Is Beauty and the Beast About Stockholm Syndrome?

  • Published on Mar 29, 2017
  • No. The answer is no.
    And before you feel the urge to "SCREEN JUNKIES DID IT FIRST" - no, Screen Junkies did it, like, 40th. I'm merely 41st.
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  • Mordaedil
    Mordaedil Day ago

    I thought Stockholm Syndrome was just an example of a behavior, not a psychological disorder. Because that'd be really weird for 4 people to have it at the same time.

  • sandra sofia
    sandra sofia 2 days ago

    I like you

  • Max Nyström
    Max Nyström 5 days ago

    Or sometime i can tell apart linsey from Jennifer blommor from roach koach

  • Lexi Eldridge
    Lexi Eldridge 6 days ago +1

    Every time I talk about this movie my sister tries to convince me to stop supporting it because of this reason. I tried to show her the video a few minutes ago and as soon as you mentioned Belle not having Stockholm Syndrome she walked out and claimed this was all lies. I'm so mad lmao

  • FantaZY
    FantaZY 6 days ago +1

    The thing that most people miss is....
    He didn’t even kidnap her or seeked her and kept her in the dungeon...
    Like did they not watch the movie? Or did they miss the entire plot of the movie and the entire point?
    Even Disney seems to forget that; in Wreck-it Ralph 2 when the princesses asks Venelope to confirm if she’s a princess or not, each gets to ask a question that sort highlights their story, with Rapunzel I get it, she was kidnapped and enslaved, but why Belle asks that too?!
    She wasn’t kidnapped nor enslaved.

  • UnholyCin
    UnholyCin 7 days ago

    Hmm, all good. I don't think the relationship is 'healthy', but then Beast does actually change, realises he's being a dick, so yeah. I mean, Cracked once tried to argue that Gaston is the 'good guy', which made me laugh.

  • Kye Dysarthria
    Kye Dysarthria 7 days ago +1

    I feel like the stockholm syndrome argument falls into the same issue as the hercules being on his knees for prayer. The audience sees aspects of the relationship that could be in a capter capty relationship and immediately associate it with that without looking at full picture.

  • Just a Bard
    Just a Bard 8 days ago +1

    This video changed my mind about the Stockholm syndrome thing, but I watched the movie like once... like most people I'm sure who are ignorant of the movie and wanted to find a pseudo intellectual reason to dislike it. Though in my defense it became like star wars to me: oft talked about to the point where, whether I'm right or not, it FEELS like I already know the story too much to enjoy it. Plus I'm sure I'm getting over disliking girly things because I thought I was supposed to. idk.
    Anyway, the bigger point I feel is that Stockholm syndrome starts to feel more like a simplified version of gaslighting. The idea that an abuse victim can't escape their abuse because the abuser essentially makes them believe theyre doing good instead of harm.
    People who subsribe to the idea of Stockholm syndrome might be missing the real point. It's assumed that we shouldn't value the agency in victims of abuse because any choice they make must be because of Stockholm syndrome when In fact, theyre just as functioning as we are EXCEPT for being convinced that the world works a different way because their abusers spent time convincing them of such. With the right info, theyd be aware of the lies whereas a victim of Stockholm syndrome seems like they have no agency at all after being captured.
    Idk, I that's just kind of what I feel anyway.

  • Jack Doyle
    Jack Doyle 9 days ago

    The agreement is under duress, as he is threatening her father

  • Danielle Johnston
    Danielle Johnston 10 days ago

    Thank you!!

  • Tamayako
    Tamayako 10 days ago

    Even in the scene where Belle was "under the threat of injury" after going into the west wing, the Beast has several opportunities to attack her, but instead he snaps at her for disobeying him and then takes his rage out on the furniture. That's not self control exactly, but he at least knew(I assume) in that moment that destroying some non-sentient furniture was a better option than attacking his captive even though she did break a rule that he very, very clearly laid down for her. And on the subject of self-preservation, she must have assumed he would get angry at her for sneaking into the west wing if he ever found out, which of course brings out her reaction of fear when she notices he was in there too. She KNEW he was going to be upset with her.

  • beriigirl
    beriigirl 10 days ago

    My problem with Beauty is that it shows girls that an abusive man might actually have a sweet side, and might give you nice things. The Beast is terrifying. Not because of his animal-like form but because of how he treats people.
    I don’t want young girls to think that if they hang in there with an abusive, immature, violent man that things might get better.
    All abusers are capable of kindness, but that doesn’t mean you should stay with them. ESPECIALLY if that person is an adult with serious problems that can’t be fixed over the course of a few months.

  • synth -chan
    synth -chan 10 days ago +1

    I've read a translation of the original Beauty and the Beast and it's vastly different from the simplified fairy tale that most of us know. I think it's also pretty interesting to note that it was written by a female member of the upper class (who married into aristocracy, and whose aristocratic husband subsequently lost all of their money) and could almost be seen as a way to explain to younger women of the same social class: 'Okay, you're not going to marry a guy you love. You're going to marry a jerk, probably. But if you're a good Christian wife then you can change him through...uh, being a good example! or something.'
    Also, I would be really interested in watching a review of the various Beauty and the Beast adaptations. My favorite is Panna a netvor (1978) because it's so goofy and gothic.

  • Nicole Messer
    Nicole Messer 12 days ago

    I feel like belle did gain something by being with the beast. Having a man appreciate you doesn’t sound like much, but having someone like you for your qualities and encourage your hobbies (ie beast giving her the library) is a lot. She didn’t have someone like that at the village outside of her father, so she does gain something emotionally in the relationship

  • Maggie Harper
    Maggie Harper 13 days ago

    This is why I like the broadway musical version of Beauty and the Beast. Belle actually has a character arc. Her's is about not feeling at home in this "poor provincial town." Then when she's first held captive by the beast, she sings a solo about how she never thought she'd miss that place and she doesn't know how she'll be able to cope in this castle. It isn't until the end when the beast is dying in her arms that she tells him that this is home, because she's come to the realization that "home" is wherever the people you love are.
    So yeah I guess.

  • dionysos46
    dionysos46 14 days ago

    Belle had an adventure because she turns from a original-minded girl in a realistic fantasy of France to a Fairytale Princess with a huge knowledge in literature who allows her to be the inspirational mother of all adventurers.

  • Joelle Hale
    Joelle Hale 15 days ago

    Now im in a disney mood

  • TheDunestyler
    TheDunestyler 15 days ago

    your point of her agency being stripped from her is undermined by the very fact that she chooses to stay in her father's stead.
    her dream of self-actualization is not nessecary to be fulfilled for her to have agency either. her decisions are her own, therefore she has agency. instead of leaving beast behind entirely, she decides to go back, therefore she has agency. there's nothing truly forced here and she could choose to chase her dreams, but she chooses NOT to... therefore: THAT is not the problem with this movie.

  • DeepEye1994
    DeepEye1994 16 days ago

    In the original Disney movie, they NEVER tell Belle about the curse, sure she sees the painting and the rose, but she doesn't know what they mean. She doesn't know her falling in love with the Beast is the only thing that can turn him back into a human along with the other servants (she probably believes they're just magical objects, that they've always been like that) and that there's a deadline. Belle was NOT pressured to love the Beast, she genuinely developed feelings for him.
    ...In the "fixed" 2017 remake, Belle is informed about the curse, the fact the Beast and the objects used to be human and it's hammered to her multiple times. Way to go, as if Emma Watson's Belle already had a stiff and unemotional chemistry with the boring CGI Beast, she probably engages out of obligation of not dooming him and his people.
    Yeah, yeah, no, it's not about the beauty within, changing and becoming a better person out of love and getting loved back, it's not about that shit anymore, it's about breaking the curse and saving people. And it makes her leaving to help her father and Beast letting her do so thus dooming the castle reprehensible, Belle KNOWS what's gonna happen to the servants if she doesn't stay (especially because in the remake the servants would become INANIMATE OBJECTS, pretty much *die* if she doesn't break the curse). Fuck the remake.

  • Scott Elder
    Scott Elder 16 days ago

    Beauty and the Beast is not my favourite Disney film (that'd be Lion King) but I would say it's the best

  • Elizabeth H
    Elizabeth H 16 days ago

    Belle does have an arc, though. (Side note: this is why I like the Broadway version so much. It really says more about Belle's arc.) It's not that she wants adventure per say, more that she's just not happy where she is. (The Broadway goes into this with not only "Belle Reprise", but also in "Home", where Belle sees anyplace where she is as terrible and temporary, even showing that she doesn't view the town or the castle as home.) The town treats her and her father terribly, and she's alone most of the time, so she turns to stories to escape that lonliness. Because of that, her version of "not where she is" is the adventures of her books. But when she spends time in the castle and finds a group of people, ( including the servents, remember how they also treat Belle with kindness and respect? ) who actually are nice to her and listen to her, she comes to a realization that it wasn't really adventure she wanted, she just wanted to be someplace where she was happy and could be happy as herself. (Broadway: "A Change in Me") Beast and the castle as a whole are that place.
    Whoops. Didn't mean to write an essay. Just love this movie and wish people would stop saying Belle has no arc. While not as extreme as Beast's, there is something there.

  • Flying Dude Commentart

    But yes, their relationship is abusive af lol, the wrath and reward behaviour of the beast is the hallmark of psychopaths and insecure partners.

  • Meghan
    Meghan 17 days ago

    This is why disney movies are more for kids... they shouldn't be dissected so much.. kids understand the kindness belle shows and literally the whole plot more then adults with disney blogs and "head cannons". There's no deeper subplot and there doesn't need to be.

  • Lion of Judah
    Lion of Judah 17 days ago

    Anyone else here after watching her video about the remake???
    Also she even hinted at maybe doing a video about the remake. Consider yourself a prophet, Lindsay!

  • Jean Gentry
    Jean Gentry 17 days ago +1

    I wouldn't call BATB sexless. It's meant to be more "innocent romance", but the sexual tension is there. They just saved it for the kiss :-)

  • Tareltonlives
    Tareltonlives 18 days ago

    This goes great with the 2017 BatB review-aka the producer for that film went "OMG THIS PLOT IS ABOUT STOCKHOLM SYNDROME WE GOTTA FIX ITTT!1111!!!"

  • Choir Fandom Cooking Rants and Random Channel

    Can I develop Stockholm syndrome to school

  • Ellie Kiperts
    Ellie Kiperts 20 days ago

    Snap snap, especially the last minute! Thank you for you're debunking, Lindsay Ellis!

  • Arne Sahlen
    Arne Sahlen 21 day ago

    Belle chooses a Beast who already showed respect for her love of books, and gave freedom. Se chose to return

  • Arne Sahlen
    Arne Sahlen 21 day ago

    I have seen Stockholm Syndrome up close. Analytical error is insisting in all or nothing - it must include all the 'armchair-imposed attributes. That said, I fully agree with your view that B&B is nit about this syndrome.

  • Paige Thomas
    Paige Thomas 23 days ago

    I had never seen any footage at all of that black and white Belle et la Bête before this. What a gem. Thank you

  • Average Joesson
    Average Joesson 24 days ago

    It's getting pretty annoying that Lindsay always has to shoehorn the feminist "women have no agency in movies" and "men are the solution to all female problems" arguments. No maybe guys aren't the solution to your problem but finding a good guy for yourself gotta be worth something, the way that the issue is always brought up it's framed in a way to mark relationships between men and women as practically useless and that's not something I think is a good viewpoint to have especially in how you apply that viewpoint to your own life as it's very disrespectful to view your relationships as having no value.
    Personally I would say that relationships are very important, yet I see them as ultimately temporary and very fragile. I think that's better than looking at them as permanent, robust and therefore not very important.
    Learning to love another person can make yourself become better. Beauty isn't a bad person, but she isn't necessarily a good person either. She betrays the Beast on multiple occasions and as you said - if it wasn't for the villagers then she might not have come back again. Beast isn't a jerk because he's naturally malevolent but because he's very short tempered and autoritative and the reason why he acts that way is because he was spoiled by his household as explained in the opening narration of the movie. He hasn't had much chance to develop and realize how his behavior ultimately punishes himself before he met Belle.
    Belle is more submissive in the beginning against Beast but as she gets to know him she realizes that he's a person just like she is and that's why it's easier for her to stand up to him.
    Saying that Belle has no arc is just plain wrong. She does. Whenever she and the audience comes to realize that she has changed is just a lot more subtile. And criticizing that Belle had no agency isn't fair either since she's basically drives the plot just as much as the beast does.
    Lindsay, I love your work and I think you have a very nuanced perspective on films that is of great value but you need to look more objectively on them too I think and abandon your biases.

  • 1000dollarman
    1000dollarman 24 days ago +1

    Slip the wolves a 20. Hilarious

  • JAY EM
    JAY EM 24 days ago +1

    Thank you for calling out armchair psychology and pseudo-intellectualism in media critiquing. It's unbearable. Everyone always wants to sound so smart and modern.

  • Die Swan
    Die Swan 25 days ago

    Theon Greyjoy might be a better example of Stockholm Syndrome than Belle is.

  • MountainRain
    MountainRain 27 days ago +1

    Is it about Stockholm syndrome? No. Does it have it? Yeah

  • Ashley Walton
    Ashley Walton 28 days ago

    lol i took a womens studies course a few years ago and the TA gave a whole presentation about why the stories are all abusive or anti-feminist. literally the laziest goddamn presentation, she didn't even watch half of them beforehand so she was ridiculously wrong.

  • andre somerville
    andre somerville Month ago

    It's my theory that belle was actually a victim of the Florence Nightingale Effect. Remember, the turning point of Bell and Beast's relationship was the wolf attack where the beast got hurt, and Belle had to treat his wounds.

  • Elsa la Goule
    Elsa la Goule Month ago

    Me, someone whose native langage is french: What is that giberrish? .... OH WAIT!

  • Efthymia 123
    Efthymia 123 Month ago

    Beastzoned... 😁

  • Robert Kritz
    Robert Kritz Month ago

    Amazing videos I have to say! Just found your channel and watched video essays of almost all of the 90s Disney movies! Stay awesome and peace out!

  • Yellowsidekick
    Yellowsidekick Month ago +1

    I started watching for through the Hobbit docu, which was better than 9.99999/10 "professional" documentaries (I have to rate deep sea divers higher due to gross squids). Stayed for the realness on the Disney/Mouse.

  • Thomas Gore
    Thomas Gore Month ago +1

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO. I seriously irks me when people just kind of passively say that "Beauty and the Beast" is about Stockholm Syndrome, you don't even know. I didn't do enough research to back up my argument but here it is right here in this video. Thank you.

  • Declan Hargrove
    Declan Hargrove Month ago +1

    Okay, initially I didn’t agree with you at all...I’m 9 minutes in and I’ve been pursued. Kudos to you- I’m glad I watched this. Hella well thought out. I love your videos.

  • The Name Thing Is Not Happening YouTube

    Please tell me she’s done a video on the shitty Emma Watson version.

  • Unicorn Gabby
    Unicorn Gabby Month ago


  • vyse174 1665
    vyse174 1665 Month ago

    And the beast became Dan stevens with a wig

  • testycatfish
    testycatfish Month ago

    he's hotter as a beast than a human i'd look at him like that too after he changed back

  • proudfootz
    proudfootz Month ago

    Hm. This Stockholm Syndrome sounds suspiciously like how Good Cop/Bad Cop works.

  • Maalik M
    Maalik M Month ago

    15:31 So, some how a muzzle loaded gun can shot two rounds in succession? Get yo act together Disney!

  • Lillian Lewis
    Lillian Lewis Month ago

    He’s my friend!
    h e ‘s m y f r i e n d

  • Gracious Rosebud
    Gracious Rosebud Month ago

    Thank you for this!!!! I always hated people for crapping on Belle because she fell in love with the guy who actually changed instead of Gaston, who is not only misogynistic but also selfish and inconsiderate.

  • konraddromero
    konraddromero Month ago

    I really enjoy your reviews. I think you give people a lot more to think about. You provide dimension to these stories. Keep up the good work.

  • Ida- Dimas-Kim
    Ida- Dimas-Kim Month ago

    You are brilliant 😊

  • Cyclonado Thunderclaw

    Belle does learn that people can change, but yeah I know what you mean

  • Artbug
    Artbug Month ago +1

    My biggest problem with the movie is that both Beast and Gaston were terrible to Bell, but Beast was worse because he kidnapped her father and then trapped her in a castle. She only fell in love with him because of Belle's transformative presence in his life... If Gaston had just kidnapped Belle, whos to say he wouldn't have tuned into a good person too? But the movie just throws him off a building when that jackass could have just as easily been the Beast.

  • Whitney Asante
    Whitney Asante Month ago

    I can't stop watching these videos....

  • Chrono Mitsurugi
    Chrono Mitsurugi Month ago

    Forget stockholm syndrome,
    is no one going to talk about how the Beast was a little boy whose parents weren't home. who answer the door to their castle in the middle of a forest far from town in a lightning storm, only to see a creepy figure in a cloak asking to come in and offering the kid a rose.
    Then when he freaks out and slams the door like any kid with survival instincts would do, she flips out and curses him and all his servants.

  • XerDav
    XerDav Month ago

    that is a good point about story focus. there's an anime called The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, but she herself is nothing but a catalyst, a walking plot device, and Kyon is the actual main character. it's been too long since i seen Beauty & The beast though, and i don't feel inspired to see Emma Watson's version, yet while i wouldn't say it's one of my favorite Disney movies, by far, but it does seem like it was pretty good.

  • Madi
    Madi Month ago

    See, this is where the song A Change In Me provides SO much clarity and character development. (God, I love the Beauty and the Beast musical.)

  • ThatCrazyFurrball
    ThatCrazyFurrball Month ago

    Never thought Disney would turn a relatable character into a autotune singing, lifeless robot in the remake. When she sings in the remake, I can't take her seriously because of how awkwardly static and expressionless Belle looked when she sings.

  • NerdyGem TV
    NerdyGem TV Month ago

    oh thank god

  • Jason Clark
    Jason Clark Month ago

    Eh! It does seem like guys are just here to fix problems for women. Change a tire? Get a guy to do it. Open a jar? Get a guy to do it. Need a dragon slain? Get a guy to do it. Women aren't dumb. They know that most men will play the hero for little more than a fluttering of the eyelashes.
    I recall a quote from an Italian noblewoman, that can basically be summed up as, "But of course that's what men are for. That's why they have such strong backs."

  • ThatCreepy Fellow
    ThatCreepy Fellow Month ago

    The beefzone

  • Electric Jellyfish
    Electric Jellyfish Month ago

    I think that she gradually fell in love with him. Seeing aspects about him that were admirable and truely good and kind, that he may have even forgotten about himself or didn't notice. Or didn't even believe could have existed. And that is what led to her freeing him from his beast prison. Which is the purpose and reason and meaning of the story.
    He had been a selfish prick of a prince. And this is why the old woman imprisoned him. So that he may learn. How to be a good person. To love and be loved despite how terrible and cruel he was.
    That is the moral if the story.
    It has nothing to do with stockholm syndrome. Or any psychology mumbo jumbo. Especially the modern approach to pathologize everything.
    It is a fable.
    A beautiful and meaningful story.
    That was originally written before psychology existed.
    And an Awesome cartoon.

  • atongkitoalda
    atongkitoalda Month ago

    rewatching this and just realised that THAT tab was beauty and the beast erotic fanart... XD

  • Rob Mckennie
    Rob Mckennie Month ago

    She might not have stockholm syndrome, but it's still an extremely unhealthy relationship

  • Ian A
    Ian A Month ago

    That 9th grade trig joke struck me too close too home...

  • holybutternutsquash

    fuckin' #BEASTZONED is the funniest shit and I have no idea why

  • nikolyevic
    nikolyevic Month ago

    Oh hey, Moviebob is a Patreon!

  • Homunculus Hope
    Homunculus Hope Month ago

    Had to pause at 16:29 to make sure I actually read what I'd skimmed... I'm crying XD

  • nemesis9410
    nemesis9410 Month ago

    Man you're gorgeous AND you speak... thoughts. Where have you been my entire life?

  • Stefan Aguinaldo Soerensen

    Beauty and the Beast is about repressed sexuality. Gascoin and beast really need to make out already.

  • Halseam
    Halseam Month ago


  • alarcon99
    alarcon99 Month ago +1

    Pop Culture Detective just posted a video essay titled "abduction as romance" that is a really good response to your argument

  • Shadow Gamer
    Shadow Gamer Month ago

    By the way belle has no respect for the authorities, and didnt have any even before the beats buisiness. Gaston represents the authorities and he berates her and is terribly misogynistic. So saying that she doesnt want his help and doesnt respect him because she has stockholm syndrome is stupid

  • Fresh Creepypasta Narrator

    Great vid 💫

  • Just Some Guy with Sunglasses

    I think the stockholm syndrome thing is a joke...

  • What Alien?
    What Alien? 2 months ago

    That was a very professional review. Perfect work.

  • Jaimie Stone
    Jaimie Stone 2 months ago

    Could you do a video on why Brace is the goddamn best?

  • Poopy Toucan
    Poopy Toucan 2 months ago +1

    That song at the start was the one that Ksenia Afanaseva used in 2012 and 2013 for her floor exercise...

  • Nina Avins
    Nina Avins 2 months ago +2

    The real question is: does the Beast develop Lima Syndrome?

  • Anthony Stokes
    Anthony Stokes 2 months ago +1

    Didn’t toy story 3 get a best picture nomination

    • Moonstruck
      Moonstruck 2 months ago

      Yes, but in the animation category. When Beauty and the Beast came out, there wasn't a category for animation at ALL.

  • Xander77
    Xander77 2 months ago

    "Is Beauty and the Beast about Stockholm Syndrome? Well, Stockholm Syndrome isn't actually an accepted scientific term, and B&B wouldn't fit the exact definitions even if was. It's just a commonplace abusive relationship."
    Check... mate?

  • Natalie Phan
    Natalie Phan 2 months ago

    snow white has stockholm syndrome for dwarves

  • Joel Martens Thidell
    Joel Martens Thidell 2 months ago

    I can't really agree with you on this one. Despite you having some strong arguments about the core themes of the movie, I still think we can't ignore what we superficially see. When you watch this movie without going in to deep on what the story really is, what you see is that a woman is being held captive (and yes I know she "chose" to be captive, but it was either that or her father staying there, the only person she actually loves, and that's just a really a shitty decision to make) by a much more physically superior man with violent tendencies, who does not do a lot to show he cares about her (yes he does save her, and that's nice, but we can't really assume so early in the film that he does that because he cares for her, but rather that he doesn't want his "prize" to escape). And despite this man being as he is, she still cares for him. I'm not saying Stockholm Syndrome is necessarily a good term to describe Belle's relation to Beast, but the general meaning of it fits in their relation. At least, that's what I think.
    However since one of Belle's character traits is to see the beauty and kindness in people, even when it's hard to find, and since this is a children's movie I think that a child watching it might not see it superficially as cynically as some of us adults do, and instead see the Beast more like Belle does. Although that argument could at the same time belittle Belle by saying she's naive like a child, and doesn't know what's best for her, but I don't think the movie really portrays Belle as dangerously naive.

  • Ryn Win
    Ryn Win 2 months ago

    The original version of Beauty and the Beast was about the right to consent and autonomy in marriage. The version you referred to as the original was Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont's adaptation of Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve's novel. de Villeneuve specifically used the "animal bridgroom" format to criticize the lack of control women had over their marriages, where unlike other stories of that nature where the girl is married off, either with demure obedience or against her will, and immediately has to make herself sexually available to her new husband, Belle is only required to be the Beast's companion, whether or not to accept his offer of marriage is up to her and her alone. But beyond that, even Belle's mother had to keep her marriage to a human king a secret because, as a young fairy, she does not have the right to determine her own destiny. The elder fairy in the story - the one who turns the prince in to the Beast - does have that right, and among other abuses (such as getting Belle's mother imprisoned so that she can have a shot at the king, then trying have baby Belle killed, which led to Belle's aunt replacing the merchant's dead infant daughter with her) uses that status to try to coerce the young prince (whom she had been the governess to) into marriage with the same reasoning that young girls would be married off to much older men - I have wealth and status, I can take care of you, you would want for nothing - when both he and his mother refuse her offer, she turns him into a beast.
    De Beaumont's version cut out all the fairy politics, the fact that Belle was a half-fairy princess (de Villeneuve's version had also touched on all the problems that could arise if a prince married a commoner as Belle was initially thought to be), that Belle was the Beast's cousin, and stripped down the message to the more generic and uncontroversial "pure-hearted girl learns to see past the external appearance" type of story, which would be "more appropriate" for girls who could expect to have their marriages arranged for them - some of the consent elements survived, but it was much less obviously critical.

  • A Unicorn Named Kaylin
    A Unicorn Named Kaylin 2 months ago

    What makes a monster and what makes a maaaaaaaaan. Random, sorry. Technically, that theme could be used for both movies

  • Fuzzy Dunlop
    Fuzzy Dunlop 2 months ago

    I think Patty Hearst's situation is a little more nuanced than just Stockholm Syndrome, tbh.

  • Nihilist Queen
    Nihilist Queen 2 months ago +1

    Right?! I can't stand people who bring up the Stockholm Syndrome BS. Belle is CLEARLY portrayed as a strong female character- dissing the fuck out of Gaston, knowing that she wants more out of life and not bending to the will of society despite being ridiculed for it.

  • jellybean91
    jellybean91 3 months ago +1

    Lindsay, pretty please do a video essay about the 2017 Disney 'Beauty and the Beast' remake, especially those elements they brought in as "fix-its"? Pretty please?

  • CJCroen1393
    CJCroen1393 3 months ago

    Lindsay: We're here to ask the question: Does Belle have Stockholm Syndrome? (beat) No. Thank you for watching!
    Love that part XD

  • Runa Kinsley
    Runa Kinsley 3 months ago

    One of the things I've noticed about Disney movies is that at the end, the heroine finds a man. Mulan? Finds a man. Belle? Finds a man? Rapunzel? Finds a man. Even if what they initially are stated at the beginning as wanting *isn't* a man, they find a man. Now...
    Is this a bad thing?
    Not necessarily. Falling in love is one of the most iconic human experiences. However, it *is* a precedent that has occurred over and over and over again. And for movies that are specifically aimed at children, I think it's fair to ask why.

  • Kawaii Lil' Fox
    Kawaii Lil' Fox 3 months ago

    At 8:05 the horse has a 'oh shit' look on his face lmao....I love this. 8:12 the same reaction someone in the movies has when the main character does something dumb and they are telling them not to do it like they can hear them.

  • Sarah Schmidt
    Sarah Schmidt 3 months ago

    16:33. Again. I. Fell. In. Love.

  • Fire Princess
    Fire Princess 3 months ago

    5:31 pause. her eyes and mouth are completely black and it's creepy.

  • Stephanie Orozco
    Stephanie Orozco 3 months ago

    In current context, Gaston is Logan Paul.

  • nathan bayless
    nathan bayless 3 months ago

    #beastzoned is the best thing

    THRILLHO 3 months ago

    # B E A S T Z O N E D

  • Nicholas Spangler
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    That Beastzoned sound made me jump