicholls 5 years ago +1

    Wow What an amazing goal !

  • sparfunk
    sparfunk 8 years ago +9

    One of the greatest memories of my life. The way that the camera was shaking when he was celebrating shows that even the camera man was going nuts! Miss him so much in the England team, despite all the off-the-pitch lifestyle the guy was an amazing player and will always be in my greatest ever England 11. Cheers Dave, the whole of England loves you : )

  • tomi1990
    tomi1990 8 years ago +13

    Wasn't much of a foul to give away a free kick was it.... however.... being English....GREAT DECISION REF!!!

  • Minty
    Minty 8 years ago +31

    That was never a foul.

  • Casey O'Donnell
    Casey O'Donnell 8 years ago +1

    this makes me cry

  • Burn0Man
    Burn0Man 8 years ago +2

    the placement of the wall was atrocious but still a good goal

  • William Ritchie
    William Ritchie 8 years ago

    0:50 "Give that man a Knighthood"

  • Zaffe123
    Zaffe123 8 years ago

    Fake commentator. You can even hear it.

  • acharem
    acharem 8 years ago +1

    @GunnerSlave i am german and i love it! beckham's great...you're just envious of us cause we rule the world cups!

  • heidnischerDudelsack
    heidnischerDudelsack 8 years ago

    @GunnerSlave now the first german liked it, huh? ;)

  • Tommy Roberts
    Tommy Roberts 8 years ago +1

    One of the best moments in futbol history

  • ThatBoyTLong
    ThatBoyTLong 8 years ago

    @GunnerSlave You mean Greeks?

  • Kazu
    Kazu 8 years ago +4

    England sucks without Beckham

  • stegie
    stegie 8 years ago +1

    He says "Give that man a knighthood" But it does sound like item when you go back and listen to it :P

  • sReelous
    sReelous 8 years ago +4

    Why didn't the goalie do anything?

  • pullupbartender
    pullupbartender 8 years ago +1

    @GunnerSlave screw you. i'm german and i loved it.

  • lewisglegend
    lewisglegend 8 years ago +1

    Teddy Sheringham changed this game for us!

  • Luca Fisci
    Luca Fisci 8 years ago

    ok so at 1:18 england are gonna win this group with a last minute goal by beckham does he think he is cycic or????

  • Guest655321
    Guest655321 8 years ago

    I guess qualifying for a world cup is a pretty big deal for England.

  • Luca Fisci
    Luca Fisci 8 years ago

    what the at 0:50 give that man an item? i know a good one A FOOTBALL PITCH!!!!

  • Matthew Lewis
    Matthew Lewis 8 years ago +3

    Possibly the best Beckham free kick ever.

  • iKyyLe
    iKyyLe 8 years ago +1

    Wait... How were England losing to Greece in the first place?

  • Kirmukarmu
    Kirmukarmu 8 years ago +5

    against finland OOOOOO OOOO

  • Ronaldo9191
    Ronaldo9191 8 years ago

    I remember this goal like it was yesterday

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones 8 years ago

    bring back beckham out with capello

  • DevinDuhDood
    DevinDuhDood 8 years ago +1

    roberto carlos may have the speed and the random curves but david beckham has the true skill of free kick....always accurate

  • Jack Chan
    Jack Chan 8 years ago +2

    still gives me the chills

  • niraj577
    niraj577 8 years ago

    he might be coming to lesta to play ereikson trying to get him

  • qadsawe88
    qadsawe88 8 years ago

    D.Beckham FTW ,, He made the Glory always ,,
    Cappilo plz see this video

  • harryUSAsmith
    harryUSAsmith 8 years ago +1

    footballs fixed

  • christhemountain
    christhemountain 8 years ago

    i love spots! gives me a thumps up if you like spots games!

    MICHAELBROWNTIP 8 years ago

    Great Freekick, No doubt, But The goalkeeper. what on earth was he doing, why would he step to his left when he knows the ball would curl in the other direction??!if he had just stepped to his right and jumped, he would of saved it, Possibly the worst attempt to save a freekick! Class Goal Though!!

  • poopyy99
    poopyy99 8 years ago +4

    he didn't raise the roof HE BLEW IT OFF!!!!!!!

  • kash tag
    kash tag 8 years ago


  • bigdej10
    bigdej10 8 years ago


  • Josh Sparrow
    Josh Sparrow 8 years ago

    89 Greece supporters was not very happy or pressed the wrong button ;)

  • Primeiro Último
    Primeiro Último 8 years ago


  • Jorge Lito
    Jorge Lito 8 years ago

    The commentator sounds excited....

  • Sketchh ed
    Sketchh ed 8 years ago

    he kicked it top left probably thinking to keeper would dive, he shouldn't have bothered kicking it so well

  • speedmetal99
    speedmetal99 8 years ago

    Give that man a knight hood

  • TheChosenOne1997
    TheChosenOne1997 8 years ago +1

    the goalkeeper just looked at the bal

  • TheChosenOne1997
    TheChosenOne1997 8 years ago +4

    the goalkeeper just looked at the ball

  • Harry Darker
    Harry Darker 8 years ago

    i want to know is that at 24 second why has a england fan got the 2010 world cup shirt on ?????

  • Osman Hadzalic
    Osman Hadzalic 8 years ago

    @canihaveusername he plays for LA Galaxy

  • Osman Hadzalic
    Osman Hadzalic 8 years ago

    @canihaveusername he plays for L.A Galaxy

  • Jay Shafer
    Jay Shafer 8 years ago

    @MrlloydCook Old Trafford

  • AlabamaTree
    AlabamaTree 8 years ago

    I was there, he ran the show on his own, then scored this awesome free kick.

  • aiyomama93
    aiyomama93 8 years ago

    @canihaveusername he was injured so he couldent play for a while.

  • Jamster946
    Jamster946 8 years ago

    @MrlloydCook Naw, old trafford

  • poobearpanda345
    poobearpanda345 8 years ago

    @MrlloydCook 0:41-0:49 thats old trafford ;)

  • Steveo HCC
    Steveo HCC 8 years ago

    @canihaveusername LA Galaxy

  • Steveo HCC
    Steveo HCC 8 years ago

    @MrlloydCook no Old Trafford

  • Nguyễn Minh Tuấn
    Nguyễn Minh Tuấn 8 years ago

    I always think that you are my best legend!!

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man 8 years ago

    england's not the same without Beckham

  • Johnny Mac
    Johnny Mac 8 years ago

    Give that man a knighthood! What kind of commentator says that?

  • jcdfbdus
    jcdfbdus 8 years ago

    @canihaveusername Mate, you mean football, he is under contract in Los Angeles for the Galaxy but is on loan for AC Milan.

    And again, you mean you are the one playing the video game, and it's just that. Try kicking a real ball around, it's more fun.

  • kallashah
    kallashah 8 years ago

    One of the best free kicks i have ever seen ! Brilliant

  • Max Sterne
    Max Sterne 8 years ago


  • chippyluke
    chippyluke 8 years ago

    still get the shivers to this day

  • ostime14
    ostime14 8 years ago

    lol give that man a knighthood!

  • Isfi29
    Isfi29 8 years ago

    @canihaveusername He still plays at LA Galaxy

  • Johannes Sørensen
    Johannes Sørensen 8 years ago

    @canihaveusername he has just returned from Injury and plays at La Galaxy, A club in The Major League Soccer, In USA