Speech that Made Trump President

  • Published on Nov 9, 2016
  • The speech that inspired millions to vote for donald trump. The speech sums up his views on almost every big issues and also talks about challenges that US of A faces today.
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  • Loseless
    Loseless 2 hours ago

    From Colombia: Excellent speech, total support for Trump.

  • Cindy Cruz
    Cindy Cruz 3 hours ago

    He’s victorious just like his last name-Trump: triumphant! 2020 without a single doubt in mind!

  • Micmakoi TV
    Micmakoi TV 4 hours ago


  • Alessandro Frioli
    Alessandro Frioli 5 hours ago

    Sensacional. Imagino com o Bolsonaro

  • TheMarvel Joe
    TheMarvel Joe 6 hours ago +1

    First, I was against him. Now, I'm with him. I'm turning 18 in 2020 and I will vote for him.

  • -iiFrostAnimations -
    -iiFrostAnimations - 7 hours ago

    I got a Donald Trump as before this

  • omnidentalstudio
    omnidentalstudio 8 hours ago

    God bless President Trump 🇺🇸

  • dennismhac23
    dennismhac23 9 hours ago +1

    I'm glad he's our President. He loves this country so much, he puts us first before anything.

  • tracy mcenaney
    tracy mcenaney 11 hours ago

    The US is so Lucky to have him- Jealous from Canada

  • Rely Cronos
    Rely Cronos 12 hours ago

    The left-wing media HATE him, the leftist entertainment industry HATE him, the special interests HATE him, and the uninformed sheep are brainwashed to HATE HATE HATE... but the man loves his country and is doing what is right, just look at the data

  • Nelly Katebe
    Nelly Katebe 12 hours ago


  • Joe R O
    Joe R O 17 hours ago

    Trump Will be Re Elected

  • Tyson the G.O.A.T Fury
    Tyson the G.O.A.T Fury 17 hours ago

    Trump for 2020

  • Reshmi S
    Reshmi S 17 hours ago

    I am so jealous of Americans. You got a guy who does things and not just speaks using refined and polished words.
    If you don't like him, please visit India and see our prime minister and go back to US. You will Start to love Trump.
    Have a great day 👍🏻

  • Andrea Bronzi
    Andrea Bronzi 20 hours ago

    Top Speech!!!

  • Ketan GarG
    Ketan GarG 21 hour ago

    That was truly amazing.
    it is certain that this speech had played a big role for Trump winning presidential elections

  • MarBOBO MARtilyo Gang
    MarBOBO MARtilyo Gang 23 hours ago

    Liberal politicians are the scum of the earth

  • Michael Mcdaniel
    Michael Mcdaniel 23 hours ago

    Best speech and president

  • shweta pandey
    shweta pandey 23 hours ago

    I am an Indian and I love america and support coz he is not like those left pimps who just for the sake of appellation called as liberal sacrifice their motherland.plzz flush out all radical muslims and liberals out of america.Love from India.

  • David Milian
    David Milian Day ago

    Nobody has faith in humanity :( even I have lost my will to stand up for this disgusting breed... but a pool of nasty politicians and politician wannabes suits this filthy country just right... we should be working on a new strategy to enlighten the human race but instead we accept corruption

  • Running thoughts

    Trumps the best President in the USA history

  • 김정호
    김정호 Day ago

    Stop the ones screwed u.s

  • Absolute Lad
    Absolute Lad Day ago

    I'm rooting for our president. We all should.

  • Dylan Prevost
    Dylan Prevost Day ago


  • toxykzone
    toxykzone Day ago

    This speech is epic. Truth is epic

  • random video
    random video Day ago

    America greatest achievements is having Trump as their president. Finally a man who is not afraid.
    The best trade of all.

  • Raul Rolon
    Raul Rolon Day ago

    The people in this nation can be fooled in these days like literally taking candy from a baby

  • Surya Kiran
    Surya Kiran Day ago

    We hate Hilary Clinton. We love trump . He is great

  • Jared Peters
    Jared Peters Day ago

    This speach sparked tears of anger and joy from my eye.

  • JSBassMasters
    JSBassMasters Day ago

    Trump is like the dad to a 10 year old(liberals) trying to do whats best for them but they hate him for it. Trump2020 bitches

  • Ashik Jonathan
    Ashik Jonathan Day ago

    #KAGA 2020

  • Redneck Rebel
    Redneck Rebel 2 days ago

    As a child I was manipulated to like Obama but since in my thoughts I knew he was going to be the worst presidents since I grew up I little I liked Bernie than since Hillary went against trump I searched him I liked him he was a very capitalist president we had soon I hope to rise the dollar value bring prosperity

  • William Tran
    William Tran 2 days ago

    So for those wondering what the backing music is, its hybridisation of hummanity by instrumental core

  • Jeevan George
    Jeevan George 2 days ago

    Awesome speech..

  • Abbers
    Abbers 2 days ago

    What a load of lies. Donald Trump IS the establishment, and you rubes are making him achieve his dreams of greater power by believing his bald-faced lies. He doesn't want to help you, he wants to use you to make himself richer and more powerful. Great job, ya fell for it.

    • far exponent
      far exponent 4 hours ago

      He's not getting more rich by donating his money ALL the time. You're so brainwashed it's really sad.

    • Bug The Loser
      Bug The Loser Day ago

      Abbers lol, fuck off dumbass

  • Lxgic
    Lxgic 2 days ago +1

    So fucking happy that trump won. now he will put all the liberals in jail !

  • Raghav Saptarsh
    Raghav Saptarsh 3 days ago +1

    Best leader...doesnt give or take shit
    Very honest guy
    Who speaks the truth

    CHAN SOLOMON 3 days ago +1

    Clintons are criminals... good one

  • Eddie Herrera
    Eddie Herrera 3 days ago

    Good Speech

  • Rikki Starrett
    Rikki Starrett 3 days ago +1

    Baffles me why Trump has so many haters among the average Joe, when he's exactly what almost every genuine human has been calling out for for years - an end to the bloated self-serving establishment of political fat cats and filthy "legal" criminals.
    NOBODY had a problem with Donald Trump until he ran for president. Then suddenly he's a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, right wing Hitler. Not remotely suspicious.

    • Gary Hart
      Gary Hart 2 days ago

      You only have to be "male and pale" to fit the globalist snowflake definition of being labelled a racist.

  • The HBC TNF Channel
    The HBC TNF Channel 3 days ago

    “Make America great again” sureee bud keep talking

    • far exponent
      far exponent 4 hours ago

      Unemployment at a record low. That's already making America a much better country...
      Your turn.

  • zachary
    zachary 3 days ago +1

    MAGA 2020.

  • George Avraam
    George Avraam 3 days ago

    Trump is the only hope for the U.S.A
    I support Trump all the way
    If he's gonna make America great
    Then that's ALL that MATTERS

  • Faris Guerouate
    Faris Guerouate 3 days ago

    Trump still didn't win the popular vote though

  • Aiden4Jesus2018
    Aiden4Jesus2018 3 days ago

    I remember this speech. One of the greatest I've heard. From beginning to end I heard "America First, America Always"

  • John
    John 3 days ago

    Thank God for DJT. America is privileged.

  • Small Town Girl
    Small Town Girl 3 days ago

    We can just tell that he really loves his country and also know the business world. But the media will only report his mistakes like doesn't matter if its five years ago. After all, he is the president not because he is a loyal husband. Or else even Adolf Hitler was very faithful to his partner.

  • Don't touch my pfp
    Don't touch my pfp 3 days ago

    When i look at America i see democrats are brainwashed and actually believe anything the media says.

  • Kieran Shiel
    Kieran Shiel 3 days ago

    ww3 can wait

  • Amber Moore
    Amber Moore 3 days ago

    Dramatic much...

  • Pedro Peñalba Machado

    Same thing in Brazil.

  • Алексей Гороховский

    I am from Israel 🇮🇱 and we are grateful for support that Trump and all Americans give to us. God bless USA.🇺🇸❤️🇮🇱

  • CletusDeletus
    CletusDeletus 3 days ago


  • Sc0rch
    Sc0rch 3 days ago

    Thank god we got trump

  • Damn
    Damn 3 days ago +1

    He's the best president!!

  • charlie pastrami
    charlie pastrami 4 days ago

    I understand why people don't like trump and I understand why people like trump.

  • rahi Mulla
    rahi Mulla 4 days ago +1

    In his speech Trump often uses the word ''we'' unlike our politicians who uses the word ''I'' rather

  • Catcher #10
    Catcher #10 4 days ago

    The end of the speech was amazing

  • Watashi Wa Orenji Ball of Shit Desu

    Im not American, But I always love Trump. Long befire he was a president. Since I was a kid

  • I’m Trash
    I’m Trash 4 days ago


  • Abraham Mercado
    Abraham Mercado 4 days ago

    It would be awesome if you added video of him winning the election at the end. 🇺🇸👌🏼😍

  • John Robertson
    John Robertson 4 days ago

    A tear just rolled down my cheek a true patriot maga!

  • AllCreamedUp
    AllCreamedUp 4 days ago

    I live in California.
    His promises can't make it through here because people can't decide on a gender.

  • Typicalcrafter 33
    Typicalcrafter 33 4 days ago


  • Лукас
    Лукас 4 days ago

    What about Steele's Dossier?

  • Bayes Haqyar
    Bayes Haqyar 4 days ago

    Thank you Mr President for everything you doing for us.

  • Sahggin
    Sahggin 4 days ago +1

    Pokémon Go to the polls

  • Marcelo Santos
    Marcelo Santos 4 days ago

    Greetings from Brazil, Mr. Trump !
    You're really making America great again... Keep up the nice job!

  • Joseph Schwarzkopf
    Joseph Schwarzkopf 5 days ago +1

    All democRATs should be REQUIRED to watch this speech before they vote. Election FRAUD is the only way demonRATs can win, and this they do quite well. Dimms will win big in 2020 if we let this election FRAUD stand. Arizona, Montana, Florida, Georgia, & ALL of California....simply pathetic. FAKE President barry sotero begets FAKE Americans (democRATs).

  • Ninooooo
    Ninooooo 5 days ago +1

    Your so lucky to have a president that actually cares about you and your country! Love from the United Kingdom.

  • egg for days
    egg for days 5 days ago

    They should make it so only a male should be president

  • Ant Playz
    Ant Playz 5 days ago

    Fuck trump

  • Brown Cheese
    Brown Cheese 5 days ago

    Trump 2020!!!

  • Nibba
    Nibba 5 days ago

    The Antichrist has arrived. He will start the New World Order.
    Satan Bless Donald. J Christ Trump.
    You cannot see truth in front of your eyes

  • Andrea
    Andrea 5 days ago

    If only I could vote for this man, but I'm not American

  • Sebastian Aquino
    Sebastian Aquino 5 days ago

    Hello everyone!
    Im Sebastian, a Venezuelan born, 18 years old.
    I came to Puerto Rico in 2012, escaping the communist regime of Chavez, and later Maduro. (I’ve came legally, with a E1 visa, and I’ve been improving my status)
    Since I have memory, I’ve always wanted to live in the precious Unites States of America, once my dream came true, I entered the politician view of the country, (because I want to study Political Sciences, with a minor in International Relationships) Here in PR the hole society is from the Left Wing, something I always debated them. But since I am living in the US, I supported Obama, and even, supported Hillary.
    The point is, now, POTUS proved me wrong.
    Now i suppot him, and I actually want to apologize to him, and to all those people that told me that Mr. President Trump was the one, and that Hillary was a corrupt communist from the closest.
    I dont have my citizenship yet, but Im looking forwards to it, and become another soldier of the working class, another gear in the giant US machine.
    God Bless Trump
    God Bless America
    KAGA 2020

    • Marcelo Santos
      Marcelo Santos 4 days ago +1

      Greetings from Brazil, my friend !
      We know what dictatorship makes in your citizens. It's really great that persons like you escape from this "everyday-o-hell", and became our witnesses from the "Communism peace". //
      Buenas Noche, amigo!
      Lo sabemos lo que la dictadura hace com nuestros hermanos de Venezuela. Es verdaderamente sorprendente que personas como usted lo escaparon de lo "infierno de todo día", e así te tornas una de nuestras victimas de la corrupcion e "Paz de lo Comuñismo". (Perdon por mi Portuñol jajaj😅)

  • KebabRemover 14382902
    KebabRemover 14382902 6 days ago +1

    Orange man good.

  • Hồng Kỳ Đặng
    Hồng Kỳ Đặng 6 days ago

    Trump will left this as a most successful pres. or die trying but 100% not a coward who only give a meaningless speech and do absolutely nothing. We will see.....

  • R.A. Robles
    R.A. Robles 6 days ago

    Trump 2020...!!!!

  • Nman4000
    Nman4000 6 days ago

    Even better than Ronald Ragen

  • Alexultralit Brah
    Alexultralit Brah 6 days ago

    I hate trump but the speech is really good

  • Abhishek shukla
    Abhishek shukla 6 days ago

    Trump is best b/w I'm a hindu 4rm india

  • Mandella Canadian
    Mandella Canadian 6 days ago

    How is he going to bring down the NWO or the illuminatti. For all we know all of the players are a plant by the illuminatti. We all know they exist.

  • Justus Scarioni
    Justus Scarioni 6 days ago

    We Honestly Need Trump To Have Our Country, Great Again! GO TRUMP!

    - OTAKUYAROO - 6 days ago

    He’s more like a business man not a president

  • dipankar barooah
    dipankar barooah 6 days ago

    Same think is being done by India's prime minister Narendra Modi who lies and makes his friends rich .

  • Aaron Coleman
    Aaron Coleman 6 days ago +1

    4.5k thumbs down? Barack? Is that you? You been busy

  • tits macgee
    tits macgee 6 days ago

    The most beautiful part is his self-sacrifice. He isn't doing this because he has to - he's wealthy, successful, has a wonderful family and like he said has lead "a good life" - he's doing it because he loves his country, his people and because it is the right thing to do. He chose to endure this responsibility not because it is easy but because it is hard.

  • Bryan Turnbow
    Bryan Turnbow 6 days ago

    I really don’t like Trump’s rhetoric and I think we could get a lot more done if he was not on twitter but I will give him props where props are deserved. He’s also pretty funny so that’s a good enough reason for someone to be a president these days.

  • Vibhanshu Singh
    Vibhanshu Singh 6 days ago

    He is like Frank underwood 🤣 🤣

  • Austin Weakley
    Austin Weakley 6 days ago

    Anyone else like seeing all the liberals try and talk bad about trump using CNN and then get destroyed by actual facts 😂😂

  • ꧁༺ι.м.α nonymous༻꧂



  • Sam Ogla
    Sam Ogla 7 days ago

    God bless trump

  • Halim Wijaya
    Halim Wijaya 7 days ago

    He is a racist, discriminate, and crazy person. But he protects his people interest.

  • cézar Von Held
    cézar Von Held 7 days ago +1

    vive le président, salutations françaises

  • 云路锦凤儿
    云路锦凤儿 7 days ago

    Born to lead the world as a greatest king in universe.

  • 云路锦凤儿
    云路锦凤儿 7 days ago

    Perfect hero ever in human history. Endless use of the word perfect for you.

  • Simon Jaanson
    Simon Jaanson 7 days ago

    All respect to the American people that voted him in to white house. its darkest before the dawn and president Trunp is the light.

  • Ranjeev Joseph
    Ranjeev Joseph 7 days ago

    Just words.....

  • ava stubblefield
    ava stubblefield 7 days ago

    i’m a Californian and literally everyone i know hates trump, but this speech makes me want to prove everyone wrong.