Borderlands 3 Publisher Sends Investigators to YouTuber's House - Inside Gaming Daily

  • Published on Aug 9, 2019
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    This story reminds me of a recurring nightmare-fantasy I have where Randy Pitchford breaks into my house, handcuffs me, and then yells select readings from his Twitter into my face until the sun rises. But yeah how about this video huh
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    [IGN] Borderlands 3: Take-Two Addresses Investigation Into Streamer Leaks
    [TheXvid, SupMatto] Time To Break The Silence And Fill You In
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  • vendel veres
    vendel veres Month ago

    Wow congrats you just ruined his TheXvid and for what? Private deals with 2k? Be proud of what you’ve done...

  • flob ll
    flob ll 2 months ago

    Have leaks ever done anything other than generate hype for a release?

  • CalToxReaper
    CalToxReaper 2 months ago +2

    I am no lawer but would this guy be covered under the freedom of press laws? news papers charge a subscription fees for there stuff. If he could prove the fact he came across this info and just reported it with out a NDA being signed then would he be ok? if he brute Force hacked it then I can see why that would be a issue.

  • Yoshi -TheOreo
    Yoshi -TheOreo 2 months ago

    - The concern that I have is SupMatto is not a victim. Discord's admins took down Matto's Discord. Two reasons: 1) To avoid lawsuits with 2K or 2) They actually found evidence of Matto giving leaked info BEHIND A PAYWALL, that is the illegal offense here. Of course, if Discord did take his server down out of just fear alone, Matto could have disputed this, but gave in.

    - Those "strikes" were claims. From his video at the time, he claimed around 200 claims on his videos. If they were strikes, we wouldn't have heard anything from Matto in the first place, which means Matto took the channel down himself or TheXvid took Matto down for copyright infringement for selling the info through Discord. In fact, the very FACT that channel is deleted serves evidence has been thrown out the window for court proceedings, including his Twitter that HE TOOK DOWN HIMSELF, which could have more info of him promoting leaked info through his Discord.

    - A friend of mine who followed Matto watched a video posted by him stating he had leaked information of the last Vault Hunter, Flak, and that he would be disclosing that information in his private Discord, which was a paywall. If Matto had kept the information away from the paywall, he wouldn't have faced the backlash.

    - It's like you said, Matto WAS A NOBODY and garnered attention when covering leaked information on Borderlands 3. One thing people need to understand is people are people, company or TheXvidr. Shills work for companies and even TheXvidrs, so shills aren't just company owned tools. TheXvidrs have access to that as well. When popularity hits hard and you see you can make a living off what you do, you'll push the boundaries even if you know what you're doing is wrong. He just got greedy himself and thought he would face no repercussions.

    In short, if other content creators aren't being hit for Borderlands 3 info but he is, only shows one fact; Matto was doing something to profiteer off the major success through his own means while others weren't. I don't view Matto like some lonely guy minding his own business doing 'God's work'. Him like anyone else on this platform trying to turn this into a career; learn the algorithm, and if that doesn't work, cut corners. So he did and he got himself cut. He never fought back. He never made an attempt to even challenge the claims even with the support of other content creators on his side. If he wants to prove he's innocent, he can fight them in court and have the legal fees covered by the other content creators. Deleting his channel after getting clapped is on the same level as Zoe Quinn deleting her Twitter after Alec killed himself, i.e., you're trying to hide something. I mean, they want to support Matto, right? Best way to support him. He came out with a video to turn himself into a martyr to leave in a positive light in the community.

  • jacob anderson
    jacob anderson 2 months ago

    Soooo.... boycott take2? borderlands 3?

  • Topgunner51
    Topgunner51 2 months ago

    I thought this video was shady af myself but i'm not as close to this whole drama so wasn't sure, but now looking through the top comments it seems that most of your community agrees with me there lol. Feels like you guys leaned against him on just about every circumstance where there's a clear lack of information (at least given the information you've shared).

    • You Know
      You Know 2 months ago +1

      The mainstream media is the same in any industry. Corrupt af because of their vested interests.

  • Matt Koettel
    Matt Koettel 3 months ago

    I really do appreciate the research these folks put in.

  • McNulty's Sober Companion

    This comments-section....
    I have no dog in this race. "Borderlands" means nothing to me. "Take Two" means nothing to me. And I'd never even heard of this "TheXvidr" until this story broke.
    But I feel, as an objective observer, Inside Gaming's coverage of this was fair. It's actually a pretty competent report on a complicated story.
    They presented the general facts.
    They described the general events.
    They presented the developer's "side". They presented the TheXvidr's "side".
    They put a light on why each "side" is valid, while also being critical of each "side" (multiple times, it's all right there in the video).
    They reached out to a 3rd party lawyer who gave expert analysis.
    Inside Gaming basically did what journalists are supposed to do. This isn't a black-and-white story. There's a lot of gray area here, with neither side looking so hot. Inside Gaming presents it all accordingly.
    And then I scroll down and, amazingly, I see comment-after-comment crucifying Inside Gaming for allegedly "biased reporting" and/or "not doing their research".
    It's absurd to call this video "biased". And though it's clearly a bit complicated, I don't see how much more "research" Inside Gaming could have done beyond what it did. This isn't Watergate.
    I suspect the real problem these commentators have is this: Inside Gaming did not come out 100% on the side of the TheXvidr (their guy). Instead, Inside Gaming committed the alleged sin of presenting a report where no one's "right", and everyone's kind of "wrong".
    And because certain people SOLELY want their "side" to be 100% right, it suddenly becomes "bias" on Inside Gaming's part.
    Ironically, it feels like these commentators are actually upset because the report wasn't biased enough....for the side they support.
    Being a journalist in Trump's hyper-partisan America. Tough racket...

    • crazyinsane500
      crazyinsane500 3 months ago +1

      ​@McNulty's Sober Companion No "criticism" they offered wasn't likely approved by Take-Two first. Which fits with them repeating statements and accusations from Take-Two verbatim without question.
      Being "overly aggressive" isn't criticism when Take-Two's intent is to be threatening.

    • McNulty's Sober Companion
      McNulty's Sober Companion 3 months ago

      @crazyinsane500 You can call it a "text wall", I call it how adults talk when it's time to make a thorough argument.
      You initially stated Inside Gaming's coverage "may have" resulted in Take Two granting them special treatment. Now you're stating it did result in special treatment.
      Did it or didn't it?
      And for what? Exclusive footage that you claim "boosted" their channel?
      Does Inside Gaming look that desperate for clicks they'd shill for a bit of "exclusive footage"...?
      (and for how much of a quantifiable "boost"...? Compared to the price of selling out?)
      Even if there had been "a deal", Inside Gaming clearly welched on it, as *they criticize Take Two as much as Sub Matto* here.
      It's absurd to claim they promoted the idea that Take Two was entirely blameless.
      Or is that what you're actually saying? Yes or no? Do they criticize Take Two or not?

    • crazyinsane500
      crazyinsane500 3 months ago +1

      @McNulty's Sober Companion That's a lot of textwall to dodge the fact IG did more to benefit Take-Two than what was reasonable, and was rewarded for it with exclusive Borderlands footage.

    • McNulty's Sober Companion
      McNulty's Sober Companion 3 months ago

      @crazyinsane500 That's one way to interpret things.
      Again- throughout this video Inside Gaming are critical of the devs as well as the TheXvidr. Both sides are shown to be at fault.
      This isn't debatable. It's all over the video. It happens several times. I don't have the time (or inclination) to directly quote the vid, but I shouldn't have to- if you've watched the vid you've seen all this already.
      And so I'm not sure exactly what your problem is? Should Inside Gaming have spun this story as being 100% the fault of Take Two...?
      Why? Sub Matto did nothing that Inside Gaming had the right to criticize? He wasn't even remotely at fault?
      And if you should admit Sub Matto did fuck up a bit, doesn't Inside Gaming have just as much of a journalistic obligation to report on it? As much of an obligation as they have to report TakeTwo's fault as well (and did)....?
      It just seems that many comments here are spinning Inside Gaming's coverage as a hit job on SubMatto wherein not a single word is said in his favor. I would say quite a few words are said in his favor.
      Just scroll up and re-watch the vid. It's all right there.
      You can analyze the lawyer's interpretation of the law (all due respect I'm not sure exactly what your criticism of the lawyer's statement actually is...), and we can debate whether WHAT SubMatto did WAS "hacking" (which opens up a whole other debate over what qualifies AS "hacking"...), and we can debate whether "exclusive footage" was allegedly Inside Gaming's "reward" for taking Take Two's "side" (although it's worth pointing out you were at least savvy enough to qualify that accusation with a "may have"....).
      But none of this makes it any less true: *by the end of this vid Inside Gaming has presented this story as an unequivocal clusterfuck where each side has wronged and been wronged*
      Again, what I see in many comments here (including yours) is this sentiment that Inside Gaming needs to be crucified for not coming out 100% behind Sub Matto.
      As if speculation is not allowed regarding his culpability- he is not to be criticized.
      Essentially I feel you're making an ideological argument: defending the "little guy" in the face of aggression from an evil corporate behemoth. And normally I'd be on your side.
      But looking at this case objectively unfortunately shows "the little guy" got caught acting foolishly, and so this story becomes a lot less black-and-white.
      That's the story Inside Gaming reported- a complicated mess with a lot of gray area. It's what journalists are supposed to do.

    • crazyinsane500
      crazyinsane500 3 months ago +3

      Inside Gaming made no effort to contact Submatto, but could somehow reach a multi-million dollar business to get an official statement? A statement they then made no effort to verify for truth. They then had to lie to the lawyer to get their response (Which was favorable to Take-Two), as the lawyer seems to be under the false impression California enters into an equation involving a couple of East Coast parties, and that Submatto hacked Twitch instead of just screencapping publicly available thumbnails. To cap it all off, they got exclusive footage from Take-Two that'd boost their channel, something that may have been contingent on favorable reporting ala IGN.
      People aren't missing anything in this. IG had a vested interest in being favorable to Take-Two.

  • darter9000
    darter9000 3 months ago +2

    Basically, tl; dr of this video is... corporation said this and we take their word for it. Because corporations NEVER lie... ever... ever...

  • * Benign Laughter *
    * Benign Laughter * 3 months ago +3

    If 2k had actual evidence of criminal actions by the youtuber or he had done something that actually infringed on the copyrights they hold they would have never sent private investigators to his home to intimidate him. They would have sent an empty suit lawyer. The cognitive dissonance of this defense for a huge corporations is asinine.

  • Cartoonishly Inept
    Cartoonishly Inept 3 months ago +5

    You guys should go back to IGN, or whatever trash main-stream you came from. Your cool has long gone, embrace the irrelevance.

  • Carl Marchiano
    Carl Marchiano 3 months ago +3

    It's really shady that you paint this situation in a positive light, then have a video with exclusive insider footage of BL3. I understand you're advertiser friendly, but don't sacrifice your journalistic integrity in the process. Take 2 literally attempted to destroy this man's livelihood, mental and home life. What they did is disgusting and should not be taken lightly

  • King Wolf
    King Wolf 3 months ago +2

    Your channel has become corporate trash and you abuse drama to manipulate the situation in your favor. I personally will make every attempt to ruin your channel and online presence for the trash you have caused in regard to SupMatto. Enjoy kids.

    • Demari Bates
      Demari Bates 3 months ago

      Wow somebody needs to get a life 😥😥😥 smdh

  • assassinm22
    assassinm22 3 months ago

    Borderlands sucks but doubt it be as crappy as Starwars battlefront 2 Or Battlefield 5 which are both broken unbalanced piles of shit by yours truly EA.

  • Angel Boma Ye
    Angel Boma Ye 3 months ago

    When he started asking for money for the discord is where he fucked up

    • crazyinsane500
      crazyinsane500 3 months ago

      Can you point to any source that has verification on this beyond 2k saying that's what he did?

  • binglee8000
    binglee8000 3 months ago

    Mmm I smell and hear crotch sucking to randy in this video

  • Frozen_Fire
    Frozen_Fire 3 months ago +4

    NPC Gaming Daily

    What an abortion of a video

  • Just Another Gaming Channel

    Inside Gaming: TheXvidr is bad, big corp is good
    Inside Gaming: *posts privileged information from big corp*
    Me: *surprised pikachu*

  • Galenus Brutus
    Galenus Brutus 3 months ago

    Effin corporate shills, clearly the desire for dollars trumps Truth, Integrity and Honesty...
    I hope you shits choke on Take 2's money.
    Also, anyone with 1 (ONE!) brain cell can look at your shit channel and see that EXCLUSIVE BL3 PREVIEW, you sellouts...

  • Lord Gong
    Lord Gong 3 months ago +1

    You guys are terribly annoying
    And also this is honestly a terrible thing that Take2 has down.

  • Paul Messmer
    Paul Messmer 3 months ago


  • PWGS
    PWGS 3 months ago

    didnt you guys report on the some of the same leaks suppmatto did im pretty sure you did and even on the same day too

  • Chris Edwards
    Chris Edwards 3 months ago +5

    Evidence seems to indicate you just whored yourselves out and lied.

  • MeSoyCapitan
    MeSoyCapitan 3 months ago +12

    This is clearly biased in favour of 2K games. Was your exclusive preview the reward for spouting propaganda for 2K? How does it feel to sell out your integrity?

    • crazyinsane500
      crazyinsane500 3 months ago

      Thank god for them the FTC is blatantly incompetent. Not disclosing an endorsement, like getting preview coverage for a product in exchange for good press, is a pretty bad violation.

    • Carl Marchiano
      Carl Marchiano 3 months ago +1

      Upper echelon gamers did a better job at reporting this, and mentioned IG having a bias

  • Lord Dante
    Lord Dante 3 months ago

    Il do a video on supmato but right in it on paper

  • Matt Hype
    Matt Hype 3 months ago


  • LizardKing
    LizardKing 3 months ago

    I feal like gearbox dont deserve the hate 2k shod get it

  • Radison Madison
    Radison Madison 3 months ago

    Lawrence doing an ad read for women’s underwear makes me slightly uncomfortable

  • 混沌 Chaos_Light_Dark
    混沌 Chaos_Light_Dark 3 months ago +1

    SidAlpha destroyed this video.

  • CaligulaTheGreat
    CaligulaTheGreat 3 months ago

    I expected better from you guys when it comes to SupMatto.

  • BugabooJonez
    BugabooJonez 3 months ago

    Well I'll still be playing borderlands day one, and I don't really watch streams for game info leaks, it's mostly click bait anyway. So I'm gonna be honest, I really don't care. Sounds like he did something that was a little outside the lines per the lawyer they consulted. Case closed.

  • Jogn Kek
    Jogn Kek 3 months ago +1

    Shilling for 2k... well done inside gaming..

    • crazyinsane500
      crazyinsane500 3 months ago

      Man, it is REALLY weird that whenever it comes to Borderlands 3, they can't muster any non-PR approved criticisms beyond "Randy Pitchford, har har."
      I don't think they've literally ever criticized 2k, have they? At least, without doubling back to justify things 2k's done.

  • Regolith
    Regolith 3 months ago +1

    "Trust us we cant show you anything just trust us. This guy who just looked a things we were broadcasting live, yeah he broke the law." This is all on 2K. If you don't want things that aren't public to be seen WHY ARE YOU ON TWITCH?! EVEN PRIVATELY??!?! Use a build of the game that doesn't have anything unreleased in it! Maybe?

  • Jackalopi
    Jackalopi 3 months ago

    In this video I noticed that 'shit' was bleeped but 'shitty' wasn't. Do you guys think this was a mistake or is there a regulation around that?

  • Ghostea
    Ghostea 3 months ago

    so just to let them know what take 2 did was not illegal just unnessary they could of DM him contacted him via email and just all around gonna about it in a completely different way without legal proceeding while i do find that its weird that supmatto was a bit unknown until he started leaking true game info i do not think they needed to come down as hard and the fact that IG is kind of making fun of a youtuber for getting basically bullied out of reporting is kind of fucked up not gonna lie

    but supmatto did leave out that detail about charging for the leaks which is against youtubes rules but in no way PI worthly

  • semillakan6
    semillakan6 3 months ago +2

    Since when are journalists the videogames industry PR department? Reporting on leaks is not illegal, in fact thats part of journalism and one of the great things about a free press that no one can tell you to not report something, what Take-two is doing is some mafia level shit. The only bad part on the guy's side is that he charged for leaks and that is actually bad but not as bad as sending intimidation goons

    • MaxwellsAxiom
      MaxwellsAxiom 3 months ago +1

      New evidence shows he didn't charge for anything. He had private discord yes that 5 bucks gave you direct access to him (which is fairly common with bigger youtubers I guess) and in that discord he would talk about his future content in videos that were about to be published publicly. So any leak he "charged" for was litterally just banter in a paid for fan discord that was information that went public shortly after he told his paid subs about it. Inside gaming is completely wrong about this.

  • vinnie 888
    vinnie 888 3 months ago

    i just ackoledge this bs yesterday when my friend told me about it...well i now know what i i'm NEVER getting

  • Taylor
    Taylor 3 months ago +1

    SuppMatto's channel has been removed

  • jaco mako 2038
    jaco mako 2038 3 months ago


  • Space Sloth
    Space Sloth 3 months ago

    So the discord was locked? SO WHAT?! Since when is it illegal to exchange money for information? He never kept the info exclusive either, he made videos about it. 2K could have easily sent a cease and desist, he's basically a super fan and he shared info with other super fans. 2K fucking sucks. You saying you're not, but you're clearly sucking 2K's dick here, and fondling YT, Twitch and Discord while you're at it.

  • Harry Smith
    Harry Smith 3 months ago


  • darkdystopia N
    darkdystopia N 3 months ago

    Horrible take on the subject.

  • Jesse Ritchie
    Jesse Ritchie 3 months ago +1

    Well SupMatto doesn't have his channel anymore guys. Absolutely intriguing to see if anything happens or not. Cause you know this is straight up bus. Something fishy is going on around here

  • billyhatcher643
    billyhatcher643 3 months ago +3

    why are u guys shilling for the company they did something that is wrong and abusing the system i used to like ur channel during the time it was called the know and now u guys have broken the straw on the camels back

  • Ptolemaic Thought
    Ptolemaic Thought 3 months ago

    Other than the charging for access to leaks on discord, everything else shows 2k in the wrong. The PIs, the takedowns, the strikes, none of that is ok and is a clear example of abuse of power. If Gearbox and 2k made twitch account names visible on a public stream that anyone could look up to find a stream, private or not, and just screencap autoupdating thumbnails, while not being able to actually access the stream itself, that's their fault.

  • 7 ee
    7 ee 3 months ago +1

    They weren't investigators they were hired goons stop lying and give us the truth

  • Cory Allen
    Cory Allen 3 months ago

    As a mod of his old discord i can say all of that stuff is 100% true

  • Second Playthrough
    Second Playthrough 3 months ago

    This is an impressive video, solid research into a controversial topic. I'll sub for more of this!!

  • Eduardo Alencar
    Eduardo Alencar 3 months ago

    Even if sm was making money out these leaks, the way 2k handled this situation is just retarded

  • 40fatkids
    40fatkids 3 months ago +1

    And who could have guessed inside gameing sucking 2K's dick instead of siding with the man who just had his whole life ruined.

  • 40fatkids
    40fatkids 3 months ago

    First of all why are we calling it leaks??? ITS INFORMATION AND WHAT DO PEOPLE DO WITH INFORMATION??? THEY FUCKING SHARE IT WHY IN WHAT WAY IS FREE SPEECH ILLEGAL??? Like what are these guys doing? Shareing news that people want to know about.

    • Demari Bates
      Demari Bates 3 months ago

      Go read a book you sound uneducated 😥

  • Kevin Harris
    Kevin Harris 3 months ago +5

    Your tone in this video, concerning this particular This isn’t all. Also STOP referring to SupMatto as a “LEAKER”. A “LEAK” implies the release of sensitive or private information from WITHIN. As SupMatto is not now, nor has he ever been in the employ of Take 2 or Gearbox, then its impossible for him to be, by definition, a leaker. He’s a freelance VG journalist, JUST LIKE YOU. Reporting on leaked info is not illegal. The VAST majority of info he talked about, wasn’t even acquired by him. Imagine if the US Government, attacked and shut down a media outlet, for even reporting on a leak inside the White House....not only is that illegal, but its unconstitutional.
    Also, to claim that SupMatto left out “details”, when in fact Take 2 has straight up LIED (especially in the IGN article), in addition to using as much corporate and legal jargon as possible so that stupid people and children think that SupMatto is just wrong.
    All information was acquired via legal means. The claims he was selling this info on his subscription service is just retarded. All youtubers share videos early, or extra long for subscribers, because youtube has fucked their entire user-base. Thats like saying, any youtuber who says something dishonest in a video, is “selling lies”.
    Honestly, YOU GUYS reported on some of the SAME alleged leaked info. your making jokes about sarcastically supporting the evil corporation. Really? Its hard to imagine why Take 2 would be dishonest here? All he did was follow the user name of a dev stream.....and easily acquired the private streams. COMPLETELY TAKE2’s FAULT!!! You make it seem here like he hacked the stream, when all he did was use the features that Twitch offers. He didn’t bypass any security features, as you suggest. Honestly, this is their own stupid fault. Profit off their private info? JFC.....this is chicken shit crap, and you guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Demari Bates
      Demari Bates 3 months ago

      Go read a book you sound uneducated 😥

  • Cameron Padron
    Cameron Padron 3 months ago

    I don't think he thought he was going to get super rich for leaking a somewhat controversial game anyways...

  • Fawe Tu
    Fawe Tu 3 months ago

    trusting video game journalism when video game "journalists" rely on review copies from publishers in order to make their reviews relevant says everything you need to know about the emails they received

  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee 3 months ago

    So did I miss the part where they leaked the same thing matto did and didn’t get copy right striked even thou in said video he mentioned they leaked first? Also can you be balanced if you only talk to one side of the case?

  • Lukas Reiman
    Lukas Reiman 3 months ago

    Several strikes in short succession will only count as one strike. It’s weird I know but it has to be three copyright strikes at different occasions

  • Deniz D.
    Deniz D. 3 months ago +5

    There is difference between intended to be hidden/private and actually hidden/private.
    Twitch thumbs are not private even the stream is private.
    Thats twitch' fault you can not prosecute someone based on someone else's fault.
    They investigated him 10 months and forget to obtain key evidence to back their claims. I dont think so.
    They can not take legal action cuz they can not prove their claims.
    And it would be easy and cheaper to just take legal action instead of hiring goons to question him.
    This is a mess. They handed this poorly and they trying to pr this situation as far as i can see

  • DarkSteel
    DarkSteel 3 months ago

    eh, he charged for exclusive information that he did not own. I think he deserved some of the fire. If it wasn't for the innocence of the information its self, it wouldn't be a far stretch from actual espionage.

  • YoureAMitch
    YoureAMitch 3 months ago +1

    Get the corporate cocks out of your mouths... you guys are a disgrace kicking someone while they're down. He never sold anything this is just an army of PR cucks at 2k trying to make themselves look good. I'm sure supporting the evil multi billion dollar corporation will further your careers, keep it up. :)

  • SW45auto
    SW45auto 3 months ago +1

    If it was illegal they would have already pressed charges