Zion Williamson’s health ‘a major concern’ for Pelicans - Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • Jalen Rose says that we haven’t seen anyone with Zion Williamson’s body type in the NBA and has concerns about his health due to it for the New Orleans Pelicans.
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Comments • 296

  • Wade Smith
    Wade Smith 21 day ago

    This guy will never be the same as before. Unfortunately knee and back injuries haunt u for the rest of your life. All the crazy dunking has to stop, and what would he be without the dunks??

  • 89babay
    89babay 22 days ago

    82 game season being one of the heaviest guys in the league is an issue in itself, for anyone. Imagine jumping and running and twisting the way he does on top of that. Lose weight and add more dimensions to his game, and he'll be elite. But he won't last long playing how he currently plays.

  • CAl Gond
    CAl Gond 23 days ago

    He's sucha FATASS

  • Shemian
    Shemian 23 days ago

    zion has alot more muscle tone than jokic so in my eyes it is believable than he weighs significantly more

  • Jamaal Ali
    Jamaal Ali 24 days ago

    3rd heaviest. Tacko Fall is the heaviest...

  • The Dopamine
    The Dopamine 24 days ago

    Pelicans have two #1 bust on same team interesting 😂

  • Douglas Gray
    Douglas Gray 25 days ago

    It looks to me that underneath the jersey, Zion does have a lot of excess fat in the abdomen. Steph Curry was injury prone until he strengthened his core. Zion needs to learn from his experience; lose weight and strengthen the areas that will take stress. He will need to spend time with a really good trainer, and listen very carefully. The only guy who had the body before was Shaq, and having all that weight did lead to more injuries and a shorter career. Man, if someone could teach Tacko Fall to be that explosive in the paint!!

  • vic viper
    vic viper 25 days ago

    He's way overrated
    He's screwed, knees don't get better after surgery unless your adrian Peterson and zion Williamson is no adrian Peterson
    Greg oden, Derrick rose, Brandon roy, amre stoudamire where never the same after knee surgery
    Zions career is over before it even started.
    He will be playing in ice cube's big 3 league before u know it

  • 0kazn Uan9
    0kazn Uan9 25 days ago

    Jacoby probably doesnt know that muscle weighs more than fat

  • jjay
    jjay 25 days ago

    R.O.Y. will be Tyler Herro from Miami or Carsen Edwards from Boston.

  • James Bingham
    James Bingham 26 days ago

    They can still trade him before it's too late.

  • Jason Heilman
    Jason Heilman 26 days ago +1

    “That Geometry has never been done... by me...” Jalen Rose

    DEMETRIC RYLES 26 days ago

    He gotta get mid range shot all his points dunks alot pressure on kness not good for future

  • hi hi
    hi hi 26 days ago

    "Lets make the preseason have meaning lets be competitive and play our best players" see what happens

  • KneeGrowObama
    KneeGrowObama 26 days ago

    Zion definitely weighs more than Jokic. Zion has that extra jumping muscle in his legs

  • Larry Walker
    Larry Walker 26 days ago

    This is Larry Johnson all day. He needs to be Larry's weight and he will dominate.

  • hi
    hi 26 days ago

    i said this from day one the kid will be injury prone for sure. He will have a very short NBA career

  • RJG 71
    RJG 71 26 days ago

    Another Greg Oden in the making we could have here. You could see this was a potential problem before he was drafted. Now here he is not starting for up to two months of his rookie season in the NBA Too bad for the team that drafted him because he is such a superior althlete.

  • dilly dilly
    dilly dilly 26 days ago

    Surgery. 6 8 weeks. At 19 lol bust!

  • jeffrey woodruff
    jeffrey woodruff 26 days ago

    how can you trust anything that the NBA reports in regard to injury after what happened with Kevin Durant??????????

  • Mia Rocks
    Mia Rocks 26 days ago +1

    i hope he dosent get injured again and end up like greg open had amazing start to the nba but injuries ruined his career GetWellZion

    YGAM LTD 26 days ago

    Jokic is 5 inches taller it makes a difference

  • El Cee
    El Cee 26 days ago +1

    I'd put a weight cap on him. Not because I think he has conditioning issues, but just to prolong his career. Wouldn't even let him play till he was down 25-30 lbs and stipulate he stay there

    ED POWELL 26 days ago

    shocked WHY? EVERYONE knew he is damaged goods and yet wanted the cool guy in the draft. out for 6-8 weeks (20 games) he wont last the season and they will shut him down. I said this week ago and dumbass Pel fans cried 'he is out 1 game'...comical

  • Brian Jackson
    Brian Jackson 26 days ago

    Zion is fine this is the media they keep talking about the same thing it's all Propaganda he's a shoe in to win the Mvp everything there talking has been mentioned before week after week they need something to talk about

  • John Bissainthe
    John Bissainthe 26 days ago

    He’s schedule to have arthroscopic knee surgery 😞

  • 18magicMARKer
    18magicMARKer 26 days ago

    Jokic was 245 at draft day they don’t update weight to players

  • Douglas313 Michigan
    Douglas313 Michigan 26 days ago

    Wat up doe J.Rose my hometown D boy and lol I know Mike T . Called time that why C.Webb called ok on the note Zion gonna be a bust I knew he's not gonna live up too it like P.E don't , don't ...don't don't believe the hype bust🤯🤒

  • Kenneth Petovic
    Kenneth Petovic 26 days ago


  • Kenneth Petovic
    Kenneth Petovic 26 days ago


  • Brandi Jenkins
    Brandi Jenkins 26 days ago

    He’s a supreme athlete with a bright future. Adding 15 pounds of weight/muscle in 5 years is easy for an athlete. He does not need to be 300 pds at 24 playing b-ball. Extend your shelf life Zion and work on the weight now. He’ll be just fine.

    SUPERSTAR_H_GAMER 26 days ago +4

    Jokic be lyk.... You can't get hurt if you don't jump😂

  • Energy
    Energy 26 days ago

    He is more built for football then basketball

  • Zenakuu Good/Evil
    Zenakuu Good/Evil 26 days ago

    Well what about Baby Face Davis from LSU and played for the Celtics, he was wider and fatter then Zion.

  • Taylor Haugen
    Taylor Haugen 26 days ago

    Zion, just take things slow and build your connective tissue. Learn from Derrick Rose!

  • nate sanchez
    nate sanchez 26 days ago

    Zion I think is third in weight. They forgot the phenom tacko fall

  • Brock Harrison
    Brock Harrison 26 days ago

    At 6'7 weighing around 285, his knee joints and achilles tendon will not survive the whole season. I am by no means an expert but In his prime, a 6-6 Barkley weighed around 250 pounds. So maybe losing a couple of pounds is the way to go

  • HigherIntellectGaming
    HigherIntellectGaming 26 days ago

    Look at Embed if he was healthy the 76ers would probably have a ship

  • Marquese Hickman
    Marquese Hickman 26 days ago

    Is Zion willamson going to be the next greg oden? Maybe!

  • George0880
    George0880 26 days ago

    He is 6'6 285. That ain't gonna work...
    And Wilkins didnt have a 50 inch vertical. MJ didnt have a 48 inch vert. MYTHS!

  • Landon Price
    Landon Price 26 days ago

    Someone teach Jacoby about bone density 😒

  • Matz G
    Matz G 27 days ago

    How is embiid not heavier or dwight howard

    • Landon Price
      Landon Price 26 days ago

      @Matz G because there is no one who exists that is 9ft if there was such a family I'm sure they would be known for alot of different things. And bone density does account for lbs it's just not anything that's tested or discussed for competition purposes.

    • Matz G
      Matz G 26 days ago

      @Landon Price on the extrem Level, thats true. Thats why there arent alot of Black Elite swimmers. But Overall it only Makes for a small % of difference. But obviously at the Elite Level that means alot

    • Matz G
      Matz G 26 days ago

      @Landon Price genetics have no Limits?... Why dont er See alot of 9 feet people playing bball then? Bone density Does not account for tens of pounds.

    • Landon Price
      Landon Price 26 days ago

      @Matz G Also race plays a huge part in it. It is why white people are naturally better swimmers as to blacks being scared to sink because we actually do..

    • Landon Price
      Landon Price 26 days ago

      @Matz G maybe a few hundred between average people but genetics have no limits

  • Matz G
    Matz G 27 days ago

    Tacko falls is heavier

  • MrKingsServices
    MrKingsServices 27 days ago

    Nice Shawn Kemp comparison

  • Sean Powlesland
    Sean Powlesland 27 days ago

    Dunking with both legs is actually a good thing because it creates less wear and tear on a single leg. When you see guys like Zach lavine getting injured it's always their dominant leg because of the wear and tear they put on it doing every on it.

    • Flying V
      Flying V 26 days ago

      Or Derrick Rose. Or Kenyon Martin (obscure yet solid player). He had the same bad habit of kicking his legs out and landing on one knee hard, and he had to get microfracture surgery on both knees.

  • Sports Central
    Sports Central 27 days ago +2

    He is too heavy for all that explosiveness. The knee joint is not designed for all that. He reminds me of Shawn Kemp, but Kemp was more Muscle than fat,

  • Fox250R
    Fox250R 27 days ago

    He should lose about 20 pounds

  • jambzero
    jambzero 27 days ago

    I'm more concerned about how he lands when he jumps. He barely bends to dampen the shock and recoil on his knees. That could be a big problem in the long run

  • Terry Smith
    Terry Smith 27 days ago

    That why you don't jump out the gym during PRESEASON games! You can tell just by the eye treatment Zion weighs more then Jokic! Who is Jacoby looking at, Pau?

  • PRIS
    PRIS 27 days ago

    Pelicans making playoffs? really?

  • 7jahson
    7jahson 27 days ago

    That was fun while it lasted. 3 injuries to the same knees. Unfortunately the writing is on the wall. That knee will continue to haunt him throughout his short career. Guess we have to wait another 10-20 years for another freak of nature.

  • Lilymonte mote
    Lilymonte mote 27 days ago

    Waste of money.

  • Sebastian Martinez
    Sebastian Martinez 27 days ago

    Take zion height outta this and his basically a 300 pound 19 year old. But its like every 1st round pick selected gets hurt every year.

  • DaX
    DaX 27 days ago

    Zion is heavier than jokic convincingly. He’s 285lbs and jokic is 250lbs.

  • Q
    Q 27 days ago

    Watch the way he lands wen he dunks. Plus his weight doesn’t help his knees even more 👀

  • Chiniwins Bastards
    Chiniwins Bastards 27 days ago

    I think zion, is prolly close 300lbs

  • han solo
    han solo 27 days ago

    Jalen rose is a drunk

  • Antbeast23
    Antbeast23 27 days ago

    his weight is an issue

  • Jermaine Petit
    Jermaine Petit 27 days ago

    Just lose some weight and dunk less we'll still love you zion

  • I am Groot!
    I am Groot! 27 days ago

    The BIG issue with this BIG man is 82 games.
    Will he be able to handle that workload playing
    over 250 lbs? So far it seems like a NO