Spiderman 3 - Making a Masterpiece


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  • TBAG [Epic Gaming]
    TBAG [Epic Gaming] 9 hours ago

    that ending music... music from Spider-Man on the ps1! good times, good times.....

  • Badcarr
    Badcarr Day ago

    Please make one on monster house

  • ShellShocked Ant

    I actually like this movie

  • Tsvetan Gadzhev
    Tsvetan Gadzhev Day ago +1

    Whats the song from 3:46 . I am sure Ive heard it in the movie, just don't know when.

  • Abhinav Das
    Abhinav Das 2 days ago

    He is hiding under the table

  • Handsome Dog
    Handsome Dog 2 days ago

    *Spiderman 3 is the best Spider man movie Made by Spiderman*
    -Dunkey 2018

  • Walter Reynolds
    Walter Reynolds 2 days ago

    Also, when Peter tips the waitress to "find us some shade" when they are entering a dark bar at night.

  • kAsi
    kAsi 3 days ago

    Spiderman 2, 3 and homecoming were the worst Spiderman movies

  • Justin Bharat
    Justin Bharat 3 days ago

    You forgot the part where he slapped Mary Jane in her place of work

  • Crap Gadget Reviews
    Crap Gadget Reviews 4 days ago

    what's the dramatic music at the end?

  • IFT77
    IFT77 4 days ago +1

    This movie makes me feel like Tibet Mcguire

  • HeyItsNathan123
    HeyItsNathan123 4 days ago

    jokes aside, ost in this film and the other spiderman films are pretty good

  • blair
    blair 4 days ago

    *youre safe now, but in spider man 4, I will shoot you with a pistol*

  • blair
    blair 4 days ago

    *go make me some cookies with nuts in them*

  • Metal Gazerman
    Metal Gazerman 4 days ago

    I must be the only one in the world who liked this movie a lot 😢 ... Live me in my loneliness .... Daamn memories

  • Jared Perez
    Jared Perez 6 days ago

    "go make me some cookies with nuts in them" - spiderman 3

  • Radical Moose Limb
    Radical Moose Limb 7 days ago +2

    Like Alfred said: With big power, comes Big Wheel

  • Cthulhu X
    Cthulhu X 8 days ago +3

    *Spiderman for the PS4 is looking good*

  • Benjamin Medici
    Benjamin Medici 8 days ago

    3:17 has me in stitches. You're safe now, but in Spiderman 4 I will shoot you with a pistol."

  • Voievodul Vlad
    Voievodul Vlad 11 days ago +3

    I think Raimi went to far with that scene of Spiderman lynching people of african-american descent.

  • Dante Diep
    Dante Diep 12 days ago +1

    I know it's a joke... I know....
    But like Dunkey has some good points, honestly. The film was TRYING to pull off the battle inside Peter, violence and ego, but it just pulled it off terribly. If it weren't for all the complicated shit they were trying to inject into it -- Harry, Sandman, Venom/Eddie, MJ, AND THEN black suit spidey -- I think it could've gone really well. In previous films there were only 2 or so major storylines. In Spiderman 1 it was Peter himself and Willem Dafoe, as every other storyline was more on the background. Spiderman 2 had Doc Ock and Peter's struggle for heroism; again, all other storylines were sort of background stuff. Spiderman 3 tried to do Peter's struggle with ego, Harry struggling with the truth, Sandman and if he's good or bad, and then tried to develop Venom as a character and villain. So yeah. It got a little much.
    BUT if Spiderman 3 was just about Peter vs. Eddie, showing us how one can fall to their ego and arrogance like Eddie, it might've worked. Or better yet, since they set up Harry as the main villain in #2, maybe just have Harry be the main villain and Peter still has to deal with the black suit (but no venom comes from taking it off yet). I know I probably wrote too much, but I'm a major fan of Spiderman.

  • IClutchTooMuch
    IClutchTooMuch 12 days ago

    Lmao I genuinely wanted to know when this was uploaded and then I noticed it was on April 1st so that's that, like msot of his videos 😂

  • TSfish94
    TSfish94 14 days ago

    But does it make the viewer feel like spiderman?

  • RandomlyGenerated
    RandomlyGenerated 14 days ago

    Love the video. But the movie is a classic okay, pretty good movie.

  • MrHappy
    MrHappy 14 days ago

    I like Spiderman 3

  • Skyler wong
    Skyler wong 17 days ago +1

    Whoever liked this video is safe now, but whoever disliked it is in trouble. In Spider-Man 4 he will find you and shoot you with a pistol.

  • Cara de Sapo
    Cara de Sapo 19 days ago +1

    I can't tell if dunkey actually enjoyed the movie or not.

  • Htakard
    Htakard 19 days ago

    He actually makes it sound like a masterpiece

  • garymcgo2
    garymcgo2 20 days ago

    “This movie really makes you feel like Spider-Man.” - IGN

  • Jay Town
    Jay Town 21 day ago

    I fucking love this movie but this was hilarious

  • JazzGB
    JazzGB 21 day ago

    Spiderman 3 made me truly feel like James Franco playing Tommy Wiseau

  • sokmin
    sokmin 22 days ago

    i actually really liked this movie

  • Nate Pieper
    Nate Pieper 26 days ago


  • Sparrow
    Sparrow 27 days ago

    This is actually my fav spiderman movie since i was a kid sorry guys..

  • Tyler Gromow
    Tyler Gromow 28 days ago

    The movies not that bad, it just made too many mistakes

  • Paladin Allama
    Paladin Allama 29 days ago

    I miss the tobey Spider-Man. Imagine if HE was in Avengers...

  • Skrillah
    Skrillah Month ago +1

    This movie really makes you feel for batman

  • James innes
    James innes Month ago

    Every GCSE English teacher

  • Anderson Reffo
    Anderson Reffo Month ago +1

    Strange case of Aunt May Parker in the movies
    Spiderman 1-3 its a old lady
    years later
    Spiderman amazing 1-2 its a good looking still old lady
    years later
    Spiderman Homecoming - damn I would bang that one

  • Alejandro jr Aguirre

    Not joking but i love spiderman 3

  • Jonathan Koller
    Jonathan Koller Month ago

    Bruce Campbell's in the movie? = best Spiderman movie

  • Seth long
    Seth long Month ago

    R.I.P. Stan lee

  • Justin Lukavitch
    Justin Lukavitch Month ago

    This movie was dope when i was 10

  • Yah boi
    Yah boi Month ago


  • Cynicayke
    Cynicayke Month ago

    This, but unironically.

  • xSwaglordx
    xSwaglordx Month ago

    not gonna lie, I do really really love this movie

  • Lovro Vidović
    Lovro Vidović Month ago

    That ps1 spiderman music at the end is golden

  • houndo is obsessed
    houndo is obsessed Month ago

    hola yabi i know youRE HERE

  • Jain Tech
    Jain Tech Month ago

    this video is the real master piece!

  • sanjay nagarimadugu


  • TimeTrnr
    TimeTrnr Month ago

    3:17 I almost shit myself

  • Trey Stevens
    Trey Stevens Month ago

    I almost took seriously but then I checked the date in the description

  • Wreck-it-Ralph
    Wreck-it-Ralph Month ago

    Dunkey you never even mentioned the scene where Eddie asks Jesus to take out a hit on peter Parker in church

  • R3x0212 lol
    R3x0212 lol Month ago

    I genuinely like spiderman 3, I feel the writing is perfect and different from every other superhero movie, besides iron man. Spiderman 3 had not only one conflict, but two; man vs self and man vs man.

  • Cloud Strife
    Cloud Strife Month ago

    Most of what is said after 3:45 is true.

  • Milo Septett
    Milo Septett Month ago


  • Human Personson
    Human Personson Month ago

    I have never even seen any of these movies and I have no idea what the fuck is going on

  • Terry Boyd
    Terry Boyd Month ago

    Ralphthemovidmaker was my favorite channel but sadly he’s gone ... ur def taking his place lmao

  • Talha Tariq
    Talha Tariq Month ago


  • Shane norris
    Shane norris Month ago

    now dig on this

  • googlefuckedupyoutube

    I'll admit you got me onto your Merch page but alas not shirt purchase was made

  • lost. 87
    lost. 87 Month ago

    “It really makes you feel like spiderman”

  • Jeffrey Awesome
    Jeffrey Awesome Month ago +1

    “This means that your safe now but in spiderman 4 I Will shoot you with a pistol”

  • BMV The Movie Fanatic

    Spiderman 3 is like an onion. It has LAYERS.

  • BMV The Movie Fanatic

    Before Watching: Cool! A vid sharing my love for Spidey 3 and surprisingly with a considerable amount of views.
    *Guy starts talking*
    Nevermind 😂😂😂

  • Skeevy Gumbo
    Skeevy Gumbo Month ago

    The audio would mostly describe Spider-Man 2 really well

  • TotallyEPICGamer
    TotallyEPICGamer Month ago

    The greatest thing is that the green goblin in this movie is ten times better than the amazing Spider-Man 2

  • Lum Universe
    Lum Universe Month ago +1

    *Weird flex but ok.*

  • El ra
    El ra Month ago

    mfw they won't fix the DAMN DOOR

  • Denis Shamray
    Denis Shamray Month ago

    Not as good as Knackman the Movie though.

  • MasterOfKnowledge
    MasterOfKnowledge Month ago

    What's the sound clip at 2:11 from?

  • FienX
    FienX Month ago

    This video, is a fuckin mastahpiece

  • Memeborne madlad
    Memeborne madlad Month ago

    Peter Parker gone emo XD

  • Joseph Gonzales
    Joseph Gonzales Month ago

    Broo blow your nose 😂😂

  • Gremblo
    Gremblo Month ago

    The gum wrap was better
    The snapple bottle cap was better
    The flip book was better

  • meeperino yes
    meeperino yes Month ago +1

    But it doesn't have pizza time

  • Neebs Hi am Neebs
    Neebs Hi am Neebs Month ago

    OMFG u tricked my ass right there

  • bens ps4
    bens ps4 Month ago +1

    Hey sees his best friend, James Franco

  • Re8e1
    Re8e1 Month ago

    2:08 how's the pie

  • XemnasXIII
    XemnasXIII Month ago

    I believed he was serious.. But that was before I read the comment and saw the day he posted the video... Damn Dunkey I actually liked this fake review of yours

  • Lini
    Lini Month ago

    its pizza time

  • The Kailyst
    The Kailyst Month ago

    I think I’m the only person who really liked this movie...

  • Epic gamer
    Epic gamer Month ago

    Honestly, Spider-man 3 isn't really bad though it is the weakest out of the three

  • Jonathan Ellis
    Jonathan Ellis Month ago

    I unironically enjoyed this film

  • Hector/Nacho Menendez Sacarias

    This was made on April Fools

    *and we all thought he was like me*

  • It's Gluke813
    It's Gluke813 Month ago

    12 grade English teachers be like

  • Pedro Animações
    Pedro Animações Month ago

    are you Brazilian?? This accent is very weird...

  • LordMichaelRahl
    LordMichaelRahl Month ago

    i still like it lol.

  • Maxie Karn
    Maxie Karn Month ago

    I think you mean Masterchef

  • Modern Sonic
    Modern Sonic Month ago

    Watch your mouth

  • Srinivasan Sekar
    Srinivasan Sekar Month ago

    Hehehe love u dunkey... dat was funny as f...

  • bigfriki
    bigfriki Month ago

    Evil hair/5

    SILENT CHILLZ Month ago

    3:22 song name?

  • WalrusQuake
    WalrusQuake Month ago

    Song name 4:07?

  • Enrique Cervantes
    Enrique Cervantes Month ago

    I liked the part when he hit Mary Jane that was a funny part I liked it

  • Verde
    Verde Month ago

    2:10 xD

  • ErR0r 4554
    ErR0r 4554 2 months ago

    Video ends at 0:03

  • Öatmeal
    Öatmeal 2 months ago

    I'm glad to see someone who appreciates this art.

  • Meme Master67
    Meme Master67 2 months ago

    2:11 made me choke on my own spit