Is Beauty and the Beast About Stockholm Syndrome?

  • Published on Mar 29, 2017
  • No. The answer is no.
    And before you feel the urge to "SCREEN JUNKIES DID IT FIRST" - no, Screen Junkies did it, like, 40th. I'm merely 41st.
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  • Matthew Jung
    Matthew Jung Day ago

    Or could it be possibly fan art? 🤔

  • Désirée Naef
    Désirée Naef 2 days ago

    Thank you SO MUCH for this!! 💓 i‘m so sick of people talking about Stockholm Syndrome with Beauty and the Beast. It’s my all-time favorite movie.

  • roland kamugisha
    roland kamugisha 5 days ago

    But what is the overall message .stay with abuser till he changes????

  • 5 Binder
    5 Binder 6 days ago

    Also his outburst is self contained. He tells her to get out. She was never in any danger unless she stayed, which he told her not to do. Sometimes people loose control (in real life, of their temper, in this movie, of their beast-ness) but he seemed like he was trying to protect her from himself in that moment, by telling her to leave. There’s nothing wrong with having an outburst alone in your room, especially if you struggle with control. It’s not his fault she wouldn’t gtfo

  • Jasmine - Ruff-Puff
    Jasmine - Ruff-Puff 7 days ago

    Friendzone isn't a thing.

  • Leila M-K
    Leila M-K 10 days ago

    Thank you! You can be smug about this. You've bothered to do the research. Few people do.

  • brighty2007
    brighty2007 18 days ago

    “Top 2.5” what dose it mean

  • ApeOfJustice
    ApeOfJustice 21 day ago

    Anyone else see the "beauty and the beast erotic fan fic" tab that got closed at 00:23. Funny touch XD

  • Gibran Colbert
    Gibran Colbert 26 days ago

    An agreement made under duress isn’t a valid agreement.

  • Fangsabre
    Fangsabre Month ago

    I wouldnt put Mulan in the montage of "girls who just need the right guy". The guy is a bonus. The journey is entirely Mulan's. She wants to make her family proud and find herself, then when her father is called to war she wants to protect her family, thus making them proud. Along the way she becomes a warrior, saving her father from what would've been certain death for him in battle, and then saved FUCKING CHINA, while also teaching the chauvinist side characters that shes a badass, including the hot guy. Then comes home a war hero. More confident in herself and bringing honor and pride to her family. Along with the hot guy. Hes just kinda there. Like, he was super macho guy, then he met Mulan, found out Mulan was a girl and went " damn, shes hot AND kicks ass"..... also his dad died.

  • Unchallenged Mediocrity

    Ben 10 Ultimate Alien actually did a pretty good job of portraying Stockholm Syndrome, using a Hollywood movie star as an example. They establish this actress as beautiful and popular, but she has a deadbeat mother and no real friends or family, so when she gets kidnapped, she becomes obsessed and infatuated with her captor. All this in a KID'S SHOW ABOUT A GUY WHO TURNS INTO ALIENS!

  • Nathan Lott
    Nathan Lott Month ago

    Top 2 1/2? I'm going to go ahead and guess that #1 is The Lion King and 2/3 are Beauty and the Beast/Aladdin?

  • Ben Stiebel
    Ben Stiebel Month ago

    I discovered your channel fairly recently. As a writer myself I want to give the characters agency regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or whatever. Your analysis are remarkably insightful and interesting. What is this character's arc? What is this character trying to achieve? Why should we care about this character, their wants, their needs, or anything about them? Those are questions that are relevant to the media we consume, the media we create, and, on a more fundamental level, who we are as people, individuals and a culture. Thank you for doing what you do.

  • Maryam Khan
    Maryam Khan Month ago

    Yo, can you tell me your sources?

  • Jonah Hochman
    Jonah Hochman Month ago

    2:01 I literally said “no” in unison

  • XShadOBabeX
    XShadOBabeX Month ago

    OMG... I've lived with this movie since I was a toddler... and only now just noticed Belle's face at 14:16 ... It's hilarious!! XDD

  • Tim Vanderwoerd
    Tim Vanderwoerd Month ago

    I think your right. This isn’t belles movie as much as the beast or even Gaston. It’s about bettering yourself and how not to be selfish. It’s about what it means to put yourself before others, how being liked by the masses doesn’t really mean anything if your a despicable human being, about how easily the masses are to be controlled if they are emotionally charged (I think an important lesson for today’s day). Belle is an example of purity and good, which is needed for the beast to make his arch, because he realizes Belle is someone worthy of making sacrifices for compared to Gaston who just sees her as a prize to be won. This movie is about bettering yourself to get the person you want, as apposed to just getting him or her because you feel you deserve it somehow. This can speak to both men and women; however being that it is told with the two men in the spotlight, I think young men and boys will learn more from the messages. I know I did growing up. This still remains one of my favourite movies of all time. If Belle did have a more complex arch, do you think the movie would be too bloated with all of the themes this movie has?

  • Jif
    Jif Month ago

    It's a little weird that people in the comments keep mentioning things that happen to Belle and call it a "character arc"; she's not the one changing there; She wants adventure, she gets adventure....but what about her character? What does she learn? AND at what point in the movie, are any of these character changes implied/shown/evident?

  • Miss Amanda's world

    They never got married in 1991 movie the dance as humans is for his birthday

  • Bayley Farrell
    Bayley Farrell Month ago

    Man, it feels like every video essayist has to use the 'pose the question at the beginning of the video, answer it in one or two words, then pretend to end the video early' joke at least once, and like, I'd say it's an easy joke, but it also gets me every time, so... I guess I love it?

  • Caesar Speaks
    Caesar Speaks Month ago

    She is anti-rescue. Look at how she yells at Gaston trying to save her.

    • SaveMeMoon
      SaveMeMoon Month ago

      She didn't need saving, and he wasn't trying to save her in that scene. She was already free, what Gaston did was trying to throw her father in an asylum and kill the beast. You seem like you need to watch this film again with a fresh set of eyes.

  • Gwyneth/Peter Ochsner

    Also, Adam was, in my opinion, entirely justified in his actions. I don’t mean everything he did was right, I mean everything he did is entirely understandable given the context: HE WAS ELEVEN. He was an 11 year old CHILD who didn’t let a stranger into his house while his parents were away, and she turned him into a monster as punishment for being cautious. And, as a result, he was never socialised as an adult. He is developmentally and sociologically stunted, and his behaviour is literally that of a scared and angry kid who has had to, for the most part, fend for himself this whole time, and I just! UGH! I have so much to say about this, but Adam is not the terrible abuser these people make him out to be. If anything, Belle is a bit suspect for entering a romantic relationship with someone who is clearly years behind her in terms of emotional maturity.

  • Alma Vela
    Alma Vela Month ago

    To be honest the only problem I have with Beauty in the Beast is that Beast kidnaps Maurice and I will never know if he would have had the same character growth living with Maurice instead of Belle. Beast changes his manners because he falls in love with Belle. Would he have changed his manners just due to respect and empathy towards Maurice? A grown man who's sick and apart from his beloved daughter?

    I know that Belle is also the main character, that this is a love story, a Renaissance Disney movie, and that the movie is based on a book. I recognize that it is a great movie and that the new live action adaptation messed it up by trying to "fix" the original. Guess this kind of story is not my cup of tea.

  • LillacStudios
    LillacStudios Month ago

    The Beast uses Coercive Control and it should NOT be celebrated. This is extremely harmful and a major issue in domestic violence because women around the world are trapped in horrible relationships. It doesn't matter if Belle does or doesn't have Stockholm syndrome. She is a victim of coercive control through bartering her father's health, through threats of violence, isolation, starvation, displays of aggression and more by the beast. Coercive Control is becoming illegal around the world because studies are showing it is insanely harmful. Look up pictures of women before and after a relationship with a man who uses coercive control and you will see what I mean. Their health completely obliterated, they will be aged hugely by stress and left with a slew of mental health problems. These are the lucky ones who get away. It completely ruins women's lives leaving them in positions where they can not leave, access help or are in danger of extreme violence because people do not realize Coercive Control is a huge problem. It is not ok to have such a widely popular story that basically tells women who are experiencing Coercive Control that they aren't in danger and should just "just forgive the guy". This is why women end up murdered because people won't listen to them or believe them that the threat is real until they are already dead.

  • Curtis Hammer
    Curtis Hammer Month ago

    16:28 "Your uninformed observation does not make you smarter than the media you consume. It just means you're not paying attention."
    TRUTH 💣💥

  • Trevor
    Trevor Month ago

    oh man that "bye lol" cracked me up :)

  • Evan Adams
    Evan Adams Month ago

    I agree it’s not Stockholm syndrome - but the first half of the movie does entail literal captivity. So even when he mellows and she finds forgiveness, etc. it’s more creepy than charming IMO. No, it’s not Stockholm syndrome..that’s true....but it’s still weird if you break it down and look at the story objectively, especially the first half of the movie. Yes, we change and grow and learn from mistakes, so we should identify with the beast’s progession. But then again, I’ve never held someone captive... 🤷🏼‍♂️ i dunno. The themes of the story are so great, and that’s why I feel it’s a bummer that these themes are overshadowed (IMO) by a really really mean first half of the story.

  • Ajay
    Ajay Month ago

    What is Beast's name anyway? Did Belle just go on calling him "Beast" after they got married?

  • sloth jr
    sloth jr Month ago

    I was half-watching this in the background - Belle's voice sounds almost EXACTLY like Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz, particularly when she sees and comments on her father's health.

  • Charlotte C
    Charlotte C 2 months ago

    Oh dear God, after watching this all I can imagine is a sequel of Beauty and the Beast that shows what happens after the original films events where the Beast (now Adam) is just being continuously friendzoned by Belle

  • Brian Hotaling
    Brian Hotaling 2 months ago

    the theme from MEDICAL CENTER!?!!?!?

  • OtakuhimeXDD
    OtakuhimeXDD 2 months ago

    Hades and Satan are technically two different people.
    But great video!

  • vfaulkon
    vfaulkon 2 months ago

    I always hated this argument too. Not just because it's fallacious, but because it completely disregards a basic fact about human beings - people with bad behaviors are capable of changing those behaviors, and aren't in fact completely irredeemable piles of garbage. Seeing how characters react to events in the plot, watching how they become better or worse people as the story goes on, is the basis of damn near every story ever told. It's what makes a story interesting enough to follow in the first place. Yet the idea that because the Beast started out as an asshole and slowly got better over the course of the story doesn't matter to some readers/viewers because first impressions are all that count.
    It just baffles me in this particular case, because there's so much more worth looking at that's actually reasonable in this story. Could Gaston be considered a tragic villain because the society he lived in never challenged him for his negative actions? After all, he and the Beast are clearly at similar levels of dickotry at the beginning of the film, but whereas the Beast has his servants and Belle trying to temper his attitude, Gaston only has his sycophantic friend and a town full of people who both admire him and admonish the one person who challenges him. Or what about the roles of the servants in all this? Their destinies are just as endangered as the Beast's, yet even when he becomes a better person he's more invested in the woman he met weeks ago than the group of sentient furnishings that have been loyal to even throughout the entire curse. Isn't there something of value to discuss there?
    Apparently not, because apparently the Disney animation studio wanted to use a movie about talking candelabras performing showtunes in an enchanted castle to inform and discuss an unusual maybe, maybe-not quirk of human psychology that wasn't even recognized when the original story came about.

  • Care Bear
    Care Bear 2 months ago

    We honestly dont have good evidence to say they dont go on adventures after the end of the movie. I mean, beast wanted to gain his humanity partly to leave the castle. So maybe they both want adventure & go after that after the movie. Also "and for once it might be grand to have someone understand". Once best starts bettering himself, he tries to understand and cares about what she wants(to read, and then to rescue her father).

  • CeltycSparrow
    CeltycSparrow 2 months ago

    Here's the thing.....I agree with your theory that Belle does not have Stockholm syndrome and here is the main reason why.....She is not a "hostage" at all. Her own father was very clear in telling her to leave the castle and that he didn't want her to take his place and even the Beast seemed shocked when she goes to rescue her father from the Beast's castle and she WILLINGLY tells the Beast that she will take her father's place...even when she was told that doing so meant that she must promise to remain there forever and never see her father again. Maurice was a prisoner because the Beast held him against his will....Belle struck an agreement with the Beast to let her father leave in exchange for her staying in his place forever. And while it was true that she was initially frightened of him, like you said, she was not afraid to stand up to him. When Belle is running away after the Beast catches her in the west wing, she ACKNOWLEDGES that she made a promise before she leaves. And their friendship was only born AFTER the Beast stopped being an ass and started treating her with kindness and respect. If she truly was a hostage wanting to escape, she could have left him to die when he saved her from the wolves, but she made a conscious choice to return to the castle with him. And she does it again at the end of the movie....if she were a hostage, it wouldn't have mattered to her that Gaston wanted to kill the Beast. But she returned to save him because she loved him. That's why of all the Disney love stories, Beauty and the Beast is my favorite because its not love at first sight. It takes time for them to fall in love and when they do, the love is sincere.

  • TonkarzOfSolSystem
    TonkarzOfSolSystem 2 months ago

    9:02 Lindsay I love you but what do you mean, "nope". Her father isn't trying to rescue her in any of these scenes. People who have stockholm syndrome don't just randomly have negative feelings to any former loved ones. They'll have positive feelings right up until the loved one actually does something about the stockholm situation.

  • TonkarzOfSolSystem
    TonkarzOfSolSystem 2 months ago

    But Belle takes her fathers place because the Beast was holding him captive. The exact circumstances of how Belle ended up a captive don't matter all that much when it comes to stockholm syndrome.

  • seb paver
    seb paver 2 months ago

    hE's My FrIeNd

  • SpoonyLionheart
    SpoonyLionheart 2 months ago

    Where can I find that image of Belle in the KoRn shirt?

  • forest witch ddaeng
    forest witch ddaeng 2 months ago

    I didn't think that deep about this movie when I was little, I just thought it was another love story like the other princess movies, and I think there was something unconsciously unsettling to me about the beast being scary and yelly (due to trauma I didn't know I had at the time). I think it's worth pointing out that while SOME kids may eventually pick up on the messages you pointed out, in the view of most kids it doesn't stray that far from pretty lady marries man and bad guy is defeated. And making the guy the pretty girl marries a scary yelly violent man can be a harmful message.

  • Tessa Violet
    Tessa Violet 2 months ago


  • Audio Knight
    Audio Knight 2 months ago

    I alwas thought that Belle's arc was about appreciating a simple-boring life. Yeah we all teenagers want to have adventures and punch bad guys and get the girl/boy/whatever. But when we are actually in such an scenario, its terrifying, and we start missing the simple life.
    So guys, remember, never leave your house, its not worth it (jk)

  • Kairi091
    Kairi091 2 months ago

    Your face looks crazy white in this video and that's okay.

  • Charlene Rafferty
    Charlene Rafferty 3 months ago

    No its not Beauty comes from within thats wat Beauty And the beast is about

  • Alphastar007
    Alphastar007 3 months ago

    And to debunk your list of reasons:
    1)You don't even argue it
    2)It's an ultimatum, ultimatums are NOT choices.
    3)She left into the cold and wildness & a pack of wolves. Not really an escape.
    4)She literally cares for him after the wolves
    5)Ignores the key trigger that caused the original outburst of touching the rose. Notice Belle no longer tries to do that.
    6)She goes against the townspeople to protect the Beast. Some townspeople she's know her whole life presumably.
    Good try though.

  • Ming Mongo
    Ming Mongo 3 months ago

    The DSM only matters if you are trying to get your insurance company to pay for treatment. Other than that, cool video.

  • W S
    W S 3 months ago

    Getting strong Emilia Clarke vibes over here,

  • Amy Michelle Wiley
    Amy Michelle Wiley 3 months ago

    It's not Stolkholm syndrome but it sure has a lot in common with abused spouse "syndrome". There could be a beautiful story of not basing your love on looks and all that without the coercion, threat of violence, and control.

  • SpookyRoseV
    SpookyRoseV 3 months ago

    Really the Stockholm theory is just one big “Belle ain’t no real feminist hero” thing

  • AkuTenshiiZero
    AkuTenshiiZero 3 months ago

    The way I see it, this is a story about two people have no goddam clue what they're doing. Belle wants a life of adventure and discovery, but she gets in over her head and basically gets over her teen aspirations after a nice hard dosage of reality. Y'know, like we all do, plus magic. Beast is just winging it the whole goddam time. And, well, it all works out eventually.

  • Pinkaugust
    Pinkaugust 3 months ago

    Isn't Belle's character arc to learn how to see beneath the exterior? She's been around plain people all her life, people with basic concerns that she understands quite well and then she's confronted with the beast, a man transformed into a monster because of his cruelty with only one way of redemption: For someone to love him. That's sort of the irony of his curse, because how could anyone do anything but fear him? He's a monster, AND he's cruel. What could anyone possibly find to love in him? Belle doesn't like him in the beginning because she only sees the beast and the cruelty, but as time goes she sees him more and more as a man and less as a monster. She learns to see beyond his exterior and into his soul, and now she understands the villagers better as well. She knows Gaston is not only a good looking, popular manly man, his soul is the monster she first saw in Beast. She can see through him now.
    I guess you could say Belle's character arc is to open her eyes, look at the world instead of books and see the stories of people around her, put her feet back on the ground and live in the real world.

  • Pinkaugust
    Pinkaugust 3 months ago +5

    That moment you realise that Lindsay Ellis looks more like Belle than Emma Watson does...

  • lakydei
    lakydei 3 months ago

    Excellent video! Also if living in an enchanted castle and fall in love with a monster isn't an adventure idk what it is. Bella got the adventure and got the prince in disguise and got rich so she can travel to wherever she wants and have more adventures, how's that? AAAnd got people that likes her for what she IS! (the servants)

  • Man Ray
    Man Ray 3 months ago

    On Stockholm syndrome. More “Research” needed.

  • Anna Che
    Anna Che 3 months ago +1

    What’s that meme called she used in the beginning?

  • Polina Medvedeva
    Polina Medvedeva 3 months ago

    Your videos make my day every single time! Great content.

  • Bryce Johansen
    Bryce Johansen 3 months ago

    12:47 I think you're oversimplifying this

  • Richard Parker
    Richard Parker 3 months ago

    I always thought it was about trying to convince impressionable young girls that this should be their preferred romantic ideal. As metaphor, it isn't about the Beast changing, but about Belle seeing him differently as she gets to know him. As I continue to fade into my own single, creepy old manhood, I'm beginning to think maybe I shouldn't object to this message after all. Sadly, I lack the wealth to really pull it off. What is one to do when one resents and envies both the privilege imparted by wealth and the privilege imparted by beauty/popularity/athleticism? Just for the record, I prefer my women Brave.

  • MrTeniguafez
    MrTeniguafez 3 months ago

    **B E A S T Z O N E D**

  • justabitofamug
    justabitofamug 3 months ago

    Frankenstein and beauty and the beast crossover

  • Riot Breaker
    Riot Breaker 3 months ago

    I think Belle just wanted a story, and she definitely got one. "Tale as old as Time".

  • legolassanimelover
    legolassanimelover 3 months ago

    idk if anyone is gonna care about this considering this video is a year and a half old, but at 0:46: "Up" was nominated for Best Picture in 2010 and "Toy Story 3" was nominated in 2012.

  • Kate Tatman
    Kate Tatman 3 months ago

    9:22 I fUCKING lost it

  • tcoudi
    tcoudi 3 months ago

    you would love how andrzej sapkowski (author of the witcher) took this story. beast is lonely rich guy he had multiple girls like this and they are in it for the money.

  • Adam Ethridge
    Adam Ethridge 3 months ago

    Old boy just like belly rubs

  • shaylen sanders
    shaylen sanders 3 months ago

    But yea good point

  • shaylen sanders
    shaylen sanders 3 months ago

    If she doesn't stay, then her father would stay and die... so that's not really "not a threat of violence." He was extorting her for her father's safety

  • Serpillard le rusé
    Serpillard le rusé 3 months ago

    I always thought Belle got totally cheated at the end, though: she fell in love with a badass monster and ended up with a bland-looking prince!

  • KonElKent
    KonElKent 3 months ago

    "Stockholm Syndrome" as a standalone illness/affliction/whathaveyou might fall into the "needs further study" box. But under the umbrellas of brainwashed and grooming; which are recognized in the psychiatric/psychological fields, it definitely carries water. So the real question is: Does the Beast groom Belle? Oh, hell yes!
    Belle's "agreement" is made under duress, her father is facing certain death in the Beast's dungeon. She can make a trade for her comparatively healthier life or plan for the funeral. As soon as he sees an opportunity to get what he wants (the "love" to turn human again), he begins to ply her with comforts and gifts. Maybe a case could be made that he is stricken with a conscience when he let's her go. But that doesn't erase the grooming.

  • Psiberzerker
    Psiberzerker 3 months ago

    Okay, first of all, if we're going to psychoanalyze the Didney version, then I just have to point out that Belle is an intellectual emotional sadist. She gaslit the entire town in her opening number, waving books in their faces, while singing openly about how quaint, and illiterate they were. The reason Gaston wasn't up to her standards is he's an Idiot. Bastion had a Library. That's basically it. She's pretty damned anti-social about it, too. She seems to genuinely care about her father (But he's a famous inventor, so it may be intellectual pride there too.) Seeing as she gets top billing, her state of mind at the start is really significant before we start bandying about Stockholm Syndrome.

  • drfreshey
    drfreshey 3 months ago

    But what do you think about the claim some people make that Beast has Lima Syndrome? I assume it's likely more of these same points, but I'm just curious.

  • Sell
    Sell 3 months ago

    The Beast still definitely qualifies as an abuser. He's controlling, violent and angry in the extreme. The story is about forgiveness - but that's exactly the problem. It sends the message that people should forgive their abusers once they start being nice. Maybe in this case the Beast really changed, but real abusers rarely do.

  • Stephanie Romero
    Stephanie Romero 3 months ago

    si bueno la historia se llamaba ALADIN no creo que Jazmin fuese a brillar tanto y siendo Bella la que causa el cambio de la Bestia creo q si tiene importancia fundamental y que de hecho ella sea la prota

  • klj788986sbb
    klj788986sbb 3 months ago

    Honestly, the beast is totally in Belle’s pocket rather than the other way around. Things end up being on her terms, not his.

  • symphoniazelda
    symphoniazelda 4 months ago

    The thing I've always wondered is why no one considered the Beast developed Lima Syndrome. Where the captor sympathizes with the captee and let's them go.
    Probably not but it's been on my mind for years considering the stalkholme debate started
    Anyway. This is really one of my favorite stories regardless of the stalkhome syndrome debate. And this video is pretty imformative helping with my own writing.

  • Marcus Hicks
    Marcus Hicks 4 months ago

    Ah, maybe the theme of female agency is one of the reasons I love Frozen & Tangled so much!!!

  • Blu Cat
    Blu Cat 4 months ago

    Just because a mental illness isn't on the DSM doesn't mean most medical and law professionals don't believe its real it just means that it can't be definitely proven or treated in most cases. Another example is that children can't be diagnosed as psychopaths even though there are extreme signs of psychopathic tendencies, this obviously doesn't mean that most professionals believe that its not possible for a child to be one.

  • M Afxarr
    M Afxarr 4 months ago

    Loved this review. Very insightful

  • GitanAnimex
    GitanAnimex 4 months ago

    I think in this case the adventure that bell wanted was the whole story

  • Christopher
    Christopher 4 months ago +1

    Millennials are soo cynical lol can't even have fairy tales anymore without this kind of analysis.

  • Laura Juarez-Sanchez
    Laura Juarez-Sanchez 4 months ago

    Quick thought: Jaycee Lee Dugard (2:34) actually hates it when people claim she had stockholm syndrome when she was still with her rapist. She didn't like him and was actually scared of what would happen if he found out she might be trying to escape. That was the level of fear he had enforced upon her. She only went along with his demands due to her will to survive and that was it. It wasn't because she admired him whatsoever. Just wanted to point this out because I don't want someone to mistake her actions as stockholm syndrome.

  • cool beans
    cool beans 4 months ago

    2:33 this is a photo of Jaycee Lee Dugard. She was kidnapped and held captive for 18 years and lived as a sex slave to her captor. She did NOT grow affectionate towards this man. She is unhappy that so many people have written her off as someone who has Stockholm syndrome. She is making an effort to change people's view (especially in police force if i remember) on victims of abuse. So please, for the sake of this immensely strong willed woman and many other victims, please respect her and do not label her an example of Stockholm syndrome.

    Here's a recent video on her and her life:

  • Snowball Two
    Snowball Two 4 months ago

    Ugh. Than you. I feel like this movie doesn't get enough credit. It has an adventurous protagonist that loves books and has a big heart. She didn't get kidnapped by the beast, but offered to stay in her father's place. That's not how Stockholm Syndrome works (granted I'm not expert).

  • FloraNuko
    FloraNuko 4 months ago +1

    what makes a monster and what makes a maaaaan?

  • Poppet Pup
    Poppet Pup 4 months ago +1

    Oh I feel so much better now, I knew it wasn’t about that

  • Jo Raj
    Jo Raj 4 months ago +1

    I don't get why people are so angry when the fairy cursed the beast at 11 years old. Guys. It's normal for fairies in european folklore to be complete bitches. They don't have the same notion of "good" and "bad" like us. Fairies are not a part of the human world. For the fairy in the movie, the beast was just a little brat to her not a self concient person. Fairies are bitches when you offend them. Just look at maleficent from the sleeping beauty. I was not invited ? TRIGGERED
    What I've learned from sleeping beauty : even if fairies (life in my case) don't close yourself

  • Jesse Hampton
    Jesse Hampton 4 months ago +1

    Subscription complete. Love your videos and breakdowns

  • Alice Sterling
    Alice Sterling 4 months ago +1

    My response to the subscribers of the "Belle has Stockholm Syndrome" argument: "You keep using that term. I do not think it means what you think it means."

  • Fred Scalliet
    Fred Scalliet 4 months ago

    Probably your bestreview so far.

  • Forest, Your Friendly Night Owl!

    what about V for Vendetta. would you say thats shock home syndrome?

  • SapphireShawolRayne
    SapphireShawolRayne 4 months ago +1

    I mean I'm gonna kinda argue your clips of Mulan being shown in the whole "they state a want but then that gets thrown out the window for a man" thing, bc i personally don't think it fits... exactly.
    Mulan wanted to discover who she was and bring her family honor. Then she saved fucking China. Shang... just kinda happened. I guess a motivation for her during "I'll make a man out of you" bit was to prove herself to Shang as a competent warrior, rather than to gain his interest romantically. Yeah, she gets a guy, but she also accomplished her main goal of finding who she was and bringing honor to her family. Tbh if Shang didn't pop up on her doorstep at the end, she probably wouldn't even go back to get him.
    So yeah, she got a guy in the end, but that doesn't mean she accomplished her "i want" song, so to speak.
    But that's just what I think, I didn't go to school for this stuff like you did, I just like Disney movies...

  • Le Lucy
    Le Lucy 4 months ago


  • Nicholas Epsilon
    Nicholas Epsilon 4 months ago

    Belles story isn't Stockholm syndrome...
    Its the story of a good digger.. That hasn't realised she's a gold digger :P
    Poor beast.. She only wants you for your title.

    • PhoenixRising87
      PhoenixRising87 Month ago

      Well....he did give her a sweet library.

      I'd probably marry a person who gave me a sweet library on the spot.

  • Kathryn  Vincent
    Kathryn Vincent 5 months ago

    Beast.exe has failed to comply

  • James Belnap
    James Belnap 5 months ago +9

    I don't really care about Stockholm Syndrome, but their relationship is genuinely abusive at the beginning of the movie, and even after he mellows out he's still in a position of power over her all the way up until near the end. I get that she voluntarily agreed to be his prisoner, but that doesn't change the fact that SHE'S HIS PRISONER. It's about the furthest from a healthy power dynamic you can possibly get. It's possible that someone could grow to have a healthy and loving relationship from where they started (not likely, but it's possible), but I still think it's far too easy for someone to take the wrong lesson from this movie.

    • Bonks49G K
      Bonks49G K Month ago +1

      Not really. I understand what you mean but here is my way of seeing this story. Belle wasn't really a prisoner since she was able to dash from the castle the first time the Beast raised his voice. She only returned because she pitied him and was thankful that he saved her. In that time, we see a power switch. There, the beast could have died and she had the overall power save him. Next scene: She raises her voice, scolding him and it literally shows that he no longer has verbal power. Soon we find out Beast can't read, meaning that Belle is intellectually more powerful. Beast doesn't know how to dance and Belle has to lead him at first, giving her the dominant stance. Even in the end Beast was so heartbroken by her leaving that he couldn't even overpower Gaston, UNTIL she showed up. And, the obvious power, only she could break the spell. In the end, Beast never had the power. If the overall message of: "Be nice to people" didn't get across, that's kind of a personal issue, not the filmmaker's fault in my opinion.

  • Dávid Kertész
    Dávid Kertész 5 months ago

    On your point around the 6 minute mark: what if she developed stockholm syndrome later? As you have said, she was there for only 5 hours.

  • Dávid Kertész
    Dávid Kertész 5 months ago

    Damn, I have to watch this again.

  • psammiad
    psammiad 5 months ago +1

    Stockholm Syndrome isn't an "illness" or pathology - it's a byproduct of the natural human instinct to bond with peers and groups, to cooperate for survival. Unfortunately it's easily used for coercive control. This is how abusive relationships develop.

  • Spencer Kennedy
    Spencer Kennedy 5 months ago

    Walt Disney was fkin twisted he's burning in hell as we speak