Speech that Made Trump President

  • Published on Nov 9, 2016
  • The speech that inspired millions to vote for donald trump. The speech sums up his views on almost every big issues and also talks about challenges that US of A faces today.
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    DANIEL WOOD 3 days ago

    Hilary clinton makes me sick make fune of ictus peaple is so discusting in the elección agaist Trump en then smile what a person Trump didnt laugh about It come on man

      DANIEL WOOD 3 days ago

      Yeah she had a sheger o brain damage yeah right you insult my father bitch

  • Mr Booshit
    Mr Booshit 3 days ago


  • Radiation King
    Radiation King 4 days ago

    Trump sure knows how to make a speech

  • wadez1000
    wadez1000 4 days ago

    When you proudly revel in your cult-like devotion to an unhinged, know-nothing wannabe autocrat, people just may start to look down on you.

  • Hardtoplease32
    Hardtoplease32 6 days ago +1

    The news media truly is the biggest enemy of the people....period. They are almost the sole reason why Trump is viewed the way he is along with the Dems working in non stop circles.
    I think when they look back on these years and his presidency it will be very clear where the deception and dishonesty lied.

  • World Team Mapping
    World Team Mapping 7 days ago +1

    I'm a 13 year old boy, and a proud trump supporter, once the youth gets older, they will realize the liberals are brainwashing them. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  • jhun dionz
    jhun dionz 7 days ago +2

    Trump is always demonised by corporate & media. Trump is for self preservation & for greatness! I ❤️ trump!

  • Acecool444
    Acecool444 7 days ago +1

    Donald J. Trump has not failed us yet. If you're a Democrat or Liberal, pay attention! this might jump start your brain.

  • Joshua Muzaaya
    Joshua Muzaaya 13 days ago +1

    This is literary the best speech ever by an American candidate

  • Mister Silverstein
    Mister Silverstein 13 days ago +3

    I'm French and arabic but I support DONALD TRUMP !

    • Mister Silverstein
      Mister Silverstein 11 days ago +2

      +Arrowsted Le 18 25 plante son drapeau :rire: :cool:

    • Arrowsted
      Arrowsted 11 days ago +1

      Same (no fake) what a chance

  • John Drohan
    John Drohan 13 days ago +2

    FINALLY.....America has a REAL President ! A President with a pair of BALLS , and a First Lady who DOESN'T . ''murica'' is dead . AMERICA'S BACK ! And Obama will go down in history as the best president IRAN ever had !

  • IrishVault 0017
    IrishVault 0017 14 days ago +1


  • IrishVault 0017
    IrishVault 0017 14 days ago

    1:58 god speed

  • Omar Delawer
    Omar Delawer 15 days ago +1

    This shit is fake. Trump doesn’t give speeches like this. This whole video is fake news. How ironic. It’s a mashup of a bunch of Trump speeches to make him sound more “eloquent”. Dream on fuckers. That orange orangutan got hay for brains and is not even half the man Obama is.

  • Brian Griffin
    Brian Griffin 15 days ago +1


  • thesniperjob
    thesniperjob 20 days ago +6

    2020 lets go bois vote for trump

  • Neil Smith
    Neil Smith 21 day ago +1

    One of the best Presidential Speeches I have ever heard!! Trump 2020!!!

  • Classic-BMW
    Classic-BMW 21 day ago +2

    Trump is the best president of my lifetime. Period.

    DANIEL WOOD 21 day ago +2

    Catalunya made me a Trump soperter right now

      DANIEL WOOD 3 days ago

      Trump aministracion is beter than g Bush was

  • world record fastest growing channel

    1 billionaire vs the jewish globalists

  • Suhyun Kim
    Suhyun Kim 22 days ago

    Thank you Mr. Trump.
    👏;_; 👏

  • speeda waaagon
    speeda waaagon 22 days ago +1


  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas 22 days ago

    How do you like P-Dump now you DumbAss Hick💩

  • Piero Montemaggiore Schreiber

    Advice to navigators,First time is listen this speech;some teardrops came from my eyes,And I said to myself “we have to make all the traitors cry tears of blood”

  • Piero Montemaggiore Schreiber

    2019 every day sounds better.

  • aright2lucidity
    aright2lucidity 23 days ago

    If you choose the “red pill” then this is the truth. We are all slaves to a system called “the market”. We all work in a job that pays taxes that feeds this market. Who benefits from these taxes? The ‘World bankers’. The ‘world bankers’ is there real title (some call them the illuminati, Freemasons ,etc, but in reality they are the ‘world bankers’ AKA the 1 percenters, they secretly control all of the worlds resources and economies. This system runs every western country, you , your neighbours, your town , your entire country borrows money from these world bankers to stabilize your economy. the interest incurred is at such a high rate it is virtually impossible to pay off Hence why your leader( be it a president or prime minister) has one main priority, reduce the deficit using any means necessary (war, new legislation, corporate greed) to pay back as much borrowed money as possible , this is why anyone who avoids taxes is labelled a fraud, and is tried and shamed publicly. Your country worries a lot about unemployment rates not because people are jobless, but because some people figure out working tax- less jobs is better than paying taxes to the government Yet somehow people are so ingrained into this system. So dependent on it, so much time and money invested in it , that they will fight tooth and nail to keep it running. Mean while the bankers run a separate program in your mind called ‘media’. This is done to help you accept there system. The ‘media’ provides sports, movies , celebrity news, gossip to keep your mind idle in hopes of making you passively and subconsciously accept their system. While keeping the masses divided by supplying you with ‘the news’. ‘The news’ is a mechanism whereby humans are kept divided on opinion and in trust. The more news you watch the more likely you are to lose faith in humanity. To lose trust and grow animosity towards other humans. This insures the masses will never unite...JFK signed executive order 11110 that abolished the Federal Reserve, a private central bank and returned the issuance of currency directly into the US treasury....6 months later he was dead in Dallas...Now they are running END GAME on you, are you ready for what they have in store.?.

  • M. R lucas sol
    M. R lucas sol 24 days ago

    Always you

  • DontClickAnything
    DontClickAnything 26 days ago

    I love how the media only ever covers the things trump says where If u take it out of context it sounds extremely racist

  • D simons
    D simons 27 days ago +1

    Trump is the best president in the world I would love to have a president like him🇺🇸make south africa great again 🇿🇦

  • Eric Haugen
    Eric Haugen 27 days ago +1

    "Lock her up"

  • andre8860
    andre8860 28 days ago

    Trump Putin Tulsi MAGA revolution

  • Shadow Cobra
    Shadow Cobra 29 days ago +2

    I don't like Trump I really don't, he's a bully and at times very ignorant. However he isn't the democratic party, he wants to make change, he doesn't seem very liberal and I haven't heard him speak about guns like Hillary does. I didn't vote for him or Hillary, but if I had to I would have voted Trump. If he runs in 2020 I probably will vote for him not because I like him, but because he's actually done something, and he's made a sacrifice which is more then I can say for most politicians.

    • CJ S
      CJ S 27 days ago

      I don't think ppl realize he is way more liberal than Hillary. Guns? I'm not a fan, but NRA is in both parties pockets. Dems are absolute pussies when it comes to guns. They are all shills.

  • Mae West
    Mae West 29 days ago +1

    This speech gave me chills. I ❤️ POTUS!!


    I thought trump was bad but now I see him crystal clear. MOST POWERFUL SPEECH IN HISTORY!

  • Joey Cap
    Joey Cap Month ago +3

    What Trump did by winning the Presidency was teach us that any barrier can be broken, any obstacle can be overcome, and your destiny is only controlled by you.
    Anything you want in this world you can have as long as you commit to it fully.
    This is what Trumps presidency represents to me

  • Bongo
    Bongo Month ago +2

    Love from Belgium
    Brainwashed country that only gets Trump news in the form of negativity and lies.

  • Random Person
    Random Person Month ago +1

    From which speech does this come from?

  • Robert Stevenson
    Robert Stevenson Month ago +1

    Can someone give me the link to the full version of this, because i cant find it anymore. It popped up first everytime, now, no. Interesting.

  • Piss Off
    Piss Off Month ago

    Attention all liberals/socialist, you have been brainwashed by CNN and all the other left wing looney tune media outlets!
    Stop believing LIES, just stop!
    Trump is a thousand times better than Hillary or Obama.... Wake up and pull your head out of your ass!
    oh yea..... GO TRUMP! MAGA!

  • Rockettlockett 0724

    That day is the day I say RIP america

  • julian j
    julian j Month ago +1

    Man.. this made me patriotic af.. and I'm indian.

  • jlthomas531
    jlthomas531 Month ago +1

    Such a Powerful Video!!!

  • nicolbolas999
    nicolbolas999 Month ago +2


  • Khabib The Bear-Whisperer

    Does anybody know the date of this speech?

  • Dire Wolf
    Dire Wolf Month ago

    "This is not simply another 4 year election, this is a crossroad in the history of our civilisation that will determine if we the people reclaim controll over our government"
    -Donald J Trump

  • ali jamali
    ali jamali Month ago +1

    True, true, true, true and million time true .......
    handful of people running this .. not for the intention of people
    “We are the people” .. dont forget

  • Serbia Ball
    Serbia Ball Month ago +1

    I wish britan thad Donald as our prime minister

  • su57 f22
    su57 f22 Month ago +1

    Trump is badass.I like him

  • Eddie
    Eddie Month ago +1

    Trump knew this. Because that is what he did. And what he intended to do. He is talking about himself. 2 years later, he has done just that.
    But still better than Hillary.

  • Kevin McConkey
    Kevin McConkey Month ago +1

    Had chills the whole video. Trump is my hero. I fucking love my president thank you for saving us trump

  • Raymond Marshall
    Raymond Marshall Month ago +1

    Go Trump it's nice to have a patriot president. I will be voting for Trump again. Go bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Gh0stBustaz11
    Gh0stBustaz11 Month ago

    One thing you can't deny. He's a great salesman.

  • Wildfox
    Wildfox Month ago

    TheXvid, already preparing America to re-vote Trump ... OR why is it in recommended videos

  • Davenn
    Davenn Month ago +1

    Big Chungus for president 2020

  • Forever Alone
    Forever Alone Month ago +4

    I remember I disliked this video. I only watched German Mainstream Media.
    Now, finally I educated myself, I came back 2 years later and liked this video.
    America, I hope you vote 2020 the same! Do it, for the USA, for democracy and for the world!

    • Mr. cat
      Mr. cat Month ago +1

      Truth always prevails

  • Will to Power
    Will to Power Month ago +1

    Great speech and good video accompaniment. I remember when this came out a few nights before the election in 2016.

  • Fier-Ce
    Fier-Ce Month ago +3

    There is a massive poster at my school comparing Trump to Hitler. I've been planning to tear it down. Tomorrow is that day, wish me luck.

  • onigk61
    onigk61 Month ago

    *builds a wall*

  • Uchiha Obito
    Uchiha Obito Month ago

    “America is great because America is good” ohhhhh really???? I can’t believe that

    • Enigmatic Unknown
      Enigmatic Unknown 5 days ago

      from core perspective America is good,if not for this great nation world would be thrown in war for century's,we living in most peaceful era of humanity
      but America struggling and fighting within,some very evil people was in control

  • Lol Slubby
    Lol Slubby Month ago

    build the wall

  • TheBradWaters
    TheBradWaters Month ago

    Fuck Donald trump.

  • Shaylok
    Shaylok Month ago +1

    Hope he comes out as strong in 2020. Four years is not enough. We need him and a successor worthy taking his place in 2024. The deep state is still in need of being weeded out and the nation has yet to heal from all the damage they have done.

  • TetrisClock
    TetrisClock Month ago

    Cue 2019 where Trump is actually fighting Chinese economic sovereignty. I never thought I'd see a sitting President actually challenge them, but here we are, and it's wonderful.

  • Jorge Orozco
    Jorge Orozco Month ago

    Trump did not win the election. He stole it and we all know that

  • Pile Of George
    Pile Of George Month ago

    Someday we'll show this to our kids

  • jester man
    jester man Month ago +1

    Recent comments here with most likes is a month ago. Dam trump tards love talking about this dumb bitch. I bet they jack off to this video because Hillary is in it. No matter what they always bring her up like they want her eat her ass out

    • Ryan Jenkins
      Ryan Jenkins Month ago +1

      jester man this comment is complete false and and its coming from a libtard that can fuck himself. Hillary is complete shit and nobody wants tons of immigrants causing human waste. Nobody wants difference in harassment, assault, etc. You fucking dumb bitch go fuck yourself and watch Trump go for 2020 you Libtard shit

  • Lexie Dragon
    Lexie Dragon Month ago

    Funny thing is, Trump didn't even win legitimately. The majority didn't vote for him.

    • Ryan Jenkins
      Ryan Jenkins Month ago +1

      Lexie Dragon dumbass 30 states won for win

  • TreborFern
    TreborFern Month ago

    Black People Dont know how to handle American Government

    • Ryan Jenkins
      Ryan Jenkins Month ago

      TreborFern Obama? I’m a republican but they can handle it but only person was doing it and that was Obama and was worse than Trump and Bush but Trump and Bush weren’t bad at it

  • FLYNN 1002
    FLYNN 1002 Month ago


  • The real buck H
    The real buck H Month ago

    Trump 2020

  • Nifty V
    Nifty V Month ago

    Kanye west for president 2020

  • Hara Pro MBS
    Hara Pro MBS Month ago +1

    If i eat his balls does my balls grow like his ?

  • Joe Marriott
    Joe Marriott Month ago

    Meanwhile: “America is good because America is great” 😂😂😂

  • Abhay Dhillon
    Abhay Dhillon Month ago +1

    I’m not even American but I got goosebumps

  • Nathan Daniel McDonald

    Canadian wishing trudeau had the cock and balls to do what this god has done

  • raj sub
    raj sub Month ago +1

    hope he wins again 2020 #vote for him again

  • raj sub
    raj sub Month ago +1

    one of the great president in history of us politics

  • jason day
    jason day Month ago

    First Time I saw trump was on Prince of bell air

  • CommanderLook
    CommanderLook Month ago

    Meanwhile in 2019: Trupms' government has the longest shutdown since ever and he was close to declare national emergency because of his wall.

  • That kidd
    That kidd Month ago

    Not gonna lie that’s not a bad speech

  • That kidd
    That kidd Month ago

    Or it was Russia

  • Definitely not Daniel

    Im not american but im proud that america has trump.

  • Suds
    Suds Month ago

    Yet again he passes the ban on bumpstocks what are perfectly legal as they don’t turn a gun into a full automatic gun. Trump is a puppet and it’s all going over your head.

  • Val Speirs
    Val Speirs Month ago

    Hav8bg watched the History channel on Obama and President Trump. It would appear that the economic diwnslope began with Bill Clinton and then the Bush administration. Obama was a pawn a puppet with little purpose other than than to the Globalist Elite. I feel sorry for for Obama as he was truly selected for this purpose. Long reign President Trump.

  • Bryce Gastelum
    Bryce Gastelum Month ago

    Donald is a level 100 mob gangster

  • Escobar Randomness
    Escobar Randomness Month ago

    He pointed that out yet the corruption is still here

  • Mickehd00d
    Mickehd00d Month ago +1

    If only he was always like this, and stayed true to his word. Now he's just another Republican puppet.

  • OG Baguette
    OG Baguette Month ago

    Typical politicians... talking about how bad their competition is but in reality they themselves are just as bad

  • OG Baguette
    OG Baguette Month ago

    How can a billionaire that hasn't had to struggle ever in his life relate to the working class?

  • Random
    Random Month ago +1

    While he speaks from fake news he tells you something of clean cole and the climate change is propaganda of the chiniese. This man is a deceiver or dumb But I know your trouble Clinton isnt much better... I see only one solution: establish more parties...
    Greetings from germany

  • dingleberry
    dingleberry Month ago

    sorry but I think the Russians won him to elecetion

  • Unbelievable Jimmy
    Unbelievable Jimmy Month ago


  • hi
    hi Month ago +1

    Building a wall is stupid because Mexico have tunnels and coast guard ppl have FAMLIES

  • Road for 1k Subs
    Road for 1k Subs Month ago

    Fuck Trump

  • yean Basch
    yean Basch Month ago

    Germany needs a Donald Trump

  • Brian Anderson
    Brian Anderson Month ago

    The one thing I will hands down always agree with Trump despite our differences is his view on the mainstream media and the detrimental impact they have on the people.

  • FelipiPe TV
    FelipiPe TV Month ago +1

    Trump followers are just mad, Nazis and Fascists

  • Anton23
    Anton23 Month ago

    He talks about the rich people at the top like he isn’t one that has swindled and stepped on people’s throats to get to the top.

  • josephm026
    josephm026 Month ago +1

    This is truth man. You want to know why the left hates Trump? Here it is right here. He slapped them in their fucking faces with this one. The truth hurts you whiny bitches

  • Kooler M
    Kooler M Month ago

    Thank You President Trump For RUNNING And WINNING!!!
    Saving US From THAT TREASONOUS ASSRAG HILLARY And A Presidency And Certain Disaster!!