Spiderman 3 - Making a Masterpiece

  • Published on Apr 1, 2018
  • Spiderman 3 is probably the best movie that i've seen so far.
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  • momo ringjing
    momo ringjing 16 hours ago

    james franco hiding under the table.. i didn't realize that until now 😂😂

  • Zero Omar
    Zero Omar 2 days ago

    Cool video. But i actually like the movie cause it's not trying to sell u real boring drama ... is a fxcking fantasy movie that's not trying to be batman and succeded.

  • Ryan Mauer
    Ryan Mauer 3 days ago +1

    Do a review on spy kids

  • Roronoa Zoro
    Roronoa Zoro 3 days ago

    Spider man 3 is very enjoyable tbh

  • John Bartholomew
    John Bartholomew 3 days ago

    I'm not entirely convinced that this isn't Armond White.

  • mohammadjavad salehi

    Damn that was legit :D

  • DonutDog14
    DonutDog14 3 days ago

    Go make me some cookies with nuts in them

  • Pedro Zamora
    Pedro Zamora 4 days ago

    You are anoying...but i love you

  • Christian Schuug
    Christian Schuug 5 days ago

    "How's the pie?"

  • Bajo Cero
    Bajo Cero 6 days ago

    Alfred H...from Iron Man

  • peteriscool
    peteriscool 6 days ago

    LMAO 13 less seconds and it could be 4 minutes and 20 seconds long!!

  • skrr skrr
    skrr skrr 6 days ago +1

    could we consider this film noir?

  • Redfrog101
    Redfrog101 6 days ago

    that spiderman(2000) outro tho

  • Squeak
    Squeak 7 days ago

    Is this my English teacher

  • Aaron Skinner
    Aaron Skinner 8 days ago

    Spider-Man 3 makes you FEEL like Emo Maguire!!!

  • Callum Robertson
    Callum Robertson 8 days ago +1

    Jams Franco is a nice guy in real life

  • generic youtube name

    Hmm... Are you sure we watched the the same spider-man movie?

  • Frank Frankson
    Frank Frankson 9 days ago

    but does it make you FEEL like spiderman

  • XFileGames
    XFileGames 10 days ago +1

    Do this with “Batman v Superman”!!!

  • greendiamond
    greendiamond 10 days ago

    wait, was that his intro?

  • Drunken Knight
    Drunken Knight 11 days ago

    He makes this movie sound good.

  • Lunchable Cracker
    Lunchable Cracker 11 days ago

    Sandman is trying to be a good father and pay for his daughters surgery and Spider-Man gets wind of this and kills him

  • Dominic Chamoun
    Dominic Chamoun 11 days ago

    this has to be the best dunkey video

  • E2an Stuff
    E2an Stuff 11 days ago

    4-1 guys

  • Posche
    Posche 11 days ago +1

    Wasnt this movie made by sony?

  • Pk Uptaunt
    Pk Uptaunt 12 days ago

    Dunkey is so intelligent that he can make a kids book have depth

  • MMK B
    MMK B 12 days ago

    *Im finally ba..* spiderman 3..

  • Alexander Zheng
    Alexander Zheng 12 days ago


  • David Wilson
    David Wilson 13 days ago

    He starts being alive again XD

  • Luke Milbocker
    Luke Milbocker 13 days ago +1

    Dunkey is always a master of editing!

  • Rhlgull
    Rhlgull 13 days ago

    One of Dunkey’s greatest videos

  • SungBen
    SungBen 14 days ago

    This review really made me FEEL like Spider-Man 3.

  • UnlimitedEdge
    UnlimitedEdge 15 days ago

    This video is on par with people who think Batman v Superman is a smart movie

  • Alex Hayden
    Alex Hayden 16 days ago

    Please do more movie reviews, this is great

  • Edviza
    Edviza 17 days ago

    I already knew it was an April fools joke from the date before watching it

  • Oumshka
    Oumshka 17 days ago

    This actually inspired me to watch the whole trilogy one after the other for the first time

  • Adribikes
    Adribikes 18 days ago

    This came out a year ago and it’s still fucking amazing

  • Tapetal Badge
    Tapetal Badge 19 days ago +3

    ‘My friend’ “Is this movie good?”
    ‘Me’ “so good”

  • Marcus Catanzaro
    Marcus Catanzaro 20 days ago

    4:23 What’s the name of the music

  • Darth Kronos
    Darth Kronos 20 days ago +1

    "Die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain" That quote fits spider man 3.

  • And Doomstice for all

    Pizza time

  • Orpheus 010
    Orpheus 010 23 days ago

    still chunkier than antman or any of the DC movies.

  • Arkham XtheX
    Arkham XtheX 23 days ago +1

    As a fan I don’t think Spider-Man 3 sucks that much like most fans do but there’s some stuff I thought was pretty good in the movie. However there were a ton of fuck ups but it’s definitely nowhere in the level of Spider-Man 1 & Spider-Man 2 cause those 2 movies are perfect and amazing especially Spider-Man 2. Here’s how Spider-Man 3 should have been made and how I would do it. So before I start explaining there should have been one villain and it should have been the main one which is Venom. There was 3 and which is complete bullshit and a boiling rage is Venom gets introduced in one of the very last scenes in the movie which would also be the last 30 minutes and he didn’t get enough screen time. He should have been introduced at the end of act 1. Cause in Spider-Man 1 Green Goblin was the only villain and the only one and he gets introduced in one of the very first scenes in the movie, in Spider-Man 2 Dock Ock is the main villain of the movie and the only one and he gets introduced at the end of act 1. And that should have been Venom in Spider-Man 3. If you know what 3 act structure is you should look it up because it’s fundamental in every movie. Act 1 is introduction, act 2 is adventure, and act 3 is resolution. Anyways here’s how to make Spider-Man 3 good and just as good as Spider-Man 1 & Spider-Man 2:
    Make it like the Venom movie but with Spider-Man in it. Have Venom be the only villain in the movie and the main one. No New Goblin, bo Sandman, just Venom and that’s it. And for Venom using the Tom Hardy one. Have Gwen Stacy in one scene. Have the first scene be the spaceship scene that was in the Venom movie and have Spider-Man in that scene. Have him get the black suit in the second scene of the movie but before that have a scene with Peter and Mary Jane. Have him get about at least 15 minutes of screen time with the black suit. Have Eddie Brock introduced after the first scene with Spider-Man with the black suit and show a few of the very first scenes in the Venom movie with him. Then show some 10 minutes of Spider-Man and Peter Parker with the black suit after the first 15 and then have the scene where Eddie gets fired and make it a lot like how it was in the Venom movie but Spider-Man involved and then show Anne leaving him just like how it was in the Venom movie. Then have a couple minutes with black suit Spider-Man then show a scene with Peter & Harry for a bit at Harry’s house then a scene with Peter & Mary Jane. Then show more Spider-Man with black suit for like a minute then Peter in his apartment then the mirror scene where it shows Venom. Then show a scene with Peter and Harry and he’s being very shitty to him. Then show a scene with Peter and Aunt May for whatever reason. Then start showing some Eddie Brock scenes with his ruined life then start showing more suit Spider-Man then show a scene where Peter is rude to Mary Jane and there’s a fight between both of them. and then Spider-Man goes to the bell tower and then show Eddie praying for Spider-Man to die but not him wining lmao him saying what he does say in the comics which would be this:
    I know at least I think I know I know you don’t approve what I’m about to do. So I thought I’d let you see what I’ve become...what Spider-Man has done to me. So you’d know it’s for the best. There’s blackness there...I can feel it like it’s real. They call him a hero. But he destroyed my life. There’s no forgiveness in my heart for him. I know I need to kill myself it’s what I deserve. But all I can think about is...killing him...
    And then after Eddies prays then show Spider-Man rejecting the symbiote then it finds Eddie and then bonds with him and then when he’s Venom make that scene kind of like the one where he first transforms and escapes that area but him do that out of the church and during that scene have him introduced after the very first 30 minutes which would be the end of act 1. Then show a scene with Peter and aunt May kind of like the one where he’s telling her how he hurt Mary Jane and then show a scene with Eddie Brock and then him transforming into Venom and saying we are poison to Peter Parker and Spider-Man. We are Venom. Then show a scene with Spider-Man and Venom fighting one a building and make it a lot like the one in Spider-Man TAS. Then show a scene where Peter sees Mary Jane and they both make up and then after that then show another fight scene with Spider-Man and Venom in the daily bugle and where Venom beats Spider-Man and then one scene where Venom tries to take away Aunt May when Peter Parker also sees it and then where Peter then becomes Spider-Man and tries to stop him and save her or any kind of scene like that. Then later on a scene with Peter and Mary Jane then after that a scene where Eddie goes into Mary Janes apartment then he becomes Venom and kidnaps her and wherever the place would be where Mary Jane is kidnapped and have her tied up on his webs and then this one scene where Spider-Man saves Mary Jane from falling down somewhere then put her somewhere in safety then show a scene where Venom then finds Spider-Man and attacks him and have that fight scene with Spider-Man and Venom pat that same building which was in Spider-Man 3 and then have the fight scene with Spider-Man and Venom be big and then have Spider-Man defeat Venom by bringing in some loud noises to get the symbiote to reject Eddie then Spider-Man uses some fire he sees to destroy the symbiote then the fire also gets to other explosives and then everywhere is fiery around where they are then Eddie then falls to his death or any kind of scene and after that then have a end kind of scene after that after where things have been destroyed similar to how it was in the Venom movie after the rocket blew up and then a scene where there’s a flash back with young Peter and uncle Ben where Peter being taught well kinda like where it’s shown those similar flash back scenes in Spider-Man TAS. Then show a scene with Peter and Harry then after that a scene with Peter and Mary Jane and then show a Spider-Man swinging around a city ending like the first and second and then that’s it. That’s how to make Spider-Man 3 awesome like Spider-Man 1 & 2. Sorry all of this is SO DAMN LONG. But yeah there you have it

  • That_ Person
    That_ Person 24 days ago

    Damn I was hoping he would have made more

  • Hunter D
    Hunter D 24 days ago +1

    This one was the best spider-man movie

  • Michael
    Michael 24 days ago +4

    Looking back at the best April Fool's video

  • Mortal SNO
    Mortal SNO 25 days ago

    Since when did Tyler Blevins while hes hung over start looking like Toby Maguire at 1:43?

  • jg pliskin
    jg pliskin 25 days ago

    Cute opinion but you know that's not true and if you don't I'm happy for your delusion I wish I could share it. The special effects are bad so are the pacing and acting among other things. The director and cast have come out saying they gave up on this project for the sake of finishing it so I don't understand what you're saying. This movie is hilarious though

  • Gabriel Again
    Gabriel Again 25 days ago

    I loved Spiderman 3

  • DaRiceMan
    DaRiceMan 25 days ago +2

    Still waiting for Spiderman 4 review

  • kuuv
    kuuv 26 days ago

    Lately I've been watching film analysis videos and then this old dunkey April fools video shows up in feed, hmm...

  • austin oehring
    austin oehring 28 days ago

    It's almost time for his next one!!! Is it gonna be league again?

  • soham das
    soham das 29 days ago

    I don't know if he's serious or sarcastic......why....

  • shlombox
    shlombox Month ago

    Bro, at 3:22 I appreciate so much the Mysterio theme music from Spiderman 2 on GC/PS2.

  • Auran Crash
    Auran Crash Month ago

    *"With great ability comes great accountability."*

  • Victor Kuhn
    Victor Kuhn Month ago


  • (° ͡ ͜ ͡ʖ ͡ °)


  • Bhushan Nag
    Bhushan Nag Month ago

    One of the best spiderman film of all time s3 i love the story & music

  • Lego TheLameGuy
    Lego TheLameGuy Month ago

    Lmao Spider-Man 3 is a dark but amazing film.

  • Aiden Ashworth
    Aiden Ashworth Month ago +3

    Someone that understands how good spider-man 3 is! :)

  • how many subs can i get for dat juicy comment

    i thought it was a game review

  • Bryce Stewart
    Bryce Stewart Month ago

    Hey I’m watching this video drunk. Please like so I can look back and be confused

  • Über Bacon
    Über Bacon Month ago

    Where does the movie review begin and the jokes end?
    Or was that LoL into the whole joke?
    We may never know

  • David Laman
    David Laman Month ago


  • Wires Dawson
    Wires Dawson Month ago +2

    3:52 "divisive"
    wtf how can you come up with such golden comedy?!

  • Lorebroker
    Lorebroker Month ago

    This is the best analysis of this film I ever witnessed.

    XIXTHRASHER Month ago

    In hindsight, this movie really makes you *feel* like Spider-Man

  • marco mendezcastro
    marco mendezcastro Month ago

    Donkey please review more movies

  • Daniel Sagasta
    Daniel Sagasta Month ago

    Wjat is that song playing at like 4 mins it is familiar to me

  • Shandiesel1000
    Shandiesel1000 Month ago

    Including that horrible dance scene.

  • Sergiu Sebescu
    Sergiu Sebescu Month ago

    Unfortunately like most movie critics, Dunkey was unable to identify the true significance of the café scene. Dunkey I know it takes a long time to edit, but you have to make sure that your "funny" effects don't interfere with the movie. The waitress asks Mr.Franco how the pie is at which he responds: "So good." with a look of pure ecstacy on his face. Don't you understand? This part is key to the movie as it explains Franco's disappearance. THE WAITRESS. She actually kills him again off screen which is why he disapears. Franco, not unlike a cat on meth, has about 10000 lives in this movie, making him a very strong character. This is why he is so angry when he sees evil Parker once again. Then he dies but not really again

  • L Max
    L Max Month ago +2

    3:07 *The scene actually means that Peter wants to bust a nut in Ursula's cookie*

  • Spiced Memes
    Spiced Memes Month ago

    truly a mastahpiece

  • Hireth
    Hireth Month ago

    I like it but #2 is better imo

  • Accordin' to Jordan
    Accordin' to Jordan Month ago +8

    I love how he starts by saying “he sees his best friend James Franco, and he cloths lines him in an alley and kills him”. Like, James Franco doesn’t even do anything, he just sees him and cloths lines him. 😂😂😂

  • Not_Sleepy
    Not_Sleepy Month ago +2

    The movie starts with Peter Parker seeing his friend James Defranco then he clotheslines him in an alley and kills him.
    Then, the movie talks about Sandman, who's trying to save up money for his daughter's surgery, and uh, Spider-Man catches wind of this and kills him in the sewer.
    10/10, DuNkEY

  • Shuster
    Shuster Month ago

    *James Franco hiding under the table*

  • Dean
    Dean Month ago

    Other than the scattered profanity, this video is real funny.

  • Paradox Acres
    Paradox Acres Month ago

    _"Go make me some cookies with nuts in them"_ -Spider-Man 3

  • Kevin Garcia
    Kevin Garcia Month ago

    I love it dude omg bless

  • franklinbadge1215
    franklinbadge1215 Month ago

    That clotheslining scene bugs me... When Harry gets clotheslined, it causes him to backflip, which makes physical sense. But then in the next shot, he's flipping forward and bangs his head on the pipe.

  • Lituru
    Lituru Month ago


  • Jayasurya Maker
    Jayasurya Maker Month ago

    Though he is the worst actor he is the best spiderman

  • AwesomePig the caped crusader

    Alfred Hitchcock my guy he deserved to play Alfred from Batman

  • AwesomePig the caped crusader

    Yes someone else says it's a masterpiece

  • Rod Saco
    Rod Saco Month ago

    This movie made me feel like spiderman

  • OmniscientOwl
    OmniscientOwl Month ago

    I don’t know what I was expecting when I came here but I was not disappointed

  • Copperhead Chris
    Copperhead Chris Month ago

    This video is a masterpiece. I rewatch it fairly often and each time i find something new, like the music you put in. Idk why but o think about the bit with the nuts often

  • dave1stfan
    dave1stfan Month ago

    Where's the music from 3:46 from?

  • Lol xd Gaming
    Lol xd Gaming Month ago

    legit my favorite spider-man film 100009 out of ten

  • Commando 723
    Commando 723 Month ago +3

    I find it funny that Aunt May said "Spider-Man doesn't kill people" when the Japanese version of Spider-Man carries an MP40

  • pile of memes
    pile of memes Month ago +1

    Hilarious 😂

  • alex marques
    alex marques Month ago

    2:11 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I spit my food out oh my god

  • Dragon Bean Uryuu
    Dragon Bean Uryuu Month ago

    Rly felt this movie. Cried when he changed into his evil hair.


    I will shoot you with a pistol

  • 7 s N
    7 s N Month ago

    Oooooooooooooh. This was on April fools day.

  • rodrigo alamo
    rodrigo alamo Month ago +1

    pizza time

  • Bacon Mobile
    Bacon Mobile Month ago

    you know dunkey's version of spiderman becoming the bad guy sounds cool

  • bobbyman128
    bobbyman128 Month ago

    Do you remember Ben Parker?!

  • ez lyfe
    ez lyfe Month ago

    i mean... all of those movies were terrible