Is Beauty and the Beast About Stockholm Syndrome?

  • Published on Mar 29, 2017
  • No. The answer is no.
    And before you feel the urge to "SCREEN JUNKIES DID IT FIRST" - no, Screen Junkies did it, like, 40th. I'm merely 41st.
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  • Dávid Kertész
    Dávid Kertész 11 hours ago

    On your point around the 6 minute mark: what if she developed stockholm syndrome later? As you have said, she was there for only 5 hours.

  • Dávid Kertész
    Dávid Kertész 11 hours ago

    Damn, I have to watch this again.

  • psammiad
    psammiad 20 hours ago

    Stockholm Syndrome isn't an "illness" or pathology - it's a byproduct of the natural human instinct to bond with peers and groups, to cooperate for survival. Unfortunately it's easily used for coercive control. This is how abusive relationships develop.

  • Spencer Kennedy
    Spencer Kennedy Day ago

    Walt Disney was fkin twisted he's burning in hell as we speak

  • J Logan
    J Logan 3 days ago

    It's not Stockholm since ya know she ran away he saved her from wolves and she made the choice to not leave him to die then she yells right in his face about him controlling his temper then he gives her a library and they spend time getting to know each other learning each other they go on this cute little date and he ya know LETS HER GO and she comes back bc they are about to kill him
    What was a great story about characters finding love through each other's faults gets ruined by every edgy wannabe who has to be cynical. God for there's just some happiness to something

  • bbarrett726
    bbarrett726 4 days ago

    But Ariel is still a hoarder, right?

  • MachinaeZer0
    MachinaeZer0 4 days ago

    Man, I missed this video when I started playing catch-up on your channel... so freakin good. #BEASTZONEDDDDD

  • DragonmasterSK
    DragonmasterSK 4 days ago

    Wait... Belle is not a princess... Beast is a prince but he will become King so.... Belle is actually a ... O.O ....QUEEN!!!

  • Ile Wolf
    Ile Wolf 7 days ago

    I love Gaston...

  • Lockwie Lockwie
    Lockwie Lockwie 7 days ago

    I grew up with the French version and Belle's song makes much more sense with the story like she says she wants to fly in the blue of space (understand: be a dreamer, aspiring to something impossible, do it in her mind by reading books or imagining) she wants a friend who understands her and hundreds of books. Which she gets in the end (aside from going to space, which would make for an even better story: the castle was a spaceship all along and they fly to go explore the galaxy, a beauty and the beast's sequel).

  • firefox5926
    firefox5926 7 days ago

    6:13 also he says " anywhere you like but the west wing" he doesnt say anywhere in the castle but the westwing"

    MICHAEL GOLD 8 days ago

    Lindsay is enchanting!

  • Patrick Frost
    Patrick Frost 8 days ago

    There is another aspect of character agency that you kinda brushed upon that I want to point out:
    A character with agency will make their own choices, but will also be confronted with the consequences of those actions, good or bad.
    In Beauty and the Beast, Belle makes mistakes. Going into the West Wing was a terrible idea, and the consequence of that is that she is yelled at. She then makes another mistake by running out the door in her fear during a snowstorm into a wolf infested forest, and then has to face the consequence of that action as well. Both actions hold very human aspects, the first being curiosity, and the second fear. These provide motivations that fell realistic and character driven.
    One thing that I notice when people talk about a character's agency, especially the female ones, is that there is that very few actions that a lot of modern characters have negative consequences, no matter if they are made from relatable drives or not.

  • DrOktobermensch
    DrOktobermensch 8 days ago

    >Belle is told that she needs to get married to be a happy woman
    >ends up marrying and becomes a happy woman
    Thanks Disney!

  • SaraJ86
    SaraJ86 8 days ago


  • Zeluron
    Zeluron 9 days ago


  • BluishRed
    BluishRed 11 days ago

    Anyone else here from the comment section of the Game Theory video about peach having Stockholm's Syndrome?

  • Swallowtail Drake
    Swallowtail Drake 12 days ago

    I've honestly never gotten where people who say that are coming from, to be honest. Even if the Beast did kidnap her, she still managed to escape and could easily have left him in the snow to die. However, she went back to help him heal, and ended up falling in love with him that way.

  • Supernova Kasprzak
    Supernova Kasprzak 12 days ago

    Stockholm Syndrome is only absent from the DSM5 because many psychologists think it "falls under post-tramautic stress disorder" and was under consideration for the latest version of the manuel,_2013) No psychologist has even hinted at it being "debunked pseudoscience". Perhaps there is more "research needed" (as you explained, it was discovered in 1973, pretty recently) but you mischaracterized this, I think deliberately.

  • Dead Inside
    Dead Inside 13 days ago

    Plot twist all I’ve learned is I want to rewatch beauty and the beast

  • The Badass Emu
    The Badass Emu 14 days ago +1

    I saw you close that tab!

  • Lyndi Wittmann
    Lyndi Wittmann 15 days ago

    Man, the eye animation in Disney films of the 90s did not age well.

  • David Szaks
    David Szaks 16 days ago

    But Belles father IS a "kidnappee" so when bell takes his place it's not just an agreement its a prisoner swap in which then Belle by definition is a prisoner. Even if Belle proposed the terms of the exchange (which she didn't) that wouldn't mean she isn't a prisoner or isn't being held against her will. And it is not until the Beast releases her, by telling her to get out, that she is able to engage in behaviors that assist in her release (which sort of harkins back to point 1). It's also implied that she had been in the castle for months considering the season change to winter mid blizzard.

  • Dogg Hunter
    Dogg Hunter 18 days ago

    psychologists don't debate the existence of stockholm syndrome not because we don't see it commonly but because it is very hard to determine the cause of the sympathetic attitude. i would argue that either saying this is or isn't stockholm would be hasty. we have no good way of testing what is or isn't stockholm gone are the glory days (cfi.FontFamily = FF_sarcastic;) of The Milgram Experiment or stanford Prison Experiment, we can't just capture 1000 diverse people and subject them to psychoanalysis to test the boundaries of how and why people empathise with their abusers. it does for sure happen what s debated is how and why and when people say it's about stockholm I believe they are just saying belle has no reason to develop a friendship or a romantic relationship with the beast. is that true I don't know i'm not belle and the story writers haven't let me into her head but it still could be stockholm

  • totlyepic
    totlyepic 21 day ago

    Why didn't you give Hercules the same generosity regarding the arcs of the main characters? I think there's a similar dual-protagonist growth it.

  • draganie
    draganie 26 days ago

    So I know this video is older now but I think the point of her wanting adventure then being okay with marrying is that for her this movie IS the adventure-it even matches pretty close to her favorite book of ‘far off places, daring sword fights, a prince in disguise!’

  • James Whelan
    James Whelan 26 days ago

    I'm sure she eventually uses Beasts money to visit Paris.

  • Activity A.M.
    Activity A.M. 27 days ago +1

    I think people who are trying to be edgy and theorize Disney movies into morbid or problematic tales used to really believe in true love and seeing the good in people but when they opened their eyes or when they turned 13 they found out that the world is an unforgiving place and they can't accept how the cartoons always featured happy endings so they theorize to fit it into the real world modern day interpretation.
    The interpretation that says the world is a cruel unforgiving place where every person works for himself and there is no such thing as a fairytale style love.

  • Fabricio Molina
    Fabricio Molina 29 days ago

    So, it's a story about stockholm symdrome then, I see.

  • Max Johnson
    Max Johnson Month ago

    Twelve dollars ninety nine to watch this movie on TheXvid. On a four inch screen. Thanks a lot, Lars Ulrich.

  • Marshall Abbott
    Marshall Abbott Month ago

    0:42 wasn't UP nominated for best picture in 2009?

  • waltherchemnitz
    waltherchemnitz Month ago

    Belle’s character is a “flat arc” character. She doesn’t believe a lie, and she’s not on a downward spiral, but she does live in a world that believes a lot of lies. She’s the impact character that, because she believes the truth, can change the world around her.
    At least that how I see it.

  • Bea H.
    Bea H. Month ago

    TheXvid recommends so many of your videos to me, I no longer know what to do. At first, I just didn't watch them because they didn't seem like the kind of thing that would interest me but I eventually decided to, if only so they would go away. And yes, I'm aware of the 'Not Interested' button, it doesn't do anything.
    This is the third video I watched because they keep appearing in my recommended, even after I clicked the 'Not interested' option in about five others. I didn't like any of them. I don't like the style and I don't like most of the arguments you make. I'm the kind of person that doesn't feel comfortable giving a verdict until I have a lot of information so I made a point of watching each one till the end and watching each one without the other videos in mind. It didn't help. These aren't for me.
    The part that most frustrates me is that I agree with the point you're trying to make, most of the time. But I dislike the way you go about it and the arguments you use to get there. Which doesn't necessarily mean you're doing it wrong. It just means what I like isn't this and it's really annoying that TheXvid keeps throwing something I don't care for in my face.
    Does anyone know how to make this channel no longer appear in my recommended?

  • kudzita
    kudzita Month ago

    I agree! Not really Stockholm syndrome. 100% an abuse-apologist narrative, though, so maybe don't celebrate quite yet.

  • Wang Wang
    Wang Wang Month ago

    Ok, I don't know about the original so... If the Beast already had a heart of gold, why is he a beast in the first place?

  • cursedchildsings
    cursedchildsings Month ago

    I've always thought that Belle's arc is about getting adventures out of her town (which... she does... the moment she gets into Beast's castle) AND "finding someone to understand" (The Beast).
    It may not be as solid as the Beast's, but I think it's a good one and I've always related to her in that sense somehow...
    The song from the musical, "A change in me" describes those feelings. It's not that "she gave up on her dreams" like some people claim, it's because she's already *living* them and that's beautiful and yeah I love it! lol

  • Raj Beats
    Raj Beats Month ago

    really dope work on this this track! id be down to work on a record with you

  • Pop_1567
    Pop_1567 Month ago

    Bell is the main character but she has a flat arc?

  • britipinojeff
    britipinojeff Month ago

    lol dude gives her a library and gets #Beastzoned

  • Brangoberry
    Brangoberry Month ago

    I dunno, you know... Disney movies, particularly the 80's and 90's ones, were always about love and happy endings. It's part of the genre, and I don't necessarily see anything terrible with that.

  • The book Wyrm
    The book Wyrm Month ago

    It has some points of Stockholm and so I can see how people can get that you’re right it’s so much more more

  • Vontos' Magic Murder Bag

    Right, it's not Stockholm Syndrome, but it is a classic cycle of abuse. Beast is an asshole to the woman in the prologue, an asshole to Maurice, a controlling asshole to Belle at first. He only starts being "nice" to Belle when his servants drop rose-related hints and he realizes he needs Belle for something. Then as soon as she breaks one of his rules, he flies into a rage and makes her leave. When he realizes he might lose her, he goes after her to get her back.
    When Belle leaves the second time, Beast becomes depressed and essentially suicidal, and as soon as he realizes he can get Belle back, he becomes violent. Granted, it's in self-defense, but it's still violence. I have no doubt that Beast and Belle developed genuine feelings for each other while they were together, but abusers and their victims usually have real feelings for each other too. Once the prince is married to Belle and has his princedom back, I have little doubt he'll take advantage of his increased power over her to go back to being controlling and violent. During the movie he never learns to stop being an abuser; he just learns to care for Belle.

  • AceBean27
    AceBean27 Month ago

    Iago has Stockholm Syndrome

  • TheBuenaventura93
    TheBuenaventura93 Month ago

    You make it sound as if finding love is a bad message. But it really is not.

  • Robogabriel
    Robogabriel Month ago

    I love "armchair diagnosis" XD

  • spideylover
    spideylover Month ago +1

    Yes it is. Deal with it.

  • Helena Stumpf Morelli

    I feel so much better after watching your video, especially after watching Pop Culture Detective's Abduction as Romance (the guy said horrible things about Batb!!!). I guess the flaw is that, in the end Belle ends up as a prince's wife, instead of seeing the world as she wanted... but, I guess that after 20 years stuck in the castle he should be as eager as Belle for going out and traveling a bit.

  • Megan K
    Megan K Month ago

    I actually woke up my dog laughing at #BEASTZONED

  • Hicknopunk
    Hicknopunk Month ago

    Have you ever read the book of it? It is about a father's love and how it gets the better of him. It is equally about a daughter's love for her father and how she chooses to suffer in his place. The beast in the story is from 10 to 12 years old. If you read it understanding this, his behavior suddenly makes a whole lot of sense. Afterall he is a cursed individual and a rich, spoiled brat.

  • Skeletorrential Downpour

    considering the story was originally created as an allegory for arranged marriages, and how if you both work towards being an understanding and forgiving partner that you and your designated hubby might actually end up HAPPY together-

  • Lonkinella
    Lonkinella Month ago

    11:25 everyone always focus on that part of the song. and always forget the other part that for me is more important: "and for once it would be nice, to have someone understand, i want to much more than they have planned" She lives in a town where NO ONE UNDERSTAND HER. I mean she is practically being bullied by everyone in the town all the time. Everyone talking behind her back about how weird she is, looking bad at her... i imagine it must be hell to live like that. She wants a fucking friend! a fucking ANYBODY, someone who understand her and share SOMETHING with her. She is so alone! in every way! Of course she wants adventure, you know, to feel something. But i think that finally finding someone who you like and who likes you back, someone with whom you can share things with, is something very important, and i don't understand why people give so little credit to that.
    Everything she lived WAS an adventure. And why do people assume she can't have more adventures after that? this time with the Beast at her side? why do people think it's always one thing or the other?

  • Nonukez
    Nonukez Month ago

    Seems like Lindsay Ellis has Stockholm Syndrome for Disney...
    And anyone who replies negatively to this comment has Stockholm Syndrome to Lindsay Ellis.
    Trust me, I watched an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and skimmed through the Wikipedia page on Stockholm Syndrome, I'm supremely qualified.

  • Mordaedil
    Mordaedil 2 months ago +1

    I thought Stockholm Syndrome was just an example of a behavior, not a psychological disorder. Because that'd be really weird for 4 people to have it at the same time.

  • sandra sofia
    sandra sofia 2 months ago

    I like you

  • Max Nyström
    Max Nyström 2 months ago

    Or sometime i can tell apart linsey from Jennifer blommor from roach koach

  • Lexi Eldridge
    Lexi Eldridge 2 months ago +2

    Every time I talk about this movie my sister tries to convince me to stop supporting it because of this reason. I tried to show her the video a few minutes ago and as soon as you mentioned Belle not having Stockholm Syndrome she walked out and claimed this was all lies. I'm so mad lmao

  • FantaZY
    FantaZY 2 months ago +4

    The thing that most people miss is....
    He didn’t even kidnap her or seeked her and kept her in the dungeon...
    Like did they not watch the movie? Or did they miss the entire plot of the movie and the entire point?
    Even Disney seems to forget that; in Wreck-it Ralph 2 when the princesses asks Venelope to confirm if she’s a princess or not, each gets to ask a question that sort highlights their story, with Rapunzel I get it, she was kidnapped and enslaved, but why Belle asks that too?!
    She wasn’t kidnapped nor enslaved.

  • UnholyCin
    UnholyCin 2 months ago

    Hmm, all good. I don't think the relationship is 'healthy', but then Beast does actually change, realises he's being a dick, so yeah. I mean, Cracked once tried to argue that Gaston is the 'good guy', which made me laugh.

  • Kye Dysarthria
    Kye Dysarthria 2 months ago +1

    I feel like the stockholm syndrome argument falls into the same issue as the hercules being on his knees for prayer. The audience sees aspects of the relationship that could be in a capter capty relationship and immediately associate it with that without looking at full picture.

  • Just a Bard
    Just a Bard 2 months ago +1

    This video changed my mind about the Stockholm syndrome thing, but I watched the movie like once... like most people I'm sure who are ignorant of the movie and wanted to find a pseudo intellectual reason to dislike it. Though in my defense it became like star wars to me: oft talked about to the point where, whether I'm right or not, it FEELS like I already know the story too much to enjoy it. Plus I'm sure I'm getting over disliking girly things because I thought I was supposed to. idk.
    Anyway, the bigger point I feel is that Stockholm syndrome starts to feel more like a simplified version of gaslighting. The idea that an abuse victim can't escape their abuse because the abuser essentially makes them believe theyre doing good instead of harm.
    People who subsribe to the idea of Stockholm syndrome might be missing the real point. It's assumed that we shouldn't value the agency in victims of abuse because any choice they make must be because of Stockholm syndrome when In fact, theyre just as functioning as we are EXCEPT for being convinced that the world works a different way because their abusers spent time convincing them of such. With the right info, theyd be aware of the lies whereas a victim of Stockholm syndrome seems like they have no agency at all after being captured.
    Idk, I that's just kind of what I feel anyway.

  • Jack Doyle
    Jack Doyle 2 months ago +1

    The agreement is under duress, as he is threatening her father

  • Danielle Johnston
    Danielle Johnston 2 months ago

    Thank you!!

  • Tamayako
    Tamayako 2 months ago

    Even in the scene where Belle was "under the threat of injury" after going into the west wing, the Beast has several opportunities to attack her, but instead he snaps at her for disobeying him and then takes his rage out on the furniture. That's not self control exactly, but he at least knew(I assume) in that moment that destroying some non-sentient furniture was a better option than attacking his captive even though she did break a rule that he very, very clearly laid down for her. And on the subject of self-preservation, she must have assumed he would get angry at her for sneaking into the west wing if he ever found out, which of course brings out her reaction of fear when she notices he was in there too. She KNEW he was going to be upset with her.

  • beriigirl
    beriigirl 2 months ago +1

    My problem with Beauty is that it shows girls that an abusive man might actually have a sweet side, and might give you nice things. The Beast is terrifying. Not because of his animal-like form but because of how he treats people.
    I don’t want young girls to think that if they hang in there with an abusive, immature, violent man that things might get better.
    All abusers are capable of kindness, but that doesn’t mean you should stay with them. ESPECIALLY if that person is an adult with serious problems that can’t be fixed over the course of a few months.

  • synth -chan
    synth -chan 2 months ago +1

    I've read a translation of the original Beauty and the Beast and it's vastly different from the simplified fairy tale that most of us know. I think it's also pretty interesting to note that it was written by a female member of the upper class (who married into aristocracy, and whose aristocratic husband subsequently lost all of their money) and could almost be seen as a way to explain to younger women of the same social class: 'Okay, you're not going to marry a guy you love. You're going to marry a jerk, probably. But if you're a good Christian wife then you can change him through...uh, being a good example! or something.'
    Also, I would be really interested in watching a review of the various Beauty and the Beast adaptations. My favorite is Panna a netvor (1978) because it's so goofy and gothic.

  • Nicole Messer
    Nicole Messer 2 months ago

    I feel like belle did gain something by being with the beast. Having a man appreciate you doesn’t sound like much, but having someone like you for your qualities and encourage your hobbies (ie beast giving her the library) is a lot. She didn’t have someone like that at the village outside of her father, so she does gain something emotionally in the relationship

  • Maggie Harper
    Maggie Harper 2 months ago

    This is why I like the broadway musical version of Beauty and the Beast. Belle actually has a character arc. Her's is about not feeling at home in this "poor provincial town." Then when she's first held captive by the beast, she sings a solo about how she never thought she'd miss that place and she doesn't know how she'll be able to cope in this castle. It isn't until the end when the beast is dying in her arms that she tells him that this is home, because she's come to the realization that "home" is wherever the people you love are.
    So yeah I guess.

  • dionysos46
    dionysos46 2 months ago

    Belle had an adventure because she turns from a original-minded girl in a realistic fantasy of France to a Fairytale Princess with a huge knowledge in literature who allows her to be the inspirational mother of all adventurers.

  • Joelle Hale
    Joelle Hale 2 months ago

    Now im in a disney mood

  • TheDunestyler
    TheDunestyler 2 months ago

    your point of her agency being stripped from her is undermined by the very fact that she chooses to stay in her father's stead.
    her dream of self-actualization is not nessecary to be fulfilled for her to have agency either. her decisions are her own, therefore she has agency. instead of leaving beast behind entirely, she decides to go back, therefore she has agency. there's nothing truly forced here and she could choose to chase her dreams, but she chooses NOT to... therefore: THAT is not the problem with this movie.

  • DeepEye1994
    DeepEye1994 2 months ago

    In the original Disney movie, they NEVER tell Belle about the curse, sure she sees the painting and the rose, but she doesn't know what they mean. She doesn't know her falling in love with the Beast is the only thing that can turn him back into a human along with the other servants (she probably believes they're just magical objects, that they've always been like that) and that there's a deadline. Belle was NOT pressured to love the Beast, she genuinely developed feelings for him.
    ...In the "fixed" 2017 remake, Belle is informed about the curse, the fact the Beast and the objects used to be human and it's hammered to her multiple times. Way to go, as if Emma Watson's Belle already had a stiff and unemotional chemistry with the boring CGI Beast, she probably engages out of obligation of not dooming him and his people.
    Yeah, yeah, no, it's not about the beauty within, changing and becoming a better person out of love and getting loved back, it's not about that shit anymore, it's about breaking the curse and saving people. And it makes her leaving to help her father and Beast letting her do so thus dooming the castle reprehensible, Belle KNOWS what's gonna happen to the servants if she doesn't stay (especially because in the remake the servants would become INANIMATE OBJECTS, pretty much *die* if she doesn't break the curse). Fuck the remake.

  • Scott Elder
    Scott Elder 2 months ago

    Beauty and the Beast is not my favourite Disney film (that'd be Lion King) but I would say it's the best

  • Elizabeth H
    Elizabeth H 2 months ago

    Belle does have an arc, though. (Side note: this is why I like the Broadway version so much. It really says more about Belle's arc.) It's not that she wants adventure per say, more that she's just not happy where she is. (The Broadway goes into this with not only "Belle Reprise", but also in "Home", where Belle sees anyplace where she is as terrible and temporary, even showing that she doesn't view the town or the castle as home.) The town treats her and her father terribly, and she's alone most of the time, so she turns to stories to escape that lonliness. Because of that, her version of "not where she is" is the adventures of her books. But when she spends time in the castle and finds a group of people, ( including the servents, remember how they also treat Belle with kindness and respect? ) who actually are nice to her and listen to her, she comes to a realization that it wasn't really adventure she wanted, she just wanted to be someplace where she was happy and could be happy as herself. (Broadway: "A Change in Me") Beast and the castle as a whole are that place.
    Whoops. Didn't mean to write an essay. Just love this movie and wish people would stop saying Belle has no arc. While not as extreme as Beast's, there is something there.

  • Flying Dude Commentart
    Flying Dude Commentart 2 months ago

    But yes, their relationship is abusive af lol, the wrath and reward behaviour of the beast is the hallmark of psychopaths and insecure partners.

  • Meghan
    Meghan 2 months ago

    This is why disney movies are more for kids... they shouldn't be dissected so much.. kids understand the kindness belle shows and literally the whole plot more then adults with disney blogs and "head cannons". There's no deeper subplot and there doesn't need to be.

  • Lion of Judah
    Lion of Judah 2 months ago

    Anyone else here after watching her video about the remake???
    Also she even hinted at maybe doing a video about the remake. Consider yourself a prophet, Lindsay!

  • Jean Gentry
    Jean Gentry 2 months ago +1

    I wouldn't call BATB sexless. It's meant to be more "innocent romance", but the sexual tension is there. They just saved it for the kiss :-)

  • Tareltonlives
    Tareltonlives 2 months ago

    This goes great with the 2017 BatB review-aka the producer for that film went "OMG THIS PLOT IS ABOUT STOCKHOLM SYNDROME WE GOTTA FIX ITTT!1111!!!"

  • Choir Fandom Cooking Rants and Random Channel

    Can I develop Stockholm syndrome to school

  • Ellie Kiperts
    Ellie Kiperts 2 months ago

    Snap snap, especially the last minute! Thank you for you're debunking, Lindsay Ellis!

  • Arne Sahlen
    Arne Sahlen 2 months ago

    Belle chooses a Beast who already showed respect for her love of books, and gave freedom. Se chose to return

  • Arne Sahlen
    Arne Sahlen 2 months ago

    I have seen Stockholm Syndrome up close. Analytical error is insisting in all or nothing - it must include all the 'armchair-imposed attributes. That said, I fully agree with your view that B&B is nit about this syndrome.

  • Paige Thomas
    Paige Thomas 2 months ago

    I had never seen any footage at all of that black and white Belle et la Bête before this. What a gem. Thank you

  • Average Joesson
    Average Joesson 2 months ago

    It's getting pretty annoying that Lindsay always has to shoehorn the feminist "women have no agency in movies" and "men are the solution to all female problems" arguments. No maybe guys aren't the solution to your problem but finding a good guy for yourself gotta be worth something, the way that the issue is always brought up it's framed in a way to mark relationships between men and women as practically useless and that's not something I think is a good viewpoint to have especially in how you apply that viewpoint to your own life as it's very disrespectful to view your relationships as having no value.
    Personally I would say that relationships are very important, yet I see them as ultimately temporary and very fragile. I think that's better than looking at them as permanent, robust and therefore not very important.
    Learning to love another person can make yourself become better. Beauty isn't a bad person, but she isn't necessarily a good person either. She betrays the Beast on multiple occasions and as you said - if it wasn't for the villagers then she might not have come back again. Beast isn't a jerk because he's naturally malevolent but because he's very short tempered and autoritative and the reason why he acts that way is because he was spoiled by his household as explained in the opening narration of the movie. He hasn't had much chance to develop and realize how his behavior ultimately punishes himself before he met Belle.
    Belle is more submissive in the beginning against Beast but as she gets to know him she realizes that he's a person just like she is and that's why it's easier for her to stand up to him.
    Saying that Belle has no arc is just plain wrong. She does. Whenever she and the audience comes to realize that she has changed is just a lot more subtile. And criticizing that Belle had no agency isn't fair either since she's basically drives the plot just as much as the beast does.
    Lindsay, I love your work and I think you have a very nuanced perspective on films that is of great value but you need to look more objectively on them too I think and abandon your biases.

  • 1000dollarman
    1000dollarman 2 months ago +1

    Slip the wolves a 20. Hilarious

  • JAY EM
    JAY EM 2 months ago +1

    Thank you for calling out armchair psychology and pseudo-intellectualism in media critiquing. It's unbearable. Everyone always wants to sound so smart and modern.

  • Die Swan
    Die Swan 2 months ago

    Theon Greyjoy might be a better example of Stockholm Syndrome than Belle is.

  • MountainRain
    MountainRain 2 months ago +3

    Is it about Stockholm syndrome? No. Does it have it? Yeah

  • Ashley Walton
    Ashley Walton 2 months ago +1

    lol i took a womens studies course a few years ago and the TA gave a whole presentation about why the stories are all abusive or anti-feminist. literally the laziest goddamn presentation, she didn't even watch half of them beforehand so she was ridiculously wrong.

  • andre somerville
    andre somerville 3 months ago

    It's my theory that belle was actually a victim of the Florence Nightingale Effect. Remember, the turning point of Bell and Beast's relationship was the wolf attack where the beast got hurt, and Belle had to treat his wounds.

  • Elsa la Goule
    Elsa la Goule 3 months ago

    Me, someone whose native langage is french: What is that giberrish? .... OH WAIT!

  • Efthymia 123
    Efthymia 123 3 months ago

    Beastzoned... 😁

  • Robert Kritz
    Robert Kritz 3 months ago

    Amazing videos I have to say! Just found your channel and watched video essays of almost all of the 90s Disney movies! Stay awesome and peace out!

  • Yellowsidekick
    Yellowsidekick 3 months ago +1

    I started watching for through the Hobbit docu, which was better than 9.99999/10 "professional" documentaries (I have to rate deep sea divers higher due to gross squids). Stayed for the realness on the Disney/Mouse.

  • Thomas Gore
    Thomas Gore 3 months ago +1

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO. I seriously irks me when people just kind of passively say that "Beauty and the Beast" is about Stockholm Syndrome, you don't even know. I didn't do enough research to back up my argument but here it is right here in this video. Thank you.

  • Declan Hargrove
    Declan Hargrove 3 months ago +1

    Okay, initially I didn’t agree with you at all...I’m 9 minutes in and I’ve been pursued. Kudos to you- I’m glad I watched this. Hella well thought out. I love your videos.

  • The Name Thing Is Not Happening YouTube

    Please tell me she’s done a video on the shitty Emma Watson version.

  • Gabbylillyella 18
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    vyse174 1665 3 months ago

    And the beast became Dan stevens with a wig

  • testycatfish
    testycatfish 3 months ago

    he's hotter as a beast than a human i'd look at him like that too after he changed back